Turning her Husband into a Cuckold

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One of my favorite ways to pass time while bored at work is to read online classified ads. One site, in particular, is free to use and it has personal ads. The ads are always good for a chuckle and since pictures are allowed, one sometimes will get lucky enough to happen across a few good nude pics.

An ad caught my eye one time that I could not refuse to answer. A woman had caught her fianc?posting in the personals in an attempt to meet women. The email I sent her included a picture of me and details on my ideas for getting back at him.

In her reply I learned that she actually found pictures of him with men! After a few email exchanges she sent one picture of him with his face covered in cum. She also sent a few pictures of herself that were quite impressive, so I was eager to do whatever it took to fuck her. By this time we had exchanged nude pics of ourselves and she seemed as interested in me as I was in her.

She gave me his email address and told me to treat him like shit. She wanted me to tell him all of the ideas I had told her.

The first email I sent to him was provocative. I was testing the waters to see if he was going to fight back. I waited two days for him to reply, but he never did. After I sent him another email calling him out for not fighting back, I got another one from his girl.

She read the two emails and was loving it. She told me to keep it up because she could tell I was getting to him. Later that night I checked my email again. In the last email I sent to him, I told him I was going to rape her if he didn’t do anything. His first email to me was as follows:

“Please don’t rape my fianc? I messed up, so I should be punished. Just please don’t rape her.”
I couldn’t believe this is all he had to say for himself. I, a complete stranger, had sent him two emails in which I called him various names, told him details about his fianc?that one would only know if he had seen her naked, and told him I was going to rape her. The best he could do was beg me not to rape her?
I replied to this email.

“You piece of shit! All you can do is beg me not to rape her? This is what is going to happen. I’m going to meet her for coffee tomorrow. She thinks it is just for coffee and this is all a game. I’m going to get her alone and send her home with a twat full of my cum. I’ll email the pictures to you so you don’t have to feel left out.”

He replied again and begged me some more not to meet her, not to rape her, and not to take pictures. I met her anyway.

She read the email I sent to him and replied later that night.
“You are too fucking cool! You should see him moping around here trying to be apologetic. I can’t wait to meet with you tomorrow…”

I met her at a coffee shop that we had agreed to. She was stunning. Her name was Paula and I couldn’t help but get lost in her eyes as she introduced herself. She was very petite, which I knew from the pictures she had sent. She was not any more than 5’5” and probably 120 pounds. The tight blouse she was wearing did nothing to conceal her C cup breasts, or the fact that she was not wearing a bra.

Although I had already seen pictures of her nude, my mouth watered at the thought of feeling her soft curves against my body and tasting every drop of nectar her body could produce. She eyed me coyly while we sipped our coffee and discussed creative ways to get back at her beau.

We considered getting a room and taking pictures and video, but she really wanted to make him feel like shit. An idea came into my mind.

I looked at her across the table and grinned as I asked, “Is he at home, now?”

“Yes,” she glanced down at her coffee and gave it a stir before looking back up and asked, “Why?” My grin was met with a devilish gleam in her eye that caused a commotion in my pants.
“The safe word is ‘gallant’. Scream ‘no’ all you want. I’m not stopping.”
“Follow me,” she said as she got up and nearly ran out the door.
I parked my car on the road in front of a small bungalow with a chain link fence around the yard. She parked in the driveway behind a pickup that I assumed was his. I waited to get out until she had the front door open.

The front gate was open, so it was no problem for me to run to the door before it closed behind her. Her boyfriend met her at the door. I could see his eyes grow to saucers when he noticed me sprinting through the yard to the door. He tried to slam it shut, but Paula was in the way.

I grabbed her from behind and forced both of them inside. Once clear of the door, I shut and locked it with one hand, while holding a struggling Paula in the other. She was playing along nicely.

Her ass was rubbing against my groin as she struggled. I was trying to grab her hands, but grabbed her perfect breasts a few times. During the commotion the top few buttons of her very tight blouse had popped off, letting her tits spill out into the open air. They swayed and jiggled with her faux struggle that was pushing her ass harder and harder into my erect cock.

Her fianc?just stood there with his mouth open. I told him to take her hands. His expression turned from bewilderment to confusion. I wrestled Paula to the floor and pinned her hands to the carpet above her head. Her feet kicked the front door, leaving black marks in the white finish.

“Take her hands, God dammit!” I ordered him with a glare that shook him out of his stupor.
“Get off of her!” What do you think you’re doing?” He yelled.

I pinned her wrists together with one hand while lying between her legs. She ground her hips into mine and thrust her tits in my face, but doing a damn good job of making it look like a struggle. With my free hand I punched her fianc?in the groin. I didn’t hold back, he got all the strength I could muster from the position I was in.

“Take her fucking hands!” I barked.
He was on his knees holding his crotch, his eyes were closed in pain. I slapped him in the face and told him again to hold her hands. Reluctantly he complied.
“Joe! What are you doing? No!” She screamed at him while thrusting her hips into my fully erect cock.
Joe sat on his knees with his feet under his body. He held Paula tightly against his thighs and lower torso with one hand under each of her arms. I was positioned between her legs, so her fight was pretty useless at this point, even if it had been real.
I finished ripping her shirt off, fully exposing her beautifully firm breasts and tight stomach. She arched her back in a vain attempt to free herself from Joe’s grasp while at the same time thrusting her hardened nipples into my eager mouth. She screamed out and thrust her hips into mine as I bit her left nipple and twisted the other in my hand.
Joe was trying not to look while repeatedly saying, “Sorry, Paula. I’m so sorry I got us into this.”
kocaeli escort “Fuck you, you piece of shit!” She screamed at him as I pulled her pants off. In her fake struggle she lifted her ass completely off the floor in time for me to pull her pants and panties down in one easy movement.
Her patch of black pubic hair matched her dark brown hair and Hispanic complexion. The inside of her thighs were glistening with her wetness. As her pants came off she spread her legs, showing me the juices streaming from inside her.
I instructed Joe to hold her tight as I released my grip and pulled my pants down. My 8” cock proudly sprang free of its confines and aimed at Paula’s gushing pussy. Joe looked like he was going to be sick when he saw my huge member pointed at his fianc? most precious treasure.
Paula was positioned perfectly to see me grab my cock with one hand and spread her pussy with the other. She bucked her hips to make Joe think she was resisting, but that devilish gleam was back in her eyes and she was pulling me towards her with her feet. As I guided my cock to her glorious hole, Joe pleaded, “Come on, man! At least use a condom!”
I grabbed his face with one hand, fingers on one cheek, thumb on the other and my precum soaked palm pressed hard against his lips. “Shut the fuck up and do not let her go. Watch me make your fianc?my slut.”
He nodded as a tear escaped his eye. I let go of his face and grabbed my cock and guided it into Paula. After the first four inches were in, she stopped bucking and froze in place with her ass off the floor, all of her weight supported by me and Joe. She grabbed Joe’s arm and buried her face in the crook of his elbow as I quickly thrust the rest of me inside her.
Her cunt was soaked, so I didn’t have any resistance until I reached the bottom. She let out a slight sigh; I could see her belly relax and feel her cervix open up. With one more thrust I burst through into her womb. A pleasing, yet painful moan escaped her lips when I started thrusting in and out of her.
She bucked her hips into mine with each thrust, but yelled for me to stop. Just as I told her I wouldn’t, I kept relentlessly pounding into her, forcing her head into Joe’s gut with every inward thrust. It didn’t take long for my balls to tighten and send waves of pleasure throughout my body as I began to release deep inside Paula, beyond her cervix and in her fertile womb.
There was no hiding the fact that I was cumming. My hips were thrusting into her uncontrollably and guttural groans escaped my mouth. I was raised up off of Paula’s body in order to give her a direct view of my cock fucking her. As I was cumming I noticed Joe watching, too, so I pulled all the way out and let some of my jizz spew onto the outside of her pussy and into her thin patch of pubic hair. Joe’s mouth dropped open again. I plunged it back into Paula’s body and finished my orgasm deep inside her.
Paula lay motionless with her legs wrapped tightly around my hips, holding me inside her. When my cock had dumped all the cum it could muster, I pulled out and grabbed Joe by his hair.
I instructed him to clean her up. Her pussy was a mess with our juices mixed together, leaking out of her, running down her legs and even into her ass. She got up off the floor and sat on the sofa, position her hips so that her ass hung off the cushion.
Joe obligingly crouched on the floor between her open thighs and began licking my jizz off of her. He started in her pubic hair where he had to use his fingers to work it all out. Then he moved on to her labia then the insides of her thighs.
He started to get up when I punched him in the kidney and said, “All of it.”
Paula turned over on the couch onto her knees with her hands on the back. She stuck her ass out and into his face. Her legs were spread open enough to give Joe access to her cum covered anus. He parted her cheeks with his hands and began to lick.
Paula was enjoying the feeling and told him to lick her ass like the little cum guzzling slut he is. She seemed to be on the brink of an orgasm when he suddenly stopped. He looked up at me and said, “Sir, I believe she is clean.”
“No she isn’t,” I replied and spread her pussy open. Cum oozed out when her lips parted. I forced his face into her crotch, his nose in her ass his mouth on her pussy. Paula sounded like that was going to push her over the edge. Joe spread her pussy open and licked my cum from inside her. As he licked it up, more poured out. He inserted a finger into her, causing her to orgasm.
Her orgasm forced more cum out of her, which I told him to not let any get outside. He was instructed to swallow it all. Paula thrust her pussy into his face and grabbed her tits as she squirted waves of my cum out of her sloppy cunt and into Joe’s mouth.
After her orgasm, I inspected her body for more cum and concluded Joe was finally finished with her.
“Now me,” I told him while pointing at my still rock hard dick.
I slapped him in the face with my cock then forced it into his mouth. He accepted it with little resistance and sucked all of our juices from it.
“How do you like tasting your girl on a real mans cock, sissy?”
He pulled my cock out of his mouth just long enough to say, “I don’t like it, sir.” Then he quickly took it back in his mouth when he saw my hand raising to slap him again.
Paula was enjoying the show and had repositioned herself on the sofa so that she could masturbate while watching. The sloshing sounds of her juices and her moans were driving me crazy. I was watching her beautiful body as she pleasured herself and her fianc?sucked my cock. I was getting ready to blow another load.
I told Joe to catch it all in his mouth and not to drop or swallow ANY of it. He must keep it all in his mouth. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and forced his head back with a handful of hair. He obediently opened his mouth like a baby bird while I stroked my cock to an orgasm.
This load wasn’t as big as what I had given Paula, so it was fairly easy to drop it all in his gaping guffaw. Paula was brining herself to her second orgasm as I finished filling Joe’s mouth. He sat on his knees like a patient little bitch while I waited for Paula to recoup from her orgasm. When she seemed to be ok, I told him to spit it all in her pussy.
At first he looked like he was going to argue, but then he seemed to remember his mouth was full of cum that he could neither swallow nor spit out. Paula’s face lit up when I gave Joe the instructions. She moved to the edge of the sofa again and spread her legs as far as she could get them.
She was so small and light that I was able to grab her hips and hold them high in the air, opening her over worked cunt up for Joe. Joe spread her pussy open and placed his mouth tightly against her opening. Paula’s eyes rolled back in her head as she orgasmed a third time while Joe kocaeli escort bayan deposited my cum into her. She held his head against her while grinding hard into his face. Her orgasm went on for quite some time before she released him. Joe fell back on the floor, gasping for air and wiping cum from his lips with his hand.
“This is how it is going to be for the rest of the day. I will make love to your fianc? and you will clean us up every time we are done. You will also do everything you are told to do.”
“Yes, sir,” he replied in the most pathetic way that I almost felt bad for him.
I scooped Paula up in my arms and had Joe lead us to the bedroom. I gently laid her on the bed, then hovered over her body with my hard cock dripping precum onto her glistening skin. She spread her legs in an invitation for me to enter her again.
On my hands and knees above Paula with my cock throbbing and dripping onto her, I looked over at Joe who was sitting on the floor next to the bed and said, “This is how you fuck a woman, Joe.”
His eyes were fixed on my large cock as I flipped Paula over on her belly. I placed my legs outside of hers while guiding my aching cock to her tight pussy. Her thighs parted at my intrusion and her pussy welcomed me inside. She gasped as I gently gave her all 8 inches.
My balls slapped the backs of her thighs and her ass squished under my belly with my thrusts. I started out gently this time, but after I was in she was begging me to fuck her hard.
“Joe’s little dick can’t touch me where you do! Fuck me, for Christ’s sake!”
I squeezed my hands between her body and the sheets to grab her tits. To give me access she lifted up as much as she could, which wasn’t much because I had my weight bearing down on her. My cock was deeper inside her than before. Although she winced in pain, she begged me to fuck her harder and faster.
It took her about ten minutes to cum. She clamped down on my cock and pressed her ass into my hips. Her pussy was sucking my cock into it. I could feel her walls pulsing, squeezing against me and pulling me deeper into her. She milked hot semen from my body. I flooded her womb which quickly overflowed, forcibly streaming between her tightly stretched walls and my thickness, shooting outside of her body, coating the outer regions of our sexes.
She screamed with delight. I pulled her tightly into me, pressing my body into her, bearing all of my weight onto her. My hips forced my engorged cock deep inside her where she had never been touched before.
I lay on top of her for a few minutes, her rhythmic, heavy breathing rocking my body up and down. Slowly I started pulling out. Cum flowed from her like a cask being uncorked. She let out an “Ugh,” as her body went vacant with my retrieval.
I rolled over next to her and had Joe clean her, then me. He had a lot of cleaning to do this time around. When we were sufficiently clean, I had him get us some wine and water.
When he returned to the room, I was lying on my back with Paula bent over on the mattress between my legs sucking my dick. I told him to set the drinks on the end table, then sit back on the floor and watch her suck me off.
Once he was settled in, she took her mouth off my cock and stroked it. One hand was cradling my balls while she was attempting to wrap her fingers of the other hand completely around my dick.
“I can’t believe how big it is,” she cooed while staring at it, trying to figure out how to get her hand around it. Joe rolled his eyes and started to look away, but remembered his place. I think he enjoyed seeing my cock, to be honest.
Paula pulled her hair back and dipped her face back onto my boner. Her pretty face bobbed up and down on me while I played with her tits. She sucked hard as she pulled it from her throat. Just before the head left her mouth, she would stop moving and simultaneously suck on the head and twirl her tongue around it.
She looked over at Joe before swallowing me down her throat again. Her fingers played with my ass, balls and shaft while her tongue licked every drop of precum that was emitted. She let it pop out of her mouth one last time. It flopped against my belly with a “slap!”
She grabbed it in one hand as she crawled up my body until her pussy hovered just over the enormous head. Slowly, she slid onto it until I was firmly planted inside her and our pubic bones had met. She sat there for a moment, allowing her body to adjust with her eyes closed, hands playing gently with her nipples.
I grasped her thighs, absorbing their smoothness. My hands gently made their way to her hips as she rose up on her knees until only the head of my cock was inside her. My hips remained perfectly still until she dropped back onto my cock without any reserve. Her tits bounced when she landed on my groin, her ass smacked against my thighs and balls.
She did this several more times, screaming each time she impaled herself on my thick, long rod. Her tits bounced every time she hit bottom. I grabbed them and squeezed hard. She started riding me faster now and I was meeting her every thrust with one of my own.
I let go of her tits and made my way to her ass. I spread her open as she rode me, causing her to breathe harder. I rubbed the outside of her butthole with my finger. In response she fucked me harder and squeezed her tits with her hands, twisting and pinching her nipples between her fingers and thumbs. She leaned forward slightly, releasing her tits and catching herself with outstretched arms. My finger broke the seal of her ass and entered her tight little hole.
She screamed out and rode my dick harder and faster. She leaned over me, holding herself up with her hands on my shoulders. I worked my finger in and out of her tight ass. Her tits were dangling inches above my head, bouncing in rhythm with her thrusts. I lifted my head from the pillow and suckled each of her breasts, one after the other.
“Oh God yes, suck my tits,” she panted when I took her nipple with my lips. At first I suckled gently, but they were bouncing too much for me to latch onto. With precise timing I snatched a nipple into my mouth and held on with my teeth. Her tit stretched when she bounced up on my cock and I pulled her back down by her nipple.
She let out a loud scream and jammed herself down onto my cock, bending forward in an attempt to relieve the pain I was causing her nipple. Her body shuddered while she ground her pussy onto my cock and orgasmic squeals escaped her mouth.
Before she had a chance to complete her orgasm I released my hold on her nipple and flung her backwards off of me onto the mattress. I jumped up to my knees, grasped her with my strong hands on her heaving hips and flipped her over. Her body was limp with fatigue and intoxicating hormones that were pouring through her orgasmic nerves. Her pussy was still throbbing as I pulled her onto her hands and knees and izmit escort thrust the head of my engorged cock into her tight asshole.
Paula started cumming again as I slowly thrust myself into her. She arched her back downward which pushed her ass into my thrusting loins.
I ordered Joe to get his ass on the bed. Without hesitation he jumped up off the floor where he was kneeling and knelt next to me behind Paula. While continuing to pump my hard cock into his fianc? ass, I told him to lie on his back with his body between my legs and his head between my thighs.
With Joe in place, I couldn’t help myself and began fucking Paula’s sweet little ass harder and faster. I was on the verge of blowing my load in her but I wanted Joe to see it.
“Suck my balls while I fuck your girlfriend in the ass, you little cum stain. When I cum, don’t waste any of it.” He knew exactly what I meant.
Joe took my balls into his mouth the best he could. I knew he wouldn’t be able to, that was the point. The other point was to get my cum all over his face when it started to drip out of Paula’s ass.
I couldn’t hold back any longer. With a couple of deep, hard thrusts my throbbing cock was shooting wad after thick gooey wad of cum into Paula’s ass. I reminded Joe not to waste any, which he started working on as soon as it was within reach of his tongue. Paula’s ass couldn’t keep up with my flood of semen. Cum was gushing out of her ass, even with me still in her. It flowed like a river down her crack and directly to Joe’s awaiting mouth. I pumped into her a few more times, pumping more cum into her and hitting Joe in the face with my balls and thighs.
Joe was still licking when I pulled my dick out of Paula’s ass. I hadn’t noticed due to my own orgasm, that Paula was cumming again. I told her to rise up and hover her ass over Joe’s face, like she was going to shit on him. Paula obliged.
My cum oozed out of her ass and directly onto Joe’s face. He closed his eyes and tried to look away. I grabbed his chin and forced his mouth open. When he was opened up I pushed it into Paula’s ass. Paula let out a gasp.
“Suck it out,” I said to him in a mockingly nice voice. He hesitated, so I punched him in his groin. He was still fully clothed and after I punched him I looked down to see a giant wet spot on the front of his pants.
“Are you enjoying this, cuck?” I asked while at the same time grabbing his cock. It wasn’t very big, but it was hard. “Oh my fucking god, Paula. He enjoys watching you get used and turned into a slut by another man.”
“You fucking piece of shit!” She screamed at him. I don’t know if it was mock disgust or if she really was pissed at him. It seemed real enough, especially when she squeezed her poop muscles together and forced the huge load of cum out of her ass and into his mouth.
He pulled his face away, gagging. I could see the cum dripping out of her ass and onto his face. He turned his head sideways and threw up on himself and on Paula’s leg. Her face grimaced as she squeezed harder. She even rubbed her gooey ass all over his face as he was throwing up.
Paula suddenly raised her body off of Joe’s face and sat motionless for about 30 seconds. Joe was wiping his face, lying on his side now spitting puke and cum out of his mouth. What happened next left me in sidesplitting tears on the floor. Paula started to pee on his head.
Paula climbed off the bed when she was finished with her pee. I was sitting on my butt on the floor next to the bed recovering from the hardest laugh I have had in a very long time. She looked over her shoulder to make sure Joe was watching before dazzling me with a long kiss. Her tongue danced in my mouth while she pulled my lips forcibly into hers with her hands on the back of my head.
She stood up with a smile and said, “Thank you.” I watched her firm ass as she entered the master bathroom. She didn’t close the door or pull the curtain when she got into the shower and began rinsing her body of our juices.
“Asshole,” I said to Joe. “You have any wine?”
“Yes, sir,” he replied weakly from his spot on the bed where Paula had left him.
“Go get it, with two glasses and bring them here for us.”
He left the room so I went to the bathroom to join Paula in the shower. As I climbed in she greeted me with another kiss. This time she wrapped her arms around my neck and one leg around my hip. My hard cock pressed against her belly, her raspy pubic hair tickled the shaft.
She let one of her hands slip between our bodies and guided my cock to her slippery love hole. It slid in easily, but it was hard for me to thrust in and out. Her hips gyrated against me, hungry to have me moving in her, but it wasn’t enough. I grabbed her leg that was around my hip under her knee while she pulled the other up to be held with my other hand. She wrapped her arms around my neck and started to bounce up and down on my long shaft.
Her tits were rubbing against my chest. She was breathing heavily into my ear while rubbing her hands through my hair and across my back. Joe announced his arrival just as I was pinning Paula against the wall, dumping another load of hot seed deep into her young, fertile womb. She pulled herself tightly against me, accepting all of my cum inside her. In the moment while she was being filled to the rim and overflowing with my cum, she said loud enough for Joe to hear, “God I love you.”
I kissed her and lowered her back onto her feet. For the sake of making Joe feel like the piece of shit he is, I winked at her and said, “You are nothing but a slut to me. All of you sluts fall in love every time you get this big thing between your legs.” I grabbed my limbering cock and spun it around for emphasis.
Joe started to say something but I cut him off and told him to pour us some wine. The bathroom had not only a shower, but also a large garden tub, so I had Joe fill it and prepare two glasses of wine. “Shall we?” I asked of Paula, giving her a grin and offering my hand to help her out of the shower.
She looked at me with a twisted grimace on her face, trying to figure out if I had actually called her a slut or if it was part of the show. I caught her eyes trying to sneak a quick peek at the large member dangling between my legs. She looked back up to meet my eyes and took my hand.
They all fall for the cock.

We spent the rest of the night holding each other in the large tub. When the water would get cold, one of us would order Joe to fill it. Paula sat between my legs with her back to my chest. My cock stayed hard the entire time and was rewarded with a hand job and one more blow job.
Paula and I still meet. Sometimes we meet without telling Joe, sometimes she tells him she is going out to meet me, and sometimes we still make him watch. She keeps him around strictly to torture him, but he is too stupid to see it. He thinks she will eventually grow out of this and let him have sex with her again.
One thing guys with small cocks don’t understand…Size matters and women always slut themselves for the cock.

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