Widening the Circle Ch. 05

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This is the continuation of the series “A Couple’s Voyage into Sexuality”. The main characters Robert, Vanessa, Edward and Pamela were introduced in the first story and this is the continuation of the voyage of these four people to discover new aspects of their sexuality and of themselves. New characters are introduced in this series and some of them will be developed in another story. I want to thank all comments received in the first story; they’ve been very helpful to me. I do encourage you to vote and to send your comments, both positive and negative are very encouraging and they help me to improve.

Vanessa walked into Raul and Alicia’s suite and Raul led them to the terrace. It was larger than the one Vanessa and the others occupied and had a Jacuzzi almost at the edge of the terrace, it was already bubbling. Vanessa went over to the railing and sure enough, their terrace was clearly visible as well as the terraces on all the other suites. The sky was cloudless and a full moon was rising behind the hills, bathing the terrace in a silver glow. The sky was filled with thousands of glimmering dots. She turned around and saw Alicia, who was sitting on one of the chairs looking at her, her eyes filled with desire.

Raul was over by the table opening a bottle of champagne; the cork flew over Vanessa’s head and disappeared in the night. Raul poured three glasses and offered one to his wife and then walked over to where Vanessa was standing.

“Champagne all right?” He asked her, offering the glass.

“Yes,” Vanessa simply answered looking into his eyes.

She put her hand on his arm and led him to where Alicia was sitting; she got up when Vanessa raised her glass and offered a toast.

“Here’s to us. May we have a wonderful night of lovemaking,” they clinked their glasses and Raul and Alicia answered “Salud!”

Vanessa leaned toward Alicia and kissed her lips, a short kiss, their lips barely touching but full of promise for what lay ahead. Then she turned to Raul and gave him a similar kiss.

“Shall we get into the Jacuzzi?” Raul asked them.

“Yes, but first let me undress you. Sit down.” Vanessa commanded in a soft voice.

Raul and Alicia sat down on the terrace chairs and Vanessa stood in front of them. She undid what buttons remained to be undone on her blouse and then slowly she slipped out of it. She reached behind her to unclasp her skirt and it fell to the floor leaving her naked before their eyes, her tanned body bathed by the moonlight. She stood there for a few moments watching as Raul and Alicia’s eyes traveled up and down her body.

She walked over to Raul and he stood up in front of her. Vanessa slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off his shoulders. She ran her hands over his muscular chest down to his hard stomach. She slid her arms around his waist and ran her hands up his back, getting closer to him until her already hard nipples touched his chest. She offered her lips to him and they kissed. Their lips lightly touching each other until Raul bit her lower lip gently and then she felt his tongue parting her lips. She sucked it into her mouth and their tongues danced with each other for a few seconds. She pulled away reluctantly and taking a step back she undid Raul’s belt, undoing the button on his trousers and lowering his zipper. She slid his pants from his hips and they fell to the floor. Raul kicked them and his loafers away and stood before Vanessa wearing only a small pair of black briefs which highlighted the outline of his cock and balls.

Vanessa watched him for a few moments and then sank to her knees in front of him. She used her nails to softly rake his lower belly and upper thighs watching his skin fill with goose bumps and the hairs on his body stand out. She continued using her fingernails to trace the outline of his balls and cock and bent forward to plant a wet kiss just beneath his belly button. When she pulled her head away she saw the tip and part of his cock peeking out over the edge of his briefs. She closed in again and ran her tongue over the exposed underside of his shaft and reaching the head she planted a kiss on the tip, a drop of pre-cum stuck to her lips and she turned so Alicia could watch as she licked her lips tasting her husband for the first time. She hooked her fingers under the elastic of Raul’s briefs and pulled them down. His cock sprang free standing out proudly, the tip glistening in the moonlight. She removed his briefs without taking her eyes away from his cock and then she turned her head again and fixed her gaze on Alicia’s eyes as she wrapped her lips around Raul’s cockhead and took it in her mouth. She pulled her head away and grabbed his arms to help herself up. She kissed his lips and slid her tongue, still coated with his pre-cum into his mouth. Raul groaned and reached behind Vanessa to grab her ass and pull her closer to him. The kiss continued and their passion mounted. His cock pressed against her belly and Vanessa had an image of a hot iron rod pressing against halkalı eve gelen escort her. Again Vanessa had to make an effort to pull away since she remembered Raul wanted to watch her make love to Alicia first.

Raul went over to refill their glasses as Vanessa held Alicia’s hands pulling her to her feet. The three of them stood close to each other while they drank the champagne feeling the bubbly liquid cooling their throats. Then Raul sat down and Vanessa and Alicia stood in front of him facing each other. Alicia reached out and cupped one of Vanessa’s breasts. Vanessa let her fondle her breast looking at her in the eye she reached out and touched Alicia’s nipples through the material of her dress and she saw her shiver. Alicia felt encouraged and she ran her fingers lightly over Vanessa’s nipples.

Vanessa leaned forward and kissed Alicia, at first their lips barely touching, then she licked Alicia’s lips with the tip of her tongue and when she parted her lips Vanessa slid her tongue inside her mouth and their lips meshed together. Alicia reached up and put her arms around Vanessa’s neck and pulled her closer. They continued kissing, their passion mounting. Vanessa pulled back, she just had to caress and kiss Alicia’s naked skin. She got hold of Alicia’s skirt and lifted her dress over her head pulling it off her. Alicia stood before her clad only in a minuscule thong. Her dark areoles had shrunk until they almost disappeared and her nipples jutted out of her small but perfectly rounded breasts.

A moan escaped from Vanessa’s mouth as she bent and sucked one of Alicia’s nipples into her mouth. Upon feeling Vanessa’s lips sucking her nipple Alicia also let out a throaty moan. Vanessa switched to the other breast and gently bit the other nipple making Alicia moan again. Then Vanessa ran her tongue down her sternum, spending some time licking her navel and going further down until her tongue found Alicia’s thong. She was already kneeling in front of her and she pulled the thong down her legs. Alicia’s shaved pussy was right in front of her face. Then it struck her, both of them had pubic hair when she saw them at the beach, so that meant Alicia had shaved recently. Vanessa slid her palm around Alicia’s lower belly, the skin was incredibly smooth. Vanessa guessed Alicia had her pubic hair removed professionally at the spa.

She couldn’t wait any longer so she slid a finger into Alicia’s slit and pulled it out completely soaked even though she had not slid it further into her vagina. She licked her finger clean. Vanessa looked around for a better place where they could continue their exploration of each other and her eyes lingered for a moment on Raul. He was sitting quietly at his chair observing them, his cock stood rigidly out of his belly. Vanessa wanted to go and suck him but first she had to have Alicia. Next to the Jacuzzi were a couple of loungers so Vanessa got up and led Alicia there. The two women knelt on the couch, their bodies almost touching and began kissing passionately, their hands roaming over the other woman’s body. Soon Vanessa was again sucking Alicia’s nipples and had a couple of fingers buried in her vagina. Alicia pulled her head away, Vanessa straightened up and Alicia reached between her legs and slid a finger into her. She kissed Alicia again, their tongues dancing with each other.

Vanessa couldn’t believe how hot she was. Alicia was moving her fingers inside her expertly, she had been aroused from the start, when Raul made his proposition, and now here she was, sucking this perfectly strange but lovely woman while her husband watched them. Out of the corner of her eye she had seen Raul moving his chair closer to them a few minutes earlier so he could watch them from up close.

Alicia slid her fingers deeper into Vanessa, finding her G-spot and at the same time she pressed her clit with her thumb. Her orgasm caught her by surprise. Vanessa threw her upper body back and had to remove her fingers from Alicia’s vagina to support herself. She let out a long throaty scream as her climax shook her body. Vanessa felt her juices flowing freely, drenching Alicia’s fingers as she kept moving them inside her and tapping her clit as she continued cumming.

When Vanessa stopped shaking Alicia pulled her hand away and sensuously licked one finger clean, tasting another woman’s juices for the first time. She reached out and offered her husband her hand. Raul began licking her other fingers and her palm his eyes fixed on Vanessa’s. She reached out and sunk her fingers in his hair, caressing him tenderly. When he finished licking his wife’s hand clean he reached out to take Vanessa’s hand to lick it clean of his wife’s juices.

Alicia had reclined back and was touching her breasts, running the tips of her fingers over her nipples. Vanessa slid her body over Alicia’s and kissed her again. Their breasts mashed together, their legs interlocked, their pussies rubbing against the other woman’s thigh. The Vanessa halkalı grup yapan escort began licking her way down Alicia’s body. She sucked her nipples a few times and continued down until she reached her pussy. Alicia opened her legs and Vanessa parted her cunt lips with her tongue, lapping the moisture from around her pussy. She took Alicia’s clit between her lips and Alicia arched her hips. She placed her hands over Vanessa’s head pushing it down. Vanessa teased Alicia’s clit for a while and when she began bucking her hips Vanessa stuck her tongue into Alicia’s cunt as far as she could and felt a new stream of moisture soaking her tongue. Alicia wrapped her legs around Vanessa’s head. Vanessa alternated between licking Alicia’s clit and lapping the inside of her vagina. Alicia tweaked her nipples with her fingers as her climax built inside her. She was breathing heavily, her nostrils flared to suck more air into her lungs and she exploded, her juices flooding Vanessa’s mouth.

Finally Alicia relaxed her legs and Vanessa was able to pull her head away from her vagina. Her whole face shone, drenched with Alicia’s juices.

“Wow! That was marvelous.” Alicia told Vanessa and she raised herself to give her a tender kiss, “Thank you Vanessa.”

“My pleasure Ali.” Vanessa replied using the short name she had heard Raul using to address his wife. “And you can call me Van.”

Alicia kissed Vanessa again and extricated herself from beneath her, “Lay down Van, I want to taste you.”

Vanessa parted her legs and Alicia immediately went to work on her. She chewed her inner lips and clit making Vanessa squirm with pleasure and then began fucking her with her tongue.

Vanessa looked at Raul and said, “Come here, let me suck that beautiful cock of yours.”

Raul got up and adjusted the back of the lounger so Vanessa was flat on her back and positioned himself behind her. He didn’t want to stop watching Alicia as she ate Vanessa’s pussy. It took some adjustments but finally Vanessa was able to take his cock into her mouth by throwing her head back. She sucked the head for a while and then reached behind him grabbing his buttocks pulling him deeper into her mouth. Raul pushed his hips forward and his cock slid effortlessly into Vanessa’s throat. Raul gasped in pleasure. He began a rhythmic motion with his hips, fucking Vanessa’s mouth. Alicia kept fucking Vanessa’s cunt with her tongue and pinched her clit with the fingers of one hand. When she reached up to find Vanessa’s nipple with her other hand she saw her husband’s cock sliding all the way down Vanessa’s throat. She looked mesmerized by the sight; she had tried doing that a few times but had never been able to do it. Raul had told her not to worry he loved the way she sucked him. She had stopped moving her tongue and Vanessa started bucking her hips. She resumed sucking her but she now inserted a couple of fingers into Vanessa’s vagina and sucked her clit into her mouth. However she kept her gaze fixed on her husband’s cock fucking Vanessa’s mouth. Alicia felt her passion rising up again and she began fingering her clit.

Raul was the first one to cum, shooting his first spurt down Vanessa’s throat, he felt Vanessa gagging and he pulled back until just the head of his cock was inside her mouth as he continued cumming. Vanessa reached between his legs to fondle his balls, milking the rest of his cum. She exploded next and Alicia sucked her juices greedily. Alicia was the last to cum amazed to reach another orgasm so soon after the huge one she had such a short time before. She straightened up and saw that Vanessa’s face was covered with her husbands cum. She kissed Vanessa, tasting Raul’s sperm in her mouth.

They pulled apart still panting, their bodies covered by a thin coat of perspiration. The girls’ faces glistening with a mixture of their juices and Raul’s cum. Vanessa pulled Raul and Alicia’s head closer to hers and said.

“Thank you. You are wonderful.” Vanessa said.

She gave Alicia a French kiss. Alicia tasted her own juices mixed with her husband’s sperm and then she kissed her husband. Raul tasted the mixture of all their juices in his wife’s mouth. Then they tried to get into a three way kiss, but it was a bit awkward so they all ended up laughing.

“I think we are ready for the Jacuzzi now.” Raul said. He went inside the suite and came back carrying some towels and another bottle of champagne. He poured two glasses full and set the bottle at one side of the Jacuzzi. The girls were already inside so stepped inside carrying the two glasses and sat between them giving one to each girl. He put his arms around their shoulders and they sat there in silence, enjoying the sensuous feeling of the jets of water over their bodies, staring at the stars. Pamela and Alicia took small sips of their champagne and fed some to Raul who soon was fondling their breasts.

* * *

“Come on lovers. Let’s join the others in the bedroom.” Tina said halkalı masöz escort getting up and heading for the bedroom followed by Robert and Edward.

Pamela was on her back on the bed and Al was happily licking his wife’s juices from her body. He was paying special attention to her nipples, biting them harder and harder every time, trying to find Pamela’s pain threshold. His hand was above her mons, just exerting a slight pressure on her outer labia with his fingers. Pamela let out a scream and pushed Al’s head away as a flash of pain shot through her body when Al bit one of her nipples particularly hard. He apologized and gave her a tender kiss. He began licking his way down her body, from her neck down to her navel as he continues squeezing Pamela’s thick cunt lips together. She squirmed, feeling her clit being squeezed between her lips and pushed Al’s head lower.

The other three had settled on the other side of the giant king side bed and remained watching Al and Tina for a few minutes. Then Tina slid down until she was on her back and spread her thighs in open invitation. Edward got between her legs and inspected her bald pussy. Her large inner lips hung outside the folds of the outer labia and her rather large clit was clearly visible at the top of her slit. It was still red from Pamela’s rubbing. Edward lowered his head and began chewing on Tina’s exposed inner lips. Robert went to work on her breasts, sucking one nipple into his mouth while he squeezed the other one between his fingers.

“Harder, bite them harder.” Tina pleaded.

She moaned hoarsely in a mixture of pain and pleasure when Robert bit her nipple harder and pulled the other one as far as he could. At the same time Edward was biting harder the sensitive flesh of her inner labia. A hot current originated in her three pleasure centers and traveled all through her. Edward shifted his mouth to her clit and pressed her clit with his tongue. Tina felt another sensual wave cursing through her. She pulled her legs up pressing then against her chest, exposing her vulva. Edward gazed at the pink flesh inside her vaginal channel as Tina’s lips parted seemingly of their own accord. He slid two and then three fingers felling her wetness oozing around them.

Al had parted Pamela’s cunt lips with his fingers, pulling the delicate inner labia out exposing her love channel. He saw the inner flesh glistening with her juices and slid his tongue inside it licking them hungrily. Pamela wrapped her legs around his head as he inserted a finger first into her vagina to lubricate it and then pushed it into her rectum. She was about to cum so she fingered her own clit until her orgasm swept her body.

When Edward sucked her clit into his mouth, Tina also came squirting another jet of girl fluids around his fingers. Robert who had kept sucking one of her nipples trying to get as much of her breast into his mouth without much success lifted his head and tapped Edward on the shoulder. Edward rose and Robert lowered his head over Tina’s pussy and sucked the engorged clit into his mouth, scratching it with his teeth. Tina gasped as the pleasure-pain sensation shot through her body. She had been fondling Robert’s cock and twisted her head around to suck it as Edward went to work on her breasts. Robert sucked her cunt bringing Tina to another mild orgasm. His cock had hardened and as she bobbed her head up and down his shaft.

When Tina felt that his cock was hard enough she pushed Robert down on the bed and straddled him lowering herself on his cock. She made Edward stand on the bed to suck his cock at the same time Robert fucked her and fondled her bouncing breasts.

Al was hard again so he knelt between Pamela’s thighs and slid his cock along her slit to lubricate it. Then he spit on his hand and rubbed the spit on his cockhead before lowering himself until his cock was at the entrance of Pamela’s cunt. He pulled Pamela’s legs up placing her ankles in his shoulders and pushed forward. Pamela felt her cunt being stretched as the thick bulbous head found its way inside her. It took Al several shoves until he was able to penetrate Pamela completely.

“Oh my God!” Pamela exclaimed. Her cunt had been stretched like never before; she had never felt so completely filled. “Oh yes!” she gasped, “I love it.”

Edward was really turned watching his wife, hearing her moans and comments about being fucked by this stranger. Robert was pumping his cock mercilessly into Tina’s cunt and she was also gasping for air. He watched her tits bouncing wildly and he got behind her pushing her forward and spreading her ass cheeks with his hands.

Tina guessed what Edward’s intentions were and she encouraged him exclaiming, “Oh yes! Fuck my ass!”

Edward rammed his cock deep into Tina’s back passage just as his wife started cumming, screaming and babbling incoherently. Al just kept fucking her at the same fast pace. Another mild orgasm shook Pamela and when Al grabbed her nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pulled them hard twisting them this way and that she screamed as she came again.

Beneath them Edward felt Robert increasing the tempo of his movements and he accelerated his own. Tina exploded in ecstasy drenching Roberts belly with her copious squirting juices. Edward came next ramming his cock deep into her ass and finally Robert shot his sperm into Tina.

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