Waterpark Love Part 6: Belize day 1

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Note: This is a continuation of the Water park series. Everything in here is real and I hope you enjoy 🙂

The music pounded and I didn’t know what was happening. I remembered “Stereo Love” pounding in my ears and then a warm breeze hit my face. I was outside. Stumbling and stuttering. The moon bounced off of the ocean and into my eyes, illuminating the various streets and closed shops. I stumbled and tripped. My eyes were becoming heavy, heavier by the second. I couldn’t get up. I was grabbed by the arm and yanked up. Black. My eyes lifted back up to see a window overlooking the ocean. Black. My eyes opened to see the same thing, but this time I was being entered from behind with heavy grunts. Black.

Three Days Earlier.

Day One

Touching down in Belize was like a dream come true. I watched through the porthole as the stretch of island became more and more close, I saw the radiant blue ocean and the sparkling beaches that little dots, becoming larger, played and walked on. It was heaven.

Being lost in my fantasy land, I didn’t expect the little bump of turbulence to knock me backwards into Mark’s lap. “Having fun daydreamer?” he said wrapping his arms around me. “Load’s of it” I said stretching towards him and stealing a quick kiss.

“This is your captain speaking. We are about to touch down in Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport. The weather is 80 degrees and the sun is shining. It is 11:30 here in Belize and a Beautiful day, fasten up and enjoy the landing. Thank you for flying American”. “Ugh” I groaned as I rolled off my god’s lap and into my seat buckling up.

The landing was jolty and Mark latched desperately to my hand (Flying fear, a hunk is bound to have one fear). I squeezed back tightly and he smiled at me. “LORD” yelled the old lady in the back. I looked back to see her clutching for dear life. “Turn around faggot” she said. “Oh great, someone loose their AARP card?” I said flipping pendik escort her off. “There are reasons I love you” Mark said, “And before you think your dick, I am talking about your sense of humor” he said. “When did you get so hilarious?” I said with a sarcastic tone.

After the landing we went through to get baggage and were met by a town car at the entrance. I had no idea where we were going; it was all of my mom’s idea. The car bolted down busy streets and through crowds of people. The bumpiness made me tired and I fell asleep on his massive shoulder.

I was bumped awake to Mark saying “Were here babe”. I looked at the clock and only twenty-five minutes had passed. I looked up to a road covered in palms as we passed a sign that said “Las Terrazas Resort”, and it was nothing less than that. There was a large white modern looking building and it overlooked a breathtaking view of the ocean.
After we got checked in we were lead to separate building on the edge of the beach. It was walled off and looked like the hotel but it was the size of a cottage. We were given the key to the gate, which also opened the room door. We walked through the courtyard with a person behind him carrying the bag. “Here it goes” I said as I slid the card into the slot.

When I opened the door I was astonished to find two glass doors open with the curtains blowing in the room. We were right on the beach. There was a black granite kitchen to the right and a living room with a fire place and an archway which I’m assuming led to the room. “Holy…” I started and Mark jumped in and said “…Mierda” (shit in Spanish).

The guy threw our bags in and said something and left. The door closed and I pushed Mark against the door and shoved my tongue down his throat. I got off and said “HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT. I LOVE MY FAMILY, I LOVE YOU!!!!” he chuckled. I grabbed his hand and led him to the archway.

Upon entering, there was a door to the left and a short hallway which escort pendik led to another door. “I will take the left, you the right” I said. I reached for the knob and he walked down. I opened it and squealed. There was a large glass window overlooking the beach and an Jacuzzi in the middle of granite tiled room. There were to lounge chairs on either side of the Jacuzzi. I went to the window to find that it slid open and I did so.

“HOLY…” I heard Mark say, “Mierda!” I cut him off. I ran to his side and stopped at the doorway. What I saw was astonishing. There was a huge bed in the middle, which had bedpost up the sides, the fuzziest carpet, and white walls. The decorations were beautiful and it opened up into a huge bathroom. “Did I mention I love you?” I said.

The rest of the day went by like a breeze. We sat in the Jacuzzi room and let the breeze hit our face. I nodded off and woke up to find it dark, the only thing in sight the moon, the ocean, and the outside plants. I looked over to the other chair to find Mark sleeping away. I got up and lowered myself to him. He was naked and his beautiful chest heaved up and down. I watched as his abs rippled and followed his perfect V into his soft cock. I was beautiful.

I stripped and got on the chair, snuggling into his arm. I rested my head on his chest and he woke up. “This is perfect, I got my fucking hot boyfriend in my arm, the ocean in front of me, and someone to love, and life cannot get better” he whispered. I smiled. “You sir, are truly a poet.” I said. He chuckled and I felt his chest heave under me. He kissed the top of my head and told me to follow him. I took his hand and he led me to the door.

“Mark! I am naked!” I said. “So am I, besides, the beach is private” he said. He led me out and onto the beach. The sand in between my toes was amazing. It was warm, and mixed with his hand, my cock began to stir. He led me into the water and when it hit my skin, I felt more warmth. pendik escort bayan By the time my lower body was under water, my cock was fully erect. Through the moonlight I saw his piece of pork fully hard too.
He pulled me into an embrace and pushed his lips onto mine. I kissed him and he pulled me tighter, pushing our cocks together in between our bodies. I broke the kiss and told him, “ I have a phobia of fish and so help me god if Jaws comes and bites my dick off, I’m taking yours” and with that he pulled me up, still kissing me, and walked back into the house, dropped me in the Jacuzzi, and then closed the door. He jumped in and threw himself onto me.

I began to Kiss Back Furiously and he met me with the same passion. “Now that is more like it” I moaned as he nibbled on my neck. He picked me up and placed me on the ledge of the Jacuzzi. His passion was furious. He trailed down my stomach and began to lick up and down my shaft. He began to play with me and I grunted in impatience. He then engulfed my cock and I moaned. He began to suck and lick with fury. I was in ecstasy.

He began to squeeze my balls and I could not hold it anymore. I began to thrust into his mouth and then felt my balls tighten. I started to thrust faster and grabbed his hair and shoved it on my cock. I blew string after string into his throat. He gulped it all down and then pulled me onto his lap. He kissed me harder and I responded.

He then lifted me a little, moved to the seat in the Jacuzzi, and pushed his cock into my ass. I began to bounce on his dick and he kissed me still. The feeling of being fucked in a Jacuzzi was amazing. He fucked me for what seemed like hours. I began to ride faster and clench harder and before I knew it, he was biting my bottom lip and blowing inside me.

I placed my head in his neck crevice and panted. We stayed like that for ten minutes before i got off, letting the cum flow into the hot tub.

We got off and went to the room to sleep, I couldn’t wait for the rest of vacation, little id I know what I was in for…..

Much more to come, let me know what you think!!

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