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I’d recently moved into a unit in a set of serviced apartments. The rent was high without being extortionate and I could afford it, so why not. It saved me having to waste time doing housework, time which was more productively spent elsewhere.

After I’d been there about a week I found myself travelling up in the elevator with a lovely young thing. She was, by my estimate, in her early twenties, certainly not more than twenty five. She stood about five foot six and had a slender build. That didn’t mean she didn’t have a decent figure. She most certainly did, with a fine outstanding bust and a nicely rounded rump. Clothes-wise she was dressed most elegantly, with just a touch of make-up, expertly applied. A very attractive package in my opinion.

I naturally enough engaged this lively young thing in conversation.

“Afternoon,” I said cheerfully.

Silence. I was totally ignored.

“I’m Michael. Only moved in last week.”

More silence. I knew she wasn’t deaf or dumb as I’d heard her exchange greetings with the concierge when she came in. This meant that she was simply ignoring me.

“Awfully chilly in here all of a sudden,” I observed.

Her lips didn’t so much as twitch at me attempt at humour. Ah, well, you can’t win them all, I decided, and shut up. Possibly she though that I was a little too old for her, me being in my thirties and all. The elevator stopped at my floor and I politely nodded to her and exited.

I subsequently learned that the young lady’s name was Vanessa and that she resided in the penthouse. I found myself in the elevator with her on several occasions and always made it a point to chatter away with inane small-talk, mainly because I thought that it irritated her. Petty of me, I know, but it was harmless.

The apartment building had an outdoor pool and spa but it also has a smaller indoor pool and spa down in the basement. The house rules said that you couldn’t use the spas after nine as the sounds of the motor running could disturb other tenants.

I interpreted that to mean that you could relax in the heated water of the spa after nine as long as you didn’t turn on the blowers. A little experimentation demonstrated that if you turned the blowers to a minimum setting that you had the advantage of gently moving water with the engine purring so quietly that it was almost inaudible.

One night I arrived home just before midnight and I was feeling blah. I decided that before going home I’d stop by the spa and soak for a bit. I didn’t need to worry about a towel as they always left a couple available for tenants who forgot to bring one with them. I also decided that I wouldn’t worry about a bathing costume as I’d be the only one in the spa. I turned on a single light above the door, stripped, and sipped into the spa and relaced, lying back, half seated, half floating.

I had no worries about being caught out. The spa end of the room was in shadow. If anyone came in and turned on the lights all I’d have to do is grab a conveniently placed towel and wrap it around me as I stood up. The shadowy room didn’t worry me at all as I had excellent night vision.

I’d been relaxing and letting the tensions of the day dissipate when the door opened and Vanessa walked in. My cue to grab my towel and hop out, obviously, but as she walked towards the spa I saw she was undoing her blouse. I stayed right where I was and watched with interest. By the time she reached the other end of the spa her blouse and bra were both off and draped over her arm. I was absolutely fascinated by her breasts, every antalya escort bit as lovely as I thought they’d be, both of them bearing very white triangles surrounding her nipples.

She put her clothes to one side and then her skirt and panties were removed and added to the pile, along with her shoes. When she turned to face the spa I saw a third white triangle, upside down and pointing to the land of opportunity.

She took two steps towards the spa and finally saw me there, admiring her. She gasped and froze, looking absolutely horrified. I suspected that she was about to bolt so I suggested that she enter the spa.

“Don’t just stand there flaunting yourself,” I said. “Hop into the water. It’ll help you relax.”

“Just do it,” I snapped when she hesitated.

“You can’t expect me to get in the water like this?” she protested.

“Why not? I’m dressed the same way. If you don’t hop in I’ll have to hop out and put you in and you might find that a trifle embarrassing.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“Possibly not,” I agreed cheerfully, “but, remembering how I’m dressed, or not dressed in this case, are you willing to take that chance?”

It turned out that she wasn’t willing to take that chance. Blushing very nicely she hastily hopped into the water, settling down onto one of the benches, low enough to cover everything.

I didn’t bother to say anything and she seemed unwilling to speak so we both just relaxed, letting the moving water soothe our frazzled nerves. At least, I was letting the water soothe me. She still seemed a bit edgy.

“Introductions are in order,” I finally said. “I’m Michael and you’re Vanessa. Correct?”

“I know your name,” she told me. “You’ve told me often enough. You’re the man in the lift who can’t stop talking.”

“You got me,” I admitted. “Does my talking in the lift irritate you?”

“Yes!” she snapped.

“Thought it might.”

I could see her thinking that over, looking rather incensed as she worked it out.

“Do you mean that you talk to me in the lift simply because you think it annoys me? Why would you do something like that?”

“Right on. Why? Possibly because you annoyed me the first time we met. I spoke politely and you totally ignored me. A simple acknowledgement that I existed would have been the polite thing to do, even if you didn’t want to become acquainted with me.”

“You’d have taken that as encouragement.”

“Not really. If you’d simply smiled and said not interested I’d have accepted that. It would have been rude of me not to.”

“Well I’m not interested so leave me alone.”


I shut up and relaxed, eyes half closed. Silence reigned for a short while. She couldn’t stand it.

“OK? That’s it. You say OK and that’s the end of the subject?”

“Well, yes. You said you’re not interested so it’d be silly to waste my time trying to chase you, now wouldn’t it?”

Silence again. For a short while.

“Would you really have got out and tossed me into the spa?”

“Not tossed,” I protested. “I’d have simply picked you up and walked back into the spa, taking you with me. I mean, you came down here because you wanted to relax in the spa so it wouldn’t have been fair to chase you away.”

“Such a gentleman,” she muttered.

“You know,” she said a minute or two later, “you’re breaking the rules being here at this time of the night. You could get into trouble if I was to lodge a complaint.”

“Pot, kettle,” I said, amused.

“The difference is that the pot’s parents are long time owners alanya escort and on the body corporate and the kettle is just a recent rental. My father might frown at me but that’s all. You on the other hand. . .”

She left that hanging, a smile on her face.

“In other words you’re saying that for you to be punished for breaking the rules someone other than your father would have to do it?”

She just smirked at me and I let the other shoe drop.

“Someone like me,” I said, reaching out and catching hold of her arm.

“Hey! What are you doing?” she protested as I drew her towards me.

“Well it’s obvious to me that you’re feeling guilty about breaking the rules and feel that you deserve some sort of punishment. I’m just obliging you. That’s the gentleman in me breaking out again.”

I hoisted myself out of the spa, sitting on the edge of it. I simply ignored her struggles, pulling her up and putting her across my lap.

“Wait. Why are you doing this?”

“Be reasonable. If I put you over my knee while sitting in the spa you’d drown. Safety first and all that.”

“What are you going to do? You can’t spank me, damn you. Try it and I will lodge a complaint.”

I simply laughed at that.

“Really? I can just hear you explaining. ‘There I was, stark naked in the spa, after hours, and this naked man put me across his knee and spanked my bare bottom.’ Mm? Somehow I don’t think so.”

To emphasise my point of view I brought my hand down quite smartly onto her bottom. That’s when I got a surprise. Up to that point Vanessa had been wriggling about and trying to get loose, protesting all the while, even if the protests were in a low tone. I guess it was a case where she didn’t want anyone coming in and catching her like this any more than I did. That all changed as soon as my hand landed on her bottom.

No, she didn’t struggle harder, or protest louder. It was the opposite. Her struggles stopped completely and she lay there quite submissively, while the only protest was a squeak that escaped her when my hand landed.

A couple more spanks were met the same way and after that she was apologising for everything she’d said or done that might have offended me or been against the rules. I was prepared to swear that she actually lifting her bottom to present it for smacking.

Her submission was so complete that my erection seemed to grow even harder. (Of course I had an erection. If you’re naked and there’s a naked woman bent over your knee and you don’t have an erection then there’s something wrong with you. Not that she’d seemed to notice it.)

She was starting to squirm about a little and whether by accident or design her hip was rubbing against my cock. I was prepared to swear it was deliberate. I mean, how could a woman in her position not know what she was rubbing against?

As I was only chastising her the spanking came to an end fairly quickly. I swung her off my lap and sat her on the edge of the spa next to me. She turned to look at me and as soon as I saw the look on her face I found myself pushing her shoulders back, turning her so she was lying flat on her back next to the spa.

I hooked a toe against her ankle and spread her legs, meeting no resistance whatsoever. Then I was kneeling between her thighs, my cock brushing against her. She didn’t say anything, just watched in the dim lighting, waiting to see what I was doing.

Her lips were all pouty and pursed, waiting for the big event. I brushed my cock back and forth along them, teasing belek escort them. Finally I started to press forward, feeling their softness tarting to yield to my hard masculinity.

That’s when she asked what I was doing.

I paused, smiling gently at her.

“What do you think I’m doing?” I asked.

“You-you’re going to fuck me, aren’t you,” she said, sounding very nervous.

“Unless you tell me to back off then that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” I assured her, “but if you decided the word is no then you’d better say it very quickly.”

I stayed the way I was for a moment or two, the head of my cock pressing against her but not quite in her. Another nudge and it certainly would be. I waited and she said not a word, although she did look increasingly nervous. With her saying nothing I just naturally leaned a little harder against her, her lips parting to accept me and closing around me to hold me. Then I was pushing firmly into her, feeling as surprised as hell.

The reason for my surprise was the simple fact that I’d felt her hymen give way as I entered her. She’d given a little twitch when it happened but that was all the effect it had on her. After that I was free and clear and driving down her passage, forcing it to yield, happy to have it surround and cling to me after I passed.

Once I was fully in her I rested for a moment, watching her face. She was looking both surprised and interested. I held still for a few more moments while she adjusted to this new feeling of having me inside her and then I started the serious action.

Not too serious to open with. I moved gently within her, easing back and forth and giving her a chance to acclimatise. Once she took a deep breath and started moving with me I knew she was fine. From that point I started moving just a tad faster, building on the arousal she was feeling.

After a couple of minutes her eyes seemed to drift closed as she just moved dreamily under me, relishing what was happening. I did my best to hold it like that for a few more minutes.

I could tell by the way her breathing changed when she started moving towards a climax. We weren’t moving fast enough to trigger once just yet but she was certainly aware that something was going to happen. Her eyes popped open and she was watching me, moving somewhat restlessly under me, making needy little sounds, expectant that something was about to happen.

I settled down to ensuring that something did indeed happen. I started driving in harder, feeling her eager response, which fed my own eagerness, inciting me to greater effort. A vicious little circle with only one end possible. She gave a small shriek as she climaxed, drowning out the groan I gave as I cut loose with my own climax.

I slipped back into the spa, taking her with me, letting the gently moving water clean us up and filter away any signs of debauchery. I held her against me, back to me, my arms around her gently playing with her breasts. I didn’t have anything to say so I didn’t say anything.

All of a sudden she pushed herself up and scrambled out of the spa.

“I have to go,” she said quickly, patting herself dry and throwing on her clothes. I followed more leisurely, but she was gone by the time I was dressed.

I had time to think as I headed up in the lift. If she’d been a virgin at around age twenty five, would she be on the pill or not? If she didn’t need it to regulate her periods then possibly not. How should I ask her about that? Did she know that she was submissive, sexually? That raised two questions. How to tell her and how to take advantage of that fact? When we were next in the elevator together, if I suggested (very firmly) that she get off at my floor and come to my unit would she come or not?

All interesting questions and I would seek the answers assiduously.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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