You belong to me_(1)

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Ehma twisted in her bed for the thousandth time, restless. Had she failed at her plans of seduction? Was she just that bad at it?

The weight of her head fell back into the pillow as she stared at the ceiling. This whole situation was getting old. Really old.

She bit her lip, trying to decide if there was something she wasn’t seeing. Something that had slipped her mind. Hadn’t she made it perfectly clear? She’d remain elusive to him in the daylight hours, but at night— That was their time to play.

Her fists clenched in an attempt to relieve the tension she felt, but it wasn’t enough. It wouldn’t be, not until he was there with her. Taking her. Using her. If not, then what was the point of it all?

In the pale moonlight of her quiet bedroom, something made an audible click. It was a familiar noise. One she had been so prepared for she had half heard it in her imagination a dozen or so times already. Was that what was happening now? Had she imagined it again in her frustration?

The faint sound of a door handle being turned told her no. This wasn’t her imagination. This was real.

Crap. She had been so consumed with if it would happen, she had forgotten to plan for when it happened. Most of the preparations had already been made, sure, but—was she even laying in a normal position?

Her arms were bent above her head, a mat of curls between the meat of her arm and the curve of her cheek. That was more or less normal. Even if she slept in the fetal position most nights, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for people to toss in turn in their sleep. Still, her knees were canted awkwardly with one overlapping the other. But if she moved now, he would see her. He might leave. He might—

The springs of her mattress groaned under considerable weight and her heart stammered right along side it. What felt like a million questions flooded her mind all at once. How should she breathe? Should her mouth be slightly open? How long should she wait before clueing him in to the fact she was awake?

You’re so beautiful when you sleep.

The thought pierced her consciousness like a knife through warm butter. That was a good comparison. Exactly how she felt. Warm. Exposed. Vulnerable. Holy hell, this is hot.

Ehma put all of her energy into keeping up the act. Forcing herself to take deep, even breaths. Forcing herself not to squirm as a fingertip trailed along her arm to the space where her tank top began right above her ribs. He knew she was ticklish. He knew it and he tested her anyway.

Even so, his finger didn’t stop there. It continued its path towards her breasts and softly plucked at the flesh of her nipple. Needless to say, her areola reciprocated the attention with or without her consent. If he would just kiss it, she probably would have climaxed from that alone.

But her other nipple soon dragged his attention away and she embraced the feeling. The warm tenderness of it. It wouldn’t be long now. He would lick them and suck them and bite them both. Soon.

I don’t know how I got so lucky, but…

Such a simple thought. Such an honest one. Ehma didn’t have time to relish it though as a second hand made a pass at her curls. In the darkness behind her eyelids, she felt his touch as her hair was brushed aside. Fingertips lingered at her temple and then swept behind her ear. This was too much.

She could already feel the slickness illegal bahis between her thighs, her lips swollen with anticipation. She’d made sure to shave that day. Even though she knew his tongue would find its way between her legs either way. And now, the heat was almost unbearable.

But she had to be strong. This was just too fucking hot. If she broke the fantasy, they would still make love. But would it be as good? And there was the fact she wanted to see what else he had planned.

Her heart all but plummeted when the weight beside her shifted and then left altogether. Was he leaving? Really? Really?!

Through one blurred slit, she peeked. It was all wrong. The angle of her head. His position in the room. She couldn’t see crap. For a moment her jaw tightened and she thought about giving up. Just saying fuck it.

Much to her surprise, from above a pair of lips pressed against her wrist. Soft. Slow. Deliberate.

His trail of love spanned the length of her arm and then her neck. Then her ear. And then the space between her eyebrows. Her forehead. The last episode of affection was the hardest to bear. All she wanted was to draw him closer and feel the weight of his love against place where her tension was most often found.

But then his lips were on the ridge of her nose and her breath caught in her throat. He didn’t notice or didn’t care, for her lips were his next target. He didn’t bother correcting the angle of her neck and instead kissed her where she lay. Gentle at first, soon her lips were tender as he sucked them.

The entire ordeal sent a different kind of tension through her body. Her arms, her nipples, her stomach, and legs. All of it screamed for attention. Hard. Soft. She didn’t care.

The pillow beneath her head was pulled away and for a moment Ehma was left confused. That is until coarse hands tugged her body closer to the edge of the bed. Inch by inch until her head swayed backward.

Was he going to— Did he intend to—

A single breath was all it took to know for sure. Robust. Bitter. Masculine. Her mouth would be the first victim in his conquest. The first hole to feel his girth in all its hunger. Maybe the only hole if he didn’t play his cards right.

She could feel his eyes as they watched her. Probably trying to fend of his guttural instincts. That was fine, for now. Later though…

Her breath rebounded against something, and a moment later that something caressed her lips. The large V of his crown eased against her bottom lip, the pressure growing as he guided his cock into position. Oh god, this was it. The urge to kiss it was overwhelming.

Instead, she let her mouth open a little wider. Just a bit. He would have to force the rest in if wanted her to submit. And then, he did.

In a moment that seemed to span eternity, her mouth stretched around his head. The crown pressed against the bed of her tongue. The wide V slick against the ridges at the roof of her mouth. A generous helping of precum melted against her taste buds.

He didn’t stop until he was met with the ultimate decision. Force his way past her tonsils and use her like he wanted to, or be satisfied with a cock half buried. He didn’t stop.

The warmth of his tight balls tickled against her forehead as he bottomed out and finally she gagged. His movement was subtle, but she felt him readying to slide the other way. That illegal bahis siteleri however wasn’t what she wanted, or what he needed.

Giving up the pretense, her arms shot out and wrapped his cute ass. Ehma pulled back towards her face and only relaxed when a forest of pubic hair nestled against bridge of her nose. It was intoxicating, his scent the only thing on her mind beyond the bend of his cock settled in the back of her throat.

“Fuck babe,” he groaned as his hips spasmed against her in an attempt to drive deeper into her embrace.

Ehma welcomed it and for a moment forgot everything else. He never called her babe. Maybe that was her fault. She had refused to let him say those three little words, but—just hearing him call her that. It was so much more intimate than the little nicknames they gave each other.

Hands gripped her. First her breasts, firmly over the fabric of her tank. And then that was pulled away as he thrust against her mouth.

Her nipples were his toys for the moment just as her mouth was. He pinched them harder and then squeezed her breasts. They were so sensitive now, it didn’t really matter what he did. As long as he made it clear they belonged to him

But then his hands wrapped either side of her waist and the pressure was indescribable. A second later both her comforter and her cute little panties were discarded somewhere unseen. A pitty, she had really debated over which pair would bring him to his knees.

She knew if he had it his way, her pussy would have been his first priority. He loved counting her orgasms as he ate her, experimenting with her clit and the small band of elastic muscle that lead to her ass. Fingering. Kissing. Biting. Sucking on her clit and then sinking his tongue into her asshole.

But this was about him. She had made that much clear. He didn’t have to be worried about hurting her. Even if he did, it would be a good kind of pain she could wear proudly.

Fuck this little mouth with your big dick. Make my slutty mouth yours and only yours.


His jagged response coincided with the rough treatment of her thighs. He pinned them at her sides against the mattress in one sweeping motion, her flesh gripped between his fingers. In all her years, no one had ever touched her the way he did. Dominated her with such firm, tenderness. She always half-expected some hidden cruelty to worm its ugly way from the depths of his heart, but it never did.

“Your pussy belongs to me.”

Something about the confidence in his voice. The clarity of it right before his tongue grazed the folds of her labia and then circled like a predator… Every part of her ached for more.

Heat teased along the hood of her clit. Teeth nipped at her mound. She wanted more—nearly desperate—but his hips shifted away. The fight to keep him seated in her throat was a losing one, even with her hands clenched at his cute cheeks. Ehma grumbled as the head left her lips with the pop of a wet kiss.

“You want daddy to eat this pussy?”

Another weird kink of his. One he would have to earn. “I want you to eat it.”

“Eat what?”

“This pussY,” she gasped as he bit her clit. The thought of him leading her into his own little dark fantasy was so… Honestly, it was hard to describe how it made her feel. Sexy. Wanted. Desired.

“What do you say?”

“Please.” And now she was canlı bahis siteleri begging. Great.

“Please what?”

“Please eat this pussy.”

It didn’t feel right to talk. She’d much rather have his dick bent inside her throat. They could always communicate other ways. Perhaps he sensed that in her.

Do you want daddy’s dick or not?

She sighed as his thoughts echoed in her mind, but in all honesty she was just a tad bit more excited than she really should have been. It was all part of the seduction after all. She would be his own little personal slut. And he—his heart, his soul—would be her slave for all eternity. While she hadn’t explicitly said as much, it was true.

With that in mind, she spoke in the most demur voice she could muster. “Please eat this pussy while you fuck my face, daddy. Please, I can’t live without you.”

Fuck. That last part was a little too close to the truth. She wasn’t ready for him to know that yet. Thankfully, his brain didn’t seem to have enough blood to function properly. The evidence clear by the engorged cock prodding at her mouth. She took it, and a moment later her body spasmed as his tongue squirmed against her vaginal walls.

It was just foreplay—not even sex—but in that moment it was more. So much more. Maybe love. Maybe—

Each jagged breath through her nose came with a certain numbness. Or maybe it was her mind that was numb. It certainly wasn’t her her pussy as he sucked her like a starving child. It certainly wasn’t her ass as he slipped a finger inside of her. Even the sensation of her nipples as they grazed his chest— Fuck, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.

The thick cock wedged inside her mouth stiffened, growing harder if even possible. What really did it for her—what really satiated her own fantasy—was the scorching rope of liquid as it hit the back of her throat. She gave in completely.

Gulping. Shaking. Digging her nails into his sexy cheeks. Clenching both fingers sliding in and out of her ass like he would break her if she didn’t.

She wanted to scream that she was about to cum. Warn him that she was about to gush everywhere. All that came was a pathetic whimper. Even her mind refused to express her concerns.

“That’s it, baby. Cum for daddy. Squirt all in my—”

It was happening. It was really fucking happening. And his lips were closed around her pussy. For one beautiful moment she was aware as she swallowed him, he was swallowing her. A second round of thick heat shot into her throat and the river between her legs continued to flow.

They came together in one blissful moment, and then the body that was above her was below her. She was on her knees and he was sound asleep with hips bucking into her mouth. She drank the last of him as she watched his fists clenched at the sheets.

A wet dream for the mortal prince she had crowned herself wasn’t all bad. He would learn to crave her. Need her. She in turn would learn every little dirty fantasy he kept locked in his head. They would get as close to perfect for one another as possible. And then…

Ehma kissed the tip of his cock one last time, savoring its warmth before delicately placing it back in his boxers. This was necessary, as much as she hated to admit it. If she didn’t, she would never leave.

With that thought on her mind, and the memory of her vision—one where her stomach was beyond swollen with his child—she inched away. A portal to her own dimension opened as she rose from the bed, but her eyes never left him. “Next time, I hope you make it passed the blowjob.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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