Wild Wives Wicked Weekend

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I’ve known Leanne for over 25 years and her husband Steve for about 15 of those.

We first met when we were working for a government department in a small country town where we sucked and fucked away our boredom in a haze of booze and weed.

Orgies, threesomes, toys, married men, you name it, we probably did it. Within reason of course.

We stayed for two years in that town before the government closed the health project and we were separated.

We often met up in Sydney whenever there was a conference, or we had holidays and we’d go away and party hard, but our relationship has always been based on pretty much one thing only, sex.

So when I answered the phone and she told me that Steve and her were thinking of going to their weekender in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, I was excited.

Although their holiday house was three hours away, Marcus confirmed with me that we had nothing planned for the weekend so we may as well take the trip.

The four of us had partied many times before. Leanne is even more hardcore than I am as she will take it up the arse, where as I won’t. Not anymore anyway.

Best thing about them is that we are all clean and always have been. Although 49 years of age, Leanne is a fitness freak and a dynamo. As is Steve, a builder with the arms and torso to match, they’ve both always looked after themselves.

The last time we got together was at least a year ago, so yes, anticipation ran high.

We rose early on Saturday and arrived at their bush side cottage just before lunch.

It was a warm day for the mountains and I was wearing one of my favourite outfits, a short floral wraparound dress with a plunging neckline. As we pulled into the driveway I lifted my bum of the seat and slipped my panties off.

“I won’t be needing these,” I chuckled, and tossed them onto the back seat. Marcus just shook his head and smiled.

The secluded house was of timber construction, totally unsuited for the environment considering the ever present risk of bushfire, but it had a delightful charm, and as I have already said, it was a long way from any other houses.

Double storied, their bedroom was upstairs next to a small bathroom and small guest room, and ours was on the other side of the house above the double garage that Steve had turned into a man-cave of sorts. Between us was the lounge, downstairs shower and toilet and the kitchen- dining room.

As soon as we opened the door and walked in, there was no need to knock, Leanne and Steve greeted us with a volley of kisses.

Steve looked as though he’d been doing a bit of handy work around the house and was wearing a pair of shorts that only emphasised his firm buttocks and strong legs.

We dropped our bags into our room and headed back out into the kitchen where Leanne had popped a bottle of sparkling. Steve was out hammering some of the boards down on the deck and Marcus grabbed a beer and went out to have a chat with him.

Leanne was watching them intently and smiling broadly. I thought that it was a smile of adoration, but I discovered later that they, Steve and Leanne, had a little surprise for us.

When the two of them came back in, it was Steve who stood behind me and began giving me one of his famous deep shoulder massages while Marcus disappeared into our bedroom.

Leanne also went into their bedroom leaving Steve and I in the kitchen. Steve ran his strong weathered hands down my chest and massaged my tits before untying my dress and pulling it aside, revealing my neatly trimmed pussy.

“So hot,” he murmured, and ran his hand down and fingered my wet hole.

I shuffled my arms out and rested back on him as my dress draped itself over the stool. Naked apart from my shoes, I was ready to roll, but the bastards were teasing me.

Marcus came out with my walking gear and guffawed in mock surprise when he saw me, legs open and nude, on the stool.

“Well,” he said, “At least it won’t take long for you to get dressed.”

Steve kissed me on the forehead and went to turn away but I moved quickly and ducked in front of him as he tried to head into their bedroom.

I could see his firm cock pressing into his shorts, so I went to grab it but he was damn quick and he flew right past me. I was left standing there naked and as horny as hell.

“Bloody hell,” Leanne said as she came into the kitchen. “Get dressed woman, we’re hungry for real food.”

“Are we walking?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said, “Into town along the escarpment and then back again.”

I couldn’t believe it. That was more than three kilometres each way, and I said so.

“Actually,” Leanne said, “It’s four.”

“Four!” I said in disbelief, “Fuck!”

All three of them laughed as I got dressed and once I had my shoes on, we headed off at an all too brisk pace.

I have to admit though, it was a great walk into the village where we had a splendid lunch followed innovia escort by a quick stroll around the shops before a slower, meandering walk home.

By the time we returned it was around 4.30 and as soon as we walked in, Steve revealed the first surprise.

Over the 12 months since we’d last met, Steve had stripped the old bathroom, knocked a hole in the spare room wall and installed a massive spa bath.

A swinger cliche they may be, but fuck, I love them.

Excitedly we filled it with hot water and foam, hit the jets and with champagne on ice at the ready, we all hopped in.

Because the wall was now gone, the bed was part of the spa room, perfect for fucking on.

I snuggled between Steve and Marcus, stroking their hard cocks as we chatted. Leanne sat opposite watching, as she likes to do.

So when Steve was rock hard I began to nibble on his ear and he reacted by kissing me fully on the lips, his tongue dived in hard, our juices melding.

Marcus stood up and moved over to Leanne who took his cock straight into her mouth and began to noisily suck on it. I decided to give Steve the same treatment, plus I love to watch a guy’s face as I suck his cock, so I twisted around between his legs and he instinctively knew to raise his arse out of the water.

Like a periscope his thick cock emerged from the water and I was quick to slide it into my waiting mouth. His cock was already oozing precum and I savoured the bitter tang as it spread across my tongue.

“Suck that cock,” Leanne said between mouthfuls of Marcus, she loved dirty talk. “Suck that fat cock down your dirty throat.”

Her words seemed to make Steve even harder, if that was at all possible.

He held my head and began a few rapid pumps into me.

“Fuck her face, love, fuck her hard,” Leanne urged him.

I took his balls in hand as he slammed into me. After a few minutes of his glorious cock sliding into my mouth, Steve said, “Whaddya reckon Marcus, how about we fuck these horny sluts?”

I turned to look at Marcus who gave Steve a thumbs up. Although I would have been happy to fuck in the spa, Steve hopped out and quickly toweled himself off, his cock bobbing enticingly in front of him. I quickly followed, but not before moving over to Marcus and Leanne and sharing Marcus’s cock with her and giving her a nice sloppy kiss.

“Come on woman,” Steve urged me on, “Get that red-hot body over here.”

Leaving the two of them alone I almost toppled comically out of the spa, but Steve assisted me and I was soon lying back on the new bed.

I spread my legs wide and rubbed my pussy as he came around to my face. I took his cock into my mouth once more but this time he lay on his side and began to lick at my arse hole and pussy. I turned my head to suck him easily and as we continued our sideways 69er. Soon I heard Marcus and Leanne say it was time to join us.

Leanne crawled between my legs and joined Steve in licking and sucking at my two holes. Marcus wasted no time in sliding his cock into Leanne doggy style. We stared into each others smiling eyes as we sucked at fucked our friends once more.

I was needing to feel filled though and I popped Steve’s cock out of my mouth and said, “Fuck me will you, just fuck me.”

“Fuck her,” Leanne commanded, “Fuck her wet cunt.”

I was certainly wet. Juices oozed from within, mixing with the spittle of my two friends.

When Steve rolled away I turned over and around to face Leanne and we began to kiss as Steve expertly slid his thick cock into my aching hole.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he groaned in delight as he pushed his cock in, “Look at you two.”

It was so good to be watching as Marcus fucked into Leanne as I felt Steve filling my cunt with his thickness.

Steve began fingering my arsehole as he pounded hard into me. He knows full well my aversion to anal sex, so he was simply having a bit of fun as he dipped it further in.

Marcus could see what Steve was up to and he laughed as he said “Don’t bother mate, she still isn’t into it.”

“Still takes two in her cunt though I bet.”

“Too fucking right I do,” I moaned back at him.

I noticed then that Leanne winked at Steve and I thought that maybe that we’d do it there and then, but the buggers just kept on fucking us nice and hard.

Steve soon pulled out completely and I flipped onto my back so that my face was directly under Leanne’s. We began kissing as Steve bent my knees right back and began a solid licking and fingering of my wet, horny twat.

Two, three, four fingers slid into my needy hole as he sucked deliciously on my clitoris. I could feel the rolling urge to climax creeping into my being and as soon as Marcus withdrew from Leanne and shuffled around to our faces, I thought that he was about to cum so I relaxed my body and shook with delight as a quivering orgasm flowed through my body.

“Fuck,” Steve called out as he plunged his fingers into my contracting hole, “Thank Christ there’s no teeth in there otherwise I would have lost istanbul escort my fingers.”

He withdrew his sticky fingers and held them out to Leanne who crawled forward along my body until her pussy was stationed over my face, and her face was above my snatch. Marcus was simply kneeling back stroking his hard cock as he watched us 69 each other.

I sucked on Leanne’s nub for all it was worth and when Steve moved around to fuck her, I sucked on his cock and ball bag as well.

Marcus then crawled across the bed and began to fuck my soggy hole and Leanne’s mouth. As I sucked on her clit I felt her shaking in orgasmic delight as she came. Her juices instantly added an extra dimension to the flavour of what coated Steve’s thick cock.

Steve was happy to keep fucking her, and pulling his cock out and shoving it into my mouth and Marcus was enjoying the same action with Leanne, but in a moment of synergy which amply describes why Leanne and I get on so well in bed, we decided to mix it up once more.

Leanne rolled off me and nearly ended up on the floor and Steve soon began a wholesale fucking of my mouth and I cradled his heavy balls in my hand as he did so.

I heard Leanne shuffling through some draws and she soon revealed a selection of dildos and vibrators for us to play with.

“Nice,” Marcus said, “You’ve expanded the collection I see.”

Steve hopped off the bed and Marcus withdrew, leaving me naked and on my back with my legs splayed wide like a trussed chicken.

“Just a few,” Leanne said, before spitting down the length of an average sized one that came complete with ribs. “This one will do.”

I smiled as she winked at me and moved around between my legs. Marcus slapped her on the arse as she passed and he grabbed another phallus from the draw.

Leanne returned to licking and sucking at my pussy and she began sliding the ribbed cock along my labia and clit, exciting and taunting me with its texture.

Steve wanted his cock sucked so he leaned over me and began to fuck my mouth. Marcus began to finger Leanne’s cunt as she continued to toy with me.

When she finally slid the ribbed cock into me, and began a consistent pumping motion as she licked my clit, I couldn’t help but begin a bucking motion as I climaxed once more. Marcus began to fuck Leanne and he was still holding the imitation cock in his hand. He spat down on Leanne’s arse and slid the rubberised cock slowly into her arse, eliciting a soft moan from Leanne that reverberated around my cunt.

Marcus whipped the fake phallus out and with a wink and a smile to me and Steve, slid his prick into Leanne’s arse.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she cried, “Fuck my arse, fuck it hard.”

“Yes boss,” he said, as he turned up the pace forcing her to break contact with my minge.

Now free, Steve almost lifted me up off the bed as he rearranged me into exactly the same, face down, arse up, pose right next to Leanne and Marcus.

With no effort at all he began fucking me with a fervour, slamming his hard cock into my cervix, sending sharp twangs of pain through me. My cunt was a sloppy mess as he drove his cock home again and again. Leanne and I began to kiss as they fucked us.

“Fuck I love you guys,” Leanne whispered to me “It’s always so good when you turn up.”

I just smiled and looked over my shoulder to see that Marcus was doing his cum avoidance technique of closing his eyes and thinking of something dull.

I decided to test his resolve by talking dirty. It never fails to do the job.

“Cum in our mouths,” I urged, “Cum on guys, cum all over your slutty wives faces.”

“Big fucking loads,” Leanne moaned, “Shoot big fucking loads all over our faces and we’ll fucking slurp it up.”

“La, la, la dee la,” Marcus sung, trying desperately not to hear what I was saying. “Not listening, can’t hear anything.”

“Cum,” Leanne said, in between Marcus’s la la’s, “in, my, mouth.”

I noticed that she shuffled slightly sideways and was reaching underneath herself, searching for his tight ball bag. Marcus threw his head back and laughed hysterically as she made contact with them.

“You fucking bitch,” he laughed, “Jesus, you know me too well.”

Leanne is only a slim thing and Marcus had no problem in flipping her over onto her back.

“You want my cum?” Marcus said, as he shuffled along her body, “You want it in your mouth?”

“Fuck yeah,” she moaned, “Give it to me.”

Marcus pulled on his cock as Leanne squeezed his balls, urging his load onwards and outwards.

I also could feel Steve harden even more as he too reached the end of his restraint.

Marcus let loose first though, jettisoning his thick load neatly into Leanne’s open mouth.

“Ah, fuckity fuck, fuck,” he chortled, as his orgasm flew through him.

I shuffled over towards her and as soon as she saw me coming she bubbled his cum up over her lips.

“Damn, damn, damn,” Steve moaned, as I took Marcus’s cum from her tongue. “Dirty fucking sluts, we love you.”

He grabbed kadıköy escort my hips and slammed in hard, his cock exploding against my cervix, coating it with his luscious cream.

I trembled gently as my body welcomed the thick load. Steve slid his cock out as Marcus crawled back into the spa.

Steve offered me his cock and I slurped both our juices off it. Leanne joined in as well and we both shared the mixed flavours of cum and cunt juice.

Leanne began to finger my quim as we kissed and was smearing the oozing cum around my open pussy lips.

Once Steve had hopped off the bed and joined Marcus in the spa, so did Leanne and I.

We chatted some more and washed all the flavourful juices off our bodies.

Afterwards we simply threw on a dressing gown and went back down to the kitchen to have dinner. Unusually Steve was on his phone a lot during the meal and he said that he was just organising a few workmen for a job he had coming up.

I soon discovered just what that job was.


After dinner and a few champagnes, Marcus, Steve and I sat out on the deck and sucked down a few joints. Steve passed Marcus a Viagra, not that he needs it, and he scoffed it happily down.

Steve was still occasionally glancing at his phone and in the hooch glow I was getting very, very horny again and was not concerned at all about Leanne’s sudden absence. I figured she was inside knocking up a dessert. I opened my gown to give the boys a show and it seemed to do the trick.

Steve hardened very quickly as he sat back watching me rub my pussy. I dipped a few fingers into my quim and licked them clean. Steve took one more look at the latest message on his phone and stood up, his cock proudly sticking out at full mast. He came over to me and I instantly reached out to suck it, but he took my hand instead.

“Have you seen my man cave?” he asked.

When I stood up the hooch hit me hard. With a wobble and glow I fell into his arms with Marcus suddenly behind me, helping me straighten up.

“Let’s go check it out,” I said.

We walked back through the kitchen and I looked around for Leanne, still thinking that she was knocking up dessert.

Just before we got to the man cave Marcus stopped me and spun me gently around. We kissed heavily as he dropped my gown down off my shoulder, leaving me totally naked. My breath shortened as I realised that something was up. They had something planned for us.

Steve opened the door and when I turned around I saw Leanne sitting on the lounge between two very burly naked men. Leanne was wearing some of her favourite kinky gear. A lover of leather, Leanne had on her little leather skirt and leather cupless bra. Around her neck was a collar and a chain hung down between her breasts.

Unlike Leanne, I like being totally naked when I’m being fucked, I love the feeling of a man’s hands stroking me, the sensual sensation of naked skin on skin action.

Whereas Leanne loves anal and being DP’d I enjoy two in my pussy. Some guys don’t enjoy that much, not at first anyway, but they soon get used to it.

I like using oil when I fuck groups of guys, it takes it to another level altogether.

She had the cock of each of them in her hand and she stroked them gently as she smiled and said, “Welcome.”

That was not all though because over near the pool table was another tall, well built young man with tattoos covering his arms and chest.

“And this is my man cave,” Steve said, snapping me out of my stunned mindset.

“Nice work,” Marcus said. “It’s been a long time coming.”

“Well,” Steve said, “My new gym and work mates here have been helping me out, for a reduced rate of course.”

“You,” said the lad near the pool table, “are fit. I’m Tim by the way.”

“Pleased to meet you,” I said to his cock.

“Brad,” said the one to Leanne’s left, “Jack,” said the one to her right.

“I’m Sharon,” I said as I sauntered over towards Leanne. “You kept this secret.”

“It was a hard secret to keep,” she giggled, “Very hard.”

I reached down and grabbed each cock in a hand, and leaning forward I kissed Leanne.

I felt a hand rubbing my arse and when I heard Steve and Marcus over near the bar I knew that it was Tim who was now sliding a finger into my pussy.

“Man, she’s so fucking wet,” he said to his friends who were now mauling my heaving breasts. “With a body like a twenty year old.”

I moved from kissing Leanne to kissing Brad and Jack before standing up straight and taking Leanne by the hands.

On the floor was a large square of foam, purposely placed there by Steve for fucking on.

We embraced and ran our hands all over each other as the lads all muttered in appreciation. I grabbed Tim’s fat hard cock and led him to the centre of the room and Leanne followed with her two beaus.

I squatted down and without any teasing sucked Tim’s cock into my slutty mouth.

“Fuck yeah, fuck,” he groaned.

Leanne came in right behind me so that we were back to back and surrounded by at first three, and then five cocks as Marcus and Steve joined in the face fucking extravaganza that was before them.

I fingered my pussy as the guys took turns filling my mouth with their rock hard cocks. Tim was right, I was sopping wet and ready to feel a nice hard cock deep in my cunt.

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