The Sorority House Ch. 06

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Part 6: Graduation


Saturday morning. At 10AM, the alarm clock blared out, spewing its painful noise throughout the room for fifteen seconds before a weary Lisa smashed its head in. She rolled over and kissed me gently, her hand snaking down my naked body to my crotch.

This was the first morning in my entire life that I did not wake up with morning wood. Last night had so completely exhausted me, Lisa had ended up driving us home. And this morning, despite the presence of a beautiful girl in bed with me, I could not find the strength nor the willingness for sex. I just wanted to close my eyes again and wake up in another month. But Lisa was not about to let me. She rolled me onto my side, and kept pushing and pushing until I fell off her bed and onto the floor with a thud. “Come on, honey. You’ve got to graduate in 2 hours.”

I loved the way she called me “honey.” I loved the way she smelled in the morning. I loved waking up with her in my arms. But it was not to be. By tomorrow, I would be driving up to San Francisco and by Monday, would be in my suit and tie ready to begin life as a corporate weenie. San Francisco was not that far away. We would still be able to visit one another every week or maybe every other week. Experience had always said, however, that long-distance relationships never worked. I’ve had friends whose girlfriends simply went to a different college only a half an hour away, but their relationships could not stand that kind of separation. Would Lisa and I be any different?

I knew I liked being around her. She made me laugh, and in the time we had alone together, I found we shared many interests and could always find something to talk about. I felt comfortable with her. But did I truly love her? Was I prepared to make that kind of commitment to her? I knew I could probably just ignore the issue, and let the relationship fade as distance and time wore on. But I wanted to be fair to her. I wanted to tell her what was in my heart and if I didn’t believe we could make it work, I would have to tell her that.

But right now, I had a ceremony to deal with. I quickly showered and changed. Lisa had the foresight to get me to bring over my cap and gown, and a fresh suit to her room at the Sorority House. Regrettably, she did not join me for my morning shower, but she was ready to go shortly after I was. That was another thing I loved. How often do you find a woman who doesn’t take 2 hours to get ready in the morning?

All Graduates were required to meet in a particular lecture hall at 11 AM, in order to get us properly organized. I arrived at 11:05 AM, which meant I was still there fifteen minutes before most of my class. Only the graduates, however, were allowed into the hall, and so Lisa kissed me goodbye, then went to go find Aika, who was saving a seat for her and Daphne.

The hall had enough seats for all the graduates, and to make things simple, they put your name on one seat, in alphabetical order, so that to form the correct order, all you had to do was find your seat. I properly found where it was, and then got back up to find friends to mingle and chat with.

Besides Tim, I was graduating with two other roommates from the house we’d rented, and quickly found them to kill time. Tim had apparently not arrived yet. One of those roommates was in the middle of some racy story about a girl he had met at a bar last night, when I felt my hand being tugged on by a softer, cooler hand.

I turned and there was Quyen, her mesmerizing eyes staring into me. She held her cap in her other hand so as not to mess her hair up yet, and without saying a word, she tugged me towards an exit door. I looked back as if for help from my roommates, but they simply gave me a “go get her” smile. I halfheartedly tried to resist her, but was uncertain of what to do. So without coherent thought entering my mind, I simply let her drag me out of the lecture hall and further into the building. We came to the door of one of the senior Finance professors, which Quyen knocked on and the door was pulled open. There, before me, was a sight that sent my hormones surging and the blood into my crotch despite my earlier exhaustion.

“Hey there, stud.” Trinh stood before me nearly naked. She still had her graduation gown on, but she’d unzipped it fully to reveal a navy blue blouse and matching bra underneath. However, the blouse was fully unbuttoned and the bra’s front clasp had been unhinged, giving me clear view of her proud breasts staring back at me. To top it off, Trinh’s panties and skirt were on the floor about five feet away, showing off a freshly shaved pussy. Next to Trinh’s clothes was another set of panties and skirt, which apparently belonged to Kiana.

Kiana was wearing the exact same outfit except in white, which meant her blouse was fully unbuttoned, complete with unhinged front bra clasp, and was currently flat on her back across Dr. Russell’s desk. They’d cleared all of his belongings off it and onto the atalar escort bayan floor in a big heap. Trinh was now resuming her place between Kiana’s legs after opening the door for us.

The first thing I noticed was the glistening of juices on Ki’s bare pussy, which was quickly covered up when Trinh’s head descended over it. Kiana’s wonderful tits proudly jutted up into the air beyond Trinh’s bobbing head. Her perfect face was squeezed into a grimace of pleasure as Trinh’s head arose up and down, the noise of her slurping at Kiana’s cunt filling the room. Of Trinh I could see nothing anymore, as all three girls kept the thicker white graduation gowns on, and with Trinh’s back to me, the gown covered all of her curvaceous assets.

How they got into this room I’ll never know. Quyen locked the door and then unzipped her own gown. Looking deep into my eyes the whole time, she made a show of slipping off her skirt and panties, then unbuttoned her dark violet blouse and unhinged the front clasp of a lacy violet bra, baring her full breasts to my hungry gaze.

“We don’t have much time, so go ahead and come quickly!” That had to be the most words I had ever heard come out of Quyen’s mouth, her deep and husky voice turning me on from the dangerousness of the situation. She pushed me back until the back of my legs hit the professor’s couch. She quickly unzipped my gown, and didn’t bother with my shirt or tie, going straight for my pants, unbuckling them and dropping them off my feet. Pushing me so I was sitting with my bare butt on the couch, she jumped into my lap. I could feel that she was already wet, and the dark flashes in her eyes spoke of how aroused she was.

Without another word, Quyen sank down onto my erect member, actually moaning as I entered into her. And once she started bouncing in my lap, the girl who never made a sound was breathily moaning into my ear, turning me on beyond belief. She pulled my arms out the gown and pushed it off my shoulders. My shirt and tie came off, and now I was completely naked. She buried my head against the nape of her neck, squishing her heaving tits against me, and wrapped her arms around my head and shoulders. My own arms wrapped under the back of her open blouse and around her thin body, pulling her tightly to me as we bounced up and down as one with the springiness of the couch.

Trinh had moved herself on top of the desk with Kiana, and I watched them passionately writhing together in a hot sixty-nine. I watched as Trinh’s tongue descended over and over into Kiana’s gaping lips, like a mothering cat licking its young. Trinh’s heavy breasts hung downwards out from her unbuttoned blouse and wobbled invitingly. Since Trinh had been working Kiana for longer, Ki came first, releasing Trinh’s cunt for a moment to scream out her orgasm. I could only imagine what someone in the hallway might think.

Quyen came next as I felt her pussy clamp down on my rod like a vise, her breath streaming out by my ear but not a sound coming out. At the height of her climax, she bit down into my shoulder, hard, sending a shot of pain to mingle with the pleasure coursing through my body.

Kiana moved Trinh off of her and was yelling how she needed to be fucked, and got down off of the desk. The girls arranged themselves across the floor, all of them naked from the waist down but still wearing bras, blouses, and gowns loosely opened around their shoulders. Trinh lay on her back, and Quyen got down on her knees, dipping her head down to tongue Trinh’s moist cunt. Kiana lay on her back, shuffling backwards until her head was between Quyen’s legs, reaching up with her tongue to lick up Quyen’s recent orgasm. That left Kiana’s sopping wet box waiting for me, and I leaned over her, teasing my cockhead around the rim of her juicy cunt. Her hips bucked as if trying to capture me inside her, and I ducked my head to taste the nipples of her big round tits. Ah, the magnificence of implants. Even flat on her back, Ki’s round tits didn’t sag at all.

Trinh and Quyen whimpered at the tongue-lashings they were receiving, and Kiana was still writhing about trying to get me into her. So with a firm grip on her hips, I sank myself in to the hilt. Energetically, the four of us bucked back and forth, a chain of sex stretching across the entire length of Dr. Russell’s exotic Asian rug. My knees were starting to hurt with rug burn, but the pleasurable sensations emanating from Kiana’s fuckhole onto my dick more than made up for them.

Trinh at the far end was now yelping with pleasure, hers being the only other mouth not stuffed with pussy. Her tongue trailed along her lips as her face took on a look of utter pleasure. I had a firm grip on Kiana’s hips and was yanking her about my rod in a wide circle, my little head scraping out every little corner of the inside of her pussy. Her hips were rotating in a big wheel going counterclockwise as I carved her out. The girls ataşehir escort bayan ended up with a domino chain of orgasms, Trinh flooding Quyen’s face with her climax and moaning her release. Quyen came shortly after uttering only the second orgasmic moan I’d ever heard her make (the first being from Lisa last night). Kiana came next, her moan joining the chorus of ecstasy filling the room and her pussy muscles milking me as if to get me to join them. I quickly obliged, my groan of pleasure resounding amidst the girls’ moaning as I slammed into Kiana one last time, then held myself there as I blew my load into her wet box.

For a minute no one said anything as we slowly untangled ourselves, leaning back against the floor and panting. Kiana was the first to look at Dr. Russell’s wall clock. “11:40! Crap, we’re going to start soon!” She leaned back to me, giving me a searing kiss, before she started to button herself back up, removing the paradise of her chest from my view. “You were a great fuck! I hope I see you sometime…” She cleaned herself up and then was out the door.

I figured this encounter was over, but neither Trinh nor Quyen made a move to get dressed. Instead, Trinh merely shrugged out of her clothing until she was completely naked, then strode over to the large oak desk. Quyen pulled my head to hers and plunged her tongue down my throat, and when she broke away, she pointed me towards Trinh. “She hasn’t had a turn with you yet today.”

With my hand on Quyen’s breast and her hand in my crotch, I was quickly revived and ready to go. But I knew we had to hurry. Standing next to the big desk with Trinh’s legs on either side of me, I spread Trinh’s pussy lips wide and she cooed at me as I sank in. We fucked slowly, savoring the feeling as Trinh reached up to run her hands across my chest. I often did pushups and my solid pecs were one thing I was proud of on my body.

Quyen had also stripped herself bare, and I felt the hot velvet of her large tits pressed against my back and the moist heat of her cunt against my ass. She craned my head around to kiss her with one hand, her other apparently reaching down so she could play with herself. Her hips pushed into mine, keeping my pace of pushing then into Trinh’s willing pussy. Feeling that moment, sandwiched between these two gorgeous women, I felt as if in heaven.

“I know you’re going to San Francisco tomorrow.” Trinh’s voice was silky smooth, with an erotic undertone in it. “Quyen and I are sharing an apartment in San Francisco, too. Did you know that?”

I hadn’t know that, but this new information immediately conjured up visions of myself wrapped between these two babes with perfect views of the Golden Gate Bridge and other San Francisco landmarks. My eyes were closed as Quyen trailed her tongue along my ears and neck, actual sight replaced by these wonderful fantasies.

“Why limit yourself to one girl after graduation when you can have the both of us anytime you want?” Trinh’s voice was a seductive whisper in my head. Why indeed? The thought of making booty calls on the Vietnamese twins whenever I wanted seemed an immensely superior idea to spending that time on the phone with a distant Lisa.

I opened my eyes to look into Trinh’s luminous face. She looked so beautiful with her hair splayed out around her, her whole body swaying back and forth as I continued to push into her. “It could have been me. I could have been just as special. And I’ll be right by your side even after graduation. We can make it special between us. I know you’ve felt the raw connection between us.”

Even now, I felt the buzz of lust crackling the air between us. And a fully pliant Quyen pressing into my back didn’t hurt matters either. Quyen’s hand was now at my joining with Trinh, alternately caressing my dick whenever it emerged and rubbing at Trinh’s clit. “And you can have my ass anytime you want.”

The heat in Trinh’s voice and the images her words were putting into my head was too much, and I was cumming, spraying Trinh’s insides with my hot semen. Trinh was moaning out her release as well, a cool wave of juices flowing back and coating my rod still buried inside her.

I pulled out and took a few careful steps back. Trinh got to her feet and entwined her body around Quyen, their hands moving into places on each other that would be considered obscene if they were in public. As Quyen ducked her head to nibble at Trinh’s neck I found my emotions in a tug of war between these two naked goddesses before me, offering all the delights of the flesh I could ever want, and my sweet, loyal, Lisa.

I looked at the clock. 11:55. We were starting in five minutes. “We’ve got to get out there or we’ll miss the ceremony,” I stammered, unsure of what I was truly feeling. So with one eye trained on their naked, writhing bodies, I got dressed in a hurry and sprinted out the door.

I made it just in time to get into avcılar escort line, and only a minute later I saw Quyen and Trinh make it to their spots just as we were marching out of the hallway to the ceremonial music.


After the ceremony, we all hung around and took a zillion pictures. My parents were meeting my roommates and also the plethora of girls hanging around. My little brother gawked at the sight of Lisa, Daphne, Aika, Trinh, Quyen, Kiana, and Vivian all cramming together to get in a picture with only me. If only they knew. The fact that they did the same with Tim helped deflect some of the questioning glances they were sending my way. We all split up so I could go to lunch with my family, and I promised I’d give Lisa a call when I returned.

After lunch, my parents dropped me off at my house, and told me they’d be back tomorrow to help me move out. I bounded up the steps to my room to call Lisa, but when I arrived I found that she was already there, sitting on my bed. My room in general was a mess. I somehow kept getting distracted from fully packing everything up. Our lease ended tomorrow, so everyone had to be out by then and the whole house was in a state of disarray at this point.

Lisa got up to greet me with a friendly kiss less of passion and more of comfortable greeting. We talked about my parents and everything that went on at lunchtime, and we talked about how I had to leave tomorrow. She looked decidedly depressed that I was going, as if she already missed me.

Then Lisa switched conversation tracks. She was curious about one thing. She enjoyed the looseness of our relationship, how I did not get jealous of her sex life with her aKDPhi sisters. It really helped because she would still have them to sate her hormones when I was away, although she promised she would never touch another guy. She had fun sharing me with her sisters as well. She realized that I was only male and I had to be enjoying the sex with all of the other beautiful girls. Besides, she had a little voyeur side and loved to watch me bang her friends.

The phone rang. I made no move to get it. I was in a conversation with my girlfriend, and whoever was on the other end of the line could wait.

But Lisa wanted to make sure I wasn’t doing anything behind her back. I could have all the fun I wanted with her sisters, she even encouraged it, as long as she was around. If she was present and encouraging me to fuck her friends, then it wasn’t cheating, just “swinging” or something. So she asked me, point blank “Have you done anything behind my back? Without my knowledge?”

Visions of Thursday night and the Quyen’s handcuffs flashed through my head. Memories from just this morning and Dr. Russell’s desk came into mind. But I could see that a “yes” answer on my part would destroy her. Perhaps she didn’t actually know anything? Almost automatically, my mouth said “Of course not.”

“Okay.” Lisa smiled. She seemed relieved.

“No, wait.” I hung my head. I could not lie to her. “I didn’t really mean that, it was just an automatic response, like saying ‘I didn’t do it.'”

“You mean…”

The phone had hit its fifth ring and cut over into my answering machine. And the caller decided to leave a message. “Hey, stud-muffin, it’s Kiana. Listen, I just wanted to tell you how fucking awesome you were this morning! I’m not moving out until late tomorrow, so why don’t you come by the house tonight? And bring Lisa with you. She’s such a fox. I’ve already talked to Trinh and Quyen, and after this morning’s little quickie, they’re eager to have you again when we’ve got a little more time to play! Give me a call! Bye-bye lover.”

“Oh, my, gawd…” She looked a little stunned, and she turned her back to me. “Was that the first time?”

I hesitated for a moment before answering “no.”

“When else?”

“Remember that night you and Aika went to study for a final and I never came back to your room? I got really drunk off tequila and woke up in Quyen’s room that night.”

“So that’s why Tim said you’d banged 5 different girls. I thought he was mistaken because I only counted 4. But I knew Quyen was giving you some lustful looks. When else?”

“That’s it. Those were the only two times.”

“Weren’t those enough?”

I didn’t have an answer, and my head hung downwards as she paced around my room. She looked like a volcano swelling with anger right before the eruption. “But why didn’t you tell me?”

“Please, honey. Don’t be mad.”

“DON’T BE MAD!” Lisa turned around, her eyes glowing fireballs. “Can’t you keep your pecker in your shorts! Don’t I give you enough sex! You’ve been shooting off an average of five times a day for the last week! I’m surprised you’re not dead from dehydration!”

The next five minutes more or less continued like that. I could not get a word in edgewise nor think of a single thing that would make her calm down. She told me that I was just in this relationship for the sex. That she did not mean anything special to me. That I would fuck any hot body with great tits and fine legs that crossed my path. And she said all this in a way that even I was convinced that she was right. Her face took on that pained expression that I’d only seen twice before, when she’d caught me with Trinh twice almost an entire week ago. And then she left.

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