The teacher’s pet

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“Damn! Another F on my math test.” I said as I stared at my failing grade. “If I fail this class again my parents will take away my car for the rest of the year.” (My name’s Cody I have short dark brown hair with red streaks and golden brown eyes just in case you needed a picture or whatever). But besides that I’m passing the rest of my classes. I got to find a way to get at least a C+.

I heard the last bell to go home, I had to talk to Mr. Lake my math teacher I swear he hates me. He has light brown hair that he clearly blow dries he swears it grows naturally like that. His eyes were an icy blue that I really liked. I walked into class and saw Mr. Lake, “uh Mr. Lake can I talk to you for a few about my grade.” I said. “Sure Cody.” He said looking nervous which was weird. “So, I wanted to know how can I get it up.” I said kinda sexy out of nowhere. “Your grade?” he questioned. “Yes, what did you think?” I asked. “Nothing let’s see your test.” He mumbled taking the paper form me. “Yeah, you failed really bad.” He frowned slightly sounding concerned. He walked closer towards me making the gap between us smaller and whispered, “I know where we can go and improve this.”
“But Mr. Lake…” I tried to get out but he cut me off. “Call me Jacob.” He whispered in my ear his hot breath made my dick move a little. “Alright, Jacob we can’t I’m your student.” I said fighting for my body not to lose control. “That’s true, so as my student you’ll have to have to listen to me” He smirked, grabbing me from behind and rubbing his hand on the opening of my pants. “No stop Please Jacob.” I moaned I felt myself bursa escort get rock hard. “You want me too.” He said pushing his dick against my ass. “Let’s go somewhere so we can work on this.” He said I thought he meant my test but he squeezed my boner. “Jaco…” I tried to finish but all I could do is moan. “Shh babe let’s go.” Jacob whispered. “Where?” I asked quietly, “To my place, so we can discuss your so called grade.” He whispered kissing and sucking my ear. “Ok.” I moaned as he continued rubbing my bulge. We left the school and got in his car.

It was a nice car a 2013 BMW a black one. We were at his house in 10 minutes. We went inside and he poured a couple of drinks then sat down in the living room. “Fuck, how’d I get into a situation like this?” I thought to myself. We ended up drinking the entire bottle of I think vodka. “Cody come here.” Jacob smiled motioning me towards him. I sat closer to him; he took my hand and put it on his dick. It was so hard I don’t know if it was the vodka but with a grin I said, “I wanna suck it.” Jacob opened his pants and I took it out of his pants. The tip was shiny from precum I licked it off it tasted really sweet to me. I moved my tongue up and down his shaft and sucked and licked his balls. I felt his hand on my head he forced my mouth to take his entire 10” pole. It hit the back of my throat I couldn’t breathe but it felt so good. “Cody I’m gonna cum.” He moaned. I moved my head up and down faster, “I want this to be over.” I thought but my body wanted more. I felt a warm substance go down my throat; I opened my pants and started jerking off. “It’s like my body was on bursa escort bayan auto-pilot.” I thought. Jacob pulled me off of his still hard dick; he picked me up in his arms. “Holy shit you’re strong baby.” I whispered.

He carried me to his bed room and stripped our clothes off. “No, Jacob please.” I moaned. “When we’re alone and no one can hear us my names don’t stop.” He growled softly kissing me. He moved lower sucking and kissing my body, “Don’t stop.” I didn’t want to continue he’s my teacher. He opened my legs exposing my asshole, he kissed it and slowly tongue fucked my ass. “Fuck, stop please Jacob!” I said softly trying to crawl away. But he held my body down and continued tongue fucking my hole. It felt so good but I wanted him to stop; my body started tightening. I was so mentally focused on wanting him to stop I didn’t realize I was physically enjoying it. “Don’t stop, don’t stop please.” I begged. My body was burning for more even though I was saying no. “Don’t stop.” I moaned he kept going faster and faster. I pulled his hair to get him off but to no avail. My body was tightening more as I grew hotter to the point I was sweating. I came really hard all over him and me. “Oh my god” I whispered covering my face with my hands. “It’s alright baby” Jacob whispered slowly moving my hands from my face.

He licked my body clean and I returned the favor. “I want more of you” he grinned fingering my ass, “It hurts” I whimpered. “I know give it a minute it’ll start to feel good. You look so sexy when you want it.” He whispered biting my neck. I felt a spark of pleasure course through my body; I arched escort bursa my back trying to trap his finger in that magical spot. “Don’t stop” I moaned, “You ready for me baby?” He asked. “No!” I screamed in my head, but my dick went fully hard and I nodded. He slowly slid his dick in my ass; I gripped the sheets trying not to scream in pleasure. He put half of it in and pulled out, “Don’t stop, it feels so good.” I admitted “fill my tight ass with your amazing rod please!” I begged I got on my hands and knees and spread my ass for him.
He shoved his 10” inside of me pounding my ass faster. “Oh my god, this feels so good” I said out of breath. My mouth was wide open and my eyes were shut tight, I started drooling. My body was tightening up again. I whispered, “Fuck me.” He drove into my ass harder. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop baby” I groaned. He slapped my ass a few times really hard. “I wanna see your face right no” Don’t stop growled, he flipped me on my back without pulling out. My body was getting hotter and tightening more; I wanted to ride him hard. “Don’t stop, let me ride your dick please” I moaned. “Next time baby I promise.” He said kissing me and ran his hand through my hair as his tongue explored my mouth. “I’m going to cum deep inside you in a second. You’re so sexy like this baby.” He whispered putting my right leg on his shoulder. He gave me a few more hard pumps then I felt his hot steamy cum fill my as. He pulled out of me and swirled is tongue around my dick head. I came instantly all over his sexy face; I licked his face clean. I kissed him passionately. I’m guessing all the vodka caught up to me because I passed out there naked on Mr. Lake’s bed. The last thing I heard was, “You deserve an A+ baby” and felt a kiss on my chest. I fell asleep hoping it was all a dream.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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