The Selection – Cheerleader Sally Ch 1: a Frankel story

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The Selection – Cheerleader Sally Ch 1

Originally written by Frankel. No sex in this story is at all romantic or loving, and nor is it enjoyed at all by the women.

Like every other girl the day I turned 18 I began my three years of sexual submission.

Since the Great Male Uprising of 2056 every girl was forced to endure these years.

At school all we were taught was the submissive role of women. For most girls it worked and they reached the age of consent believing there was no other purpose for them in life than to cook and clean for men. Unfortunately, we were told nothing about sex. So the day we turned 18 we were in for a big surprise.

We were assigned submissive types of roles that men generally found appealing. Nurse, secretary, maid – all areas where our role was to serve a man, though God help anyone who expected their life to be saved by one of those nurses because they had no training.

According to our appearance we were assigned to certain fee paying men who would have all the women in our category to choose from. The better looking the more they paid to get access to our category.

At the end of three years we were either Selected by a man and joined his harem or were sent to the work farms to spend our lives in back breaking labour.

We had all received extensive education into the hell life on the work farms of the unwanted women. None of us knew what a harem was but we knew it had to be better than a work farm – I cannot describe even now just how scary a work farm is.

I was assigned to the most expensive category of Cheerleader. I had received years of training in being a cheerleader and knew hundreds of dance routines. I thought I was in this group because of my dancing. Now I know it was because of my large natural breasts, blonde hair and blue eyes. I have been told many times now that I have what men call a Fuck Me Face.

I was assigned to a major league football team where I was to not only provide half time entertainment but every service demanded by the people who paid the big bucks to the government. When I arrived at the stadium the very second I turned 18, I had no idea what those services were.

I had been implanted with a memory chip and barcode behind my ear. The idea was that when a man in my group swiped a pass behind my ear the chip in my head would beep twice. When I heard it I had to do whatever he said or it was off to the work farm.

I now know most of the players in my team had done a deal with their contract to be part of my group – or Red Group as it was known. Aside from them there were apparently around twenty million men subscribing to Red Group which contained around half a million women.

A ratio of 40 to 1. I would be busy.

At the stadium I was met by the cheerleader coach. He was about thirty years old and already slightly balding.

“I’m glad you are here early,” he said to me talking more to my tits than me. “The other girls are already here. There is a board meeting going on before the match this afternoon and the board has asked the girls to be present.”

I didn’t ask why. It was drilled into us from a very young age that women served only one purpose, to do whatever a man told us to do, and for the first time in my life I was about to find out what they really wanted.

The coach made me walk in front of him so he could check out my arse as I walked. I was in the only clothes I was ever allowed to wear for the next three years, my tight fitting cheerleader outfit. No bra or panties and the skirt was so short my arse was visible every time I bent over.

“Anybody fuck you yet?” he asked as I walked.

“Anybody what?” I asked innocently.

“Never mind,” he said.

“Christ,” I thought. “I really am in trouble. Men are asking if I’ve done things and I don’t even know the word.”

The coach directed me to the board room in the main grandstand. When we went in I found twelve male board members sitting around an oblong table in deep discussion. After a moment I noticed there were several cheerleaders already under the table, their heads bobbing up and down in the laps of board members.

“What are they doing?” I thought.

“Excuse me, gentlemen,” said the coach. “This is Sally, our newest girl. She is Red Group and better yet today is her 18th birthday and she is untouched and has only been active for about twenty minutes. Who wants first go?”

Every board member, even the ones already with a girls head in their laps, stood up and dashed towards me, cards in hand.

This was the moment I had been dreading all my life and I knew what I did next could seal my fate. If I didn’t obey them I could be busted straight to a work farm as a defective model. It was virtually life and death.

I saw the erect penises of the men as they came towards me and had no idea what they were. They looked hard and scary.

The first guy to reach me was the one who had been sitting closest. He swiped the card behind my ear and I heard it beep twice.

For a moment I froze. I had no idea what he wanted from me as he stood staring at my body.

But suddenly my years of training kicked in and I found myself smiling and repeating the words I had been trained to say to my male masters.

“How can I serve you master?” I finally managed to say, the words that had been drilled into us at school.

“I love the new one’s,” he said pushing up my shirt to reveal my breasts. He rubbed his palms over them. “I bet I can break this one. She’ll be in tears and begging for a work farm soon.”

I continued to smile sweetly but inside I was terrified as he roughly played with my breasts.

I turned my eyes to the ground, watching his prick as it twitched in front of me. I was fascinated by it but also very scared.

“How can I serve you master?” I asked again.

He put both hands on my head and pushed down. My legs buckled beneath me and I fell to my knees.

“Take her in the mouth, Nigel,” a man called out. Several of the men formed a line behind him, clearly wanting to be next while others grabbed the cheerleaders beneath the table by the hair and forced them to their knees near me.

The other girls didn’t make a sound as their ears were swiped and they began to suck the cocks of the men.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The girls were taking these revolting things all the way into their mouths. bursa escort They had to have been going into their throats.

My man, Nigel, took my hair in his hands and pulled it hard until I opened my mouth in pain. He then slowly pushed his cock past my lips and into my mouth, clearly savouring the scared look in my eyes as his cock plunged ever deeper into my mouth.

It hit the back of my throat and I retched but no vomit came up so he pushed further in, making me retch again. Tears were already forming in my eyes as his cock filled my throat and blocked my air supply.

To my surprise another man swiped his card behind my ears and I beeped twice again. I was totally unprepared. I expected Nigel to protest but instead he actually helped the new guy. He dragged me forward until I was on all fours and my arse in the air. Nigel started to fuck my face as the other man moved behind me, raised my skirt and parted my butt cheeks.

“Thanks, Nigel,” he said.

“No trouble, Andrew,” said Nigel. “I still owe you for that fresh stewardess on the flight over.”

I felt Andrew’s cock push against my arse. My hole was too tight for the head of his cock but he pushed with all his weight and forced it inside.

I couldn’t help but cry out in pain, only just managing to avoid biting down on Nigel’s thrusting cock. Nigel held my head tight in his hands and the two cocks thrust into me at each end.

I had never known such pain as my arse was stretched by the big cock pushing inside of me. At the other end my throat was filled by Nigel’s wide dick causing me to gag again and again as he pulled strands of hair out with his tight grasp.

“Bitch is crying already,” Nigel said. “Too fucking easy.”

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and slapped me.

“She doesn’t belong in Red group. Fine body but no fucking endurance. Where’s that bitch I had before?”

Nigel stormed over to a cheerleader blowing another man in the corner. He swiped his card and penetrated her arse in almost one motion. The girl didn’t miss a single bob of her head.

Another man stepped up and swiped his card. My chip beeped twice and he thrust his cock into my mouth. The man in my arse suddenly pulled out and I was surprised to see him run over to a bowl in the table and cum inside of it.

I saw the white streams of cum fly into the bowl and thought maybe there was something wrong with him, that perhaps men had white blood and I had made him bleed. I hoped I wouldn’t be in trouble for that.

To my left two cheerleaders started breathing deeply as their men cried out. The men pushed the girls away and the cheerleaders stood and spat cum into the same bowl.

“Is that more blood?” I wondered. “Do men want to bleed into your mouth? It looks like they actually enjoy it!”

The next man started thrusting hard into my mouth.

I kept eye contact with him through my tears and felt his cock twitch in my mouth then a warm disgusting liquid spurt onto my tongue.

“Hold it in there bitch!” he said. I stayed on my knees with the cum in my mouth waiting for someone to tell me what to do.

I felt like vomiting as the salty taste of his cum was overpoweringly awful. Two more cheerleaders had men cum in their mouths and again they stood up and spat the cum into the bowl.

Another man swiped his card behind my ear. It beeped twice and I opened my cum filled mouth to suck his cock but he took me by the hair and dragged me to my feet.

“Take your uniform off and jump bitch,” he said.

I undressed and started to jump up and down on the spot, my breasts bouncing wildly in front of me. Board members were cumming into all the cheerleaders mouths around me and each one spat the cum into the bowl until it was full.

I jumped for ten minutes, holding the cum in my mouth the whole time and was already exhausted.

Finally the man who told me to jump took me by the hand.

“Stop jumping,” he said. He led me to the bowl. I thought he was going to tell me to spit but instead he passed the bowl to me and said “Swallow it all!”

I took the bowl from him. It was a very large bowl and was filled to the top with multiple loads of thick cream coloured sperm.

I wondered if it would be as bad as this always.

“How bad are the work farms for this to be better?” I thought.

“Drink the fucking cum bitch or I’ll report you,” said the man.

All the board members and cheerleaders watched on as I raised the bowl to my lips and poured the cum into my mouth.

Suddenly two men grabbed me and forced my head back while another took the bowl from my hands. They poured the cum rapidly into my mouth so that it was soon overflowing out of my mouth and down my body.

Under instructions the other cheerleaders began to lick the cum off me, flicking their tongues over my cum covered tits, neck and face. One even french kissed me as soon as the bowl was empty, scooping cum out of my mouth with her tongue.

Finally I was cleaned off and all the cum was swallowed.

My coach, who had watched from the sidelines but played no part then came forward.

“Alright lazy bitches,” he said. “The players are waiting for their showers so get moving!”

I dressed back into my uniform and followed the other cheerleaders out the door. I found myself running downstairs next to a tall brunette with beautiful dark eyes and breasts every bit as big as mine.

“I’m Stacey,” she said. “Welcome to the team.”

“Sally,” I said. “What do they mean the players are waiting for their showers?”

“We have to blow the players after training,” said Stacey. “They have a small cage for us in the showers we have to kneel in while the players shower. They usually fuck our faces for a couple of minutes then wash themselves. Part of their training routine.”

“What does blow and fuck mean?” I asked.

“Sorry,” said Stacey. “I forgot how new you are. Basically what just happened to you then is what will happen all the time. Blow means suck their cock, that hard thing they have. Fuck face does too. Fuck by itself means they put it in your pussy.”

“But I don’t have a cat.”

“No, your pussy is the hole you pee from. As you know they put it in the other hole too. Don’t worry, you’ll either get used to it or go to a work farm. Trust me, though, I have seen a work farm. This is better!”

We undressed and ran into the players’ bursa escort bayan change room and found the mostly black well-built and very well hung players naked outside the shower stalls. l ran into a stall, the waiting player slapping my face for being late as I arrived.

There was a small metal cage in the corner which i quickly knelt down in and closed around me so only my head and chest were out, even my arms were restrained in the cage.

Because they were on contract the players didn’t need to swipe me. I opened my mouth as my six foot five player stood before me.

His cock was much bigger than any board member and he pushed it into my mouth without a word.

This time I was better prepared and, though it was larger, I managed to keep from gagging as it hit the back of my throat. He quickly developed a fast pace, thrusting his whole cock in and out of my mouth.

I kept my eyes locked on to his as he gripped my hair and was relieved when he quickly tensed up and came in my mouth. He shook it around in my mouth as it erupted so my tongue and teeth where all drenched with his seed.

He pulled out and began to shower as if I wasn’t even there. He hadn’t told me what to do with his cum so I kept it in my mouth and kept my eyes on him waiting for further instructions.

He showered only briefly and stepped out of the showers without speaking to me at all.

I was locked in the cage with a mouth full of cum and totally clueless as to what to do next. After all the players had left the coach came into my stall.

He pulled his cock out and started to masturbate only inches from my mouth. I realised he mustn’t have been a red card holder and so technically wasn’t allowed to touch me.

I looked up at him as he wanked in front of me. After a few minutes his cum burst out of his dick and splashed over my face.

When he was done cumming he unlocked my cage and helped me out.

“Shower off,” he said. “We have to perform for some special guests in a few minutes.”

“Can I swallow?” My words were slightly slurred.

“Of course,” he said. “You can always swallow after five minutes unless your man orders otherwise. Don’t they fucking teach you sluts anything?”

I quickly showered and washed all the cum off my body. I put my cheerleader uniform back on and followed the other girls up to the playing field.

I was surprised to find the stadium was filled with men, thousands of them all armed with binoculars. On the field were hundreds of cheerleaders from lots of different teams.

“What’s this?” I asked Stacey.

“An exhibition,” she said. “Don’t worry, we just do the basic routine you would have learnt at school. The audience is filled with Red Group men. They watch the routine and book a girl. When we finish you’ll get a list of addresses to go to and instructions.”


“Red Group guys often like to role play. Some will want you to pretend you’re going on a date. Some will want you to go jogging on a lonely track and then they’ll snatch you and rape you.”

“Rape? What is that?”

“Force you to have sex.”

“How many guys do you normally get?”

“Me about twenty. You’re new so you’ll get more. Maybe fifty. You get about a week to do the lot. The first one usually happens straight away though.”

Suddenly the music started. I recognised the routine straight away (we had done it about a zillion times at school) and started to dance. I use the word dance loosely it was essentially a series of sex positions set to a dance track. First on our knees bobbing our heads, then our tops come off and we get down on all fours and rock back and forth like we are being taken doggy style, then on our backs hips bucking in missionary and on and on. Of course at school, we hadn’t realised what these strange dance moves really were.

I looked up at the massive grandstand filled with men with binoculars and realised with horror that there were TV cameras here as well. I knew at once that it wasn’t just the men here who would be ordering us; potentially millions of home viewers were watching.

“How can I hope to service so many men?” I wondered.

We ended the routine, legs spread and arms stretched out and shaking our heads like we were being raped.

When the music stopped I copied the other girls in assuming a submissive pose on my knees. We sat there waiting silently for ten minutes, there was no applause, no cheers, just silence.

Eventually men started moving amongst us handing out small palm sized phones. I took mine and turned it on. There was one application on the display which said “Tasks.”

I pressed the application and a list of names appeared. 157 names.

I pressed the first name. John Lee. Here seat 45 stand A row 12. 20th century, First date, happy blowjob.

I pressed the second name. David George. 4 pm today. Jogger rape. Merryvale hiking track.

On and on went the list. I was given three hours for each task including travelling time and was allowed only three hours sleeping time each day.

Girls started running off around me and I realised there was no time to waste. I started to run towards stand A, memories of the pictures we were shown of the work farms keeping me moving, knowing that as hellish as this life was there was always something worse.

I ran to the seat listed and found a young man there waiting for me. I smiled at him and sat in a spare seat beside him. On the far side of him a cheerleader was being raped in the arse, doing her best rape victim scream.

“Sorry I’m late,” I said trying to improvise what I imagined a 20th century date would be like. “Thanks for inviting me.”

“No worries,” he said and kissed me on the cheek. “The movie is about to start.”

I realised he wanted to pretend we were in a movie theatre so I sat back in my seat and let him put his arm around me. I let my head rest on his shoulder as the cheerleader beside us screamed loudly for help as her arse was penetrated.

I felt my man, John, move one hand up to the top of my head and begin to push down on me. I knew that Happy Blowjob meant I was supposed to act like I wanted it so I turned my head towards him and kissed his cheek then slowly began to let him push my head down, kissing his neck, his chest and then down to his jeans.

With his other hand he pulled off my shirt as I took his cock out of his jeans. escort bursa It was still soft so I licked my tongue over it, moaning as it began to stiffen. He cupped my breast in one hand and pushed my head onto his cock with the other. As I moved down I opened my mouth and took his cock.

It was the smallest I had met so far so I was easily able to suck down the shaft to its base with the first bob of my head. As I came up his fingers gripped my hair.

I suddenly realised he hadn’t swiped his card. For all I knew he could be out of my group, the fact that he hadn’t done it made me suspicious that he wasn’t Red Group. I could get into trouble if I blew a lesser group.

I tried to pull off him but he sensed what I was doing and pushed back down.

“Don’t you fucking dare take it out of your mouth!” he yelled and started to buck his hips, fucking my face with each thrust.

He was much stronger than I had thought and I was helpless to do anything but let him fuck my skull. I had hoped it would be over quickly but each time his orgasm built he stopped my head bobbing and held his cock still in my throat.

The cheerleader suffering the anal rape was long gone and the stadium emptying before he finally held my head still for the last time and let a torrent of cum erupt into my mouth.

I swallowed before being ordered to, which could have been a big mistake had he noticed, but he was already on his way as soon as his cock was out of my mouth.

He left so quickly I was sure he wasn’t Red Group but women could only speak when spoken to so there was no way for me to report it.

I looked at my phone. It was already 3.45. I had only fifteen minutes to get to my next appointment.

“Thank God it is a jogger rape,” I thought. “He won’t be surprised if I am sweaty.”

Without the time to think I started to run.

I ran down the main highway, passing countless forced blowjobs and street sex scenes as I ran. Several men tried to stop me but I was able to show them my appointment list as I passed and they had no choice but to let me go – I doubted any of them were Red Group anyway and sure as hell wasn’t going to do someone out of my group again in a hurry.

I reached the Merryvale jogging track and started down its narrow tree lined path at once. I could hear screams at various points ahead and knew this must be a popular spot to ambush women.

I saw a woman being pack raped by six men a few meters off the track and hoped vaguely that one of the people taking her was my guy David George.

The path led under a bridge and I felt sure he would jump me here but I came out unscathed, unlike a waitress I passed who was being facefucked on her knees.

The path met a river and followed its course for a mile or so. I was exhausted and barely able to run anymore. I had expected to be taken straight away and thought perhaps he had taken someone else.

I stopped at the top of a hill and looked around. I saw a woman being raped in the pussy in some trees nearby but there was still no sign of my guy.

With no other choice I decided to keep going. I ran down the hill and followed the path as it left the river and entered a deeper forest. Now everything was quiet and the path less even.

To my right I saw several shapes moving through the forest and slowed to look at them.

Suddenly ropes twisted around my right leg and I was hoisted up into the air. I went up five meters, my head facing the ground as I rose and then was slowly lowered back down.

I screamed like a rape victim as I stopped about a meter above the ground, my leg still caught in ropes attached to tree branches high above me.

A man appeared out of the forest, completely naked, and swiped a card against my head. I beeped twice and he took my upside down head in his hands and forced his cock into my mouth.

I pretended to push him away as I dangled upside down as he fucked my face. With one hand holding my head in place he pushed my hands away.

“Keep your fucking hands behind your back!” he screamed at me then put his other hand on my head and rapidly fucked my mouth.

Drool filled my mouth and coated his thrusting cock. From where I hung all I could see was his balls as they bounced in front of my eyes. I heard another man come around behind me and swipe his card on my head.

For the first time I heard a buzzing sound and knew he was not a Red Group.

“Fuck it,” said David. “Just do her anyway!”

I screamed in protest around his cock.

“Shut up bitch,” he said. “He’s my guest. You just do what you’re told.”

The other man slid two fingers into my pussy and I felt my hymen snap. He spread my pussy lips wide and added two more fingers and finally his whole fist.

I could feel blood trickling out of my vagina and down my belly as David held my head still with his cock in my throat. The fist pushed my pussy wider and I was wracked by pain as my pussy was brutally violated.

David tensed and I looked up at his balls as they swung in front of me. I could feel the cum surge through his shaft and then tasted it as it drained into my mouth.

David untied my leg and lowered me slowly to the ground as his friend continued to fist my pussy.

As I hit the ground they spread my legs and his friend lowered himself on to me and pushed his cock into my aching pussy.

David held me down by the shoulders as his friend raped me on the forest floor.

“Stop!”. I screamed. “You’re not allowed!”

Both men grew red with rage.

“Dirty fucking whore!” screamed David. “I fought for the right to take you when I wanted. You don’t tell me what I can do. My friend wants your cunt and you have to give it to him!”

They both slapped me repeatedly and I stopped screaming and let him fuck me.

Finally his friend groaned and pushed deep inside me, his cum filling my canal.

“She’s fucking useless,” said David. “Talking back. What the fuck is the world coming too?! Great body but no fucking way I’ll select a bitch that talks back!”

They got up and walked away. I gingerly got to my feet and adjusted my cheerleader uniform. I picked up my phone where I had dropped it and looked at the list.

“7 pm. At your house. Shower rape. Peter Clarke.”

“My house,” I thought.

I hadn’t even been there yet. All girls were assigned small apartments in a ghetto near the city centre. None of the apartments had doors to prevent us from locking men out.

I had an hour and a half before he arrived. I only hoped I could keep the cocks away until then.

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