Two Women and the Glory Holes Ch. 03

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This is the final chapter in a story about two women who have been best friends since childhood as told by one of them (Jenny). The other (Rachel) is in the process of divorcing her husband (Charlie), whom she caught in bed with his mistress (Holly). If you enjoy stories with a surprise ending (and a little dark humor), I recommend that you read “Two Women and the Glory Holes” first. It will give you a better appreciation for how these friends ended up where they are in this chapter.

To summarize, Rachel had always taken the safe and narrow path. She needed a fresh start and that included the awakening of the sexually starved and charged animal inside her. Jenny accompanied her to a glory hole room, where Rachel’s inhibitions began to melt away while she experienced “stranger sex” with numerous cocks sticking through the holes. Jenny soon joined in the fun and Rachel discovered the pleasures of exploring her bi-sexual curiosities. The women were about to leave the glory hole room, when another penis poked through one of the holes. Rachel recognized it as belonging to her soon to be ex-husband. She deviously teased it to full erection and then poured a caustic cleaner all over it, causing the obvious effects. Chapter 2 follows the women as they both indulge in their hunger for each other and enjoy a specially designed strap-on dildo. They had just finished a hot romp in Rachel’s bedroom when an unexpected visitor rang the doorbell. Rachel answered it to find her ex-husband’s mistress, Holly standing there with a cryptic message.



Two Women and the Glory Holes Ch 03

My heart was pounding as I heard who was paying Rachel an unexpected visit…Holly! Rachel had walked in on her husband, Charlie, while he was screwing that woman…in Rachel’s own bed! Since then, Charlie and Holly have made no effort to hide that they were seeing each other, despite the fact that the divorce has not been finalized. The only reason Holly must be here is because somehow, she and Charlie found out about our visit to the glory hole room. They must know that Rachel poured toilet bowl cleaner all over Charlie’s cock when it poked through the hole!! I moved closer to the top of the stairs to listen in on what she had to say.

Holly had just asked Rachel to ‘hear her out’ and that what she had to say was critical. This visit could not be good, I thought.

“Please, can I come in before someone sees me out here?” Holly asked.

Rachel reluctantly stepped aside and allowed her to step into the foyer before shoving the door closed. “You have a hell of a lot of nerve showing up at my house after I found you fucking my husband in my bed, you bitch!” Rachel yelled.

“I know…and…” Holly began in a soft and quivering voice. I heard her take a deep breath then continue, “First, I am here to apologize…it was wrong…I was a total fool to believe a word Charlie said. The things he told me in order to seduce me and sweep me off my feet…it was wrong…and I do not expect any forgiveness from you. Charlie is a bastard and he hurt you…I hurt you.”

Rachel cleared her throat and sounded a little calmer when she said, “Um…would you like to sit down?”

I heard them move into the den and began to creep down the stairs. Rachel startled me when she appeared at the bottom of the steps. “Jenny, I want you to join us in the den…I want someone else in the room.” She turned and I followed her back into the den.

Holly seemed a little flustered when I appeared with Rachel. “Holly, this is my friend Jenny…Jenny, Holly,” she acknowledged us both. “Jenny knows everything about this whole mess…whatever you have to say to me, you can say in front of her. Please, continue Holly.”

Holly looked at me then back at Rachel. I could tell she was very uneasy about all of this. I had heard so many horrid things about this woman, yet I sensed that she was also hurting and felt a little compassion for her.

“Okay, Rachel…as I was saying, it was wrong for me to get involved with Charlie. I was the ‘other woman’ and at the time was too blind to see how hurtful that was to you. Now I fully understand and am ashamed of myself, because I got a taste of what you felt when you found out about me and Charlie.” Holly said while looking down at the floor.

Rachel’s initial stance began to soften a little as she listened. Holly looked up and I could see her eyes welling up as she began to speak again. “Earlier this week, I got a call from a friend of mine. She is an EMT. She had gone out on a call to a sex shop in a seedy part of town.”

‘Uh ataköy escort Ohhh,’ I thought…’here it comes.’

Holly sniffed back a tear and began to wipe her cheek when Rachel handed her a tissue. “Thanks Rachel…this is hard…anyway, my friend said that one of the customers in the shop had gone into a back room where there are holes cut in the wall for them to put their penises through. Someone on the other side of the wall would then…you know…”

“I think we get the picture Holly.” I quickly interjected.

She cracked a slight smile, “kinda sick when you think about it, huh? Only a man would be stupid enough to something like that, not knowing what the person on the other side might do…and that is what happened to this guy. My friend said that someone poured some kind of caustic cleaner all over his penis. Apparently, in his agony and rush to get out of there, the guy ran into the doorway and knocked himself out. The owner called the paramedics. When my friend got there, she began to check his vitals and realized it was Charlie!”

“You are kidding!” Rachel feigned surprise. I bit my lip in order to keep a straight face. “So he was going to this sex shop behind your back?”

“My friend called me after the ambulance delivered him to the hospital. I was shocked and felt sick at first, but decided to go to the hospital and hoped we could get past it. When I got there, I learned that he had been admitted for overnight observation. I went to his room. Just as I was about to walk in, I saw a woman leaning over him kissing him. I listened at the door and heard him spinning a lie about how he got hurt. He had been clearly seeing her while he was with me. I got what I deserved…I am sorry Rachel.” Holly said tearfully.

Rachel put her hand on Holly’s arm. “Hey, he has really turned into an ass. No one, not even you deserve the treatment Charlie has been doling out.”

“If you ask me, Charlie got what he deserved!” Holly muttered. “Whoever did that to him should get a metal or something.”

I did my best to stifle a chuckle and Rachel discreetly kicked my ankle.

“There’s more, though.” Holly sat forward on the sofa and looked Rachel in the eye. “I left the hospital without him seeing me and went home. I was livid and not sure what I was going to do. When I got to my apartment, I noticed that Charlie had left his briefcase in the kitchen, so I decided to snoop. I was mostly looking for anything I could find about the woman I saw with him at the hospital…but instead, I found this.” Holly pulled some folded papers from her purse and handed them to Rachel. Rachel’s brow furrowed and then I saw her face begin to fill with rage.

“What are those papers Rach?” I inquired with growing concern.

Rachel looked up from the papers, her pupils looked as if they were on fire. “These are settlement papers drawn up by Charlie’s lawyer…if I were to sign these, all that Charlie would be obligated give to me would be twenty-five thousand dollars!”

“Per year?” I asked.

“No…twenty-five thousand dollars…period!” Rachel threw the papers onto the coffee table and stood up. “How stupid does he think I am? I would never in my right mind sign such a deal!”

Holly cleared her throat. “Um, the other thing I found was a prescription written by him for Rohypnol. I made a copy of it when I copied those papers.” Holly handed Rachel another piece of paper.

After looking at the paper, Rachel inquisitively looked back at Holly. I answered her unspoken question before Holly could respond. “It’s commonly called the ‘date rape drug’ Rachel. Charlie is probably thinking that he could drug you with it and then convince you to sign the papers.”

“I just wanted to warn you Rachel. I do not expect it to make up for any grief my role in this put you through, but I do not wish for anything else to happen to you.” Holly said quietly. “I do not even want to go back to my apartment and risk running into him.”

Just then the phone rang. Rachel answered it and after a few seconds looked at Holly and me with wide eyes. “Uh…ok Charlie…we could see what we can do… four o’clock tomorrow would be fine. See you then.”

Rachel hung up the phone. “Seems that he wants to talk…to see if we can reach a peaceful agreement and not drag this through the courts.” Rachel reached down and grabbed the papers up in her fist and declared, “When he gets here, I am going to tell him to shove these papers up his ass!”

“Okay, Rachel we need to calmly think about how you can handle this.” I managed to get her to sit back down on the sofa as I rubbed her back. Rachel’s entire body was tense.

Holly sat there with a mixed look of shock and disgust. “I am glad I got here when I did…he is really going to go through with it.” She sighed, then offered, “listen, I do not expect us to become friends, but if you need my help in any of this, I would like to.”

“Th..thanks Holly,” Rachel ataköy eve gelen escort surprised herself by saying, “I may take you up on it…once I figure out what to do.”

“I should probably go. Here is my number, in case you need anything from me.” Holly handed her a business card. “Um…before I leave, would it be alright if I used your bathroom?” Holly asked.

Rachel nodded, then quickly directed, “you will have to use the one upstairs since the water is off in the one down here…there is a leak in one of the pipes.”

“Thanks.” Holly said as she started up the steps.

Rachel slumped onto my shoulder and I held her close. “We are NOT going to let him drug you and get away with this Rachel!” I kissed her forehead.

Rachel chucked. “This has certainly been an interesting day Jenny. First, fun with that wonderful strap-on…then…OH NO! THE STRAP…tell me that it is not still lying on the bed in plain sight!” Rachel gasped as she jumped to her feet and knocked me back.

I quickly followed Rachel as she dashed up the stairs and down the hall toward the bedroom. We both stopped abruptly in the doorway to witness Holly standing next to the bed, examining the dildo so intently that she did not hear us coming. Her back was facing us as we watched her hold it out to the side and run her fingers up and down the shaft, tracing along the head and lifelike veins.

I nearly gasped as we watched her squat and the dildo began to disappear under her skirt. We could hear her soft moans and I could imagine what she was doing with the rubber cock. Oddly enough, I found myself getting quite aroused watching her. I nearly forgot that Rachel and I could not stand the woman because of her affair with Charlie. I felt guilty because this must be killing Rachel…first Holly has sex with her husband, and now is playing with her strap-on. I quickly looked at Rachel, trying to get a sense of what she was thinking or feeling.

Her eyes were transfixed on Holly, now slumped onto the floor with her head down and her spread knees holding her ass up high. Holly’s skirt was hiked up enough so that we could see her teal lace panties, pushed aside enough to allow the rubber cock to enter her. Rachel’s breathing had begun to pick up and I suddenly felt her hand reach behind to nestle into my groin, causing me to trickle into my panties. I began to grind into her hand, aching for her fingers to touch me. My nipples were straining against my bra and I reached around to slip my hand under the front of Rachel’s shirt, pulling her closer to me.

Rachel looked back at me and put her finger to across her lips, jerking her head slightly in Holly’s direction. We quietly crept into the room, approaching Holly who was now moaning and pushing her hips toward the cock. Rachel crouched down slowly when she was right behind her. I could tell that she was admiring her shapely cheeks. I wondered how much liposuction she had done. Holly continued to thrust the rubber cock in and out of her pussy. My eyes marveled at how slick the dildo was becoming with each thrust.

Suddenly, Rachel pounced like a tiger catching her prey. She grabbed the dildo with her left hand while wrapping her right arm around Holly’s chest. Holly screamed as Rachel plunged the cock deep into her pussy. “OHHHHH! Rachel…I’m so sorry…I just saw it on the bed and it looked so real! You must think I’m a slut…first your husband, and then this. I don’t know what came over me…” Holly gasped and babbled with a little difficulty. I could tell that while she was feeling embarrassed and startled, she was on the verge of cumming.

“I am almost getting past all of that Holly!” Rachel said, almost too calmly. “I said, ALMOST! You have redeemed yourself…to a point. Now, if you truly want redemption and to be a part of my plans for how to handle this latest Charlie mess, there is something that you must do!”

I could hear a wet pop as Rachel quickly yanked the rubber cock out of Holly’s engorged pussy, causing her to gasp and whimper. “UHHHHH…Please,” Holly begged. “I really DO want to help you!” Rachel released her and pulled her up, spinning her around so that they were face to face. “What do you want me to do?” Holly asked nervously.

Rachel looked back at me and smiled with lust in her eyes. “What do you think Jen? Do you think this chick has what it takes to join our sisterhood and carry out my next mission?”

Hearing Rachel talk about her next ‘mission’ made me a little nervous. Rachel’s last ‘mission,’ albeit unplanned, involved pouring toilet bowl cleaner on Charlie’s cock. I could only imagine what she was planning to do to him now.

“I donnnn’t know Jen…I suppose that we should give her an initiation. If she can handle that, she might just have what it takes.” I coyly replied.

Rachel turned back to Holly, who by now was looking both nervous and intrigued. “Okay Holly, we will give you a shot.” Rachel raised the strap-on ataköy grup yapan escort up to Holly’s face and moved closer to her; their faces inches apart, with the rubber cock nearly touching each of their cheeks. “Since you seemed so fascinated by my new toy, I think that I should show you how to really use it.”

Rachel began to trace the rubber cock’s tip along Holly’s jaw and over her chin. I could hear Holly’s staggered breathing. Rachel continued to rub the cock’s head over Holly’s cheeks and under her nose. She then teased Holly’s lips with it. I watched as Holly’s tongue darted out to lick the underside of the head. My clit began to tingle as Rachel’s tongue also began to lick the rubber cock. Soon, both Rachel and Holly were running their tongues up and down the shaft. “You taste pretty good on this cock Holly,” Rachel softly cooed.

This was more than I could take as my hand reached under my waistband and headed for my now soaked crotch. My other hand slid under my shirt and unhooked the front clasp of my bra, freeing my swelling breasts. I moaned softly as my palm and fingers kneaded my right breast. My nipples were fully protruding and aching for attention. I let my pants fall to my ankles and sank onto a chair by the bed; my fingers were now entering my pussy, while my thumb was caressing my throbbing clit.

Rachel looked at me and smiled. She knew that watching her with Holly was driving me wild with desire. After instructing Holly to remove her shirt, Rachel began to rub the cock between her full breasts, which strained against her teal, lace bra. Holly’s head fell backwards as she began to moan and shifted positions on her feet. Rachel reached behind her and unclasped the bra, releasing Holly’s beautiful orbs. ‘Too bad that they are silicone-filled,’ I thought, ‘but they will have to do.’

Rachel then pushed Holly down onto the bed and straddled her lower torso. “C’mon over Jenny…sit on the bed for a better view,” she beckoned.

I stood up, kicked my pants loose from my feet, and climbed onto the bed. Holly must have noticed how wet my panties were because she let out a little gasp and could not take her eyes off my crotch. I decided to give her more of a show as I slowly removed my shirt and bra while Rachel’s hands explored her tits. Holly’s nipples were sticking up like little batteries as her chest heaved upward to meet Rachel’s touch. I squeezed my own breasts and teased my nipples to full attention.

“You are ours now Holly…if you want to be fully absolved, you must do as we say and take what we dish out.” Rachel mandated in a throaty voice. Then she leaned down so that her lips were at Holly’s ear and whispered, “then, you are going to fuck me like you fucked my husband…if you make me cum, I will let you in on my new plan.”

Rachel raised herself up and smiled at me. She tilted her head to beckon me closer to her and Holly. I watched as Rachel picked up the strap-on cock and began to push it up and down between Holly’s breasts. “Push your tits together Holly!” Rachel ordered. “Let this cock tit-fuck you while Jenny and I suck them.” Holly did as instructed as Rachel and I began to lick and suck her nipples and tits.

“OHHHH,” Holly moaned, “Yessss, suck me right there.”

Rachel moved from the breast she had been sucking on to the one I was giving attention to. Our tongues met and swirled around her nipple and areola. Our lips then met and began to kiss, trapping her nipple between them – our tongues gliding past the nipple as they entered each of our mouths. Holly was loudly moaning and her hips were gyrating and bucking against Rachel’s groin. My hand was massaging my burning clit and my pussy was pulsing.

Rachel pushed herself back up and began to pull Holly’s skirt down past her hips, which lifted eagerly as Holly pulled me closer so that she could taste my tits while I continued to suck on hers. Her tongue felt so good on my nipples that it sent an electrical charge throughout my body.

Holly let out a small shriek and her body convulsed. I looked down to see Rachel’s tongue exploring the swollen folds of Holly’s shaved mound. “MMMMM Holly, you are so smooth down here…I’ll bet that Charlie loved this!” Rachel purred.

Holly panted, “tough shit for him that…oooo… he will never go there again…your…tongue…uhhhh…driving me insane!”

Feeling her hot breath on my wet breast while watching Rachel’s face buried in her wet slit sent shivers down my spine. I plunged two fingers deep inside my contracting hole and felt myself begin to cum.

I could feel Holly begin to shudder as her hands gripped the back of my head, tightly pulling it onto her tit. “OHHHHHH!! Keeeep…licking…right there! Damn…ngggghhhh!” Holly was bucking her hips and grinding herself into Rachel’s mouth with such a force, that the entire bed was shaking. “MMMMPHHH…yes! My clit…suck it…mmmfff! OOOOO!” Holly latched her lips around my left tit and began to suck on it with such vigor that it felt like she was going to swallow it whole. Her body continued to shudder and convulse for what seemed like an eternity and then it stopped all movement suddenly. I felt her stiffen, have one final huge seizure-like convulsion, then she went limp; releasing my sore breast from the vacuum hold her mouth had on it.

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