The Triad and the Virgin’s Passion Chapter 2: Dryad Delight

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The Triad and the Maiden’s Passion (Maiden’s Cunt)
Chapter Two: Dryad Delight
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Seamus – The Dryad’s Grove, The Kingdom of Haz

I gripped my sword, the blade burning with the warrior god Gewin’s enchantment, as I stepped out into the clearing. I had followed the sounds of moaning. I had thought the moans belonged to my wives, the twin sisters Fiona and Aoifa. I had lost them when the trees came alive and attacked us. I hacked my way through the trees, my sword stained with sap, and instead found the dryad and Viora.

Viora was the maiden we were here to rescue. She was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, a woman imbued with great magical potential. She had been stolen from nearby village of Shesh by the dryad who lived in this vale. For some reason, the dryad had gone mad. Normally, they were a peaceful race, only seducing those that wondered into their grove into an afternoon of delight.

They did not kidnap maidens.

Nor could they control more than their own tree. And yet this one had done precisely that.

My sword slashed, cutting through a branch that lunged out to grab me. I moved from the trees, advancing on the dryad and Viora. The maiden was the source of the moans. Her lithe body, dusky from her Hazian heritage, heaved and bucked against the trunk of a large rowen tree. The branches held her arms pinned over her head, her budding breasts bouncing as she struggled.

The dryad knelt before the maiden, who could not be more than eighteen. The dryad’s nut-tan and curvy ass wiggled as she pressed her face into Viora’s pussy, tonguing the maiden’s twat. The dryad’s fiery hair spilled down her back, her tresses swaying as she moved her head to pleasure the virgin.

“Please, you have to stop,” moaned Viora. “You’re going to make me cum.”

“Good,” moaned the dryad, her voice as sweet as Viora’s.

The young maiden’s budding breasts, firm and small, jiggled as she swayed again. Her eyes squeezed shut as the dryad worked her tongue through Viora’s pussy. My dick was hard in my trousers as I advanced.

There was a dark enchantment on the dryad. I could feel it emanating off of her. I was a paladin, a holy warrior for Gewin, and blessed with certain divine magics. I could enchant my blade to hew through anything or I could break curses.

I sheathed my sword before unbuckling the thick, leather belt encircling my chainmail coat. With the belt off, the chainmail hung loose on my frame, the weight dragging at my shoulders. Part of the belt’s job was to allow my hips to support a portion of the weight of my armor. I set my sword belt in the grass and peeled off the chainmail, the links clanking.

“Help me,” moaned the maiden when she looked at me.

The dryad never looked up. She was enraptured by eating the maiden’s pussy. Whatever dark curse had gripped they dryad compelled her to devour Viora. This close, I could hear the delicious swipes of the dryad’s tongue through Viora’s pussy and smell the sweet musk of the maiden. The dryad’s own pussy dripped with her excitement, trickling down her tan thighs.

My cock ached in my trousers.

I dropped my chainmail. The sun shining into the grove warmed on my broad shoulders and back. “I’ll help you,” I promised the girl. “Told your mom I would.”

Her mother had been a beauty. She had cum so hard on my cock. I was eager to try out the daughter. But first, the dryad had to be dealt with.

My fingers unlaced my trousers and drew out my cock. The maiden gasped and she squeezed her eyes shut at the sight of my hard, thick dick. I smiled, savoring her bashful innocence as I stroked my shaft.

“Gewin, bless my cock with your strength and my balls with your potency,” I prayed as I fell to my knees behind the dryad. “Let my dick slide into the poor maid’s flesh and let my seed drive away her curse.”

The magic tingled through my cock. I groaned and shuddered, my eyes squeezing shut as red energy warmed my balls and shaft. I grasped the dryad’s hips with my left hand and lined up my cock at the dryad’s pussy with my right. I swabbed my shaft’s tip up and down the dryad’s pussy.

“What are you doing?” the maiden gasped, her body shuddering on the dryad.

“Cleansing her,” I groaned.

“Cleanse me,” moaned the dryad, pushing back her hips. “Slam that delicious cock into my depths and fuck me, stranger.”

“Gladly.” It was my duty to defend the innocence of the Lesh-Ke mountains, including this poor dryad.

The dryad moaned into Viora’s pussy as I slammed my cock forward. The dryad’s hot, tight pussy clung to my shaft. I groaned, savoring her wet, tight, hot flesh. My balls smacked against her clit. The dryad pressed her face deeper into Viora’s cunt while the dryad’s pussy clenched down on my cock.

“How is fucking the dryad rescuing me?” groaned Viora. “You have to stop her. She’s going to make me cum.”

“Then cum,” I grinned at the beauty. “Bathe the dryad’s face with your juices. Let yourself go. There’s no harm in enjoying the pleasures of your body.”

“No harm,” moaned the dryad, her hips pushing back into my thrusts. “She taste so sweet. Cum on my face.”

“No,” protested the maiden as she writhed. Her face twisted with passion. Despite her protest, she enjoyed the dryad’s tongue.

I seized the dryad’s hair as I fucked her pussy, pulling her red curls away so I could witness the dryad’s limber tongue slide through Viora’s innocent flesh. The maiden had a light down of brown pubic hair surrounding her wet, dripping, pink pussy.

“What a delicious sight,” I growled. “Cum on her face, Viora. It’ll make me cum faster, and then you’ll be free.”

“I shouldn’t,” gasped Viora. “My sweet Kelmam will know I’m not pure.”

I grinned. “Trust me, Viora, you won’t care about being pure once you’ve cum.”

“It’s the best,” purred the dryad. Her tongue swirled around Viora’s clit.

The maiden bucked. Her head tossed back and her small breasts jiggled. She bit her tongue, fighting against her desires. She was so cute and innocent. I drank it in all her beauty while my cock ached in the dryad’s depths.

I would deflower this maiden.

My strokes grew faster. My balls boiled. The moans of the maiden and the grip of the dryad’s pussy drove me wild. My red hair tumbled about my shoulders as I worked my hips, plowing deep into the dryad’s pussy.

The dryad moaned louder. Her pussy clenched and relaxed. Her fingers dug into Viora’s hips. The dryad’s pussy spasmed about my cock. As she came, the dryad moaned her passion into Viora’s pussy. Her tight sheath massaged my cock as I worked it in and out of her depths.

“Oh, she’s moaning on my clit,” gasped Viora. “I can’t…I can’t fight it.”

“Cum on her lips,” I growled, my cock aching. I was only a few strokes away. “Let yourself go and cum on her.”

My cock buried deep into the cumming snatch of the dryad. My balls ached. I drew back, pleasure shuddering up the length of my cock and building the pressure in my balls. Viora heaved on the dryad’s lips as I thrust in again.

“No,” Viora moaned as her body quaked.

The maiden came.

My dick erupted.

The ground shook beneath my feet. White energy burst from the maiden as my cum splashed into the dryad’s pussy. I gasped in awe as the sky burned white overhead and a great groan shuddered through the mountain.

It wasn’t the dryad’s spell breaking, though that did happen when my cum splashed into the dryad’s pussy, but something else occurred. Something was unleashed from the maiden when she came. It was a pure energy that danced through the mountains and washed over me.

Then it died down, leaving a pure ringing in the air that dwindled as the maiden sucked in her deep breaths.

The dryad looked up, her face sticky with juices. “What just happened?” She looked at me, her face smeared with juices, the exclaimed, “You freed me from his spell.”

The dryad twisted around and kissed me hard, her lips stained with the virgin’s sweet musk.



The tree’s wooden fucked in and out of my asshole. The sappy cum squirted into me, flooding me with warmth and dripping out of my holes. I groaned into my twin sister’s lips. Our bodies were pressed tight, both of us wrapped up by the trees and fucked hard.

Aoifa gasped and groaned, kissing me back with equal fervor. The trees groaned as the moved, bending and twisting, their leaves rustling. The cock never stopped fucking my asshole. It kept pistoning inside of me.

Aoifa broke the kiss. “Gods, yes. Keep cumming bursa escort in my holes. I love it.”

I shouldn’t love it. I shouldn’t enjoy being molested by a tree, but my body responded. My orgasm burst through me. I shuddered, my bowels clenching on the wooden dick as I writhed and bucked against my sister-wife.

“Gods, yes,” I gasped.

“It’s so good. Isn’t it, sweet sister?” groaned Aoifa. “So damned good. I can’t…oh, yes. Oh, damn. I’m going to explode.”

“Do it,” I groaned. “Cum again. I—”

White light burst through the grove. It washed over us. The ground rumbled beneath the trees. The light was so pure, so wonderful. Something had been unleashed, washing over my dirty, filthy, orgasming body.

The cock fucking my ass withdrew as the light faded. The branches wrapped about my limbs and torso, holding me up in the air and pressed against my twin sister, released their grip on me. I gasped as Aoifa and I were dropped onto the ground and fell on each other, our bodies heaving.

“What just happened?” groaned Aoifa.

“Seamus must have defeated the dryad,” I said, struggling to stand up. Our husband was an amazing man. He was skilled, a paladin of Gewin whose sword arm never faltered. “We have to hurry.”

“You think Seamus is hurt?” Aoifa asked as I managed to extract myself from her and gain my feet.

“No, but he’s alone with that virgin.” I looked around. The light had come from that direction. I closed my white robes as I marched through the woods.

“You think he’ll deflower her before we get there?” Aoifa asked, struggling to keep up as she attempted to walk and pull up her tight leather pants.

“Yes,” I groaned. “I know our husband too well.”

“It’ll be hot,” Aoifa grinned. “We can lick her pussy clean after he’s done. Virgin creampie. Sounds lovely.”

“Ooh, you are just as bad as he is,” I groaned and marched faster. My robe wouldn’t stay closed. My belt had been lost when I was captured, so I held it closed with my hand.

“Don’t spoil his fun. He’s earned her cherry.”

“She’s not a prize,” I hissed. “It’s bad enough he’s already seduced the mother beneath my nose.”

“And her husband’s.”

Why did Aoifa sound so proud? She was just as lusty as our husband. The pair of them were always breaking their marriage vows. Sometimes it seemed like a contest between the pair to see who could do the wildest, nastiest sex act possible.

“Please,” a girl whimpered, her voice drifting through the trees. “I don’t need to lose my virginity.”

“Seamus,” I shouted, bursting out of the trees into the clearing.

The dryad lay on the ground, her legs spread open, her pussy dripping with cum. Seamus was naked, Viora pinned by him against a rowen tree. His hand worked up her thigh beneath her skirt, reaching for her pussy.

“You’ll enjoy it,” Seamus whispered. “Don’t you want to be taken hard? Don’t you want to feed the hungry hole between your thighs?”

The girl shuddered. Seamus had reached her pussy. His fingers were skilled. I could attest at how easily he could make a woman cum. The virgin’s moans echoed through the grove as she struggled against his touch.

“You’ll enjoy it.”

“But…I can’t…I promised Kelmam I would…be his…” panted the girl.

“He’ll never know,” promised Seamus. “He’s probably so inexperienced, he has no idea what a virgin pussy is like. I’ll break you in for him. I’ll make you feel good. Then you won’t have to worry about your first time with him hurting.”

“No,” shuddered the girl, her eyes squeezing shut.

“But you like my touch. I can tell. You’re so wet.”

“Seamus!” I snapped. “Stop that.”

“You want to help me, Aoifa?” Seamus grinned. “And you, too, Fiona. Help her relax. Let’s make her first time special.”

“Spirits of Abjuration,” I hissed, my anger boiling through me. “Bind up my lusty husband and protect Viora’s maidenhead.”

The blue spirits answered my words. I was a twinborn witch. They loved to obey me. The spirits, visible only to me, shot at Seamus and wrapped around him. They pulled him off the girl, wrapping up his arms and legs.

Then they pinned him to the ground, his hard cock flopping before him.

“Fiona,” Seamus groaned.

“She has promised herself to another man,” I told my husband. “I put up with your dalliances with loose women, but she is a pure virgin and in love. Don’t seduce her and take that away.”

“But,” groaned Seamus.

“You already fucked the dryad,” I said.

“He did,” the dryad happily sighed, rubbing at her pussy.

“It’s okay,” Aoifa said, her arm going around the virgin. “Just relax.”


“I know. Seamus made you wet. It’s natural.”

My eyes narrowed. Aoifa’s hand was on the virgin’s thigh, stroking up and down. “Stop that, Aoifa, or I’ll have the spirits bind you, too.”

“You are no fun, sweet sister,” Aoifa panted and let go of the girl.

“Was she…?” Viora’s cheeks crimsoned. “I already had the dryad eat my pussy. I don’t need another woman.”

“It’s okay,” I promised her. “We’ll get you home safe and sound.”

“You’re not going to try and…” Viora blush deepened.

I shook my head. “I have self-control, unlike my spouses.”

“I have plenty of control,” Seamus grinned. “I never cum before making sure my lover has enjoyed herself. You know that, Fiona.”

My cheeks flushed.

“And what happened to you?” he leered. “You’re all disheveled.”

“We were fucked by trees,” Aoifa giggled. “And Fiona came so hard.”

“Aoifa,” I groaned as Seamus laughed.



“Okay, dryad, what is going on?” Fiona asked after Seamus and I had tracked down our missing horses. My prim and proper sister had stayed with Viora to make sure nothing happened to her maidenhead.

Viora was missing out. Seamus would make sure she had a first time she would never forget.

“A man cast a spell on me,” the dryad shrugged. “He had a shaved head and his skin was black as coal.”

“Halanian?” Seamus blinked in surprise.

“Fiona’s favorite.”

My twin sister blushed and shot me a dirty look. Once, the three of us had our fantasies brought to life. I fucked a centaur, Seamus had a harem of virgins, and Fiona was taken by three hung men, including a black-skinned Halanian.

“He wore a robe and commanded magics,” the dryad shrugged. “He collected my pussy juices then made me kidnap the girl.”

“He’s a terrible man,” Viora muttered. “He needed my energy. That’s why he made the dryad eat my pussy. He’s been trying to get me to surrender. He…took control over Kelmam. My love tried to force me, but I recognized he was under a spell.”

“Really?” Seamus frowned. “No one in the village mentioned that.”

“No one likes Kelmam. They think he’s a monster, but he’s not. He’s sweet.”

“He’s the mage’s creation,” the dryad added. “This mage, he fancies himself a Biomancer. He kept talking about creating the ultimate creature. A new race to conquer nations for him.”

“Like Biomancer Vebrin?” I groaned. “The mad mage that made all those monsters centuries ago. This guy wants to do the same?”

Viora nodded. “Kelmam told me all about it. The mage’s obsessed with following in Vebrin’s footsteps.”

“Well, we have to deal with his evil man,” Fiona said. “Let’s escort Viora back to town, and then we can track him down. Do you know where this Biomancer is?”

“Farther up in the valley,” Viora answered. “Kelmam told me it was in a cave at the end of the valley, carved into the rock.”

“And are you certain I can’t help you with your virginity problem?” Seamus asked the girl.

“Very certain,” she nodded.

“See, Seamus, not every woman is dying to fuck your cock.” Fiona put an arm around Viora.

“You are, Fiona.”

Fiona blushed. “I’m your wife, Seamus. I should be.”

“She loves my cock,” Seamus winked at the virgin.

“It is a great cock,” I smiled, patting his crotch. “Come on, let’s get Viora back to civilization.”

Viora scrambled up onto Fiona’s mare. My sister-wife climbed up behind the virgin, putting her arms around the girl. I mounted my Scathach and Seamus took the lead on Strider, his big warhorse. His armor clinked as we rode out of the grove, leaving the dryad behind.

I should have cleaned her pussy of Seamus’s cum. I might never get a chance to make love to a dryad again.

The sun sank lower as we headed down the mountain, passing through the very grove of trees that had attacked and molested Fiona and myself. My pussy clenched and my bursa escort bayan asshole tingled. Those trees were amazing lovers.

Fiona chatted with Viora, questioning the virgin about her abilities as the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. They were cute together. I watched them as I rode at the rear. It was a shame Fiona was so prudish. It was fun showing a virgin how to make love for the first time and making sure she enjoyed herself.

Viora was missing out. I doubted this Kelmam would know his way around her body.

My thoughts grew naughty. If I was riding behind Viora, my arms wrapped around her nubile body, I would slowly tease her. I would whisper in her ear while I rubbed at her stomach. Then I would be nibbling and kissing while my hands groped her small breasts.

She would squirm and moan. The pressure of the saddle beneath her would make her pussy even wetter. She would be driven wild with passion. Then I would slip my hand beneath her skirt and rub at her virgin flesh.

Viora would gasp so wickedly when I penetrated her virgin pussy with my fingers.

I shifted on my saddle, my pussy itching worse. I needed to get laid. We would have to stay the night in the village. Maybe Seamus and I could find a way to slip out of Fiona’s gaze and seduce Viora. I could guide Seamus’s cock to her—

A twig cracked.

I came alert, my eyes casting about for the sound of the gaze while I drew a throwing knife. I peered into the brush, the hairs on my arms and the back of my neck standing up. There was something watching us.

I scanned the brush. It was thick. Another twig snapped. Leaves crackled. It moved closer to our right. I gripped the throwing knife and shouted, “Danger to our right.”

The monster burst out of the brush. My horse whinnied in fear, rearing on her hind legs and throwing me from the saddle. I flipped over and landed on my feet as the creature crashed into Fiona’s horse. My wife and Viora tumbled from the saddle as the monster dashed through the clearing and dived back into the brush.

“What was that?” Seamus snarled, yanking on the reins and turning around his horse. Only Strider hadn’t panicked. The warhorse was well-trained. Seamus’s sword came out in a flesh.

“It looked like a mix of a large cat and a human,” I answered, racing to Fiona.

She groaned, gripping her knee. She had landed badly. Viora was on her feet. I reached her and asked, “What did you see?”

Her eyes were wide. “I—”

The monster burst out of the brush again, landing before me. I threw my dagger, but the torso twisted and it sailed past. A handsome, Hazian man’s torso merged into the large, muscular body of a black-furred cat. It had the size and power of lion, his claws tearing at the ground as he charged in at Viora.

It had to be one of the Biomancer’s creations. A tauric cross of a human and some kind of panther.

I seized Viora and pushed her behind me.

“No!” she protested and seized my arm as I struggled to draw another throwing dagger.

“What are you doing?” I demanded.

“Aoifa,” Seamus shouted and charged back up the trail.

The creature seized me and Viora up in his strong arms. I gasped in shock at his strength as I was thrown over one of his shoulders, Viora over the other. The creature leaped, soaring high and crashing through the brush.

“Let me go,” I hissed, reaching for a knife.

“No, he won’t harm you,” Viora said, a big smile on her face. “This is Kelmam.”



Seamus dismounted next to me. “Are you okay?”

“No,” I groaned, tears burning in my eyes. I gripped my knee. “Don’t worry about me. Go after Aoifa.”

Seamus glanced at the brush. The valley rose up the steep slope. The monster crashed through it. Glimpses of his black fur leaping and bounding as he scaled the hill flashed through the bushes and trees.

“I can’t follow up that on Strider,” Seamus answered. “Can you heal yourself?”

I nodded my head. “Enhancement spirits, heal my hurt and soothe my pain.”

“Why did he grab Aoifa?” Seamus growled, glancing up the hill. “Why would the Biomancer want our wife?”

“I don’t know,” I sighed as the pain eased. The green enhancement spirits danced around the injury. “Let me cast a tracking spell for Aoifa then we can follow.”

“Without horses?” Seamus stared up the hill. The brute’s loud crashing through the brush lessened as he raced farther and farther away.

“Yes,” I said as I seized Seamus’s hand, and he hauled me to my feet. “I’ll use my magic to make it easier for us.”



“Why aren’t I killing him right now?” I demanded.

“He’s the man I love,” gasped Viora, her eyes wide. “You can’t hurt him.”

“He’s clearly something created by the Biomancer. He’s taking us to him.”

“He’s not.”

“How can you know?” I asked, my hand itching for my knife.

“Because I broke free of his control,” Kelmam answered. “When the energy from Viora touched me.”

“I saw it in his eyes,” Viora confirmed. “Right before he snatched us up.”

“And why did you snatch me up?” I demanded

“You were in the way,” shrugged Kelmam as he scrambled up the slope.

“Well, put me down.” I struggled to escape his grasp.

“It’s a steep slope,” Kelmam answered. “When we reach the top, there will be time enough for that.”

“You came to rescue me,” giggled Viora. “Oh, now we can be together.”

“When my sister is freed,” Kelmam snarled, his growling like a big, hungry cat.

“The Triad can save her,” Viora grinned. “They’re here to stop the Biomancer. They rescued me from the dryad and freed her from the Biomancer’s control.”

“Wonderful,” shuddered Kelmam.

“So you fell in love with a leotaur?” I asked. “That’s pretty kinky for a virgin.”

Viora blushed. “He was a man when we met, from the next village over. But then he was claimed by the Biomancer and turned into this. But I still love him anyways.”

I grinned back. “He is sexy.”

That familiar, hot itch formed in my pussy. I had fucked a centaur, all be it in an illusion, and Kelmam was even sexier. A big, dangerous cat mixed with a handsome stud. I wiggled my hips as my cunt burned with molten liquids.

“He is,” Viora blushed.

“So why haven’t you made love to him, yet.”

“I’d hurt her,” gasped Kelmam. “Look at me. I’m a monster. I have sharp claws, and my cock…it’s different.”

My pussy clenched. I let out a shuddering moan. I loved monster cocks. They were so exciting to fuck. “You have to make love to her. Claim her as yours, Kelmam. Maybe the Biomancer needs her to be a virgin.”

“I just know he needs her to cum at specifics spots in the mountainside to unleash the energy to make his army.” Kelmam leaped and we reached the top of the hill. He slowed to a stop in a clearing surrounded by thickets. “I’m not sure if her purity is required.”

“Well, it often is, I think you two should do it. Right now.” It would be so hot to watch.

Kelmam set us both down. I looked up at him. His black coat was so sleek and his chest was so muscular. His eyes were golden and slitted like a cat. I had to see this beast in action. I had to watch him claim Viora.

And I had just the thing to aide them.

“What now?” I asked as I reached into my pouch to fish out my unguent of damiana.

“I protect Viora from the Biomancer,” Kelmam nodded. “You can return to your people. I did not know if you were friends or foes. I hope I did not hurt anyone.”

“She’s part of a Triad,” Viora grinned. “They can help us. We shouldn’t spurn them.”

“I can help,” I nodded, pulling on a pair of gloves. “I have something for the pair of you. It’ll protect you.”

“Why are you wearing gloves?” Kelmam asked, his eyes narrowing.

I smeared the thick unguent on the tip of my finger. It was a powerful aphrodisiac. “I already have it on me. Too much is bad, but this will do wonders for the pair of you. Just a dab on the throat should do it.”

I moved closer to Viora. She swallowed. “Are you certain it is safe?”

“Very safe. I wouldn’t hurt you.”

Kelmam let out a growl. “Me first.”

“Of course,” I smiled. I couldn’t wait to see him in action.

He lowered his front legs so I could reach his throat. I smeared the unguent on his neck, the spicy mixture tickling my nose. His eyes dilated and he shuddered. A sound, much like a deep purr, echoed from his throat.

“Wow, that is…wow.”

“What?” Viora asked as I scooped up another glob of the damiana.

“Just escort bursa relax,” I smiled at her and smeared it at her throat.

“Oh, my,” blinked Viora. “Oh, wow, it’s a little hot.”

I grinned as I peeled off the gloves and through them on the ground. I did not want to risk getting in damiana on me. I wanted my faculties to enjoy this. I squeezed my thighs together as Viora fanned her neck.

“You are so beautiful,” Kelmam purred, reaching out to touch Viora’s neck. “So succulent. You make me ache.”

I bent down and giggled. “I’ll say. Look at that, Viora.”

Viora peered down with me and gasped at the sight of Kelmam’s dick throbbing beneath him. It was dark and covered in spines. The tip was thick and already dripped with precum. The virgin licked her lips, falling on her hands and knees and crawling closer.

“Wow, it’s your cock,” she grinned. “It’s so big and throbbing.”

“It needs to be touched,” groaned Kelmam. “It aches. I need you to soothe it.”

“Oh, yes, I will,” Viora panted. She seized the cock in her hands. “It beats with your heart. And the tip…”

“Lick it,” I grinned as I crawled behind her.

“Viora,” purred Kelmam as Viora took a long, slow lick around the crown of his dick. The leotaur’s claws tore at the grass as he shifted around.

I pushed up the virgin’s skirt, sliding up her pale-ivory thighs to expose her naked pussy. She had a tight slit surrounded by sparse, black hairs. The maiden shivered as I stroked her thighs. Her juices dripped out of her snatch.

Poor Seamus missed out on her. But I didn’t have to.

Grinning, I leaned in to lick the virgin’s pussy. Viora gasped and moaned around Kelmam’s shaft. The leotaur yowled in pleasure as the virgin swallowed the tip of his dick, sucking with an eager abandonment as the damiana took full effect.

My tongue slid through her tart folds. I caressed her hymen. My tongue wiggled through a hole, tasting the juices flooding her depths. She gasped and shuddered, humping her hips back into my mouth. I groaned in delight as I devoured her virgin pussy.

“Viora,” growled Kelmam. “Suck my cock. I dreamed of this. So many times I imagined your lips on my dick. It’s so good. Oh, yes.”

I slid my tongue up through her pussy folds, savoring her tart juices. My fingers dug into the meat of the virgin’s ass while she moaned and gasped, bobbing her mouth up and down Kelmam’s cock like a seasoned whore.

Damiana was such a wonderful substance.

“Viora,” groaned Kelmam.

I sucked Viora’s clit into my mouth as her leotaur lover hissed through his teeth. Then he growled and Viora moaned in shock. The noisy sound of swallowing followed as I nipped Viora’s clit. The virgin moaned as she swallowed her lover’s cum and came on my lips.

I let the tart juices wash over me, savoring every bit of making a virgin pussy cum. It was such a delicious delight. I licked my hips as Viora spun around. Cum dripped down her chin as she reached behind her and seized the still hard cock.

“I need you in me,” gasped Viora. “I’m on fire. Pop my cherry. Pound my pussy.”

“Gods, yes,” growled Kelmam.

Though Kelmam was superficially like a centaur, a man’s torso rising from a beast’s body, being a large cat allowed him to bend lower than a centaur. Viora didn’t need a high rock to drape across like the time I had been a centaur’s mare.

My pussy clenched at that wonderful memory.

“Pop my cheery,” groaned Viora, totally lost to the lust churned by the damiana.

I kissed her on the mouth as Kelmam thrust. I savored the salty cum and the virgin’s moans as she thrust her tongue deep into my mouth. I fenced with her tongue and the way she grunted as her cherry was popped.

I needed a closer look.

I wiggled out of my trousers as Viora gasped and moaned beneath his furry body. Her small body rocked as she was fucked hard by her lover’s strokes. I slid beneath her, my cunt on fire. Her pussy stretched wide open as the spiny cock plunged in and out of her hole. A drop of her tart juices fell down into my mouth.

With a moan, Viora buried her face into my pussy. She tongued me hard, savoring her first taste of hot pussy. I moaned and humped into her mouth as I leaned up and swiped at her clit. My tongue swirled about her nub then kissed where the monster’s cock reamed her virgin pussy.

“You’re so tight,” groaned Kelmam, her heavy balls slapping against my forehead.

“Just keep fucking me,” moaned Viora. “I’m going to cum so hard.”

The virgin hungrily ate my pussy. She had no idea what she was doing, but that didn’t stop her from exploring, licking, and driving me wild as I nuzzled at her cock-stuffed pussy. Kelmam’s spiny cock brushed my lips. Tart juices flooded my mouth and coated his shaft.

My toes curled at the wicked delight. Viora groaned and dug her mouth in deeper. She fucked her tongue in and out of my snatch. Then her mouth found my clit. She sucked it into her hungry mouth. My back arched.

“Pater’s cock,” I gasped as she sucked on my clit harder than anyone. My toes curled. “You little slut. I’m going to cum so hard on your mouth.”

Viora just moaned loudly, her passion vibrating my dick. Her juices gushed around Kelmam’s dick and rained down on my hungry lips. I opened my mouth wide, drinking in the tart passion that splattered my face. My nose filled with the wonderful sent.

“Sweet Slata’s cunt,” purred Kelmam, his voice a throaty rumble. His dick slammed deep into Viora. His balls tensed.

He came in her pussy.

I latched my lips against their joined sexes. Every blast of his cum pulsed down his cock and pressed on my lips. Then his salty jizz squeezed out between them and into my hungry lips. I loved pussy-flavored monster cum.

My orgasm burst through me.



Aoifa’s moans echoed through the air.

“We need to hurry,” I gasped. “He’s killing her.”

Seamus laughed. “No, I think something else is happening.”

“Pater’s cock, yes,” gasped Aoifa. “Yes, yes, yes, fuck me harder.”

“She seduced the monster?” I groaned in disgust.

“It’s Aoifa,” grinned Seamus.

He charged forward in his armor, easily scampering up the steep slope thanks to the green enhancement spirits I had sent to aide him. My husband’s legs glowed emerald in my vision. Mine would look the same.

I scrambled after Seamus, Aoifa’s passionate moans growing louder and louder. Seamus made the top of hill and I followed a few steps behind. The half-man/half-large cat had mounted Aoifa, her heavy breasts swaying beneath her as she was fucked. Viora, also naked, was held in the monster’s arms, kissing him hard while she humped her pussy against the monster’s stomach.

“Damn, I think he’s already popped her cherry,” Seamus muttered.

“That’s all you care about?” I demanded. “Our wife is being a whore to another monster.”

“Yes, she is,” smiled Seamus. “How’s the cock, Aoifa?”

“Amazing!” she moaned back. “Oh, Fiona, you have to try this one. It has these spines. Oh, gods, it’s amazing. Every time he pulls back he tickles my insides. I’m going to cum so hard.”

“I’ll pass,” Fiona muttered. “Are you under the monster’s lust magic?”

“Oh, that’s Kelmam, Viora’s lover. I gave the pair a bit of damiana. It was quite romantic hearing Viora beg to have her cherry popped.”

“Damn,” Seamus muttered again.

“Oh, yes,” Aoifa gasped, her face twisting in passion. “Oh, he’s cumming in me. It’s so hot. Pater’s cock, yes.”

My twin sister screamed her passion as she orgasmed on the monster’s dick.

I shook my head at her. It didn’t matter how beautiful she looked, she shouldn’t be doing that. It was disrespectful to me and Seamus. I glanced at my husband, his hand already beneath his chainmail rubbing at his dick.

Fine, it was disrespectful to me. I could never leave either of them alone.

Aoifa fell off the cock. Kelmam the monster didn’t seem to notice, too caught up in kissing Viora. Aoifa crawled out, her pussy dripping with the monster’s cum. She stretched as she walked naked over to us.

“We need to talk,” she purred as she stopped before us. “Sweet sister, would you clean me up?”

“I’m not using my spirits to do it,” I huffed.

“I meant with your tongue. That’ll leave your pussy free to satisfy our husband.”

I blinked at her. “I’m not doing that,” I gasped as she pushed down on my shoulders. A spicy scent tickled my nose—damiana. My pussy clenched. I didn’t fight my sister. Her pussy looked so pretty. A line of cum dripped down her thighs. “It’s filthy.”

Aoifa seized my braid of dark-red hair and pulled me into her pussy as Seamus knelt behind me and hiked up my robes.

To be continued…

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