Virgin Sacrifice_(1)

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Alex Mae

I stand naked in the cave’s entrance, shivering slightly as each breath turns to fog and vanishes. My heart pumps furiously as I try to urge my feet forward, reminding myself that I have a duty to perform, to my family and to my clan. “It’s an honor,” I tell myself for the millionth time. My family will become wealthy as payment for their sacrifice. My reward from the Gods will be greater still: guarantee of an immortal soul to live on in eternal paradise.
Every twenty years we are called upon by the god Sh’daq, whose insatiable sexual hunger requires that a young virgin be selected as a sacrifice. In return He protects us from our enemies, but promises that if we should ever fail in our payment, He will destroy us. It is for this reason that sex with a virgin eligible for sacrifice is punishable by death.
It was today, during my twenty-first year of life, that I was selected to die. I have been told it is a desirable way to go. There is no pain and an experience of unthinkable pleasure that many, given the choice, would willingly die for, before the soul is released and accepted into the eternal realm of the Gods.
With this comforting thought I am able to force my legs to move at last. Small stones irritate my bare feet and while the air is slowly becoming both warm and moist, my shivering continues on account of my racing heartbeat. I move still deeper into the cave until I can feel His presence. I stop, blood pounding in my ears, almost drowning out His voice when He speaks to me.
“Come closer, my flower. You need not fear me, for I will do you no harm.” I take slow steps forward, seeing nothing but stone until I reach a large hallway. The walls here are smooth and the floor is embellished with bright stones in ornate patterns. Only the entrance is lit with torches, the remainder extending too far into the darkness for the human eye to see, and yet I know that’s where He is waiting. I come to a halt, my nude body bathed in the dim firelight. He speaks again. “I feel the blood pump fast through your pendik escort veins. Do not fear, child. You are bound to perform a holy duty that has been done since the beginning, for which you will be rewarded above all others, save those who came before you. You are, indeed, blessed, my dear. Do you understand?”
I force myself to speak, my voice not to waiver. “Yes, my Lord. It is an honor.”
“The counsel selected wisely, for you are a jewel among women and represent your people well. Now come, flower, and let your blessed service to the Gods be performed.”
And in the inky darkness I see something stir. Dozens of long, dark appendages, like smooth tentacles unfurl from the blackness and glide toward my shaking form. When they reach me, they are gentle and surprisingly warm as they run along my thin legs and torso. They are smooth and slick with something like oil which creates a pleasurable tingle in my skin. Soon they surround me and I am gently lifted from the stone ground, cradled by the warm tentacles, more of which run along my breasts and play circle my nipples. A small sound escapes my lips, which I realize a moment later was made in pleasure. The secretion, it seems, heightens my senses, and I find that the rubbing of slick tentacles along my entire body extremely erotic. The God picks up on my desire and soon a tentacle slides between my legs, rubbing along my slit. The motion creates waves of intense pleasure I have never before experienced, and which bring another moan to my lips.
I feel the tentacle push against my virgin opening and a fresh wave of doubt surges through me, quickly replaced by reassurance. Sh’daq will not hurt me. He is a tender God. More pressure is applied and all at once I experience the slick shaft entering me. I gasp at the sensation as He slowly pushes farther into me bit by bit. It isn’t long before He hits a barrier inside me, one which I know must be broken, but I have no fear left in me. I am now in a world where pain and fear and doubt no longer exist. Sure enough Sh’daq breaks escort pendik through in one swift stroke, but I feel nothing but pleasure as I feel Himmoving deep within my body. The tentacle remains stationary for only a moment before it pulls out entirely. I am left mourning its absence for only an instant before it is thrust back inside of me with greater force, causing me to gasp and then moan loudly. He begins a steady rhythm of removing the tentacle and then thrusting it back within my body.
My entire lower half is now on fire, the oily secretion intensifying all sensation so that even the slightest touch radiates throughout my body. Yet I cannot find release, and it isn’t long before I desire more, and the merciful Sh’daq answers my plea. The thrusts continue while another tentacle begins prodding my rear entrance with its tip. It does not take long this time for Him to enter me fully, the oil lubricating its way in as the shaft forces its way inside. By now my moan is more of a yell of pleasure as I feel my insides stretching to accommodate to two large tentacles now inside me and I buck my hips, wildly urging them to move, to push deeper within me. I begin yelling in time to the two tentacles thrusting into me in an opposing rhythm, one sliding into me while the other pulls out. It is ecstasy, the pleasure always building but still leaving me unsatisfied. It is not long before second, then third tentacles are added to both openings, my body stretching abnormally to accommodate them. It seems the secretion does more than simply heighten my senses. It has increased my skin’s natural elasticity so that all I feel at the intense stretching is mind-numbing pleasure. I barely draw breath for shouting as each and every movement is like a shockwave through my body. More tentacles cup my breasts and rub my erect nipples. My body is full to burst with tentacles while I am consumed by sensation that would surely knock me unconscious had Sh’daq not adjusted my body to accommodate such an experience.
And now I begin to realize that all the God pendik escort bayan has done for me has been mere preparation for what is to come, and that I will not find release until I have taken into my body Sh’daq himself. As I realize this, the God Himself emerges from the shadows. He stands on two legs like a man, but twice as tall. His skin is the same dark color as the tentacles, which extend from His back and shoulders and flowing around Himas though He stands among a tangled forest of dark vines. His face resembles something human, but longer, more animal, and His narrow eyes glow yellow in the dim cavern. My eyes are immediately drawn to His lower half where there stands an erect shaft as big around as a man’s head and as long as His arm. With a thrill I realize that I will soon take it deeper inside myself than anything has yet been.
“Give yourself to me,” He commands.
“Yes!” I nearly scream, all six tentacles still thrusting wildly. “My body is yours! Take me!”
All at once He is upon me, massive hands encircling my slender waist. The tentacles cease thrusting and instead stretch me wide to accept Him. In one stroke He has pierced me to the womb and I shriek my delight to the heavens. More tentacles push their way into my rear while others slide past my lips and thrust into my throat. He begins ravaging my body, not so much thrusting into me as He is pulling me toward him, impaling me on the huge shaft with each stroke. All of my senses go into overload and I no longer know where I am, or who I was before Sh’daq turned my whole world into an ocean of pure bliss with strong waves of pleasure crashing into my body upon each mighty thrust. Soon we were no longer separate beings, but one. I was no longer simply thrust into, but thrusting as well, the pleasure enclosing as much as it impaled me. And now the edge was in sight and I was hurtling myself toward it at full speed until I shot off the end and into a climax that seized my entire body with a force that ripped me of any semblance of sanity I had left, reducing my being to the heat of the fluid that released into my body and wave after wave of a pleasure so unbearable that my world spirals into blackness and I feel no more.

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