Two Firsts for Me

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This a true story about two big moment in my ever changing lifestyle.

Well here is my Scenario; I am 64 yrs old been married for 42 years the last many years have been without any sex with my wife partially because she has gone through the change and the other she doesn’t like it anymore. Come to think of it did she really like it at all? I have been bi-curious most of my life but never thought I would act on this. Lately though, maybe because of the lack of sex, I have been ready to go beyond the curious stage of my life. It all started few months ago I went onto Craig’s-list and placed a posting about wanting to meet another bi-curious man to chat with and share desires. I got many responses but one seemed to be more interesting than the others. We exchanged responses back for a while then something unexpected happened. We both live in a small community and low and behold it turned out that we were long lost friends.

After many erotic, suggestive and exciting emails we decided to meet up. This would be my first time with a man. So he told me that his wife was going antalya escort to be at work on Saturday morning and wanted to know if we could hook up. At first the nerve almost ruined it but then “It’s a date” I told him. We after many nights wondering how it would be the day finally the day came. As I drove to his house I almost turned around but didn’t because of the hard on I had. Once at his house we exchanged pleasantries we began undressing. He’s a big man in stature with a very beautiful shaved hard cock and great ball hanging below.

After getting naked and fondling each others hard cocks I got down my knees licked the pre-cum off the tip and took him into my mouth, at first it was awkward but after a few strokes I was sucking him like a pro. The taste was overwhelming and turned me on more. I thought I was doing well, then he pushed deeper and slide down my throat. I gagged but then relaxed and down he went. He continued fucking my mouth until he shot his large load into my mouth. I felt it hit the back of my throat, he pulled out a little to let me taste serik escort his nectar and then swallowed ever drop. I still remember the taste, not bitter at all but wonderful. Then it was his turn returned the favor but I was so turned on I didn’t last as long as he did but was able to cum in his mouth too. This happened two more times until I had to move away to another state. To this day I long for him every day. We weren’t able to complete our goal of fucking each other but I will return to have that cock in my ass. He was my first and I am sure I will finish what started.

Since that day I have not been with another man until today when I decided to visit one of many Adult book stores in the area. So this is another first for me, video booths. A kittle nervous I walked into the store looked around for a minute and noticed the booths. I bought my tokens and found a booth. I noticed that some of them had lights on saying busy. I took one next to one of them. Put my tokens and began to watch. A little into the video I noticed a hole side escort on the corner with a penis sticking through, Oh my gosh it’s the famous Glory hole. This was my first experience with this but exciting. He was small and lots of foreskin. I stroked him for a minute then took him into my mouth but he never really got hard and pulled back through the hole.

I went to the next booth, I heard someone come in to the booth next to me and it didn’t take long before there was a beautiful hard cock, curved up in the air poking through the hole. I took him into my mouth sucked him, he had a perfect specimen. It was such a beautiful cock, 7″ or 8″, large head, veins popping out and shaved smooth. I started out by stroking it a few times then took into my mouth and began sucking. The head was soft and velvety and large, I paid lots of attention to that, and I stuck my tongue in his pee hole tasting his pre-cum. Then I slid it into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. He let me mouth fuck his beautiful cock for a while the pulled out before he came which was a big disappointment

Now that I how this all works I know I will probably be going back. Oh wait I have tokens left over, can’t let them go to waste. Next time though I hope not to be disappointed and taste cum.

If or when there are more experiences I will surely share.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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