The Vicar’s Wife Ch. 17

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The ‘Rose and Crown’ is a charming, seventeenth century road house, with the interior charm expected of such an historic building. In recent years, however, restrictions on drink driving, and even more recently, smoking, had made inroads to the popularity of the inn, which had managed to reinvent itself as a high-class restaurant, with superb cuisine for the discerning well-off clients. It had become reincarnated as a popular inn of style and elegance. It was very well patronized, particularly at weekends.

Sitting in a corner of the cocktail lounge, once the public bar, were three young men, sipping their glasses of orange juice. To the casual observer, they looked surprisingly well-dressed for a Saturday evening out. Each wore a white shirt with collar and tie, dark blazer and slacks. They were, in fact, second year medical students at the nearby university hospital, and were waiting to begin their week-end spare-time job. They were engaged by a very senior psychology consultant, to maintain good behavior at an exclusive, secret location for a discreet dogging group.

The tallest of the three was George, a second generation English black guy. Because he was well over six feet tall, and well-built, he was the leader, chosen by the originator of the exclusive dogging set, who organized the use of the private car park behind the historic property supported by English heritage. Of course, English Heritage were unaware of being a provider of a suitable venue for upper-class doggers. The other two were Ian, a ginger headed athletic-looking young man, and Stubby. Stubby was fair-haired and rather overweight, but not exactly what would be considered fat.

‘You’ll be okay Stubby,’ George was telling him. ‘All we have to do is make sure that no undesirables get into the car park. All the members cars have fluorescent identification discs in their windscreens. Simple!’

‘Sounds easy.’

‘And,’ Ian added, ‘you get to fuck the ladies if invited.’

‘We are usually asked to help out the husbands in giving their ladies what they want.’

‘Which is…?’

‘Cock, of course!’

They laughed. ‘The viagra helps. We need to keep us in peak performance. A little help comes in useful.’

‘Isn’t it about time we had one?’

George took a blister pack from his pocket, squeezing out thee capsules. ‘One for you, one for you, and one for me.’

The three popped the capsules into their mouths, washing them down with their orange juice.

‘Ready for the fray gentlemen. Don’t be surprised at anything you might see Stubby. It’s all for fun, really. You’ll enjoy it.’

Meanwhile, sitting behind the wheel of her Mazda, driving through the darkening country lane, Samantha was rehearsing the thoughts that had occupied her for the past few hours. The thought of sex with a stranger in the dark was something that had stimulated her imagination for quite a while. Ever since her husband James had stopped having regular sex with her, in fact. And she could persuade herself that it would not be adultery, since the other partner would be anonymous. So, when, that afternoon, her friend Sarah had mentioned to her the dogging activity in the rear car park of their house, Sam was curious. Her mind was aroused at the prospect of joining in. She had questioned Sarah about it, though was anxious not to appear too interested. She partly suspected that Sarah herself had indulged in the action, but was reluctant to admit to it. She seemed to know enough about what went on, to suggest first hand knowledge.

Then, the time spent on the internet at home later that day, looking at the various sites about the activity had aroused her interest even more. And her deep seated sexual frustration remained unsatisfied, in spite of the wonderful time with Sarah. But girl on girl sex wasn’t the same, exciting though it was. Her Sarah-induced orgasms were heavenly, but Sam still felt a passionate need for thick penis. It was so long since she felt her vagina filled with one. Her body was desperate for it. After all, it was a woman’s prime function in life. And the frustration was making her ill!

The evening was an ideal time. Warm and getting dark. And James’s shift at the hospital meant that he would not be home until after midnight. Her curiosity increased as she drove past the house. This was crazy, Samantha thought. The doctor’s wife on a shagging mission! What would people think? But what the hell – who was to find out?

When Samantha turned down the lane behind Sarah’s ancestral home, there were no street lights. Her headlights caught the fairly narrow opening in the hedge, through which the small rear car park was reached. Maneuvering her Mazda hatchback through the opening, she was immediately aware of three other cars in the park beneath the trees. There was a black BMW, a Nissan Accenta and a new Ford Fusion. All three had their interior lights glowing, showing signs of movement inside. The Nissan had the passenger door open. A guy was holding onto the top taksim escort bayan of the doorframe, facing the interior, trousers and underwear round his ankles, his buttocks rocking. Occupied with parking her car, Sam didn’t take much notice of what else was happening in the others.

Stopping a few feet away from the side of the BMW, San opened her window before switching off the engine, turning on the interior lights. This is it, she thought, wondering if she dare go through with it. She took a deep breath of the evening air.

Almost immediately, a well-dressed guy approached the window. He smiled. ‘Good evening! Nice to meet you!’ He had a good, deep cultured voice.


‘We haven’t seen you here before, ma’am. Are you aware what goes on here?’

Swallowing hard, Sam went for it. ‘Of course. That’s why I’m here.’ Her voice was husky with nerves.

‘Been here before?’

‘No. As you thought, first time, actually. Why?’ Sam was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Why all the questions she wondered.

‘We need to check on newcomers,’ the tall guy explained. ‘This is a private park. You don’t look like a trouble maker though.’ He smiled broadly. It was then she noticed in the gloom, that he was black.

A second guy opened her car door. ‘Why not join us?’

He was also well-spoken, well-dressed, with blazer, collar and tie. He offered her his hand to assist her from the car. The first guy was standing behind her. Towering over her. Suddenly, she felt hands softly stroking her buttocks. Gosh, she thought, they don’t waste any time getting down to business. It was all so unreal! She was conscious of her vagina responding in anticipation. The other guy was slowly unbuttoning Sam’s dress, expressing some agreeable surprise at seeing her naked body beneath it. Sam looked down proudly at her body, the large breasts hanging invitingly. Hands caressed them both, thumbs rubbing the stiffening nipples. He murmured his appreciation. ‘Mm. Those are so beautiful, lady.’ A third man had joined them.

‘Lovely tits Stubby,’ he said to this newly arrived friend. ‘Look!’

With a sweep of his arms, the dress was brushed from her shoulders. The one called George, behind her, took it from her shoulders, draping it over the car bonnet, before returning his hands to her bottom. The caresses moved into the crack, before slipping between the thighs to reach the hairy entrance of her dripping vulva. Sam wasn’t sure what she felt. It was all so very strange, having her vulva touched by a stranger. She couldn’t believe it was really happening. It was so unbelievable that it had to be a dream. But the voice was real enough!

‘Hey, lady! Let’s just take a good look at you.’ The smallest of the group peered at her. He was a chubby-faced, pleasant-looking young man of around twenty she guessed. He wore a Kangol felt cap. Very stylish. ‘Your very good looking and you’ve sure got a great body there.’

Sam suddenly wasn’t sure if she liked the look of this. Although they seemed to be decent lads, there was something vaguely menacing about them. Perhaps it was all in her mind. After all, this was why she came here. But it wasn’t what she’d expected. But then, she didn’t really know for sure what it was she was expecting. Some middle-class professional guy, perhaps? There would be some preliminaries, though, surely?

The tallest of them, George, the one who had first spoken to her, was a black guy of solid build. Well over six feet. He wore a black felt trilby hat, with a disarming grin. ‘Do you mind?’ he enquired of Sam, with good humor. ‘I’ll be gentle!’

‘And a lovely pussy, Ian. Who’s first?’

‘Come on! Let’s have a kiss first!’ the chubby youth pleaded.

‘A grope would be better,’ the one called Ian laughed. ‘Nice pair of tits there, though and I’ll bet she has the most delectable fanny between them thighs.’

‘She sure has,’ George told them. ‘I can vouch for that.’

The chubby man unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. It was already half erect. ‘Take a look lady. You’d like a length of that, I can guarantee.’ Sam stared at it without taking it in. This isn’t really happening, she thought again. But yes, it did look handsome in the gloom, with the car interior light illuminating it. It was many years since she had gazed on a penis other than her husbands.

Taking their cue from him, the other two unzipped as well, dragging out their cocks to display to Sam. The red-headed youth’s cock was almost fully stiff. Very pale skinned, with a pointed head peeking from the foreskin. He stroked it sexily.

‘Don’t take any notice of him, lady. He’s always got a hard on. All the time. It’s natural with him.’ They all laughed, thrusting their loins forward towards Sam.

‘A good thing in this place,’ he laughed. ‘Comes in very useful.’

Sam stared at the cocks sticking out of the slacks of the three men standing there. She couldn’t drag her eyes from them. They fascinated ümraniye escort bayan her. When the black guy’s cock came into view, she was amazed! It was enormous. It had to be at least ten inches long and it wasn’t even fully erect. It sprouted from the bushy groin in a huge arch. Although having heard of such weapons, she had never believed the stories of black guys with enormous phalluses. But here was the proof! Her mouth was dry. Good God! She could never engulf a member that big in her pussy!

The three crowded round Sam. The chubby one took her face in both hands and kissed her mouth heavily. She was unable to avoid it. At least, his breath was sweet. At the same time a pair of hands encircled her from behind cupping her breasts, squeezing them hard, testing their weight.

‘Wow, what a great pair of tits!’

Her areola were swollen, with nipples hard as nuts assisted by the slight chill in the air, but mainly with the stimulation of strange fingers clawing at them. Sam was very proud of her breasts. They were large, smooth and unmarked, with saucer-like areola that swelled up like smaller breasts when aroused. They were also very sensitive. Although firm, they hovered over her flat belly by their sheer weight.

The black guy was standing behind her, admiring the flawless skin of her well-rounded buttocks. His large hands slowly caressed the soft flesh, both little fingers reaching into the deep creases where the cheeks meet the top of the thighs. It was warm and damp. The fingers explored every inch of her loins, feeling the brown puckered passage, before slipping into the wet vagina for a few finger-fucking jabs. He felt the juice oozing from the vulva. ‘She’s ripe for it guys. Seeping like a leaking tap.’

More eager fingers explored her soft vulva, feeling the juices. Her whole body was being mauled. Sam took a deep breath. She decided suddenly that this was the very scene of her fantasy. To be gang-banged. But the reality was very different. Frightening almost. In spite of the thought she had given to the prospect, she wasn’t quite ready for it.

Whilst Sam stood, impassive, trying to regain her composure, four pairs of hands groped her vulva, stroked her thighs, bottom and breasts. Lips were everywhere. Kissing her face, her nipples, her bottom. She came to the conclusion that having the three fuck her, one after the other, was inevitable. As they handled her body, Sam turned her attention to looking over her assailants. They were quite good looking, actually. Clean-shaven and well-dressed. Normally, they would be intelligent, smart professional men. She might even fancy them.

‘Okay, you guys. Who goes first?’ the red-head asked.

‘Hey, not him,’ the chubby youth insisted, pointing to the black man whose cock had now stiffened, though its length had not noticeably increased. Just the girth! ‘If he goes first, he’ll stretch her fanny so much that that ours won’t even touch the sides.’

They all laughed coarsely. ‘Right, smallest first,’ the chubby-faced one said. ‘That’s me!’

Sam held her as she was turned round to face the car bonnet. Her now naked body was pressed over it, spread-eagled. The warmth of the engine was pleasant against her hips. Hands were pawing at her breasts as she felt her vulva being prodded. She wasn’t sure what she expected, but Sam hadn’t really thought of three guys at once. There was nothing she could do to prevent it happening.

As the others held Sam by the arms, the chubby one stood between her thighs. One of the others had a small torch which was now switched on, the beam aimed at her hair covered vulva. Holding the dark-skinned labia between finger and thumb of each hand, they were pulled apart to open the gateway to her dribbling vagina. The four small folds of flesh protecting the entrance opened up. The plump guy stabbed his cock into the gap, deep into her vagina in one swift push, accompanied by loud moan.

Sam held her breath with stiffened body as the cock penetrated her. She winced and gasped, though she was well lubricated, so penetration was no problem. This must be what it was like to be raped, she thought. The youth fucked her fiercely and quickly. Sam felt oddly detached even though this was what she had come for. As he pounded into her, Sam noticed another man in the back of the BMW, watching the action. He had his erect penis in his hand. She still found it hard to believe it was happening.

The moon shimmered in the leaves of the hedge. The interior lights of the cars gave a curious glow to the action. Birds were singing. Sounds of physical effort floated across from the other cars.

The others were egging Stubby on to even greater effort.

‘Come on Stubby, give to her good!’

‘Fuck that fanny, man!’

‘But leave some for me!’

Whilst he shagged and squeezed her breasts, Sam diverted her eyes to examine the two guys either side of her. Ian, the ginger-haired guy, had an almost white cock, with üsküdar escort bayan a distinct upward curve. Protruding from his slacks, it looked about average length and girth. The dark-skinned one had an almost black shaft, hard and stiff, with pronounced veins, pointing proudly at his chin, foreskin half-retracted to reveal a shining head, a bead of liquid oozing from the eye.

Closing her eyes, Sam concentrated on the exquisite sensation of cock pounding in and out of her. Yes! It was exhilarating! Different to what she expected in a curious way, but exciting. Stubby began panting, his rhythm becoming erratic. Over her shoulder, Sam saw his eyes screw up tight with effort. Turning back, she looked down over her belly to watch his cock plunging in and out of her. Sam was finally finding the experience strangely electrifying. The supreme delight of having any man’s fantastic weapon sliding inside her, soothed her aching muscles. She was beginning to enjoy it! This after all as what men and women were created to do. Mmm! Oh yes! It’s what I wanted, she decided.

Suddenly, Stubby bellowed, withdrew his shaft, snatching off the condom before spraying her buttocks with his semen. For some reason she couldn’t explain, she counted the six watery spurts splashing around her bum hole. Sam had not noticed him reaching his climax in advance, being focused on her own sensations. One second he was fucking her hard, the next he was covering her with the outpouring of his effort.

They then pulled Sam upright, turning her round to face the black man who had been behind her fondling her buttocks. She was made to bend forward, her large breasts dangling, the hard thimble-like nipples ready to be pawed and squeezed. Now face to face with this mighty cock, she marveled at it. It was huge, reaching higher than his navel. She couldn’t take her eyes from it, even whilst her thighs were being mauled about and her hips dragged open for a second assault on her vagina.

Then, unexpectedly, the curved shaft split her labia apart, sinking fully into her. Immediately, it went into a furious rhythm. Sam was conscious of the sensitive inner flesh of her vagina being caressed in parts never reached by cock before. Gosh! It was out of this world! A vagina full of cock. The curve pressed the cock into the roof of her vagina, stimulating the lubricating glands. It was heaven! The black cock in front of her was seeping liquid from the dilated eye at the end of the head. She stared spellbound as it trickled over the top of the shaft. Magic!

‘Come on, Ian. Give it all you’ve got! Go for it, man!’

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Sam took the dark-purple knob of the black cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it avidly. It was like a large plum. She grabbed the shaft in both hands, jerking it up and down to the rhythm of the humping cock behind her. The outer skin slid over the hard inner shaft. It was wonderful — a magnificent weapon! She suddenly wanted it. To feel it inside her. It was then that she felt her first orgasm ripple through her belly. A vaginal orgasm! Fabulous!

Ian quickly withdrew his cock, turned Sam over as he pulled off the condom, so that he could spray her belly and breasts with his plentiful hot seed. Sam watched the convulsive penis spit spouts of sperm over her, Ian grunting loudly with each spasms. But no sooner had the penis exhausted its load, than Sam was pulled upright, turned with her back arched against the car.

‘Okay, you lot. My turn. Lift her up.’

The two men hoisted Sam up by her thighs, holding them wide apart as she rested her arms on the car bonnet. She held her breath in anticipation. This was the moment. The vulva was open for all to see, framed in a halo of wet hair. The pink buds of flesh, which guarded the entrance, were peeled away from the gaping vagina, awash with her private honey. All eyes were drawn to the black guy’s approach Sam. Taking his weapon in both hands, he placed the end against the fleshy tunnel.

Argh! Watching the huge cock approach her, Sam drew her breath in harshly as she felt it nudge between the lips, stretching them further and further apart, penetrating them little by little. Breathtaking! The mighty shaft of solid cock slowly disappeared into the willing vagina. Sam closed her eyes, crying out in pain as the flesh resisted the intrusion. But it was relentless. Half way inside her vagina, George began to fuck, slowly, encouraging the lips to stretch in order to accommodate him.

Sam’s vagina relaxed and stretched, the flesh expanded gradually to allow the invader to enter deeper. She was filled to bursting. I’ll be split open, she thought. It was mind-boggling. It was overwhelming! Never had she felt so completely occupied by cock. Her whole body was concentrated on the monster within it. The wonderful, marvelous king of cocks! Filling her fanny — her belly — her whole body! Further and further until the shaft was fully embedded into her. She was its victim to be plundered and violated at will.

This was fantastic! Sam was now being fucked in earnest, as never before. The enormous shaft heaved in and out with long, steady strokes. The swarthy guy reached his hand to her groin and rubbed her clitoris with quick firm circular strokes. Even the guy in the BMW had moved to concentrate on watching the event. A massive black cock battering the delicate vulva of a white lady.

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