The Welcoming Committee

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“Alexis, sweetheart, I’m back!” you sing as you come through the front door.

“In here, baby,” I call from the bedroom, a smile in my voice.

“Oh God, I missed …” Stopping suddenly in the doorway you gaze at the bed in disbelief.

“Hi honey,” I murmur, my hands wrapped in the long blonde hair of a 20 something girl between my legs. “Welcome home.”

You stare at me, lying there on the bed, my breasts spilling out of my black lace bra as the girl nibbles at my swollen clit. The sheets are tangled and the room smells vaguely of pussy as I cup my tits in my hands, pulling at the nipples through the lace.

“Why don’t you have a shower and then come join us?” I suggest.

“Umm, well sure,” you agree as you walk through the bedroom to our private bathroom. “Be with you in 2 secs.”

As you turn on the shower you hear a familiar sound, one that you had inspired many times before. One that made the blood rush to your already hard cock …

“Oh yes, God, don’t stop, don’t stop, so acıbadem escort close ..”

You hurry through your shower in record time and practically run back into the bedroom, your hair wet and slicked back.

“Come here, baby,” I invite, opening my arms.

You lie on the bed beside me and kiss me long and hard. As you thrust your tongue into my mouth you can feel a small hand on your cock.

“She wants you, Jay,” I murmur against your lips. “She needs your cock.”

“But Alexis,” you whisper back, “I thought it would just be us tonight.”

I smile, rubbing my hand across the hair on your chest.

“You’ve been gone four days, honey. If I know you, you’re gonna be good for all night.”

Your only response is a gasp as you feel warm lips on the tip of your prick.

“Her name’s Leah,” I tell you, bending to suck at your nipples.

Leah begins stroking your cock with her tongue, coating your shaft while she fondles your balls. I watch as she stops ataşehir escort to swirl her tongue around your tip, hearing you moan as she teases your hole. Getting up on my knees, I undo my bra, my breasts falling free as I move on top of you.

“Suck my tits, Jay, suck them baby,” I beg. Pressing them together you take both nipples in your mouth at once as I rub my cunt on your chest. You can feel my warm juice spreading across your skin as I fuck myself against your body.

“Oh Jesus, Alexis,” you moan as Leah sucks hungrily at your dick. “I need her on top, baby, oh baby, show her how to ride me.”

She gets up, straddling your lap and I playfully pinch her fat nipples. Taking your cock in my hand I rub it against her pussy, my fingers parting her lips.

“Slow Leah, go nice and slow, baby, that’s what he needs.”

The feel of her tight cunt on your prick almost makes you lose it right there as she lowers herself slowly down your shaft.

“Feel good, Jay?” içerenköy escort I ask as I get behind her. “Want her to fuck you, baby?”

“Yes,” you moan, “oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

She begins stroking herself with your dick as I reach around, pulling on her nipples. I kiss the back of her smooth neck as I watch you, your eyes closed, biting your lip. You reach out and grab her firm ass, pulling her down on you even harder, your hips beginning to move. Her nipples are tender beneath my fingers as I tease her clit, rubbing my cunt against her ass.

“Do it Leah,” I pant, “fuck him, fuck my baby.”

She moans and leans back, her young body working your cock so well. The bed shakes as she rocks back and forth on your throbbing prick, her hands grabbing at your chest as the waves begin.

“So good,” she moans, “so fuckin’ good, oh God, so hard.”

I feel her body tense and her cum spills down your prick, soaking the sheets. Your hips jerk against her as you shoot your load deep into her hot cunt. As the waves slow she lays down beside you and spreads her legs. I move down and gently lick your cum from her beautiful cunt, tasting both of you.

As you watch me, your cock begins to harden again and I smile.

“See, what did I tell you, Leah? All night … all night long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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