The Temp Ch. 3

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Friday, what a week upon which to look back. Three lovely ladies to do with as I pleased. Two of which were submissive to me alone and the third more a partner in lust than anything else.

Well the party was going to start in 3 hours at Linda’s house. I was requested to bring a “friend” who would fit into a sharing group. I took this to mean that we would all eventually be naked and jumping each other’s bones. I asked Linda how Viv might fit in but she said that would NOT be a good idea.

I eventually decided that one of the ladies I used to party with in the Philippines would be an excellent choice. Theresa was gorgeous. A combination of Chinese/Philippina and Polish. She had the classic Oriental eyes and wide sensuous mouth of a Philippina. The softly rounded ass and absolutely huge breasts you normally associate with a Polish beer garden waitress. If I were to estimate, I would say they were at least 40DD. All this on a slender Oriental frame that almost seemed as if her tits came into a room 5 minutes before the rest of her. Oh, did I mention she just absolutely loves to have every hole in her body filled at the same time? She once told me she could take on five guys at once as long as she could use her hands. To say she loved sex and all it’s forms would be an understatement. She is the typical dream of a sailor, a beautiful nymphomaniac with a dynamite body, who owns a liquor store. Actually she owns four of them but she doesn’t announce that unless she knows you REAL WELL.

Arriving at 8:15 that night the only thing I knew was that it would be a wild party with Linda there. I had assumed she would be my date until she asked me to bring along a friend. As I rang the doorbell to an obvious upscale home, the door was opened immediately by a rather good looking man in his lat 40’s. Introducing himself as Linda’s husband, he gave me the once over then immediately ignored me in favor of Theresa, I was used to that when she was around.

After being escorted into the family room, and accepting the proffered adult beverage, we were introduced to five other couples, the only way I could remember the names were by the wives, one was Sharon, “Tits” simply because she had a rack that gave Theresa a run for her money, on a 4’10” body. Another, Kelly, had hair down to her ass and a wide sensuous mouth that just begged to be fucked. Lisa, was wearing nothing but stockings and heels. The rest of her was pretty good looking too. Ellen was one of those ladies that turned heads just by waking up in the morning, the only thing she was wearing was a pair of high heels and nipple/clit clips.

Linda came over to us and as I introduced Theresa, instead of simply shaking hands she pulled Theresa into her and gave her a long slow kiss with a LOT of tongue. Theresa, not to be intimidated not only returned the kiss but also stoked Linda’s abundant ass until they broke for air.

Linda then smiled at me and said she thought Theresa would fit right in and have a great time. Walking up behind Theresa, I just held her by her hips as she gyrated them into my crotch and looked around as if she were searching for someone to jump on.

As the evening progressed, we all became more familiar with each other, dancing and socializing. Linda paid equal attention to all of her guests while her husband seemed to be fascinated with Theresa and the fact that she seemed to be just as carefree as his wife.

About 10PM the party had really gotten into high gear. Those of us that had clothes on had lost them a long time ago. For the most part we were all indulging in some poke and tickle with no one really interested in getting it on alone. Linda asked if I were ready for a surprise. I was talking to Kelly at the time and wondered what the surprise could be. Kelly said there was a “special” guest tonight and that I would like how the evening would progress. As she said zümrütevler escort bayan this, she leaned into me and damned near swallowed my face as she kissed me, then tried to strangle me with her tongue down my throat. We were continuing to make out and I noticed that Sharon’s husband was latched onto one of Theresa’s tits with Ellen sucking the juices from her pussy. I decided I wanted to feel what Kelly could do with that “fuck me” mouth and moved her to my lap. As she sunk down onto the floor, she was resting on a cushion and she looked up and said I want you to make sure I don’t move my face from your lap until YOU are ready.

It seemed odd that all of the women that were in the room dressed and acted submissive with the notable exception of Linda and Theresa. I looked at Kelly and she parted her hair with her fingers down the middle. She then took both bundles of hair and handed them to me and said, they would reach around my waist and could be fastened there. I took her up on her suggestion and pulled her to me, her mouth covering my 8 inches and reaching around my back I then tied her hair in a knot. I watched as she took me completely into her mouth, to the pubic hair. I pulled her hair tighter then watched as she had just enough room to move back two inches so she could breathe. I made fast her hair and decided to just sit back and relax as I felt her engulf my dick and then I got the shock of my life. As I felt her take me completely into her throat, I could also feel her tongue licking my balls that were hanging low at the time. What a rush!!! If you haven’t felt it you wouldn’t believe the sensation.

Linda then walked to the middle of the room and said she had a surprise for all of us. She said she had procured the services of a lady that would take care of ALL of our needs. The only two stipulations being that the identity of the lady in question had to remain anonymous and we could not identify ourselves to her. After agreeing to these two conditions, she escorted a woman from the back room. She was dressed in a cat suit that reached from her head to her feet, it left her completely covered from her head to her nose, her mouth and chin were exposed. She could not see, and in order to further conceal her identity the cat suit was open completely across her breasts, allowing them freedom of movement and then it went down to just above where her pubic hair should be her body from hips to just below her pussy was totally exposed and the cat suit continued as if it were stockings that were attached to the upper corset with thin straps.

One of the ladies asked if anything was off limits with a gleam in her eyes. Linda only indicated that there could be no lasting marks or scars. She alone would determine if we had gone too far and the lady in question would have a safe word that only she and Linda knew. The ladies at this time all seemed to be thinking the same thing until their respective spouses said that for tonight only they were released from their normal duties as subs.

I felt a violent tugging at my hips as Kelly attempted to pull back. I just laid my hand on her head and told her to finish what she had started. She then plunged her mouth back onto my hard on and began flicking it quickly with her tongue. I don’t know where she learned that little trick but it seemed as if only a minute passed before I was emptying myself into her mouth and she was swallowing everything I had with a gusto normally reserved for a cold beer.

I untied her hair and told her to remember that position as I felt she might be there again that evening.

Looking up I saw that Theresa was standing next to me totally naked. As I reached up to pull her down I heard a sharp intake of breath and a low moan coming from our subject. It seems as if one of the ladies had already aydınlı escort bayan started on her by licking her already moist pussy. Another had placed nipple clips on her breasts so that her nipples not only were constricted but they were extending out at least an inch or two. Kelly, decided this was all too tame so she walked over to the lady and pulling her down to the floor, immediately moved her pussy to just above her mouth. Moving slowly down you could see the anxious tongue reaching up to Kelly’s pussy. I watched the spectacle unwind as Kelly then started pulling the nipple clips up until it seemed as if she would lift the woman from the floor by her tits.

As Kelly shuddered through her orgasm she released the nipples and fell off of her. It was then that I noticed that there was a low padded foot stool next to the coffee table. Linda walked over and tapped Sharon on the shoulder, she was the one sucking the juices from our subject. As if the subject weighed nothing at all, Linda picked her up and laid her face down across the foot stool. One of the men stood up and went to the bar. Behind the bar, apparently there was a stash of toys. Pulling out a limber switch about 4 ft long, he walked over to the subject.

Without so much as a warning stroke, he brought the slender switch down on her ass. A loud scream came out with an intake of breath. Another stroke followed the first and another scream. So far this was the only noise the subject made from the time she was introduced to us. After ten strokes, someone brought out some ointment and smoothed it onto her bottom. Then as the soothing massage was completed the subject was again rolled over and laid down on her back. One of the girls, Sharon I think, removed the nipple clips and stepping back she then took the switch and laid it as hard as she could directly across the subjects tits, leaving a red welt directly across her nipples. As the scream died from the subject, Kelly spread her legs and attached one of the nipple clips directly to her clitoris. This caused another scream from the woman but not once did she move her arms, hands or attempt to avoid what was being done to her.

The men I should mention were watching their respective “subs” give back all that I’m sure they had taken in the past to this unknown creature of pleasure. Now I can be fairly intense but even this level of pain to another was not something I was used to. I watched in morbid fascination as one after the other, the women in the group came up with new ways to inflict pain on our subject.

After thirty minutes or more, they seemed to tire of their sport and each sat at the feet of their respective spouses. Theresa had not moved from my side during this entire time. Even she thought this was a little “over the top” and was not a willing participant to the torture of the subject.

The woman just laid on the floor, not moving, but she seemed as if she were waiting for the next wave of pain to come to her. One of the men, I think it was Ellen’s husband went to her and just picked her up and laid her on the foot stool with her shoulders on the floor and looking up. He then went to her legs, and spreading them, he inserted two fingers into her pussy. Pulling them out covered with juices, he moved between her legs and without any other preliminary moves pushed his cock into her. One of the other men went to her head and placing his knees on either side of her head lowered himself to her mouth. You could see her tongue come up to start licking him from ass to balls and scooting back he placed his penis in her mouth. Without hesitation he then pushed completely into her and soon established a rhythm with Ellen’s husband in fucking her one in the other out and vice versa.

As both men finished they told her to get on her knees and start at one end of the couch and move sideways. gebze escort As she encountered a person she was to satisfy that person with her mouth only. She was not to touch them in any other way.

Moving first to my right, she came to Theresa, she immediately started to lick and suck until Theresa slid to a semi reclining position and spread her legs to take more of the lady’s tongue. After hearing the orgasm release from Theresa, she then moved to me and taking my dick into her mouth she sucked me until I got hard enough to move to her throat. Without even a deep breath she was soon nose deep in my pubic hair and the massaging of her throat soon had me cumming in her mouth. Kelly was seated next to me but instead of moving down to let her get at her moist pussy, she turned around and presented her ass. The lady then buried her face in her ass, leading with her tongue as she rimmed Kelly and moved from her ass to pussy and eventually her clit. Kelly didn’t take long to quiver to an orgasm. This went on for the next hour with everyone present.

Linda seemed as if she were quite proud of herself by offering us this diversion to the evening. As the lady finished the last of us, Linda then took her by the hand and led her from the room. When she came back, she thanked us for taking it easy on the young lady. She then said there was only one other “planned” event for the evening and that was to welcome the newest members of the group. Myself and Theresa. As was tradition in this little group we were then told we could choose any two people in the group to pleasure us in any way we chose while the others watched.

I chose Lisa and Sharon as my partners and Theresa, bless her heart just looked at the guys and said there was more than enough to go around. As Lisa and Sharon came to me I just told them that before we were through I would know them both in every way a guy could.

They immediately started to kiss and lick me to arousal. One was sucking my dick the other was gently biting my nipples. I was caressing each in turn and moving Sharon to my midsection, I lifted her up until she settled down on my dick. Taking it fully into her she just stayed there getting used to it and then she started working muscles. It felt as if there was a velvet glove massaging my dick and she wasn’t moving any outward muscles. Lisa had maneuvered herself so she was licking my balls while this was going on and I felt as if I were in seventh heaven.

I looked over to where Theresa was and sure enough she had all the men she could handle, one under her in her ass. She apparently just sat down on him and took him completely into her bowels. She laid back and another was in her pussy sliding slowly in and out of her. Another was straddling her face as she sucked him and she also had one in each hand. I just happened to catch her in the middle of a “shift” as one climaxed she must moved everyone to the next “station.” One in her mouth went to her pussy, one in her pussy moved to her ass and so on. I do believe she got the best of the deal though since each tit was also being sucked by one of the women that were supposed to watch the proceedings.

As one of the ladies on me climaxed the other just took her place. Not that I’m a super stud but once I cum a couple of times it takes a long time to cum again and that makes for a very hard dick for a very long time. I had already taken Sharon in the pussy and ass. She was cleaning me up and then guided my still hard dick into Lisa’s ready and willing ass. As Lisa sank onto me I felt a soft breast pressing into my mouth. Linda wanted some attention too so I latched on and began sucking with a gusto. I felt Lisa’s ass open and close on me in orgasm then I was in her pussy. As she sank onto me I could feel the muscles in her pussy grab me and start milking me. I couldn’t take much more. As I felt myself cumming I bit down on Linda’s breast and I could feel her too shudder against me receiving an orgasm from just having her breasts sucked.

As we collapsed in a heap on the floor I could hardly feel my feet I was so worn out and numb. I was thinking to my self, if this was the first week of a Temp job, how do I get rid of the guy I’m working for to make it permanent.

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