Welcome to the Family_(1)

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The day Amanda had been waiting for finally arrived, her wedding day! She and Mike had been planning this day for nearly 2 years to make it perfect. That morning there didn’t seem like there would be enough time to get ready, the Bridesmaids were rushing round as the hair dresser was working on her. Amanda’s mother seemed to be fussing all round her but finally she was done. Going to her room she told her mother that Jenny, her oldest friend and chief bridesmaid, would help her into her dress.

Once in the room Jenny produced the box they had hidden from her mother, opening it Amanda felt a thrill of almost perverseness as she took the lingerie out of it, to say it was almost non-existent was being mild and Jenny still wouldn’t tell her where she had found it ,especially in Amanda’s 48G size. The Bra and Panty set was a pale blue, the material a fine netting that didn’t so much obscure anything but fogged out the details. Quickly putting them on Amanda admired herself in the mirror noting the way the panties blurred her pussy and the soft triangle of hair she had left above it, almost pointing the way.

Next she put the stockings and suspenders on, Jenny had found a set that matched her underwear’s colour, ‘How do you feel?’ asked Jenny mischievously, Smiling back Amanda almost whisper…. ‘Like a slut getting ready for her next appointment, to which both girls laughed. They had been friends for so long they had even lost their virginity on the same day, in fact it had been to the same guy when he suggested a 3some between them all!

‘Now let’s get you looking virginal for your mum’s benefit!’ Jenny quickly helped Amanda in to her Wedding dress and when they walked out of the bedroom her mother almost broke down in tears. That had been 9 hours ago and Amanda if she had been asked would have had to admit she could hardly remember anything about the ceremony or most of the reception it all seemed to go so fast. Now finally Mike and she were heading up to the suite of rooms that his dad had booked in the hotel, Amanda couldn’t wait to see Mike’s face when he slowly stripped the dress off her revealing her underwear.

In the lift Mike leaned into her and kissing her neck whispered, ‘I hope you don’t mind but dad and Paul have a special wedding gift they want to give you in private’. Feeling a little annoyed at the delay she just nodded and said it was ok. When they got to the room Mikes dad (Alan) and brother were already there with another bottle of champagne, feeling a little lightheaded from all the alcohol she’d already drank Amanda wasn’t sure if she should accept another glass thinking she might pass out but Mike insisted she have another as he sat in one of the armchairs. Looking round Amanda realised the only free seat was between Paul and Alan so feeling a little self-conscious she slipped in between them.

Amanda only realised Paul had his arm along the back of the sofa when pendik escort she felt his hand stroke her neck, she shivered slightly with pleasure at the light touch and then looked guiltily across at Mike to see him smiling at her unconcerned. Chatting with the 3 men Amanda started to relax, suddenly she jumped as Alan squeezed her knee through her dress and commented ‘you look gorgeous in it, me and Paul started to wonder what you had on underneath!’ blushing she looked at her new husband to see him laughing along with the others.

Pauls hand started stroking her neck and down her bare back to the top of her strapless dress while Alan leaned in and whispered in her ear, ‘will you show us honey?’ his hand suddenly stroking across her chest alone the bust line made her gasp. Not knowing what to do she froze looking at Mike, shocked to see him nod at her to do it? Looking at both of the men sitting beside her Amanda, blushed and in a whisper she heard herself ask ‘where?’ Alan looks across at Mike who nods and both he and Paul stand up taking her hands and gently pulling her off the sofa. Standing in front of her new husband Amanda feels her dress being unlaced and quickly clutches the front to stop it falling away, slowly both men step round in front of her, ‘now there’s no need to be shy honey’ Alan tells her as he gently pulls one of her hands away, Paul follows suit and suddenly with her hands being held by her new in laws her dress slips down her body revealing her almost see through bra that hardly contained her ample breasts.

Both men let out a low moan as they take in the sight of Amanda’s enormous breasts leading down to a slim waist, without letting go of her hand Alan reaches out and strokes across her breast touching her nipple on the way, jumping Amanda tries to pull back away from them but her hands are held tight. Looking to Mike she gives a silent plea but he smiles and says ‘Babe we told you that the men in our family share everything, we meant everything!’ Alan was now massaging her breast through the material and Amanda was shocked to feel her nipple hardening under his touch, feeling light headed she stands frozen as Paul moves round behind her still holding her arm and releases the clasp on her bra, he tugs it and the bra slides round her body baring her firm breasts for them all to see.

Suddenly both men are in front of her each taking a breast in their hands and without a word start sucking her nipples, Amanda can’t believe this is happening on her wedding night, all she can think is this should be Mike doing it! Both men fondle her breasts as they suck and bite the nipples and without meaning to Amanda’s hands clasp the backs of their heads pulling them into her huge breasts more. A low moan escapes her throat as she starts to become aroused by her tormentor’s actions. Both men stop and step back, Amanda’s eyes flutter open as she hears Paul ask ‘what have you got on the rest of escort pendik you?’ Alan’s hands are suddenly holding hers as he helps her to step out of her dress to the gasps of all 3 men. Quickly Paul throws the dress on to the table behind the sofa and both Alan and he move in to run their hands over Amanda’s smooth stomach and legs. Grinning Mike tells Amanda to lean on the arm of the sofa and without being able to stop herself she shakes her head and instead goes to the table and lays back on it on her wedding dress, pushing the chairs aside she put her high heeled shoes on the seats making her legs spread wide for all 3 men to see.

Looking down her body at them Amanda feels so wanton and start to massage her own breasts for them to watch… huskily and to her own amazement she hears herself say ‘who wants to be first?’ then she watches as without a word both her in laws strip naked and approach her. She hears Mike’s voice from the side say ‘you go first dad’ and Alan leans down and buries his face in Amanda’s already wet pussy licking up the lips and making her gasp and moan. Amanda hears a clicking and looking across to Mike she’s shocked to see him taking pictures of his dad licking her pussy, with another shudder of pleasure Amanda moans louder and then Paul’s beside her head his already hard cock pointing at her face as he strokes it, ‘Suck Paul’s cock babe’ she hears Mike say as the sound of the camera continues, opening her mouth she offers it to Paul who slides his hot cock inside and she starts to bob her head back and forth to the sounds of his moaning and the camera’s shutter.

With every lick of Alan’s tongue Amanda feels herself losing control and starts to buck her hips invitingly to Alan, feeling him stop licking she isn’t prepared for the force as he pushes his hard thick cock inside her tight pussy. She realises that Alan’s cock must be bigger and thicker than Mike’s is and can’t help herself as it causes her 1st orgasm to sweep over her, Alan doesn’t stop fucking his new daughter in law and makes her orgasm repeatedly, while all the time she can hear the camera clicking and Mike’s comments urging both the men on.

Without warning Paul stiffens and start to pump cum down Amanda’s throat making her gag, he doesn’t pull out at first and she can feel his cock twitching and bucking in her mouth filling it with his cum, making her swallow or choke. Finally Paul pulls out of her mouth shooting the last of his cum over her face and Mike almost cheers him on, Amanda still orgasming with Alan’s cock buried deep inside her suddenly feels it buck and twitch and Alan moan ‘Oh god I’m cumming’ she feels his cock pump his hot cum deep inside her convulsing pussy and almost scream with pleasure as another wave of orgasms hits her.

Panting now she’s almost crying with pleasure as Alan pull out of her throbbing pussy and shoots still more cum over her stomach, some of it hits her breasts as she pendik escort bayan shakes uncontrollably. Laying on the table Amanda, looks up at the 3 men as they move round, her new husband still hasn’t touched her yet and now she sees he’s holding the camera differently she realises now that he’s switched it to video mode and is filming her laying there in nothing buy her stocking and suspenders, Amanda can’t remember her panties being removed!

Looking at Alan as he moves up to her head she glances down and sees his large cock hard again, without waiting he grabs her hair and pushes it into her mouth, again she almost gags as it hits the back of her throat, moaning loudly he starts to pump it in and out and all Amanda can do it let him use her mouth. She tastes their mingled juices on his shaft and runs her tongue round it eliciting another moan from Alan. She feels Paul between her legs and as he lifts them she realises he’s not going to fuck her pussy!

Amanda tries to moan NO! but Alan’s cock is deep in her mouth and she can’t make a sound, Paul lifts her legs higher and hooks them over his shoulders as he rubs his cock up and down her arse crack, closing her eyes she hears Mike say ‘That’s it Paul take her cherry she’s never let me fuck her arse, you can have it!’ with that Amanda almost faints as she tries to scream feeling Pauls smaller but still bigger and thick cock push into her arsehole, Paul pushes in and stops, as Amanda thinks he’s going to stop there she relaxes, feeling this he pushes deeper still eliciting another cry from her full mouth.

Now Paul starts to fuck her arsehole pulling almost all the way out before thrusting back in hard and deep, Amanda crying now from the pain and pleasure shakes uncontrollably, Alan’s cock almost forgotten because of the pain suddenly bucks and without warning he pulls out allowing Mike to film his cock shooting its load over Amanda’s face and breasts, he seems to cum for ages not stopping it hits her hair, face and breasts until their covered in his cum. Seeing the Paul stiffens and Amanda feels his cock twitch bringing another wave of pain as he shoot deep into her arsehole, rolling her head she sees Mike on his knees holding the camera low to film Paul’s cock as it abuses her arsehole, Paul pulls out without warning covering her sore pussy and arse in thick strings of his cum, pumping more and more onto her stomach.

Finally both men step back as Mike pulls her wedding dress out from under her and hands it to them, Amanda sees them wipe their semi hard cocks clean on her beautiful gown. Then leaning down both men kiss her sticky face and whisper in unison… ‘Welcome to our Family’. Amanda lays there for some time and then realises that all 3 men have left the room, slowly she struggles off the table and stumbles to the bed room where she falls onto the bed not caring that she’s still covered in their sticky juices, as she passes out Amanda hears the door to the suit open and a male voice call out ‘Room Service, …’

Amanda can’t move as the bedroom door opens…. But that’s another story…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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