Trailer trash teen ch.4

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Tina was standing in the middle of Holiday Appliance,
the store she’d worked at off-and-on for three years,
beginning to feel desperate.

She’d gone straight from the woods to Michelle’s house
only to find that her best friend would be gone for
the night over at her dad’s house. Her mom had let her
use the phone to call home, however, and Tina had
spoken briefly with her dad.

He was still angry, and now he was really drunk, too.
He’d told her that she was a “selfish little girl” and
that she wasn’t welcome back until she got him his
$150. Tina had tried pleading with him but had been
unsuccessful. He’d made up his mind and managed to
call her a “stupid spoiled bitch” and “worthless
little girl” before she hung up on him.

Tina almost started crying right then and there,
except she didn’t want Michelle’s mom to know what was
going on. She had already displayed suspicion over
Tina’s bruised face, even though Tina had explained it
as a fall from her bike.

She’d thanked Michelle’s mom and then taken off for
her friend Length’s house. He didn’t live far from
Michelle and might have been able to loan her some
money. Unfortunately, she discovered, he was out with
his girlfriend and wouldn’t be back until later.

Tina was desperate to get the money. She was afraid
that her dad was really serious, and that he may hurt
her again if she showed up without it. It angered her
to no end to be so afraid, but didn’t know what else
to do. Where could she go, if she couldn’t go home?

Suddenly feeling very alone, Tina had headed over
toward Holiday’s. She’d been working there under-the-
table since she was thirteen and was hoping her boss,
Mr. Slenderman, would give her an advance on her next

Presently Mr. Slenderman, a short fat man without a
hair on his head, was saying, “Forget it, Tina! I’m
not advancing you money when you’re not working!”

“Please!” she pleaded, too loudly. They were in the
television section of the store and there were several
customers around. Mr. Slenderman was busy scanning
boxes with an inventory scanner. “I’ll work this
weekend, I—“

“You had the chance to work the last two weeks!” he
suddenly snapped. “I offered– no, begged you to work
during the holiday’s. YOU said no.”

“I was… I needed a break…” she stammered.

He shrugged, turning away from her again to read the
side of a large Sony television set. “We all need
breaks. You had two weeks off of school and could have
helped out around here.”

Tina took a deep breath, trying to stay calm. She felt
like she was going to cry, or scream, or both. She
said, “Please, I swear I’ll work every weekend…”

He turned to face her again. He seemed to notice the
desperation on her young face, and though he hadn’t
commented on it, the bruise as well. “This is what I
can do,” he sighed. “Work the registers Saturday and
Sunday, and I’ll get you paid at the end of each
shift. Cash. Okay?”

Tina shook her head in disbelief. “No! I need the
money now, didn’t you hear me!?”

A couple of customers turned to look at her, and Mr.
Slenderman noticed. “Quiet down!” he hissed. “That
isn’t going to happen! I don’t give advances–“

“I’ve worked here for three fucking years!” she

She’d snapped. This was her last resort, and he was
turning her down?

Mr. Slenderman smiled at the curious customers, then
grabbed Tina by her shoulder. “Look! Calm down right
now or you’re NEVER working here again!”

She pulled away from his grasp and stumbled backwards.
Glaring at him with tears forming in her eyes she
screamed, “FUCK you!”

The sudden release suddenly made her feel better. She
nearly smiled when she continued, “Fuck you, I don’t
care if EVERYBODY hears!”

“GET OUT!” Mr. Slenderman screamed, his face turning
red as he struggled to restrain himself. “Get out now
and don’t EVER come back!”

“FINE!” she yelled. Suddenly she gave him the middle
finger with a trembling hand. Everybody was watching
now. “FUCK YOU and this piece-of-shit store!” she

She turned and stormed out, heart racing, tears now
flowing down her face.

Once outside she went over to her bike and lit a
cigarette. She looked through the window into the
store and saw Mr. Slenderman, along with a couple of
his employees, watching her with their arms crossed
over their chests. She took a hit from her smoke then
flipped them off again. She noticed Mr. Slenderman
grab a phone and begin dialing.

Probably calling the cops, Tina figured. She didn’t
really care at this point.

There was nothing else she could do now. Michelle
might have had the money, or if not, let her spend the
night there. But she was at her dad’s. Lengths would
definitely have had the money and would probably have
loaned it to her, but he’d been gone, too. And now her
job, where she’d worked for three years, wouldn’t give
her one lousy advance. What could she do?

A customer exited the store, then, and began heading
over toward her. She eyed him suspiciously, afraid for
a moment he might be an off-duty cop or something. She
was ready to jump on her bike and ride off if need be.

“Hey, Tina is it?” the large man asked. He was about
6’2″ tall and thick: not overly muscular, but
definitely strong. He was wearing a nice leather
jacket, jeans, and had his thick black hair pulled
back in a ponytail.

“Yeah, who’re you!” she shot back at him.

He held up his hands and smiled. “Calm down!” he said.
“I’m not gonna hurt ya! I just couldn’t help but
overhear your… conversation… with your boss.”

“Ex-boss,” Tina said flatly. She turned away from the
stranger and wiped the tears from her eyes. She was
still shaking with anger and grief and felt
uncomfortable to be seen like this.

“Yeah, ex-boss,” he grinned. “Look, I just figured I
might help you out, is all. What do you need the money

Tina glared at him. “None of your business,” she said.

“Alright,” he sighed. He reached into his jacket and
produced a wallet, and began pulling out crisp bills.

Tina’s eyes widened at the site. This guy had a lot of
money, more money than she’d ever seen on one person!
She began to feel hopeful…

“There,” he said, holding out a bunch of 20’s to her.
“Take it.”

She just stared at the money, then at him, then at the
money again. She didn’t know what to say.

“Go on,” he urged her. “Take it, now, before someone

Suddenly she grabbed it from his hand, without
thinking. A dozen emotions went through her mind
ranging from relief to suspicion as she quickly
counted the cash.

Two-hundred dollars. Ten twenty-dollar bills. And so
easily given… she was smiling openly as she counted
it again.

“That’ll help you?” the man grinned at her.

She pushed the money into her purse and looked at him
again suspiciously. “Why’re you givin’ me it?”

“Just to help out,” he said. He glanced back over his
shoulder into the store, where Mr. Slenderman was
still watching Tina. “We’d better get out of here,”
the man said. “Cops are probably coming. Your boss was

“Have you eaten?”

Tina shook her head. “Why?” she asked.

“Let’s get something to eat. I wanna talk to you a
little… Why don’t you put your bike in my truck, and
we go over to Applebee’s?”

Tina swallowed hard. She felt suspicious, but
thankful, of the man. Erring on the side of caution,
however, she said, “How ’bout I just meet you there?”

“Alright, suit yourself,” he said. “I’ll wait for you

He gave her another smile, and Tina decided he wasn’t
entirely ugly, though his face wasn’t exactly
handsome. He backed away from her, then turned and
headed into the parking lot.

Once he was gone Tina jumped on her bike and took off.
She thought of just going home and ending this crummy
day and forgetting the generous stranger, but decided
against it. Not only was she hungry, but she figured
it’d be rude to ditch such a nice guy. She had
suspicions about his reason for being nice, sure, but
what was the harm in talking to him in a public

Twenty minutes later she pulled into the Applebee’s
parking lot. It was busy since the dinner rush had
just hit. Tina locked her bike to the flagpole outside
the restaurant and walked quickly inside.

She looked around and immediately spotted him, sitting
in a booth near the bar. She headed toward him and he
smiled to her as she sat down.

“I was afraid you might ditch me,” the man said.

She didn’t respond. She didn’t even look at him, but
began studying the menu. For some reason she was felt
very nervous and awkward.

A waitress came over and Tina ordered a Coke. Then,
finally, she said to the man, “What’s your name?”

He grinned. “Call me Razor,” he said. “And you’re

“Carlson,” kocaeli escort she responded. She looked him over again,
and without his jacket on she saw that her suspicions
had been correct: he was a strong looking man with a
broad chest and thick arms, but he wasn’t exactly
toned. This was a guy who was strong out of necessity,
not because he was trying to look like Mr. Universe.

He also appeared older, now, in the light of the
restaurant. She’d figured before that he was in his
early-30’s but now decided he was probably closer to
40. His eyes were small and intense, and he had a
large, flat nose and a wide mouth. He looked like he
could be part Italian.

The two of them spoke of general things at first, Tina
telling him about school and her friends, her hopes
for college. It comforted her to talk about normal
things, and soon she was no longer feeling nervous.

He, in turn, told her that he had a house outside of
town, but was vague about the details of his work. He
spoke casually with her, joking occasionally to make
her laugh. She decided that he probably was a
genuinely nice guy.

Tina had ordered a steak and it had been delicious.
She hadn’t realized how hungry she’d been until it was
placed in front of her, and now that she was done
eating, she felt wonderfully stuffed.

Just as she began thinking about how many hours of
aerobics she might have to do to work it off, Razor
asked her, “So, why did you need the money, Tina?”

She looked at him. “I… don’t really want to talk
about it,” she said.

“Drugs?” he asked bluntly.

Her eyes widened. “No!” she said. She lit up a
cigarette, shaking her head. “Definitely not!”

“Nothing wrong with it if it had been,” he shrugged.
“A lot of girls like coke and stuff, really

She felt like he was testing her. Looking directly
into his eyes she said, “It’s not drugs. I never even
done any like that… I smoke weed a little, that’s

He nodded. “Okay. Well, I’m gonna be blunt with you
now. Do you know why I gave you that money?”

Tina froze, suddenly feeling nervous again. Here it
comes, she thought.

“I gave you that money because it’s nothing to me. To
me, my partners, and to all my girls, $150 is small

Tina eyed him. “Your… girls?” she asked carefully.

He nodded. Lowering his voice he said, “Ever heard of
EZ’s, over by the freeway?”

Tina nodded. Everyone knew of EZ’s, at least she
figured everyone did. It was a small, sleazy stripper-
bar at the edge of town, right near the expressway. It
was very popular at her trailer park since it was the
closest bar like it around.

“I own it,” the man said. “I own it, with a couple
partners, and we do real well.”

“Okay,” Tina said. “That’s… cool, I guess.”

“I was wondering if you want a job,” Razor finally

Tina’s jaw dropped. “Me!?” she said, a little too
loudly. “Strip? No, I couldn’t—“

Razor was shaking his head. “No, no, not to strip,
you’re too young. Maybe in a couple years. But there
are more ways… better ways… to make money at my
bar. Especially for a cute little thing like you.”

She blushed in embarrassment, just as her pulse
quickened. “Like how?” she asked.

The man shrugged. “Ever blown a guy for money?” he

Tina grunted in surprise. “Uh, no!” she exclaimed. She
shifted nervously in her seat.

The man, dead serious, asked, “Would you?”

Tina suddenly realized that she should be getting up
from the table, maybe slapping the guy for suggesting
what he had, and storming out. But she didn’t. Instead
her curiosity took over. “For how much?” she asked.

“For a blowjob? Well, see, I’d charge premium for a
girl like you… so young. We could even say you were
younger, once that bruise goes away, since you’re so
small. Your cut would probably be $75.”

Tina’s eyes widened. That seemed like a lot of money
just for giving head!

“…and a lot more, too, if you did more.”

Tina’s mind spun. He was basically offering her a job
being a prostitute, yet somehow, she wasn’t disgusted.
And it wasn’t just the greed, either. There was
something about what he was suggesting that seemed
almost… exciting.

“I dunno,” she said quickly. “I mean… what would
that, you know… make me?”

“Look,” Razor said, for the first time so far sounding
a little irritated. “I know you’re not a virgin, just
by lookin’ at you. Probably fucked a few teenage boys,
maybe a couple men, right? All I’m saying is you could
make money doing the exact same thing. It wouldn’t
‘make you’ anything, except maybe the richest girl in
your grade.”

Tina nodded slowly. She began to think of school
again, her plans for the future, getting out of the
trailer… A good amount of money could definitely
expedite those plans.

“Can I think about it?” she asked sheepishly.

He smiled again. “Sure,” he said. He went into his
back pocket and pulled out a business card, and slid
it across the table to her. “The bar’s number is on
that. When you call, just ask for me.”

Tina took the card, studied it, then placed it in her

It surprised Tina that the idea of prostituting
herself didn’t disgust her all that much. If it paid
well, that is, how bad could it be? She could make
some good money doing something… exciting… And it
would be on her terms, too!

“Uhm,” she asked, not looking him in the eye. She
decided to ask point-blank the question that had been
in her mind since he’d handed her the money. “Did you
want… you know… something tonight? For that money,
I mean?”

“Are you offering?” he asked.

Tina shrugged. She wasn’t sure if she was or not.

“The money’s a gift,” he said, finally, standing up.
“Let me just give you a ride home now, okay?”

Tina stood up with him as he dropped two 20’s on the
table. She followed him out of the restaurant, feeling
a little confused, very relieved at having the money,
somewhat excited, and sort of disgusted with herself
all at the same time.

She unlocked her bike and followed the man to his
truck, a large SUV. He picked up her bike and with no
effort hoisted it into the back.

She got into the passenger side of the truck. It was
really nice: leather seats, fully loaded with a
sunroof, auto-everything and a CD player. She was

He really must make a lot of money, she thought.

She gave him directions to her trailer home and he
took off down the main road toward it. The ride was
dark, the sun having set. It was nearly eight o’

As they neared the turnoff toward her home, he
suddenly said, “Hang on a sec.” Then he made a sudden
turn down a small dirt road which led into the woods:
the same woods Tina had earlier jerked off two boys
in, she remembered with a pang of guilt.

I saved a little girl! she reminded herself.

“Where are we going?” she asked, then, feeling

He didn’t reply. The truck heaved and lurched down the
little-worn path until they reached a small dirt
clearing. He threw the truck into park and turned off
its headlights.

“I realized I haven’t even seen you naked,” the man
smiled at her. “I offered you a job not even seeing
your body first! How dumb am I?”

Tina swallowed and slid a little further to her right,
away from him. “You, uh… want to see me naked?”

He nodded.

“But the money was a gift…” she started.

He shook his head. “The money was a gift. I wanna see
you naked to see if I can offer you that job. You are
interested in the job, right?”

She thought for a moment as she stared at the floor of
the SUV. The temptation was definitely there: to get a
lot of money, to get away from her dad, away from the
trailer. That money in his wallet, it was so much! Yet
to him, so little…

She could have as much one day. But the idea of
prostituting herself… it was strangely exciting, yet
so degrading and wrong!

She needed time to think. She didn’t want to burn any
bridges, but she didn’t want to make a commitment now.
So, finally, the teenage girl made up her mind:
“Okay,” she decided. “I’ll… let you see me, naked,
now… I don’t care. But this don’t mean I definitely
want the job, okay?”

He nodded. “Just relax. You’re a worrier, aren’t you?”

She shot him a look with her eyes wide open.

There was a relaxed smile on his face. “No worries,
Tina, no worries… It’s no big deal. Just take off
your shirt.”

She began to slowly nod her head. Taking a deep
breath, she slid out of her windbreaker, staring at
the floor once again. He was right: what was the big
deal? She’d just get naked, let him see… and
besides, she felt resigned to do this, if only to pay
back the money he’d given her. It was why she’d asked
back at kocaeli escort bayan Applebee’s. Nothing in life was free!

After her jacket was off she felt bolder somehow. She
quickly removed her Limp-Bizkit t-shirt and placed it
on the floor like it was no big deal, though suddenly
she was wearing nothing but a bra in front of a total

He whistled. “Damn, girl, you are tiny!” he said. He
turned on the dome light and studied her in its glow.
“You look good, too! Work out?”

She nodded, feeling a little flattered that he’d
noticed. “Yeah, aerobics… all the time.”

“It shows,” he said appreciatively. “Now, let’s see
the rest.”

She nodded. She was beginning to feel somewhat aroused
by being told what to do for a change. It reminded her
of when she’d been dating Leon, when he’d whisper to
her at the movies to jerk him off or something, how
she’d always eagerly comply no matter what the
situation was.

Quickly she kicked off her shoes and then, in turn,
her jeans. She was now wearing only her bra and socks,
and the cool leather of the seat made her skin tingle
all over.

“No panties?” he said in surprise. “Damn, but I can
pick ’em. Take the bra off, now, let’s see your tits.”

She blushed slightly. “They’re, uh, not too much…”
she admitted, brushing away a strand of her blonde
hair as she spoke.

“It’s okay,” he replied. “I don’t expect much.”

A pang of embarrassment hit her at this: she knew she
was small on top, but hated hearing it! But, confident
that she looked better unrestricted then he may have
imagined, she leaned forward and reached behind her
back and unclasped her bra. She leaned back again and
pulled it off, dropping it to the floor of the truck
with the rest of her clothes.

“Nice, nice little titties,” he said absentmindedly.

His words were disappointing. She’d hoped he’d be more

Suddenly he reached out and ran the back of his hand
over her left breast.

She jumped slightly at the touch. “I, uh,” she
stuttered, trying to remain casual, “wish they were a
little bigger… my friend Terri, hers are real big

“No,” he shook his head. “They look fine. Just like a
little teenager like you should have… these tits
will make us a lot of money…”

She swallowed again, her hands playing nervously with
themselves as he cupped her breast and squeezed it.
The feeling of his warm hand on her cool flesh made
her tingle all over, but made her stomach lurch in

“I, sort of…” she began again. “I need to get home
soon, I think… I have homework and my dad–“

“Just a minute,” he breathed. He’d leaned over near
her and was inhaling deeply from her hair. “You smell
good… a little smoky, but good.”

She nodded. She began to tremble when his left hand
slid down her flat tummy, right down to between her

“Need to get a feel… spread a little,” he ordered.

Without thinking, she complied. It was obvious now
what he wanted to do, and despite her inhibitions,
felt that she had no real choice in the matter. She
spread her legs apart absentmindedly as she stared at
his hand, still firmly on her tit.

To her pleasant surprise, she found herself relaxing
all over. This man was so in control of her young
body: telling it what to do with both word and touch.
She was getting turned on. When his free hand slid
between her spread legs she tilted her head back and

“I’m just gonna finger you for a minute, see how you
react,” he said softly.

She nodded in response, her breathing growing deep.

His thick forefinger slid up and down her slit
expertly, and she slid her butt forward a bit in her
seat to help him. Suddenly she realized she’d grown
slick already when his finger pushed against her small
clitty and rubbed furiously.

“Ohhhh…” she breathed.

“You like that?” he whispered into her ear.

“Mmmm hmmm…” she panted. No sense in lying, she

He continued rubbing against her clit rapidly as a
smile spread across her face and then quickly turned
into an “o” as she began to moan.

He was leaning over her, not touching her anymore
expect between her legs, and she could feel him
staring down at her. Her body was shaking violently
now as waves of pleasure rippled from her pussy.

Suddenly he stopped and reached over to her right,
next to the seat. Before she could respond to the
sudden lack of stimulus between her legs she felt
herself being lowered back slowly: he was tilting the
seat back.

When the seat was down as far as it would go, he
leaned away from her again. “Get on your knees,” he

Her body sexually charged now, she didn’t hesitate.
She sat up in the seat, looking at him with a wanton
expression mixed with confusion on her face. That’s
when she noticed that his pants were undone, and a
large erection was sticking out from between his legs.

It was the biggest cock she’d ever seen and her eyes
widened at the sight. It was at least nine inches long
and as thick around as her wrist. He was stroking it
slowly as he stared at her with his small, penetrating

Quickly, she scrambled to comply with his order. She
turned around until she was on her knees in the
passenger seat.

Once she was firmly in place on all fours, Razor began
to position himself behind her. It was difficult given
the small space, but he managed to get behind her so
that the head of his cock was pressed against the hole
of her vagina.

Gripping the headrest of the chair with her hands she
said, “Be careful…”

“I will,” he grinned.

Just as she braced herself for it he began pressing
his cock against her. She gasped at its size: she
couldn’t imagine it fitting in! But he pressed
unceasingly, pushing it hard against the opening of
her hole. She moaned in pain and discomfort as he
struggled to get it to enter her.

She felt him grab her ass cheeks and push them apart.
She tried to help by sliding her knees farther to
either side, but there just wasn’t enough room.

Then, all of a sudden, she felt her hole finally
relent at the intrusion.

“AH!” he gasped from behind her.

She squealed at the sensation of his large member
finally pressing inside her.

To her dismay he didn’t stop to let her pussy get used
to his girth. She cringed in pain as it pushed farther
up inside. Suddenly she got an idea from a porno she’d
seen once, and reached her right hand back under her
body between her legs. She began to furiously rub at
her clit, trying to get herself more wet.

The plan worked twofold: her pussy began to moisten-up
even more, while the self-stimulus began to replace
the penetration’s pain with pleasure. She was
breathing heavily, now, in relief and desire as his
cock slid into her from behind.

Finally he’d gotten the entire length of his shaft
inside her and now he was fucking in and out of her
slowly. She felt bloated from his size: she’d fucked
guys doggy-style before, but had never once had a cock
so big! Soon, her pleasure intensified and she began
to moan in time with his thrusts.

The idea that he wasn’t wearing a condom suddenly
entered her mind, but she didn’t really care. This was
a good hard fuck, something she desperately wanted!
Her body was charged and ready to explode and nothing
would keep her from wanting that, now!

She felt a small orgasm ripple across her body and she
mewed in pleasure. She collapsed forward on the seat,
her small tits crushing against the chair. She had
lost the strength in her arms to hold herself up.

His hands still gripped her ass as he slapped his dick
in and out of her tight pussy in a furious, relentless

“Like it doggy-style?” he panted between thrusts. “You
like getting fucked from behind?”

“Hmmm hmmm!” she groaned. Her heart was racing and she
could feel her all-too sensitive pussy getting ready
for another hard cum…

“Bet you do… bet you’d like it in the ass, too,

“Oh God, n-n-no…,” she sputtered in surprise. Was he

“No?” he gritted, his voice harsh. “You don’t want
your sweet little ass fucked?” At this last word he
slapped his large instrument all the way into her
pussy brutally, making her cry out.

“Oh GOD!” she moaned. Sweat had formed on her face and
her whole body felt rubbery. Her knees were chaffing
against the leather seat as they slid back and forth
on the seat.

Never before had she been fucked so expertly… or so

“You’re gonna need to learn how to take it in the
ass,” Razor hissed breathlessly. He had slowed his
fucking now to a regular, yet intense, pace.

“P-please,” she whined, gasping despite herself. “J-
just keep… f-fucking me… like this…”

He didn’t respond. And then she izmit escort felt something, his
thumb, press against her tiny ass hole.

She yelped. “Ah ohhh!”

She could hear him laugh behind her as he continued to
fuck in and out of her pussy. His thumb, meanwhile,
was squirming its way into her virgin butt.

Her exhausted body came alive again and she began to
writhe desperately. She’d never had anything placed
inside her… there… before! The feeling of his
thumb violating her like this was so degrading!

What did you expect? she thought to herself in
panicked desperation. Take his money, pretty much
offer to be his whore, offer to fuck him…

And then, just as she’d feared, she felt his cock pull
out of her cunt. She grunted at the sensation, then
squealed in pain as he pressed it against her small

“Gotta teach ya,” he mused from behind. “You’ll like

“No, please, no!” she cried pitifully.

She was struggling forcefully against him, now, all
desire to reach a good climax gone. She didn’t want
this! It was so sick, and he was so big: it would hurt
so bad!

Her cries turned into whimpering as he pressed his
dick into her ass, finally. It didn’t take long: his
cock was slick with her own juices and he was putting
intense pressure on her sphincter. He just kept
pressing and pressing as she squirmed in pain until
she screamed into the headrest: the head of his dick
had forced its way up her ass. The penetration was
rough and her body cramped up in pain.

“Relax, shh, relax,” he said from behind her. “Just
relax and take it…”

She tried to do as he said but her survival instincts
kept kicking in. She bucked her body wildly back and
it took his powerful hands to hold the young teenager
in place.

And then she began to sob. She whimpered pathetically
as her attempts to stop him came to a halt. There was
no use. Her body sort of collapsed, and her knees even
began to slide back on the seat, as she endured the
raping of her ass.

But then something strange happened: once his shaft
got halfway into her, it was as if her ass finally
understood what was going on. She felt her sphincter
relax and suck his dick further inside, which sent a
surprising wave of pleasure up through her.

She gasped.

“There we go,” she heard Razor sigh from behind. “You
got it now…”

And she did. Her ass was no longer resisting the
intrusion, but welcoming it. Her whole body seemed to
shudder at the feeling, his cock up in her ass, so
tight and clenching around it.

When he pressed forward again, she moaned in delight.

It came to a stop just when she didn’t think she could
take it anymore: whether he’d run out of room or he’d
gotten it all the way up her she didn’t know. All she
did know was that strange, semi-painful waves of
pleasure were emanating from his cock now and it was
unlike anything she’d ever felt.

He began fucking her ass after a brief rest. Each
thrust caused her to cry out in pleasure, and soon he
was thrusting in and out of her teenage butt with the
same momentum he’d had for her pussy. She gasped and
moaned and her young taut body gyrated at the
violation, the unspeakable pleasure intensifying by
the second.

“Gonna be my whore?” he asked breathlessly. It was
almost a declaration.

“Oh God, oh God!” she whimpered with delight.

“My little whore…” he declared.

The fucking of her ass was like another world for
Tina. She found herself clinching her sphincter around
his cock to make herself even tighter, wanton desire
taking over all her instincts.

“Gonna cum!” she heard him say, loudly. “Want it
inside, don’t you?”

She didn’t want to answer. Because she did want it
inside: she wanted to feel his sperm swim up into her
anus. Her carnal mind wanted everything, all of it,
now! But instead of replying she just gasped loudly
and bore down for an orgasm she couldn’t have
conceived of before!

And then, as he hammered his cock home, her body
quaked in an orgasmic explosion. She was cumming so
hard it was scary: her screams of delight were also
cries of fear.

And his cock erupted inside her, sending her over the
edge into a full-body orgasm.

Even as her own orgasm waned and she felt her muscles
loosen, his cock still pumped its seed inside her. She
grunted at the feeling of his sperm inside her anus,
shooting up inside her body.

When it was done, he slid over into his own seat. She
just collapsed forward again, this time fully, and
panted in disbelief.

A million thoughts were going through her head, now.
Mostly disbelief: she couldn’t believe herself, the
situation, or how good getting fucked anally had been!
She found herself smiling, and had to stop herself
from giggling: she felt stoned!

Razor began rubbing her back gently. He said, “Feel

Slowly, she turned around, and managed to hide her
smile. For some reason, him seeing her smile now would
be worse than him seeing his cum leaking out of her
butt-hole, which it was.

“My ass hurts,” she managed to say, softly.

He grinned. “That’s okay. It’ll get easier.”

She nodded. Then, exhaustedly, she reached over to her
right and leaned the seat forward again so that she
was sitting upright.

Razor turned off the dome light just as a ringing
sounded through the car. Tina looked at him, startled,
then noticed him produce a cell phone from his pants.

He talked low enough that Tina couldn’t hear him. She
didn’t really care: right now she needed a cigarette.

After lighting it up she leaned back and puffed away
in the SUV. She felt so relaxed, now, though her poor
little butt did hurt. After she was done smoking she
slowly got dressed: her clothes would be stained with
cum but she didn’t care. She didn’t feel like cleaning
herself right now.

“Okay, let’s go,” Razor said after hanging up the

She nodded. The SUV, which had been running the whole
time, suddenly lurched into reverse and soon they were
on their way.

Razor talked almost nonstop the rest of the drive, but
Tina wasn’t paying much attention. She just kept
thinking of what she’d done, trying to reconcile her
self-respect with her recent actions. This was worse
than what she’d done with Leon, she realized, yet she
didn’t feel as guilty this time…

When they finally pulled in front of her trailer Razor
said, “You live in this shithole?”

She nodded, not knowing how to respond. It really was
a shithole!

He shook his head. “When you start working for me,
we’ll have you out of her in a month. Trust me. Oh,
that reminds me, here.”

He reached into his pocket and handed her three
crumpled bills. They were $50’s.

Tina looked surprised. “What’s this for?” she asked as
she took the money.

“You gotta get paid,” he said. When she didn’t appear
to understand he continued, “For the fuck. Anal and
vaginal… $150’s your split.”

She nodded slowly. “Thanks,” she muttered.

“So, yeah,” he said getting out of the SUV. Tina
followed suit. “Once your eye gets better give me a

He lifted her bike out of the back of his vehicle and
held it out for her. She grabbed it with shaking arms.

She nodded to him.

“Alright, later,” he declared. Tina watched as he got
back into the SUV and drove away.

She stared at the black SUV until it was gone. She
looked back at the $150 in her hand, then shoved it
into her purse.

He’d given her $200 as a gift earlier. He’d just given
her $150 for a fuck. It was no longer a matter of
becoming something she wasn’t if she took his job, she

She already was a prostitute.

Sighing deeply she made her way to her small trailer
home, wanting nothing more than to get to bed so she
could digest all this.

Once inside the home she saw her dad, a tall strongly
built man with a large beer-belly, passed out in his
ratty recliner before the television set. A hockey
game was playing.

She tried to sneak past him but he woke up.

“Whatta you doin’ here?” he asked, voice slurred.

She faced him. “I’m home…”

“What happened to yer face?” he asked, sounding
genuinely surprised.

She stared at him. He was serious! She felt her pulse
quicken and anger begin to boil in her stomach.

Suddenly she marched toward him and thrust the $150
out to him. “HERE!” she cried.

He looked at the money in confusion, then at her, then
grabbed the money. “So you got it, huh?”

Tears began to well in her eyes. She nodded.

“Good, good… teach ya ‘sponsibility. Don’t go takin’
my beer…”

She turned away and began marching to her room when he
said, “Take care of dat eye!”

She slammed her bedroom door shut and jumped into bed.
Finally broken down by the day’s events, she cried
pathetically into her pillow until sometime later she
passed away into a restless slumber.


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