The Swenson Manor Chroniciles: Jo B

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This is a work of fiction. If you find it truthful then you live a much different lifestyle than I do. My writing style, as with most writers, is evolving. You can see the differences by reading some of my previous submission. I hope you enjoy this story; but like or dislike I am always interested in your comments.

Swenson Manor Chronicles: Jo Baley’s Story

The view at the top of a short set of stairs descending from the upper yard level to the pool deck, was both spectacular and breathtaking. Actually, there were two views to consider. First was the clear blue of the sky reflected on to the large calm lake, and the extension of that reflection to the west toward what would, as soon as the sun set, turn into purple and orange shrouded mountains. A second view was the patio and pool area of Swenson Manor. The patio began at the back of the house and extended outward several yards to an elevated walled edge. At the center point of the wall was located a wide, three stairs deep cut, that descended to a very large rectangular shaped pool.

Around the pool was a fifteen-foot wide, natural stone decking that provided an expansive area in which to play or relax. At the house end of the pool, but slightly detached to one side, was an irregular shaped Jacuzzi large enough to hold twenty or more people. Spread about the patio and pool deck areas were many two-person lounge-chairs, a variety of mattresses large enough for three or more people, and several other large pieces of padded furniture; they looked like sawhorses with pads draped over them. If you wanted a drink there were two bars; both large, and well stocked. One was located near the house and the other was located at the far end of the pool area. In the center of the patio, staff members worked to cover tables with linen tablecloths as preparation to serve a very substantial buffet.

That is what we saw from our position at the top of the stairs, but we need to go back one week to understand how a poor girl like me arrived at this point. It all began with a knock at my door.

“Yes, may I help you?

“Are you Ms. Jo Baley?”


“I have a package for you. Please sign here on the line.”

I signed, and in return was handed a large shipping envelope like you would use with FedEx or UPS. The envelope was very light, and the return address, while local, was unfamiliar to me, and there was no name listed. It was a perplexing mystery I hoped to solve by opening the envelope. Inside was a second envelope roughly the size frequently used for wedding invitations. I immediately wondered which of my cousins was announcing their wedding, but just as quickly dismissed the idea as none of them would go to such an expense. Besides, who would announce a wedding using deep green colored envelopes with gold script lettering?

Imagine, a hand delivered invitation; this seemed to portend something monumental. The picture was unclear to me so I stepped back, took a calming breath, and forced myself to not rush and rip open the envelope. Rather, I carefully peeled back the edges of the sealed flap to reveal a folded card in the same color of green as the envelope. The card, as expected, was an invitation. I removed it from the envelope and laid it in front of me on the table. I don’t know why I felt so anxious. It was as if I was frightened to proceed further. After a few moments I retrieved my courage and opened the pages. On the left side was a handwritten note that read:

“Jo, we have heard many good things about you. We hope you will join us. Please bring a companion. Paula”

I didn’t know anyone named Paula, so the mystery continued. On the right hand side was typical invitation information.

When: Friday
23 June thru Sunday 25 June

Dress: Very casual

What: Drinks at 5:30, Buffet at 6:30 and continuing

Where: Swenson Manor

RSVP: 555 1212
Please provide companion’s name

Swenson Manor? “Holy FUCK!” I yelled out loud. I had hit a summer-party jackpot. In my hand was an invitation to a Swenson Manor pool party. It must be a dream. Just to make sure I was awake I pinched my arms several times, jumped up and down, washed my face with cold water, and reread the address and invitation information over and over again. This must be a mistake; a mistake because only rich and powerful people went to Swenson Manor. The invitation must be a mistake; a thing this big had never happened to me. A Swenson party was more than just a party. It was rumored a Swenson party was a wild, sexy, and decadent affair. I say rumored because I had only heard of them; I didn’t know anyone who had ever actually attended a Swenson Manor pool party. I wondered what I had done to rate such an invitation. Regardless of why, I understood such an opportunity might occur only once, and there was no way I would miss this party.

RSVP; when I looked back at the invitation the silly thought of Roast Skunk Very Possible immediately passed through my head. I knew my psyche was playing games with me kozyatağı escort bayan as I tried to regain my composure. RSVP meant I must confirm my intention to attend, but before I could do that I needed to find a “companion” to attend with me. After telephone calls to several of my male friend I accepted the fact not one of them had the balls to act as my date. I guess they were intimidated by the Swenson Manor mystique, or they were afraid they would not be up to the standard. Some were up front and said exactly that, but others offered some pretty lame excuses such as one had to attend his mother’s funeral, while another was obligated to attend his grandparent’s fiftieth wedding anniversary. They passed up a Swenson pool party for such minor events. That’s okay; they have their priorities, but I would attend if I had to go alone. The thought of going solo began to deflate my high; then a new idea struck. The invitation said a companion; it didn’t specify the sex. Just like that, the picture of Nancy Jones; the most beautiful woman, and best female fuck flew into my mind. I knew Nancy would have her priorities straight; she said yes before Swenson Manor was out of my mouth.

As we arrived the carhop asked, “May I see your invitation please?”

I almost missed his words as I watched his huge dick wave in front of me. That thing was at least eight inches long, and it was soft. I can’t imagine its size when it is at full erection; but it is a topic I would like to investigate. However, whipping my eyes away from that magnificent piece of meat, I refocused on his words and handed him our invitation.

He said, “You may leave your clothes here in your car or wear them to the house. Either way, please follow that walkway to the patio, if you do desire to change clothes at the house please enter at the back, through the blue door and use the rooms that are available. Mrs. Swenson is at the pool; Mr. Swenson sends his regrets, but he is delayed on business and will not arrive until late Sunday.”

“What does Mrs. Swenson look like; I’ve never met her?”

“Look for a beautiful older lady with silver streaked auburn hair, and an allover tan. You will know when you see her.”

Nancy and I left our clothes in the car. Both of us have good bodies, and we would get naked pretty soon anyway. Just so you know, Nancy is 32 years old, 5′ 3″, blond hair, sapphire eyes, a wonderful figure with B-cup tits and legs that go on forever. She shaves all the hair on her lower lips, but not on the pubic mound. I, on the other hand am 33, 5’4″, brunette, green eyes, good tits with a tight ass, and I defy you to find a pussy hair on me unless I have been eating one.

That is how we arrived at this moment on the stairs. We were two very good-looking, stark naked women looking out over the pool toward the mountains admiring God’s handiwork. Ya, right! That vision, while very pretty, took only a moment, then we immediately focused on the patio and pool areas. The evening was young, but quite a few people were already here, and most of them were naked. Some were talking, and some were in very interesting positions preparatory to fucking their brains out.

Nancy and I walked down the steps and proceeded to the pool in search of Paula Swenson. She was not difficult to locate; we simply moved to the crowd. Paula was in the middle of it with a cock in every one of her holes; and not just any ole cocks. These were very large, and she seemed to be enjoying every push of every inch. Just after we arrived each of the cocks pulled out, squirted their juices onto her face, tits, and ass, and then walked away leaving Paula to recuperate.

After a few moments, and while still breathing heavily, “Jo, so nice of you to come. Don’t look so shocked. Do you think we would invite someone to our party without knowing what they looked like? We have some very strict guidelines.”

“I see your point. Hello, it is very nice to meet you, and I want to thank you for the invitation. May I introduce Nancy James, my good friend, occasional lover, and companion for this weekend.”

“Nice to meet you Nancy. You are beautiful. I hope I have the opportunity to taste you before the party ends.”

Nancy responded, “I was thinking similar thoughts. I definitely want to bury my face in your twat. Do you have anything else to do right now?”

“I would like to say no, but unfortunately I have some other things to which I must attend to. If it is alright, I will consider your words as an open invitation.”

“I’ll hold you to that, the little scene you just finished and the anticipation of eating you cunt has made my pussy do some heavy-duty dripping. Paula, please excuse us, but I need some face right now! Jo, lie down on that mattress over there and get to work. I need you to suck my clit, and I want to taste you.”

Hearing those words Paula began to walk away, but after a couple of steps she returned. “It is not a requirement, but many küçükçekmece escort bayan past guests have found it exciting to wear all the cum, male or female, that adheres to their bodies.” She spun on her heel, and we did not see her again for several hours.

I looked at Nancy and asked, “Was that an idle offer about eating my pussy?”

“No! I want us to start this party in the right way, and there is no “righter” way than by licking the sweet juices off your clit and out of your hole.”

“It is my pleasure Nancy. Which do you want; top or bottom?”

“I’ll start on top. Who knows where we will finish.”

With that she pushed me to my back, straddled my face with her pussy, and began to lick the juices off my clit. It was as if lightening had struck. The shocking sensations of pleasure rocketed through my body. Normally, it takes me a while to build to an orgasm, but not today. In almost no time I climbed Orgasm Mountain, and shouted from its peak. That was just the beginning. Nancy kept constant pressure on my cunt bringing me to orgasm after orgasm, and somehow, through my tremors, I did the same to her. I enjoyed one of the most intense and satisfying sexual experiences of my life, and looking at Nancy withering on the ground after she rolled off I would say it was a similar experience for her.

We lay there for a few minutes recovering our senses. At last I stood and headed for the pool.

“Wait, are you forgetting what Paula said about cum?”

“Actually, yes; something about your tongue on my clit made me go blank. But, this party is scheduled for three days, and I am going swimming sometime. Hell, I like to fuck in a pool. You can wear that sticky stuff for as long as you want, but I’m getting in the water.” With that I did a well-executed dive off the side of the pool.

Nancy joined me in the pool for a few minutes, and then we headed toward the food. As with everything else, the buffet was outstanding. It was a sumptuous repast with something to please every palate. On one table was a salad bar with various greens, toppings, dressings, and pre-fixed salads. The next table was meat. A variety of beef, pork, chicken, and lamb dishes plus a standing roast of those with long legs. Two tables of seafood followed. The first was fish baked, roasted, steamed, with and without sauce, French, Thai, Indian, and many other styles beyond my culinary realm. The second seafood table was shellfish. This is where I spent the majority of my eating time. The Swenson’s laid out shrimp, Blue crab, King crab legs, clams, and oysters to name some of the varieties. Following the shellfish table was a table covered with vegetables and side dishes. They looked pretty, but I went quickly by them; yuck, vegetables. The last table was desserts. I cannot adequately describe the array of sweet things on offer. Not only were they varied and beautiful, but they were also delicious. It is a good thing fucking burned up a lot of calories because I was planning to spend a goodly amount of time sampling the desserts.

Nancy and I filled our plates, found a place to sit, and then studied the people. You know, trying to see if there was anyone we knew, and commenting on the merits of the various displayed bodies. You know what I mean; comments such as “there is no way those are real tits” or “check out that cock” Much to our pleasure there were several people we recognized; some personally and some professionally. An aspect we found interesting was the number of couples we actually knew who seem to have older teenage children in company. The children did not seem bashful with their nudity, but to Nancy and I it seemed odd. We each said just the thought of being naked in front of our parents gave us an uncomfortable shiver. I simply cannot imagine being naked, let alone having sex in front of Mom and Dad. Among the families were Jane and Gary Ribbon with John and younger brother Matt; Tom and Melissa Tubs with their triplets Mary, Mindy, and Melody; Willow and Parker Ames with their son Daniel; as well as Barb and Andy Camp with their son Joe and daughter Jean. I wasn’t sure, but I guessed all the kids were at least 18.

After taking care of our food needs, Nancy and I decided to go our separate ways for a while; what was the point of attending a party such as this if you stayed with the same partner. Nancy headed toward the house and I went back to the pool. It was the last time we saw each other until Sunday afternoon.

A goodly crowd had gathered around the pool. Some were talking in small groups, but there was a larger group near the spa and that is where I headed. The attraction was a threesome of two women and a male. I don’t know what they had done earlier, but right now one woman was fucking the man in his ass while he fucked the other woman in her ass. What made it unusual and interesting was the size of the first woman’s dildoe. I expected big, but this was big in a different way; twelve inches long but küçükyalı escort bayan only one inch in diameter. The fake cock was able to slide in all the way yet it was not so wide as to make it uncomfortable. In the past I had witnessed several guys take a big one up the ass. After the pain they liked the feeling and they came, but they never produced an erection.

“That feels so fucking good.” the male said. “You can’t imagine the difference from those huge things. With this one I still get to fuck your sister.”

The bottom woman said, “Will you shut your fucking mouth and concentrate on ramming your cock up my ass! I love the way it slides up my poop alley; it is smooth and slick, and it stretches my clit from the back. Don’t forget I want you to shoot it into my mouth when you cum.”

I’ve done some off beat things, but I haven’t taken a shit-covered dick in my mouth. It sounded gross and disgusting, but I didn’t walk away.

He said, “I’m getting close! If you want to stay in my ass get ready to move, and you get ready to turn around.”

The back woman pulled the dildoe from the man’s ass. It was streaked with shit, and his ass hole was left gaping. While the man continued to pump into the woman beneath him his fucker walked around front.

“My sister is going to suck your shitty cock, and you will suck this one if you know what’s good for you!

The man’s eyes opened wide with excitement and continued to pump. “Oh god, I am so fucking close. Turn around and suck me off, bitch.”

He pulled out of her ass; his cock brown with shit. The woman spun around, grabbed his dick with her hand, and guided it to her mouth. Without a moment of hesitation she swallowed the male member, and sucked for all she was worth. Meanwhile, the other woman pressed her “cock” to the man’s mouth. “Suck you two-bit cock-sucking whore! Suck my dick. Suck your shit and make me clean!”

As he placed his mouth around the dildoe the excitement pushed him over the edge. He quickly, and repeatedly shoved his dick down the woman’s throat. She took it all and when he withdrew it was with a clean cock. There was not one bit of feces. She gave him a clean cock just as he gave the other woman a clean dildoe.

There was a small round of applause from the group, and then I moved on to explore the unusual furniture. The most prevalent piece turned out to be nothing but a wide sawhorse covered with heavy padding. On top of each were two hoods, and on each leg was a bondage shackle. I wasn’t sure of the sawhorse’s purpose, but I had some ideas. Some of those ideas were answered, as two people, a male and a female already wearing hoods, were lead to a sawhorse. They were forced to bend over the horse, their hands and feet locked into the shackles, and then their escorts departed. What a picture; bent over a sawhorse with perianal area fully exposed, extremities completely stretched and shackled, with a hood in place, and apparently wearing a gag.

I watched for a little while, but when nothing happened I decided it was time for me to get fucked. There was an empty mattress near the pool stairs that looked like a good place to attract a male. In what would seem a universal signal, I laid on my back, hands behind my head, feet on the mattress, with knees flexed and spread as wide as possible. As expected, the signal worked. It didn’t take very long before someone, actually eight people, were nudging between my legs.

A gorgeous young blond stood above my head and said, “Ms Baley? Are you Jo Baley?”


“Our parents said to find you, and to ask you nicely to teach us how to fuck. Dad said you were the best person he knew to do that job.”

“What, what are you saying?” I looked around, and here were the triplets, and the other young people. “Your parents said to find me because I could teach you how to fuck?”

“Yes! Wait! Don’t take that wrong, we know the mechanics of how to fuck; none of us are virgins. My Dad says you are a considerate, and passionate lover with a tremendous imagination; that you could show us the art of sex in a way neither our parents nor people our age can. He said to give you this bag; it contains some things you may find useful. Now back to the beginning, will you teach us?”

I thought for a moment, and realized this is why I received the invitation. I did not have a free ride here, but I now saw the potential for many interesting sexual adventures. “No, I won’t teach you how to fuck because as you’ve said you know how to fuck. There is much more to sex than fucking. What I will do is act as a guide to make you into better sex partners, into lovers. Are you interested in that?” There was a nodding of heads among the group. “What do you want to know? No, let me ask a different way. Is there anything you don’t want to know or in which you will not participate?”

There was some hesitation in their eyes; some fear of the unknown. I looked at the girls. “Are you willing to eat pussy, take a cock up your ass, and do it in front of people? Boys, are you willing to suck a cock, fuck and get fucked in the ass? Are all of you willing to do it with an animal? I need each of you to carefully think about each of those things. I can show you much, but if you aren’t willing to do these things, then maybe you are not ready for me to teach you. And for God’s sake be honest with yourself. Don’t tell me you can when you know you can’t.”

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