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Dave and Betsy were a sexy couple, in their late 40s, healthy and fit. Success in their careers had taken its toll though. Their appetites and cravings for each other had fallen off. They were still very happy together but the fire…where was that elusive fire that used to keep them up for hours and hours in the dark of night, as they consumed every wanton and lusty inch of each other?

This latest vacation might be the fix. They slept late each day, enjoyed leisurely breakfasts on the terrace of their coastline hotel, and made love every night, tenderly, affectionately. Still, the passion was lacking.

This morning, Dave proposed some window shopping, a chance to wander around and see the sights with no schedule in mind. He was acting strangely though, making a special request of Betsy to wear her yellow flowered sundress. She thought it odd, not realizing he favored it as it would seem he did. As they dressed to begin their day, Dave caught sight of Betsy reaching for her bra and he said “not today…do it for me, please.” That was easy for Betsy. She had great breasts and sensitive nipples she was proud to display, even through the thin layer of her dress. What surprised (and secretly delighted) her was when Dave added, “leave the panties behind, too.” What? There was a time when that was common as they prepared for a night out. Dave always wanted to be sure that when he wanted to touch her pussy, it was right there, smooth and fresh. It was not uncommon for him to lean her up, palms down, against the car and fuck her quickly, then let her spend the rest of the evening feeling his cum leaking from her.

Betsy was intrigued and aroused. What was happening here? She adored Dave and when she recalled the nights out they once shared as he reached between her legs under a restaurant table, or in the theater, she shivered and wanted him then and there. She reached for him and he scoffed “not just yet baby…” This could be a very exciting day…

They walked around, Dave teasing her every time they passed a man who looked straight at Betsy’s nipples. They were all but visible…the wispy, gauzy fabric of the sundress displaying Betsy in a way she had not experienced in too long.

They stood at the leather goods store window for a couple of minutes, when they noticed the small sign in the lower corner: TATOOS. For years Betsy wanted a tattoo, a little dragon, on her ankle or hip..she wasn’t sure, never did anything about it. Dave looked at her and said, “Now’s your chance!” They went in. Whoa…there was a small sitting area, a counter, and a curtained area behind the counter. There were personal pics hanging up here and there but Betsy only noticed them ataşehir escort without really seeing.

Finally a great big guy named Chuck came out. Shaggy hair, hairy arms, leather vest with no shirt…yikes, Betsy could not imagine letting him work on her. He was so unattractive! Dave talked to him, came back to Betsy and reported: “Hon, it’s expensive…he wants 200 bucks. What do you think?” Betsy was floored and said no, not to waste the money. Then Dave said he would talk to him again. While Betsy waited, she walked around and looked more closely at the pics…these people were all naked! Women displaying tattoos everywhere on their bodies, and she wondered about being naked enough to have a tattoo applied in some of these places, actually displaying her sex for someone like Chuck to touch and handle and who knows what else! She couldn’t do that, she was sure…

Dave returned, grinning…all he told her was that Chuck came down on his price, understanding they were on vacation. Before she could speak Chuck led the couple through the curtained area to his “room” where he did his “work”. The table…Betsy took one look at it and wondered what was going on. Dave told her to hop up on one end. It was narrow, like an exam table. Chuck adjusted the back of it so that it supported Betsy in a semi-upright position, but forced her to slide closer to the edge as her legs dangled over. “Atta girl…” he mumbled, standing at the end and reaching for the hem of her skirt, raising it. Betsy looked alarmed and Dave said, “Don’t worry hon, he knows what he’s doing.” Chuck continued raising Betsy’s skirt until her pussy came into view. He reached for her knees and parted them. Betsy objected, wanting to know what was going on. Dave walked over and kissed her neck and told her it would be fun, he would be right there, and she’d have her tattoo. Betsy was turned on, not really sure why but she knew she loved having this big hairy guy looking between her legs. Then she felt him strap each calf down, making it impossible for her to move them. And then she realized Dave was in on this. As good ole Chuck fastened her legs to the table, Dave was raising her skirt up more. Chuck grunted as he caught sight of Betsy’s gaping cunt, uncovered and only inches away from him.

Chuck ran his fat hand over Betsy’s mound and said “well I see one problem here, stubble. I can’t tattoo over stubble.” Betsy shrieked that she didn’t want a tattoo there… “Dave, do something!” Dave talked to her, kissing her neck and squeezing her tits as Chuck stood by. “Hon, it’s not a big deal…he’ll just have to shave you. You’ll love having that little dragon at your bikini avcılar anal yapan escort saw the pics.” Yeah, Betsy remembered looking at the happy cunts displayed in living color in the outer room. Before she could react, Chuck was lathering her up, applying shaving cream , then stopping to instruct Dave to get the dress off because he didn’t want it to get messy. As Dave reached for the bunched up fabric that was at Betsy’s hips to raise it over her head, she tried to protest but in one swift move Dave was displaying his completely naked wife to Chuck.

“She is one hot fucker, you weren’t kidding…” He was licking his lips, eyeing her tits…then went about the business of the shaving cream. He couldn’t get into the creases where Betsy’s upper thighs met her groin so he adjusted the table back some…this caused her cunt to open up more and now Dave was kissing his wife, squeezing her bare tits, and Dave watched Chuck staring at his wife’s body, exposed and strapped down, immobile, there for the taking…Chuck watched the tit action then simply let one of his stubby fingers slide right into Betsy. She gasped and looked to Dave who simply kissed her again and murmured to her that he wanted Chuck to have her.

She felt two fat fingers stuff her wet snatch, then felt the table raising…what was happening?…she was so aroused…this huge unattractive man was now sitting on a stool at eyelevel with her wet and bubbling cunt! She felt him stretching the lips apart, the razor slowly grazing her skin. He remarked on the scent of a horny woman as she was spread open by him and Betsy could only groan. Dave reached down and pulled back the hood of her pussy. Chuck’s camera was at the ready and click Betsy’s hot pussy was immortalized on film. Chuck’s barber’s duties were skillful and finished in record time.

He took great care in rinsing and wiping away remnants of the shaving cream from the luscious fuckhole that gaped before him, then grabbed hold of Betsy’s hips as he pulled himself even closer to her gaping thighs…after some lusty lapping of his tongue his huge head dove in, and in one gulp he had Betsy’s pussy in his mouth. He licked and sucked until she was screaming. His coated one of his stubby fingers with her pussy juice then slid it easily into her shithole as he continued to eat her. Betsy’s orgasm overtook her quickly; she squirted on Chuck’s face. “Oh bitch, you cum like that, huh? Well does daddy have the fix for you.”

And with that Betsy felt the table raising again. She was trembling from her orgasm and now Dave was turning her head towards him as he fed his hard cock to his wife’s mouth. avcılar bdsm escort She was transformed into a wanton whore who would have fucked anyone. She looked above her and saw the mirrored ceiling, reflecting the image of a naked fuck slut, about to take one cock into her mouth, and saw Chuck, great big unattractive Chuck, his jeans down below his waist. She looked up and saw the fatest piece of cockmeat she had ever seen nestled in a thick, heavy growth of pubic hair. She watched as his fingers continued to work her hungry snatch, her mouth working Dave’s cock. The table raised enough so that Chuck had only to step right up and slide his hot rod right into Betsy’s pussy. His cock reached her more deeply than any cock had ever reached before. He fucked her like a piece of trash as she sucked Dave. Chuck’s fat meat stretched her to the limit, and he fucked her hard, quickly dumping a load of cum in her.

Then the store door opened…”hey man, Chuck, you back there” as one of Chuck’s buddy’s walked in. He feasted his eyes on this trembling woman, unzipped his jeans as he walked over and offered to help his buddy out. His eyes locked with Betsy’s and he said “Hey baby, that’s a dirty cunt you got there, drippin cum all over the place…you’re gonna need more in there I think” and he positioned himself between Betsy’s legs and fucked her slowly…”yeah mamma, tighten that cunt around me, pull my cock into you. This your daddy here? She’s a fine slut…just what I was hopin for” and in just seconds more he was ready to cum but pulled out…”let’s untie you baby, get you up here on your knees. I want to see that sweet little asshole of yours…”

Betsy was wobbly, but Chuck and Dave unfastened her and turned her around, then got her on her hands and knees. Chuck’s cum oozed from Betsy.

“Baby, don’t ignore your old man..that’s a stiff piece of meat he has there, keep suckin him” and Betsy leaned forward to get Dave’s cock in her mouth again. In so doing, her ass splayed itself…Chuck’s buddy climbed up on the table with Betsy, his jeans around his knees, his very long cock standing at attention and slipping into Betsy’s cunt as he massaged her ass…

Betsy sucked Dave who was riveted now to the sight before him…two strangers, messy looking, tough and in control, were fucking the living daylights out of his wife AND watching her suck him off. He squeezed his own balls as the two men watched him shoot an endless load of cum into his wife’s mouth.

And before Betsy could catch her breath, she felt the other man’s finger slide into her ass…his finger fucked her like that, causing her to rock and rock…and scream and beg…and rock more…until she felt that long, hot cock enter her dark tunnel, causing her to scream out and convincing Chuck she needed something to keep her mouth busy, so he came around and stuffed her mouth with his cock…

Dave took picture after picture…of his wife’s asshole being rammed by some nameless biker guy, her mouth filling with Chuck’s cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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