The Twins in San Francisco Ch. 02

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Part 2: Education


August 3. After this morning’s wake up call, this Saturday turned into a nightmare. The twins decided to hit the downtown shopping district, and I got to be their mule. Trinh’s Porsche was not that big on trunk space, so we made a run to my place to get clothes and personal effects, and came back with my VW Golf. Not the most stylish of vehicles, but it seated 5 when needed and the hatchback afforded plenty of trunk space. Apparently, the twins fully intended to fill my car to the max. After driving for a half an hour trying to find a parking garage that wasn’t full, we settled in and hit the streets. Part of me got a great thrill out of walking down the sidewalk with two absolutely gorgeous women. However, that thrill died down quickly once they had begun to really load me up with shopping bags. Also, since it would take too long to return back to the car after each load, I was forced to carry ALL the bags from one place to the next. Trinh told me it would build up my muscles. On the other hand, I very much enjoyed the girls modeling the latest Victoria’s Secret fashions for me.

Also of note, Trinh had decided that my savings account was going to fund this trip. I felt like I was essentially trading my free will and my checkbook for sex. Despite the beauty of the girls, I was starting to wonder if this would be worth it. The only saving grace about this was that the girls managed to charm every salesperson in sight (even the female ones) into giving us some really great deals. After two hours, we were probably walking around with over $1,000 worth of clothing and assorted junk, yet had paid less than $500. Also, as we were finally returning to my car, Quyen took pity on me and decided to carry two of her bags herself. I could have kissed her with love (not lust) for the lightening of my load.

Back at the twins’ pad, Quyen cooked up a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup dinner. She had apparently been simmering the broth all day and I polished off two bowls quickly. It turned out I would need the extra energy the food provided as I was in for quite an evening workout.

I was ordered to do the dishes while Trinh lounged on the couch reading a magazine and listening to a CD. Quyen actually joined me at the sink to help before Trinh scolded her into making me do it myself. The radiant smile Quyen flashed me as she said “sorry” was all the incentive I needed to finish up.

I arrived back at the living room where the girls were snuggling on the couch while reading the magazine together, sketching a short bow announcing that the kitchen had been cleaned up and asking “What is next, mistresses?”

Trinh was beaming as she hopped up from the couch. “Next is Lesson

!” She turned, coyly looking over her shoulder and flipping her hair. “Follow me…”

As I said before, I love to watch her go. I followed Trinh’s swaying ass all the way into the bedroom where she ordered me to strip. My little head had apparently figured out it was about to get some action, and was already rising to the occasion. So there I stood, buck naked as she reclined back onto the bed. Quyen joined her shortly after and closed the door. There was some light this time in the room, and I could see both girls clearly as they scooted together on the bed.

Of course, Trinh spoke first. “The first thing every guy needs to know is how to eat pussy!” With that, she began to undress her twin as Quyen did the same to her. I could feel myself only getting harder as they stripped for me. Then Trinh lay back, spreading her legs wide. She gestured to Quyen. “Come here, baby.” To me, she gave me a strict order, “Don’t move. Just watch.”

Quyen knelt at the foot of the bed and ducked her head into Trinh’s crotch. For a moment, I simply watched two amazingly fine naked women pleasuring each other. Yeah, I was going to really hate this task. Trinh kept up a steady chatter, pointing out what Quyen was doing and highlighting how her actions translated into pleasure. The monologue was a bit more interesting than your standard University lecture, however, as Trinh kept interrupting herself to let out breathy moans. “Ugh… watch how she puts her finger there… Oh, yeah… and see how when she rubs… aw, fuck yeah…”

I watched intently, trying to absorb as many details as possible without getting overloaded from visual stimulation. When Trinh screamed out with her first orgasm, it was my turn. Quyen got up out of the way, pausing to share a wet kiss with her twin as Trinh sucked her own juices off of Quyen’s tongue.

I eagerly took my place at the foot of the bed. Once I’d began to eat her out, Trinh wasted no time letting me know what I was doing right and admonishing me when I did something wrong. She kept moving about telling me to do this, and then to do that; to do her harder here, to suck there, and to jam my fingers in this way. Despite the heat of the situation, I was losing personal interest in getting laid and started to ikitelli escort get carried away with my task before me. Trinh’s pussy was so sweet, it almost had a fruity quality to it. It tasted great and the sounds she was making only made me want to eat her out even more. I had brought Trinh to two moaning orgasms by now, and was starting to get the hang of it. Trinh actually had not given me a single order in the last five minutes, the only sounds exiting her mouth little whimpers of pleasure as I had one whole hand now buried up her cunt and a finger in her ass while I munched on her cunt.

My tongue was just starting to get sore when Trinh came to a screaming third orgasm and lay without speaking back on the bed, obviously trying to catch her breath. I was starting to feel pretty good about myself when Trinh finally popped up. I also rocked back onto my butt to relieve some of the blood that had collected in my knees. I’d also developed an irritating case of rug burn on my kneecaps.

“Okay, Quyen’s turn.”

I groaned inwardly, as a smiling Quyen took her place before me. She had apparently gotten quite aroused watching me eat out her twin, and had already brought herself to one orgasm on her own. I was in for a long night. So I grabbed a pillow for my knees, and dove right in. She was less vocal than Trinh, still not much of a moaner, or screamer, or any sounds of sex at all for that matter. She was almost hesitant at first in telling me what to do, but after her first orgasm got used to the idea and started to teach me just how to please her. I had picked up some tricks from eating out Trinh, and it showed in the convulsions coursing through Quyen as she was wracked with another climax. The fact that she was shaved completely bare of course made things easier. I paid attention to her flavor. She wasn’t quite as sweet as Trinh, a bit more musky, but very intoxicating. I found that after drinking in her juices and moving on to a different spot, I missed her flavor and kept wanting to come back.

Trinh meanwhile felt a bit left out of the action, and joined me on the floor. My dick was once again rock hard from the nubile flesh surrounding me. Quyen had directed my hands to cup and squeeze her tits while I ate her out, and the effect showed itself in my crotch. Trinh lay down on the floor, then scooted back until her head appeared between my legs, her head resting on the pillow I’d placed under my knees. Tilting her head up, she pulled my cock down to her lips, and fed on me.

I momentarily stopped my ministrations on Quyen when Trinh did this, gasping out in pleasure as Trinh’s hot little mouth created wonders of joy on my happy tool. Quyen, a little irritated that I had stopped, lightly bopped me on the head and told me to “get back down there.”

Chuckling slightly, I returned to my task with as much enthusiasm as possible while still being distracted from below. Trinh obviously needed no lessons in cocksucking as her mouth brought extreme pleasures to me. My improved technique then brought Quyen to a moaning fourth orgasm, her latest release coating my face with another layer of wet shine.

She sat up and began to earnestly lick her juices off my face, her eyes glowing with happiness. But then she paused for a moment, and just looked into my eyes. The cold edge I had remembered in her mesmerizing stare was gone, and she seemed somehow softer. I leaned in and kissed her tenderly, and she flowed into my arms as we embraced. This kiss had none of the raw sexual urgency as most of our previous kisses did, I simply enjoyed the light passion of holding her in my arms.

Other matters lower on my anatomy however called for attention. Trinh’s devilish tongue had me peaking in record time, and I fell away from Quyen to ready my release. Trinh pushed me off her and I got to my feet, staggering backwards until my back hit the wall. Trinh followed after me, her right hand jerking my cock and aiming it at her open mouth. With a grunt I came, my first shot coming high and splattering against Trinh’s cheek. The second went into her mouth, and the rest lost distance and splashed onto her neck and chest.

Exhausted for the moment, my mouth killing me, I sank down onto the floor. Quyen meanwhile leaped like a panther off of the bed and tackled Trinh. The two kissed erotically for a moment before Quyen’s lips and tongue began to bathe Trinh’s face, licking off every droplet of my come. She continued lower, nibbling on Trinh’s neck and chest, cleaning her off completely before settling down and suckling on a nipple. I joined the girls on the floor, taking Trinh’s other breast into my mouth as we slowly unwound while casually fondling each other.

Now I knew. No matter what they had put me through this morning. These two would be worth it.


The next couple of days were more of the same. Once the weekdays hit it was back to work as usual. A guy’s gotta eat after all. kadıköy escort The girls had just graduated from a University in Los Angeles this past June, and had quickly picked up day jobs. Trinh was working as a fashion model and was to appear in the 2003 edition of an Asian Swimsuit calendar. Quyen had a quiet accounting job with Deloitte. The both of them also occasionally worked as Racing Queens for Honda USA. Perhaps you’ve seen them at a show or on the Net. And I of course returned to my software company.

In the evenings, my lessons continued. I was exploring every inch of both girls’ bodies, and finding every little nerve ending in every part of their skin. You’d be surprised how much pleasure can be derived from some remote non-sexual spot like the inner crack of an elbow. I learned how to give a woman a proper finger- fuck, and how to eat out a girl’s asshole (they both apparently had regular colonics). Unfortunately, these lessons focused on pleasing a woman and never included burying my painfully hard tool into a warm and inviting pussy. One of the girls might suck me off if I was lucky, but the agony of being pressed against naked nubile flesh, watching them come dozens of times, and never being able to fuck somebody was driving me insane.

All that was to change August 7. It was your typical Wednesday morning. I was engrossed with my terminal, fine-tuning the Access module for our updated system. I had just hit a brain-storm, and after properly saving the version for Configuration, I set off revamping the whole module.

“Hey there, stud.”

It couldn’t be. I craned my neck around, and sure enough, Trinh was leaning against one of the walls of my cubicle. Right next to my Asian Swimsuit calendar actually. As usual, she looked gorgeous. A sky blue button-down blouse that hugged her upper body assets beautifully, and a fairly conservative (for her) black skirt that almost reached her knees. Her hair was artfully pulled up, and she wore slightly less makeup than usual, although her signature blue eyeshadow still accented her almond eyes. At first glance, she could almost pass as an employee in business attire. After a moment, I realized I was staring and quickly closed my gaping mouth.

“You look like you could use a break.”

Actually, when on one of these coding runs, the last thing I wanted to do was break my train of thought. However, Rule

for men clearly stated: Never put work or a video game before a good-looking woman. Trinh reached out and snapped her fingers in front of my face, making sure she had my attention. “Let’s go.” It was not a request.

She began to lead me down the hallways, and I caught the weird looks my coworkers were giving me. We passed Todd’s cubicle, and I swear he nearly peed himself when he recognized who was tugging me along. “It’s time for your next lesson.” Trinh’s voice was now seductive and silky smooth.

“Here?” I was at work. I was in my office with all my colleagues who knew exactly when and with whom I was leaving the office with. If my Project Manager caught me walking out of work like this I’d be fired for sure. “I can’t just go home right now!”

“We’re not going home. Your Manager is in a meeting for at least the next hour and a half. We’re going to use his office.” And with that, she opened the door to my boss’s office and stepped inside, pulling me with her.

Quyen was already inside, similarly dressed behind the door which she quickly closed. I stood in shock at the audacity of what the girls were proposing. Quyen took advantage of my inert state to pull my polo shirt over my head, and then kneeled down to work on my khaki’s. Trinh meanwhile did a slow pirouette, unbuttoning her shirt all the while. “Lesson number… oh, I lost count. Today’s lesson is the doggy-style! More basic, more primal than straight missionary. It’s how all mammals were naturally designed to fuck!”

And with that, her blouse came off, quickly followed by a nude-colored bra. She bent over Mr. Patterson’s desk, jutting her tight ass proudly back at me. And while shaking her hips, lowered her skirt and panties to the floor. To my kinky delight, she kept her heels on.

Quyen meanwhile had gotten me completely naked. Trinh’s little striptease in combination with Quyen now taking long, gentle licks across my erect manhood had me achingly hard in seconds. Plus, I had one recurring thought running through my head: I’m going to get to fuck Trinh. Despite all our previous sexual lessons, I had never been inside of Trinh’s pussy. In fact, with our “pleasing a woman” lessons, I had not been inside of any pussy since Saturday morning.

Soon Quyen was satisfied with my hardness, and Trinh was getting impatient, Quyen started me forwards with a healthy swat on my butt. I stuttered forwards and grasped Trinh’s hips. God, I loved this view. Trinh was already panting with desire and anticipation of being penetrated. She had not been idle kartal escort as Quyen blew me, getting herself nice and wet for my entrance. Nudging my cockhead between her legs, I settled into place and in one thrust burst all the way in.

Trinh screamed with pleasure as I penetrated her, and quickly took up a familiar chatter. She was ordering me to hit her harder and faster, then slower and pointing into different directions. She raggedly explained what pleasure points I could hit inside of her from this position, intermixed with uncontrolled moans whenever I hit the right spot. Her pussy, milking me with expert control was sheer bliss. Focusing on where she was directing me, I thrust into her again and again, carefully adjusting my pace and strength with each push into Trinh’s wet folds.

Quyen was not idle either, she had settled for kneeling beneath Trinh’s swaying body, reaching up with her lips and fingers to tease both Trinh’s clit and my rapidly disappearing and reappearing shaft. She had unbuttoned her blouse to let our mixed love juices fall to her bare flesh instead of spotting on the expensive fabric.

I was pounding Trinh’s pussy with tremendous force when Trinh’s orgasm came. Shuddering with excitement, Trinh took three healthy gasps of air before she let out an earth-shattering scream, climaxing powerfully and dumping a good load of juices out into Quyen’s awaiting mouth. Up to this point, I had been content that we might just do our thing and escape unnoticed. We had not yet disturbed my boss’s office. However, Trinh’s scream had to have carried through the office door. Also, once she came, Trinh disengaged from me and swept much of Mr. Patterson’s desktop off onto the floor. She sat back on it, spreading her legs wide and letting some of her remaining juices drip onto the polished wood.

Quyen got up and quickly shed her remaining clothing. Erotically, both girls kept their heels on. This time, when Quyen braced herself against the desk, she lay out across it, grinding her erect nipples into the hard oak. Her face descended downwards between Trinh’s legs, and shortly after Trinh’s moaning once again filled the room. Quyen’s pussy was also already juicing, and as my tool was still coated with a layer of Trinh’s honey, I easily slipped inside. As usual, Quyen was a quieter lover, but little moans began to emanate from Trinh’s crotch, indicating that some of my new techniques were being quite effective. I wrapped one arm around Quyen’s waist, my fingers seeking out her hard little nub to practice my finger lessons from Sunday. These quickly had the desired effect, as it seemed that Quyen wouldn’t be able keep her hips still if she tried. As my cock pistoned out of her, I had to be careful not to slip out the way Quyen’s hips kept bucking uncontrollably.

I watched Trinh sucking her own juices off of her fingers, and sensually caressing those firm globes sticking out of her chest. She looked back at my pumping body through heavy-lidded eyes. Quyen’s hips were driving back at me, meeting each of my thrusts with one of her own. Her slightly fuller asscheeks made a pleasant slapping sound on my pelvis with each impact, and I dug my fingers in harder into her skin to yank her yielding body onto my fuckstick. One thing I had discovered in the past few days was that Quyen liked playing submissive, and got more turned on by rough and hard lovemaking.

Due hopefully to my improved technique, Quyen spilled over the edge first, her now familiar spasming of cunt muscles milking me for all I was worth. Trinh groaned out her release shortly afterwards, and a munching Quyen happily drank down her second load.

Trinh dismounted the desk and came around to me, dipping her fingers into her honeypot and setting her fingers between my lips so I could taste her incredible sweetness. Once I had sucked down a healthy chug of her love juices, she pulled me into a tight kiss, even as I was still fucking her twin. I could feel my soul being sucked out of me with the intensity of our lip-mashing.

And then I felt the tightening in my balls. Quyen had squeezed me tightly when her second orgasm swept over her body, and I knew I was about to explode. Trinh must have sensed the sudden strain in my face, because she pulled me out of her twin and prepared to suck me down.

What came next was quite a surprise. The normally docile Quyen brutally shoved Trinh away at the last second, allowing my first shot to arc straight out into the air and splatter against Quyen’s chin. And then Quyen’s mouth was over me, and I watched her cheeks compressing as she swallowed down everything else that I gave her.

Trinh arched one eyebrow at Quyen’s last maneuver, but said nothing as we started to get our clothes together. She simply got up and began to put my boss’ desk back together, carefully cleaning up the juices we had left behind as well. Once finished, I felt the color returning to my face as I found myself hesitant to open the door. Trinh ordered me to relax, and to get used to it. She told me that getting embarrassed about anything was only a waste of energy. Besides, what did a computer geek like myself have anything to be embarrassed about? I had just fucked two lovely ladies in my Project Manager’s office. And with that she popped open the door.

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