The Unexpected

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Traci stretched. It had been a long tiring day and her back and head hurt from concentrating. The slight buzz of the florescent light only seemed to make her headache worse. The good news was that she was done. She felt like she’d been working this case forever, but now it was over. She just had to load the final report into the ECM system. She pressed the button. Done. Really done now.

“Hey Traci, you want to join us at the bar?” Ethan was peering at her over the top of her cubical. She had a kind of a thing for Ethan. There was something adorable about his messy, dirty blond hair. Any other night she would have been excited to have him ask.

“I’d love to, but I’m just too tired and my headaches.”

“No worries,” Ethan said, “Maybe next time.”

“Yeah, maybe next time.”

“Come on guys, Traci’s not coming.”

She listened as the last of the team left the office. Then she slowly packed her bag with some work she thought she might get to over the weekend and followed them out. It was cold and almost dark. She glanced at her phone, 4:30. She’d gotten out early. That was a first. She thought about turning around and heading for the bar, it seemed like such a waste not to go celebrate on a Friday night. But her head was throbbing and there was that sharp pain between her shoulder blades.

She stood at the bus stop imagining a hot bath and a shot of bourbon followed by bed and a long sleep. The bus arrived and she climbed on. There were no open seats so she was forced to stand. She kept trying to stretch her back to relieve the pain, but it didn’t really help. What she needed was someone to rub her neck, a nice massage.

The thought of a massage reminded her that her friend Kayla had given her a gift certificate to a massage place in her neighborhood. That was like six months ago. She hadn’t given it much thought, that wasn’t her sort of thing. Where had she put it? She thought back. They’d been at a restaurant. She probably just folded it up and stuck it in her purse. She looped one arm around the poll she was holding and fished her purse out of her bag. She leafed through a few twenties and some old receipts until she came to a thick folded piece of paper. She opened it: Oonah’s Massage Therapy. It was only two blocks from her apartment, and on her way home. She’d noticed it once, an unassuming door with a sign over it.

The bus reached her stop. Hurriedly she put her purse away, and still holding the gift certificate, followed the stream of people out onto the pavement. She walked quickly up the street until she reached the sign for Oonah’s. The door led to a flight of stairs and a door at the top with another sign. Inside she found herself in a well-lit waiting room lined with empty chairs and a reception desk at one end. The room smelled good, like Eucalyptus or something. She couldn’t quite place it. She closed the door and stood with her back to it. Now that she was here she wasn’t sure she could go through with it. What if they wanted her to be naked? What if the therapist was a man?

“Can I help you?”

Traci looked up, the middle-aged receptionist was looking at her from behind her desk.

“IÉuhÉI was looking to get a massage,” Traci said.

A young dark haired woman wearing a white coat came out from a door behind the receptionist and put something into a filing cabinet.

“You got an appointment, hon?” the receptionist asked looking at her computer.

“UhÉno. Do I need one?” Traci felt sort of stupid. Here she was on a Friday evening thinking she could just waltz in and get a massage. “Look, forget it. I’ll call and make an appointment for next week.”

“You want to set something up now?”

“Oh no,” Traci was already backing toward the door. “I need to check my schedule.”

“I can take you right now.” It was the dark haired girl.

Traci stopped. “No, no, you don’t have to. It was silly of me to think I could come in without an appointment.”

“No, it’s fine,” the girl said.

“It’s Friday,” Traci said. She’d felt almost relieved when the receptionist had said she’d need an appointment.

“I’ve got time.”

Traci looked at the receptionist.

“Shelly’s really good,” the woman said.

Traci looked at Shelly again. She was small, maybe five-five and 120 pounds, with a bright infectious smile. “If you’re sure.”

“Of course I’m sure.

“Um, o.k.,” Traci said.

“I’ll close up when I’m done Fran,” Shelly said to the receptionist. Then turning back to Traci, she said, “Follow me.”

A bit reluctantly, Traci followed her through a door, out of the waiting room and down a hall.

“Here’s the changing room,” Shelly said, opening a door off the hall. “Take everything off. You’ll find a pair of cotton panties in the armoire and a robe. Put those on and then come across the hall.”

“So just the panties?”

“Yeah, it makes for a better massage if I can oil you up and not have worry about your clothes. Don’t worry, I’ll cover you with a towel.”

Traci nodded. Shelly smiled her infectious pendik escort smile and closed the door. Alone in the changing room, Traci wished she’d never come; it was almost as bad as she’d imagined. At least Shelly wasn’t a man.

Traci removed her shoes and rubbed her feet, she hadn’t realized how much her heels had been hurting her. Then she slowly stripped off her clothes. When she was naked she paused and looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She didn’t have a bad body. Her breasts were too small, or a least smaller than she imagined most men would like. But they were high and well shaped. She thought her hips were a little too wide, but she was toned, not muscular, but toned. She looked in the armoire and found a stack of clean cotton panties and pulled a pair on. They were a bit snug, but not uncomfortable. There were several thick, white robes. She selected one, and taking a deep breath, opened the door and crossed the hall.

The room was dimly lit, warm and humid. Music was playing quietly in the background, something Asian and lilting. The room smelled strong of eucalyptus. There was a table in the middle.

“All set?” Shelly said. She was lying out some jars and things on a counter on the other side of the room.


“Good. Let’s get that robe off.”

Traci stood frozen.

“Don’t worry, you can put this towel around you,” Shelly said soothingly.

“Sorry, I’m not really a prude or anything,” Traci said.

“Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal. A lot of my clients are a bit shy at first. We’ve got such antiquated views about nudity in this country. You probably grew up thinking that nudity was bad.”

Traci nodded. Now that she thought about it, she’d never seen her dad or brothers naked. Not that she could remember at least. In fact she hadn’t seen a man fully naked until college. It wasn’t that she hadn’t had sex before that; it was just that it had always been fumbley, half-clothed sex.

Shelly had moved behind her and taken hold of the robe. Reluctantly, Traci let her slip it off, but she covered her breasts immediately.

“Here’s a towel, you can wrap that around you.”

Traci took the towel and wrapped it tightly around her chest.

“Ok, hop up on the table.”

Traci slid more than hopped.

“So you’re back is bothering you. Right between the shoulder blades, right?” Shelly asked.

“Yeah, how did you know that?”

“I could tell by the way you were holding yourself,” Shelly said. “You’ve been sitting at a computer all day haven’t you?”

“For months.”

“What else?”

“What else hurts?”


“I have a terrible headache,” Traci said. She found she was beginning to relax. The warmth of the room and Shelly’s straightforward manner helped. “And my feet.”

“Those heels will kill you,” Shelly said, with a smile.

“Part of the uniform,” Traci said.

“Have you ever had acupressure?” Shelly asked.

“Is that like acupuncture?”

“Yeah, same idea but without the needles.”

“Does it hurt?”

“No, no pain. I’ll just press on some spots for a few minutes. Actually, acupuncture doesn’t hurt either.”


“No, I go about once a week. I always feel relaxed and a bit euphoric afterwards. Sort of like after a really good orgasm.”

Traci was a bit shocked by this. But it also made her wondered if she’d ever had a really good orgasm. She didn’t remember ever feeling euphoric. Of course it had been a while. How long had it been? Six months? More? She couldn’t remember. She’d gotten herself off, but that wasn’t the same just a pressure release.

“I think acupressure will help with that upper back pain and the headache. Let’s start with that. Why don’t you lie back on the table?”

Traci lay back and Shelly placed her thumbs on a spot between her eyebrows and slowly applied pressure.

“So, do you have a boyfriend?” Shelly asked. It was a casual, conversational question.


“Really? A pretty girl like you.” Shelly said, increasing the pressure just a little.

Traci thought of Ethan. He was cute, but they never seemed to find a way to connect. Just like tonight, there was always something. “No, I can’t seem to find the time.”



“Not at the moment,” Shelly said. She move down and started to press on a spot on Traci’s hands.

“Do you live in the area,” Traci asked.

“Near Tattem Station.”

“Oh, I live near Tattem also.”

Shelly moved to her feet, applying pressure with her thumbs. Suddenly Traci realized that her head didn’t hurt so badly anymore.

“Let’s have you roll over on your stomach,” Shelly said. “I’m going to do a few meridians on the back of your neck before I start the massage.”

“Oh, I feel a lot better already,” Traci said.

“Then you’re going to feel amazing when I’m done.”

Shelly pressed her thumbs into Traci’s neck and slowly the last of her headache disappeared. She lay there amazed as Shelly şerifali escort began to massage her scalp and then moved to her neck.

“Ok, I’m going to get some oil,” Shelly said.

Traci opened her eyes. Shelly walked over to the counter and Traci watched her, She was wearing a short skirt under her clinician’s jacket. Her legs had a nice shape, slim, but muscular. She turned and saw Traci watching her and smiled. Traci smiled back, she wondered if Shelly might be part Asian, she had such beautiful almond shaped eyes.

“Can you loosen the towel? I need to get to your back.”

Traci propped herself on one elbow and loosened the towel. She could feel her breast swing free and she quickly settled back on the table.

“Good, I’m just going to fold this down a bit to uncover your back. Then I’m going to pour a little oil on your back. It will be warm, but not hot,” Shelly said.

As she poured Shelly ran her hand in circles lightly over Traci’s back. It felt nice, just to be touched. Traci realized how little physical contact she had with other people. It seemed odd now that she thought about it.

Shelly began at her shoulders and neck. Her hands were firm, but she never seemed to press too hard. She slowly and patiently worked each area, coming back to smooth it over with softer strokes. From Traci’s shoulders she moved to her arms and then to her hands and fingers. It felt so luxurious, so soothing that Traci wondered why she hadn’t come before.

Shelly’s hand moved to the middle of her back working over her lats and lower trapezius. Traci felt herself sink deeper into relaxation.

Then Shelly reached her lumbar region and Traci let out a little sigh. More like a gasp. She didn’t mean to it just escaped.

“You ok?” Shelly asked.

“Great. It feels wonderful.”

“You’re pretty tense here.”

“I know, I didn’t realize until you touched me there.”

Shelly ran her hand down Traci’s slim waist pressing a bit harder with her thumbs. It felt so good. Traci sighed again. Shelly kept it up, her hands running down Traci’s waist and just under the towel and then fanning out over the rise of her butt cheeks.

“Oh.” The exclamation broke from Traci unbidden.


“Better than good,” Traci said.

Shelly pushed the towel down just a bit and on her next stroke her fingers traveled just under the elastic of Traci’s panties. Traci felt like she was melting with each stroke of Shelly’s soft, firm touch. She was becoming a puddle on the table.

“Ok, that’s enough of that for a bit,” Shelly said. “I’m going to work on your feet now.”

Traci was disappointed, but as soon as Shelly touched her feet the disappointment faded. Shelly worked her thumbs into the soles of Traci’s feet, then pulled on each toe and then began working up her calves. It felt amazing.

From her calves Shelly began working up the backs of Traci’s thighs. Shelly’s hands moved in long strokes up her legs and under the towel, ending at the bottom of her ass cheeks.

Traci felt warm and glowing: relaxed in a way she’d never experienced before.

Shelly’s hands began to move inward with each stroke, running up the inside of each thigh. At the top of each stroke her hand brushing ever so lightly against Traci’s panties. It felt good. In fact it felt a bit more than good. A warm tingling that had started in her belly had moved lower and part of her wanted Shelly’s hands to go higher. She’d never wanting something like that from another girl. It scared her, but excited her at the same time.

Another stroke and Shelly’s fingers brushed lightly over Traci’s panty covered sex. Traci gave a little sigh.

On the next stroke Shelly’s fingers brushed her again and without thinking about it, or really meaning to, Traci let her legs fall open just a tiny bit more. She could feel her pussy starting to moisten. Her heart beat faster.

The next stroke up and Shelly hand brushed against her a bit harder and then traveled up over her lower ass cheeks. Traci found that she was pushing her pubes into the table. Another stroke, just like the last. Traci opened her legs a little more and ground her pubes down a little harder. She wanted Shelly to touch her, there. She wanted it badly. It shocked her to think it, but she couldn’t help it. Did Shelly know what she was doing to her? Would it freak her out if she knew?

On the next stroke she let a little moan escape her. Her pussy was truly wet now. And hot.

Shelly stroked up again, her fingers brushing over Traci’s throbbing pussy and up over her ass. Traci pushed down into the table, she wanted to reach down and rub her clit in the worst way.

“Ok, I’m going to have you roll over on your back in a second,” Shelly said.

What? No. Traci wanted to protest, she didn’t want this too end. Well at least not this way.

Shelly ran her hand up the back of Traci’s thigh one more time, slower and lighter. Her fingers brushed over her pussy again and Traci had to silivri escort work hard not to push back against them. God she was so turned on and so confused.

“Ok, roll over,” Shelly said, her tone was friendly, but business like.

Traci didn’t know what to think. She started to roll over and then remembered that her breasts weren’t covered. She paused and covered herself with her arm and rolled onto her back.

“Will you be more comfortable if I cover you with the towel?” Shelly asked.

“Yes,” Traci said, though part of her wanted Shelly to see her.

Shelly moved the towel up so that it covered Traci’s breasts and in doing so uncovered her lower down. Then she moved so that she was standing at the head of the table and began to touch Traci’s neck and face. While Traci missed the attention to her nether regions, this felt good in a new way; it was like a caress, smooth and sensual. Slowly Shelly began to work out over Traci’s shoulders and over the tops of her breasts.

Traci found this tantalizing and the warmth in the pit of her stomach grew and spread. She could feel her heart start to beat faster again as Shelly’s hands brush deeper under the towel, ever closer to her nipples.

On her next pass her hands dislodged the towel and uncovered part of Traci’s breast. Shelly didn’t seem to notice and Traci said nothing. Shelly’s hands pushed down along the sides of Traci’s breast and her thumbs stopped just short of her nipples, which were rock hard.

“Do you mind if I move this?” Shelly asked, lifting the towel a little. “It’s starting to get in my way.”

“UmÉno,” Traci said. “That’s fine.”

Shelly pushed the towel down, exposing Traci’s small breasts to the air.

“Oh, you have nice breasts,” Shelly said.

Traci felt herself blush. “Thanks,” she mumbled, but it made her feel good.

Shelly ran her hand down Traci’s chest again. Again she avoiding her nipples, but this time she reached down and cupped Traci’s breasts lightly. This also forced her to bend over Traci’s face so that Shelly’s own breast touched Traci lightly on the face. She inhaled a mixture of clean clothes and eucalyptus.

Shelly moved so that she was standing next to the table. She stroked down on Traci’s breast, circling around the nipple and cupping the whole breast. She did this several times. Each time Traci breathing got a little shallower. Her breasts felt hot and she wanted Shelly to touch her nipples. Shelly reached across and massaged her right breast the same way.

Traci could feel her juices starting to leak out of her pussy. Then just when she thought she couldn’t stand it any more, Shelly ran her hand down her chest and across her nipples. It was a light touch, but made her moan and lift her ass off the table, just a bit.

“Whew, it’s warm in here,” Shelly said. She stepped back and took off her jacket. She was wearing a tank top that showed off her small, high breasts. “I’m going to use this suction cup on your nipples if that’s alright with you. It’s great for breast health.” She stepped over the counter and came back with a little rubber device with a cup on each end. She rubbed little oil on the cup and onto Traci’s nipple. The touch was electric and Traci let out a little gasp.

“Sensitive?” Shelly asked.

“Mm,” was all Traci could manage.

Shelly squeezed the cup and placed it on Traci’s nipple and then pulled upward. It was like having her nipple sucked. Traci arched her back and her mouth open. Then the suction broke. Shelly squeezed the cup again and pulled up on Traci’s nipple a second time.

“AÉahhhh,” the sound broke from her despite her efforts to keep it in.

Shelly moved the suction cup her other breast, while absently flicking and pinching the nipple she’d just abandoned.

Traci’s squirmed. She could feel how wet she was, she must be soaking those tight little panties.

Shelly caught her left nipple with the suction cup and pulled up lightly. Traci arched her back again.

“Ohhhh, ahhh,” Traci couldn’t contain herself. She felt a little dribble of juice leave her pussy.

“Mmmm,” Shelly said.

Panting slightly Traci opened her eyes. Shelly was staring at her intently. She was still lightly pinching and pulling on Traci’s right nipple. She placed the suction cup over the left nipple and pulled.

“Oh God,” Traci thought she might cum, she’d never felt anything like it. She was so turned on. She could feel the wetness of the panties against her pussy. Her nipples were so hard they hurt.

Shelly’s left hand drifted down Traci’s tight belly and came to rest just above her pubic bone. Shelly placed the suction cup up on the recently abandoned right nipple and pulled, elongating Traci’s now engorged breast.

Traci groaned and pressed up with her pubes silently willing the other girl to touch her there. She felt like her pussy was melting.

Shelly slid one finger along Traci’s panty-clad pussy. “Oh, you’re so wet.”

Traci felt her face go red hot. “I’m sorry. It’s never happened before with a girl.” She felt a deep sense of shame, not at being turned on by a girl, but for being so obviously horny.

Shelly smiled. “Don’t be sorry, I love it. Do you want more?”


“Do you want to cum?”

Traci nodded. She wanted it more than she’d ever wanted anything sexually.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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