Wendy Ch. 2

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The Workout and More

On Tuesday, morning Kate and Wendy met in the gym. Kate wore the same exercise outfit. Wendy had bought and exercise body suit. It was a pale yellow, scooped neckline and high cut on the hips, Kate did not need to imagine what was underneath. The areola was dark, the nipples hard and lower Kate could see the crease and the dark mound of hair covering it. Kate was instantly wet as she looked at her friend.

They did the same routines as Monday, but when Wendy was on her back, Kate could not keep her eyes off her. Concentration for Kate was very difficult. She only saw the sex of her friend, her mind was elsewhere. When they finished riding the bike, they were both soaking wet with perspiration. They went into the shower room and when they found it to be empty, Wendy pulled Kate to her and kissed her. Their tongues entwined, their bodies pressed against each other, Wendy could feel her nipples harden as she kissed Kate. Then Wendy kissed Kate’s neck, tasting the salt and her body tingled. Wendy began licking the neck, the chest, the arms of her friend, sucking the salt from Kate.

Kate’s eyes rolled back, she closed them and could barely contain herself. Wendy pulled the top down, kissing the breast, licking the small tit, one then the other. From one breast to the other, then back, licking, kissing sucking, then biting the nipple. As Wendy’s lips bit down on the hard brown nipple Kate moaned, and when Wendy bit it again, Kate moaned, “harder, please harder”. In the moment, Wendy bit down and pulled the nipple, and Kate cried in ecstasy.

As Kate moaned louder, and cried she was close, Wendy pulled down the suit and buried her face in the wet pussy of her friend. Wendy had never tasted another and it so excited her that she began to stream. Kate pushed her cunt against Wendy’s mouth, moving with her and just as Wendy sucked on the clit, Kate burst loose. She lost control, sagged against Wendy and thrashed as Wendy licked her pussy, drank her juices, ran her hands over her body. They feel into each other’s arms, and kissed passionately.

They quickly showered and headed to Kate’s room. bakırköy escort Wendy needed her release and Kate needed more, oh so much more.

When they reached the room, it was like a scene from a movie, they were kissing each other and stripping off clothing as they moved toward the bed. They fell onto the bed, Kate struggled to kiss and caress Wendy, and Wendy tried desperately to touch and kiss Kate. Kate had her face buried in the wet pussy of Wendy, her tongue probing the inner regions, Wendy’s soft thighs squeezing her face. Wendy had her face buried in the pussy of Kate, her tongue licking the crease, penetrating the tunnel as her hand stroked Kate’s inner thigh. The girls were so close, the room was filled with moaning, they were wrapped in themselves.

It wasn’t until Dan spoke that the girls realized Kate’s husband had entered the room. Wendy flushed red, rolled over struggling to pull the blankets over her as she buried her face in a pillow. Kate lay on the bed exposed, looking at Dan and the stranger with him. Dan walked over to Kate, kissed her, then stood up and looked at her. “you are such a slut, just a fucking slut with cum all over your face”. Kate looked up at him and smiled, “Yes, baby and you love it.”

Kate pulled Wendy up beside her, Wendy clutching the blankets covering her nakedness. Kate whispered to Wendy, who shook her head no, a bit more whisperings and Wendy nodded. Dan’s friend Paul walked over near the bed and Kate slipped onto the floor kneeling before him. She opened his trouser, pulled down his pants and began to stroke his tool. She held it in her hand as it slowly began to grow, the penis lying in the palm of one hand as her nail slid from base to tip.

Kate kissed the tip. Then she ran her tongue along the length, long slow licks. She sucked on a ball as her fingers stroked the tool, then she ran her lips over the shaft, kissing the tip. She sucked on the very end, and ran her tongue over it. The head glistened with wetness, then it slid slowly into her mouth, she moved down the shaft until it filled her mouth, her hand stroking the remaining cock. bakırköy eve gelen escort Wendy watched intently as Kate’s head bobbed up and down. Dan sat on the edge of the bed next to Wendy and slipped an arm around her. Paul was moaning loudly, his hips moving with Kate, his hands in her hair, then Paul thrust forward, pulling Kate to him, driving his cock down her throat. Dan slid the blanket from Wendy’s shoulders and stroked her breast, taking the nipple in his fingers and rubbing it. Paul was pulling back and ramming his cock in and out of Kate, deep down her throat then out and in, Wendy was watching intently, moaning softly as Dan pulled her nipple, and kissed her neck. Then Dan went stiff, he yelled out and Kate gagged, she swallowed but there was so much, the cum running out of her mouth, down her chin as her head moved up and down the shaft.

Dan had his hand between Wendy’s legs, stroking her thigh, rubbing her clit as Wendy begged him to fuck her. To take his cock and shove it up her pussy, use her, make her cum, she begged. Dan rolled Wendy onto her back and slid his cock easily into the wet waiting pussy. It slid in easily, the tunnel gently squeezing his shaft. Wendy bucked against him moving faster and faster. Dan drove his cock deep inside, lifted her legs and held her there. Kate moved over to Wendy, her face covered with Paul’s cum, her mouth full and Kate leaned in and kissed Wendy, transferring the cum. Wendy opened her mouth and kissed Kate. Dan began his pumping as they kissed and Wendy began screaming, she was cumming and Dan drove up and down, lifting her off the bed and slamming her down again. Wendy begged, pleaded and moaned. She held Dan close as they lay there.

Dan moved Wendy to hands and knees and entered from behind. Kate slid under them and began to lick the crease as Dan moved slowly in and out of Wendy. Kate’s tongue sliding inside with cock, rubbing the clit. Paul moved over stroked Wendy’s breasts, pulling the nipple as Dan fucked her from behind. Dan pulling out and slamming in as Kate sucked the clit. Wendy rolled her eyes, her body bakırköy grup yapan escort was building, Paul pulled and pinched her nipples, he was rough and it was exciting. Dan slammed in and out and as he did he smacked Wendy on the ass, a loud cracking sound.

Wendy, let a OWWWWWWWWW escape and then a moan. Dan smacked the white ass again and Wendy moaned. We have another slut here Paul, lets ride her hard. Paul sucked on her nipples, biting one then the other, and Dan smacked her ass, as Kate pulled and sucked on the clit. Wendy could handle no more, she screamed, she went stiff, she moaned and begged them to stop. As Dan filled her pussy with his cum. Stroke, stroke, stroke, loading up the cunt with his juices.

Dan pulled out and Wendy rolled onto her back as Kate licked the cum from her cunt. Long slow licks, scooping it up on her tongue and moving up to Wendy, letting is slide off her tongue and into Wendy’s mouth. Kate would lick, move to Wendy and let is drop off. As the process continued, Paul was soon hard and moved behind Kate.

As Kate knelt over Wendy, her ass in the air, Paul moved his cock to her rosebud. He pressed against the tight opening, forcing it open. Kate cried out as the tip forced the ring, slowly sliding in, tears ran down Kate’s cheeks as her ass was stretched, then with a popping sound, he was inside. Moving slowly at first, then faster and faster. As Paul pulled back and rammed forward, Kate moved with him, Wendy buried beneath her friend. The breast of Kate rubbing the breasts of Wendy, titty stimulating titty. Paul pounding faster and faster, smacking Kate’s ass as he filled her. Ramming in and out, his cum filling her ass, pounding in and out, Kate crying out with fucking. Screaming with excitement, begging for more, then collapsing on the bed.

Dan looked down at his wife’s ass, cumming oozing out and he looked at Wendy and told her to clean Kate. Scrambling on all fours Wendy moved behind Kate and began to lick the cum from her ass. Wendy ran he tongue along the crease, licking the cum, filling her mouth and swallowing it. She cleaned the outer areas, but it kept oozing out and Wendy ran her tongue in the opening. Driving it deep inside, pushing her face tight against the ass, her tongue deep inside. Until Kate reached down and pulled her up beside her, holding her close, kissing her tenderly.

Dan looked at Paul and said they needed to get back. The men left, Kate held Wendy in her arms and they slept.

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