The Rogue’s Harem Book 1, Chapter 13: The Fairy’s Pet

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The Rogue’s Harem

Book One: Rogue’s Sultry Harem

Part Thirteen: The Fairy’s Pet

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to B0b and WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: A Precious Gift

Zanyia – Forest of Lhes, The Strifelands of Zeutch

“Let’s talk,” I told Nathalie. The Zeutchian girl was watching Sven, Kora, and the faerie with tremulous eyes.

“Okay,” the girl said, her fingers wet with my pussy juices. We had made each other cum. I loved that. Cumming. So wonderful.

The girl stood on her lithe legs, her golden-blonde, braided pigtails swayed about her shoulders, her small breasts jiggling. They were the same size as mine, though I was older than the girl. Hers would probably grow larger than mine as she matured. Her hand clenched mine as I led her to the tent. It had been such an exciting evening. The scent of blood still lingered in the air.

And that always excited me. I was a lamia. Though my race was raised as slaves by the nagas across the Despeir Mountains, we were still similar to cats. We liked to hunt, to eat meat. We liked the taste of blood. And since we were creatures born of Las’s indiscriminate masturbation, sex was ingrained in us.

So my pussy dripped with excitement.

I pushed aside the flaps of the tent, the insides reeking of hot pussy. Such a wonderful scent. A purr rose in my throat, my triangular ears twitching atop my head and my tail swaying behind me. It brushed Nathalie’s thighs.

She giggled. “I like your tail.”

She grabbed it and I yowled, “Don’t do that!”

“Sorry!” Her hand flinched back.

I shivered, my tail swishing fast. “It’s okay. You didn’t know.” I squeezed her hand.

She gave me a nervous smile.

Purring, I pulled her to the mused bedding where Kora and I were making love before the attack. “My race doesn’t like having our tails grabbed. Only Sven can do it.”

“Because he owns you?”

I nodded, smiling happily as I yanked her down to the bedding.

“You’re his sex slave?” Nathalie asked as she settled down beside me. She didn’t resist as I rolled her onto her stomach, her cute tush so round and perky. I stroked down her spine, making her shudder. “You do whatever he says?”

“Whatever he says,” I answered. “I’m his sex slave. It’s so wonderful giving myself to him. To surrendering to his love. It’s so different than being a slave by force. Sven cares for me. He understands that I need to be owned. It was bred into me. But I don’t have to be afraid around him. I know he won’t ever harm me. He might hurt me.” My hand stroked her butt-cheek then gave her a pinch. “He might spank me or flog me. He might twist my nipples. But he knows that it will make me wet.”

“It does?” the girl asked, her voice rising in awe. She stared at me with her blue eyes, her left cheek resting on her folded arms. “Why?”

“Because pain and pleasure are so closely related,” I said. “They can blend from one to the other. A man can fuck you so hard your pussy actually hurts. But it’s such a wonderful ache. And other times, he can spank you so hard that the burning pain becomes euphoria. It makes you drunk. It makes the sex incredible.”

“Wow,” she said, shuddering. “It was already incredible. Feeling Sven slide his cock into me, fucking me harder than he fucked my mother. I know I pleased him more than her.”

“You didn’t like your mother cheating on your father,” I purred. “But you just had to know why she did it.”

“I know why,” she said. “Because of Sven. He’s amazing. Wonderful.”

“Yes, he is.” My purr rose in my throat, rumbling with my joy. My tail swished more. “You love him.”

She nodded her head, her eyes bright. “I fell in love with him watching him with my mother, seeing how he pleased her. He was so handsome, so passionate. That’s why I came with him.”

“And you’ll make him a wonderful sex slave,” I smiled, squeezing her ass, my fingers dipping into her butt-cheeks.

“Slave!” she gasped. “No, no, I want to be his wife.”

“But you can’t be his wife,” I told her. “He already got a faerie wife. He just married her.”

“I can be his human wife,” objected Nathalie. Her eyes were swimming with need. “I would be a great wife. I would love him and raise his children and never nag him or fight with him like my mother does with Father. It’s why he spends so much time in the village. I wouldn’t be anything like her. I wouldn’t cuckold him, either.”

“Of course you wouldn’t,” I purred. “That’s why you’ll make such a wonderful sex slave.”


“He’s engaged to marry a princess,” I told her.

Her eyes widened. “A princess?”

“Princess Ava, the daughter of Prince Meinard. They love each other. They’re already promised. And he also has his sister. She’s his sister-wife. See, he’s already got three wives, or he will. He can’t have any more. But what he can have is lots and lots of sex slaves.”

My fingers wiggled into her butt-crack, searching, finding her asshole. I stroked her puckered sphincter as she wiggled on the bed. Her face furrowed with disappointment. But I could see it. This girl was so submissive. The way she let Sven bring her out here. I had keen hearing. I heard what she was doing with Sven while I made love to Kora.

“He could have a fourth wife,” she protested after a moment.

“When you slipped out of the tent to fuck Sven, what was the first thing you did?”

“I…” She licked her lips. “I gave him a blowjob.”

“Now I know he licked your mother’s pussy first. When you watched them, you saw him going down on your mother, making her cum so hard before he fucked her.” I paused, pressing the tip of my middle finger against her asshole, her puckered ring resisting my digit’s intrusion. “But you didn’t have him lick your pussy. You sucked his cock. Why?”

“Why? Because I wanted to give him pleasure,” she said. “And I know from my friends that boys like it when you suck their cocks. They like girls who do that. Who please them. And I wanted to please him so much.”

“Just like a good sex slave would,” I purred, my finger pressing harder.

Her eyes widened as my digit wormed into her asshole. I wiggled it around in her virgin bowels, feeling the velvety texture of her anal sheath. She whimpered, her cute tush clenching, her asshole tightening about my finger.

“Being a slave doesn’t mean Sven won’t love you,” I purred. “He will love you. He’ll care for you. And you’ll get to please him.” I worked my finger in and out of her asshole. “You’ll get to devote yourself to pleasing him. And in exchange, he’ll protect you, he’ll make you feel good, and you’ll get to be with him. It doesn’t matter that he’s married to a princess, because you’ll still be in his life. In their lives.” I grinned. “Princess Ava loves playing with me. And she’ll play with you, too. Sven will share you.”

“But…” she whimpered, her hips wiggling as I fingered her asshole.

“It’s the only way you’ll be with him,” I told her. “He fucks lots of women. But if you’re his sex slave, he’ll have to take care of you. He’ll have to love you. And you’ll be with him, making him happy.” I hesitated, slipping a second finger into her asshole. Her face twisted with pleasure as I pressed on, “Don’t you want to make him happy?”

“So much, Zanyia,” she said, voice tight and throaty.

“With your asshole?” I asked. “Don’t you want to make him cum with this tight hole?”

“I do,” she moaned, her body shuddering. I pumped my fingers faster and faster in her velvety sheath, my tail swishing behind me, my own pussy burning. This was so hot. She whimpered, “I want to make him happy. I want to make him cum!”

“Of course you do,” I purred, stirring her bowels with my finger by twisting my wrist as I plunged over and over in her. I massaged her asshole. Such pleasure shot through her. “You want to be owned by Sven. Say it.”

“I want to be owned by him!” she moaned, her eyes wide in realization. “I want to be his sex slave!”

“Yes!” I purred and kissed her on the mouth.

I pressed against her body, feeling her tremble. Her orgasm rippled through her, her bowels writhing about my fingers. She moaned into our kiss, her lips tasting so sweet. The eighteen-year-old girl convulsed as her pleasure burned through her.

And such joy burst in me. I found Master another sex slave. Sven deserved to have all the beautiful, submissive women serving him. And I would find them. When he killed that dastardly Prince Meinard and married Princess Ava, I would fill their castle with sex slaves all dedicated to loving them.

It would be beautiful.

My tail swished with so much joy.


Sven Falk

“Master, can you come here?” Zanyia called from the tent as I lay with Aingeal and my sister Kora. They were both cuddled up against me, the faerie’s pink hair spilled across my chest, brushing Kora’s golden locks.

“What?” I asked, my voice still slightly dazed. I had a faerie-wife. Ava would not be happy. I didn’t even know what to make of the playful and mischievous creature cuddled against my right side, her pillowy breasts soft against my chest.

“Please, come here. Nathalie has something for you.”

“She sounds excited,” Aingeal said. “You should go. I bet it’s naughty.”

“Might as well enjoy the girl one more time before you return her home,” Kora said. Her eyes flicked across my chest to Aingeal. “And it will let me get to know my new sister-in-law better.”

“Ooh, yes!” Aingeal grinned. “Go, my husband, and enjoy the delights found in the tent.”

I rose from between the two, my dick already hardening. Kora’s priestess magic had blessed it. Though I had cum several times already tonight, I was aching and ready for more. Zanyia yanked her head back into the tent. Giggles came from inside.

Naughty giggles.

I sauntered over, a roguish grin crossing my lips. I did want to enjoy Nathalie. Fucking bursa escort her mother had been exciting, but this girl was something special. Tight and nubile and youthful. It was a shame I didn’t realize I was breaking in her virgin pussy until I thrust through her hymen. I could have savored that moment more.

I threw aside the tent flap and found Nathalie kneeling, her ass pointed right at me. Zanyia sat nearby, her legs spread wide, her fingers busy playing with her pussy, brushing her tawny curls damp with her cream.

Nathalie reached behind herself, grabbed her butt-cheeks, and parted them, exposing a puckered, brown sphincter. She wiggled her ass at me, her wispy, blonde bush drenched with her pussy juices. “Master,” Nathalie moaned, “will you please fuck your slave’s asshole?”

I arched an eyebrow. “Master?”

“She’s your slave, Master,” Zanyia said, her fingers plunging faster into her snatch. “When a girl says she’s your sex slave, you have to accept her. Own her. Love her. And care for her. It’s a very important gift.”

“You’re being impertinent,” I told Zanyia. “I don’t have to do anything if she’s my slave.”

The lamia gave me a toothy grin. “So you admit she’s your slave?”

I hesitated. “I don’t get a say in this, do I?”

“Nope,” Zanyia purred. “Just like with me. It’s a sacred gift. Now enjoy your new sex slave’s asshole, Master.”

“Please, Master,” moaned Nathalie. “Or use me in other ways. I’m yours. You own me now.”

“Yep, I explained it to her.” Zanyia’s ears twitched. She shoved a third finger into her juicy cunt.

“I bet you did,” I said, falling to my knees, my cock smacking Nathalie in the ass. “Well, I can’t pass up such a delicious gift.”

“She’s real tight, Master,” Zanyia added. “I fingered her. Just a bit. You’ll love her.”

I shook my head at Zanyia and her smirk. Another sex slave? Did she plan on recruiting me a harem of submissive girls that I had to own? I should just say no. If I was truly her owner, then she should listen to me.

But the way Nathalie whimpered as I moved my cock down her butt-cheeks until my tip nudged at her asshole made her so attractive. I wanted to keep her. To spank her when she was naughty. To enjoy her service. To use her for my pleasure. The way she had wanted to suck my cock, to give me pleasure…

I rammed my cock hard into her asshole.

“Master!” the girl squeaked, her voice a mix of pain and pleasure.

“Does that hurt?” I asked her, drawing back to my hips, sliding my cock through her bowels. The rough, velvety texture sent such friction through me. “Feeling my dick ram into your asshole with no lube?”

“It does hurt,” she whimpered as I thrust again, my balls smacking her clit.

“And you still want to be my sex slave.”

She threw a look over her shoulder, her braided pigtails flying, and howled, “Yes, Master!”

I slid my hands up her side, cupping her small breasts. I squeezed hard as I pounded her asshole. My balls smacked over and over into her, her butt-cheeks jiggling as I fucked her bowels. I savored the friction as I enjoyed her.

“Then you’re my slave. I’m going to keep you, use you, fuck you whenever I want. And my women will use you, too. Kora, Ava, and Aingeal will plunder your body whenever they want. They’ll make you lick their cunts.”

“Yes!” she whimpered, her bowels clenching down on my dick. “I’m yours to use, Master. Yours!”

I pinched and pulled on her nipples, loving the way she shuddered beneath me. Her moans echoed through the tent, such lovely sounds. I reveled in them. I groaned, pumping harder and harder, reaming her bowels with every bit of strength I had.

Her supple back arched. Her hips pumped back and forth, working her bowels up and down my dick. She groaned and gasped. Pain and rapture mixed in her voice as I used her. The friction swelled the growing orgasm in my balls, my cum increasing in pressure, eager to burst out of my dick and into her body.

“Yes, yes, yes, use my asshole, Master,” the girl moaned. “Oh, yes, just dump your cum in me.”

“That’s all we are, Master,” Zanyia yowled, her fingers plundering her cunt so hard and fast. Her firm tits jiggled, her ears twitching atop her head. “We’re just holes to be used by your cock.”

“Yes!” Nathalie whimpered.

I pinched her nipples hard, pulling on them. The girl squealed in agony and ecstasy. Her body quivered beneath me. Her bowels clenched down so hard on my thrusting cock. The friction increased. Her asshole burned so hot around my dick. My cock drank it in. The sensations shot through my body.

Driving me to fuck her harder and harder.

Her small body quivered beneath me. Her moans sang out through the air. She swiveled her hips, stirring my dick through her bowels. She whimpered and moaned, braided pigtails flying about her head as she tossed it.

“Master!” she groaned, her voice so throaty. “Oh, Master, yes! Use me! I love it!”

“How much do you love it?” I growled, my right hand shooting from her breast, sliding down her stomach, and finding her hot pussy. I rubbed her cunt, her juices coating my fingers. “You are dripping wet, slut!”

“Your slut!”

Her bowels squeezed down hard on my dick. Then she bucked beneath me. Hot juices flooded out of her cunt. They poured out of her and around my fingers. She moaned and gasped. I shuddered, fucking her spasming bowels, loving her orgasms burning through her.

“Did you just cum, slave?”

“So hard!” she whimpered. “I love serving you.”

“She’s perfect!” Zanyia gasped, her body convulsing, legs spasming and tail twitching with orgasmic delight. “Cum in her asshole, Master!”

“Yes!” I growled, ramming into my newest slave’s bowels.

My cock erupted into Nathalie’s spasming depths. I pumped load after load of hot cum into the slut’s bowels. I shuddered, squeezing her small tit. The pleasure surged out of me so hard and fast. My eyes rolled back into my head.

Stars burst across my vision.

Her writhing asshole milked my dick. She moaned as I pumped the last spurts of jizz into her depths. I shuddered, sucking in breath as the pleasure peaked in me. Then it died to buzzing delight. I rubbed her pussy, making her twitch and whimper as I came down from my orgasmic high.

“Did I please you, Master?” Nathalie asked, her voice so cute and girlish.

“Yes, you did, slave,” I panted. I pulled my cock out of her bowels.

I smiled as she immediately turned around, grabbed my dick, and engulfed it in her mouth. She sucked her own ass off of it, her hips wiggling. My cum stained her butt-cheeks, bubbling out of her well-fucked asshole. I shuddered, loving her tongue dancing across my dick as she cleaned me.

“See, I knew she was perfect, Master,” Zanyia purred.

“Is this you’re doing?” I asked as Nathalie bobbed her head on my dick, staring up at me with her shiny, blue eyes.

“Yep,” Zanyia nodded. “I told her how a slave should always suck her Master’s dick clean. Especially if it’s been in hers or another woman’s asshole.”

Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Fairy’s Pet


“What would you like to know?” I asked Kora as my new husband vanished into the tent, my pussy still aching from being fucked by him.

He would make a wonderful husband. And if he could help me get revenge on that bastard…

“Why are you…” Her words trailed off as she sat up, hearing something approaching in the forest. “What’s that?”

“Oh, that’s Cú Mheá,” I smiled as my feyhound padded into the clearing. “He’s my pet. I made him to love me.”

“Made?” Kora frowned, peering at the shape moving around the fire.

Cú Mheá stepped into the firelight, the oranges and reds dancing across his body made up of thick, woody wicker wrapped about each other in the vague shape of a hound. He padded forward, his leafy tongue lolling out the side of his mouth, his ears perked up, made of fine vines entwined together like woven wicker.

Kora frowned as Cú Mheá reached us, his stiff tail wagging. He licked my toes with his tongue, the leafy texture making me giggle. He was the size of a large wolfhound, big and imposing, his body creaking as he moved.

“Is he alive?” Kora asked, frowning.

“He’s animated,” I answered. “And intelligent. But I made him. I wove him together and then sent spirits into him to make him move. He’s similar to a spriggan.”

“A what?” Kora frowned.

“This is just something us faeries do,” I smiled as he licked higher and higher up my leg, reaching my knee. Then he lapped at my inner thigh. He inhaled, smelling my hot pussy. I heard the familiar sound of creaking wood, knowing his cock was thrusting out beneath him.

“Oh, my,” Kora gasped. “You made him…”

“Anatomically correct!” I beamed. “I polished that dick for days to make it so smooth. It’ll make you cum so hard.”

“You’re kidding? He’s a dog.”

“A feyhound,” I corrected. “A magical construct. And so loyal and… Yes, I fuck him!”

His tongue reached my pussy. His thick, broad leaf lapped at my pussy, caressing my hairless folds. My big breast jiggled and my butterfly wings twitched behind me. I seized my pierced nipples, tugging on the gold rings and stretching out my fat nubs.

“Oh, wow,” Kora gasped, her blue eyes so wide, her breasts jiggled, her ruby amulet swaying between them. I loved the sight of her left tit covered in the tattoos of a flowering vine. “That’s… He’s licking you.”

“Uh-huh,” I groaned, Cú Mheá lapping across my snatch again, his tongue brushing my clit. “He’s such a good boy.” I rubbed at his wicker head, feeling the smooth, entwined vines. His ears twitched and his tail wagged more. “Yes, you are.”

“He’s a beast. You don’t really fuck him?”

“I absolutely do,” I groaned. “Watch.”

Kora did, rising onto her knees as I squirmed and groaned. My sister-in-law licked her lips as Cú Mheá licked my pussy. His leafy tongue lapped over and over, gathering bursa escort bayan up my honey. He growled his enjoyment of my flesh as I kept petting him.

His tongue was so thick, able to cover my entire pussy as he licked. And the texture… So different from a human or a faerie tongue. It was a leathery caress that made my body convulse. My tits jiggled as he bathed my clit over and over, sending sparks shooting through me.

I whimpered, staring up at the starry sky as my feyhound loved my snatch. He pressed his muzzle into it as he licked and nuzzled. I groaned and whimpered, twitching as he bathed my cunt with his tongue, sending such wonderful pleasure through my body.

Kora fidgeted. Her hands rubbed at her thighs.

“Masturbate,” I groaned. “Don’t hold back on my account.”

“But you’re having a monster lick you,” she protested. “A male monster.”

“A construct,” I groaned. “No real different than using a dildo. And he’s so wonderful. Yes, you are. Whose my good pussy licker?”

Cú Mheá barked then lapped even harder at my pussy.

I gasped, shuddering. My big tits jiggled as I squirmed. I squeezed them together with my hands, massaging their pillowy softness. My nipple rings flashed at the summit in the firelight as I squirmed. My toes curled, the pleasure building and building with every wonderful lick and lap.

I drank in Kora watching. Her hands rubbed at her thighs, sliding up and down, like they wanted to touch her pussy. But she resisted. I squirmed, moaned, loving the dilemma in her face, the desire to enjoy herself while thinking it was perverted to get off on watching a dog-like construct licking my snatch.

Which just made my lusts burn.

“Ooh, yes, Cú Mheá, keep licking my pussy. I’m going to cum all over your snout. Then you can fuck me. I know you love sliding your dick into my pussy!”

“Rithi’s wondrous talent,” groaned Kora, her round breasts swaying as she shook. “This can’t be happening.”

“It is,” I groaned, humping against Cú Mheá’s hungry snout. “I’m going to cum so… Yes!”

My orgasm exploded through me. My pussy convulsed. Juices flooded out, bathing his leafy tongue. He lapped up my cream, growling his appreciation of my flavor. His wicker muzzle glistened with my excitement. His stiff tail wagged with joy.

I squirmed, tugging on my nipple piercings, adding more delight to the rapture shooting through me. It was so wonderful. The ecstasy swept through my body and reached my brain. Delight boiled through my mind.

“So good,” I groaned. “Queen Sidhe’s loose cunt, yes!”

I bucked so hard, my wings twitching on the ground as I writhed in ecstasy. Cú Mheá kept licking me. His tongue dragged up my pussy over and over, ending at my clit. My bud drank in his caresses, sending more waves of euphoria washing through my body.

Kora bit her lip, her hands so near her pussy, stroking her inner thighs. Her shaved flesh glistened with her excitement, her clit so hard, so begging to be touched. She needed to watch just a little more depravity.

And I knew just what to do.

“It’s time to fuck.”

Cú Mheá barked his excitement.

I rolled over onto my hands and knees, folding my butterfly wings flat. I wiggled my ass at my feyhound. With a creak of wicker, he mounted me. His smooth body draped over mine, his weight so wonderful on me.

And then his smooth, wooden cock pressed against my snatch. I felt Kora’s eyes on my cunt, watching as the feyhound’s dick prodded my pussy. He thrust with eager enthusiasm, ramming his shaft into my depths.

“Oh, Gods,” panted Kora, her hands moving, finding the hot flesh of her pussy. “Oh, Gods, that is so wrong.”

“But feels so good,” I moaned as Cú Mheá hammered away. He rammed his dick so hard and fast into my cunt. He reamed me. My pink hair swayed about my face as my pussy drank in the rapture of being filled over and over by his wooden prick. “Yes, yes, yes, pound me!”

Cú Mheá barked. His forelegs gripped my side. His hips pounded me, ramming that thick cock over and over into my snatch. My feyhound fucked me with such energy, holding nothing back, just eager for his orgasm.

My pussy clenched down on his thrusting cock over and over. I wiggled my hips, pleasure flooding through me. His frantic thrusts stirred my snatch to such a froth. Juices flooded down my thighs as I moaned out my rapture.

Kora masturbated with the same fierce passion. Her face twisted with rapture, her breasts jiggling as she reamed her fingers in and out of her snatch. She trembled, her hips wiggling from side-to-side. Her moans sang out through the air.

“Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, Cú Mheá! You’re such a good boy! Yes, you are! You fuck me so well.”

“He is,” groaned Kora. “Rithi’s amazing talent, he is!”

I trembled, my hips wiggling as that amazing cock reamed over and over into my cunt. He plowed me so hard. He plunged his wooden dick into me with such fervor. His forelegs tightened on me. His growls and barks grew louder and louder.

His orgasm approaching.

I wiggled my hips beneath him. I massaged his dick with my pussy as the pleasure spilled through me. Every thrust sent tingles racing through my body. My cunt drank in the friction of his shaft. My next orgasm swelled in the depths of my cunt.

My fingers dug into the ground. My wings twitched, brushing his wooden body. I panted, my big tits swaying beneath me. They slapped together, making such naughty sounds. I loved being fucked so hard by my feyhound.

Kora’s body trembled. She had three fingers reaming her cunt, her other hand frigging her clit. She masturbated with such ferocity. Her body shuddered beneath her passion. Pleasure twisted her girlish face, her blonde hair swaying about her features.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Kora hissed. “Fuck the slutty faerie!”

“He is!” I groaned, my eyes widening. “He’s fucking me so hard. He’s such a good boy!”

Cú Mheá barked.

“Yes, yes, cum in me, boy!” I howled.

“Cum?” Kora gasped. “He can cum?”

I grinned at her, stars dancing across my vision. “He can!”

Kora orgasmed. Her body convulsed as her pussy juices fired out of her cunt. They squirted against her hands, filling the air with her tangy musk. She groaned and whimpered, her face twisted with rapture.

Then Cú Mheá rammed his dick into me and came.

He howled as he flooded my cunt with his spunk.

His powerful blasts splattered in my depths. My pussy clenched hard. Then spasmed. Rapture rippled through me. My orgasm flooded my body with euphoria. Cú Mheá fucked his dick over and over into my spasming twat, flooding me with more and more of his jizz.

“Yes, yes, yes, such a good boy!” I howled. “That’s it. That’s how you please your mistress. Ooh, yes, you’re amazing, boy. Thank you!”

He rammed into me one final time, the last of his cum basting my cunt. I shuddered, my orgasm burning hot through me. My eyes rolled back into my head. Kora whimpered beside me, trembling in her own delight as the pleasure peaked in me.

“Well that’s perverted,” Sven said.

I threw a look over my shoulder. Sven had emerged from the tent and watched nearby, his blue eyes twinkling. Kora tremble beside me. She glanced at her brother. She took a deep breath, pulling her fingers from her pussy.

“Yes, it is,” she agreed, rose, and calmly walked to the tent.

I just grinned at my husband. “This is Cú Mheá, my feyhound. And he’s such a good boy. So loyal and loving.”

“He’s loving alright,” Sven said, fighting a grin.

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Lust’s Spell

Princess Ava – Echur, The Princedom of Kivoneth, Strifelands of Zeutch

Knowing the truth about my lusts for my father only made me wetter. He had a spell cast on him that made me want him. I despised the man, hated him. I wanted him to pay for what he did to Sven and Kora’s family.

But I also wanted to fuck him so badly.

I slipped out of my robes, standing naked before the door to his bedchamber. I couldn’t control myself. I had to fuck him. I opened the door. It was dark in his room, the only light flooding dim and silver through the window.

He was a shape on the bed. I padded across the room, the stones cold on bare feet. Then I reached the bear-skin rug his bed sat on. The thick fur caressed my soles. I reached the foot of the bed, climbing on it.

He stirred. “Ava?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I purred.

“What are you doing here, sweetling?” he asked.

His downfall came closer and closer everyday. Sven would enter Faerie and destroy the Lodestone, taking away my father’s artificial army. Then Sven would kill him. But until then, I needed to be trusted by my father. I needed him to tell me everything.

I needed to be his queen.

“I missed you,” I purred, grabbing the sheets, pulling them down his body. I shuddered, realizing he slept naked.

His cock throbbed, growing harder in the moonlight.

“I want to be with you. I don’t care what people think.” I slid my hands up his thighs. “You want me to be your queen, Daddy. To take mother’s place.”

I hated him so much for that even as my pussy clenched with heat, dripping with juices. He excited me as much as Sven. So many reasons to hate my father. So many reasons to fuck him so hard with my hot cunt. I grabbed his cock, stroking him.

“I don’t want to sleep apart from you,” I groaned. “Tonight, I want to be with you.”

I worked up his bed, his dick so hard now. I straddled his waist as he groaned. I rubbed his cock through my blonde bush to my dripping cunt. We both shuddered as I slid his tip up and down my vulva, brushing my clit, caressing my labia.

“You don’t have to, sweetling,” he groaned. “You’re my queen. I love you.”

I hate you.

“Yes,” I moaned, sliding my pussy down his dick.

Incestuous pleasure rippled through me as I took more and more of his shaft into my snatch. My back arched, my small breasts thrusting before escort bursa me. Father’s hands cupped them, squeezing my breasts, his thumbs sliding across my nipples. Pleasure shot down to my pussy.

My snatch clenched hard on his dick as I rose up hi shaft. I swiveled my hips, stirring his dick through me. It felt so good in me. I knew it was the spell, but that didn’t change the ecstasy rushing through my body.

“Oh, Daddy, yes,” I groaned, slamming my cunt down his dick. “I’m going to make you cum so hard with my pussy.”

“You’re such a loving daughter, sweetling,” he groaned, rubbing my nipples harder.

“Yes, yes, yes,” I grinned, hiding the hate in my heart. “So loving! I love you, Daddy!”

I leaned forward, letting my clit rub against his pubic bone. My body trembled, my pussy squeezing down so hard on his dick as I rode him faster and faster. My breasts jiggled in his hands as I slid up and down his pole, loving every moment of his dick filling me, stirring me to a hot froth. Such rapture shuddered through my body.

Ecstasy beat in my soul.

“Oh, Daddy,” I groaned. “Oh, Daddy, yes. I’m going to cum so hard on this dick.”

“And I’m going to breed that cunt,” he groaned.

“Yes, yes, yes, pump me full of your incestuous seed!”

The bed creaked as I worked my cunt up and down his dick. The silky friction billowed through me. It made me tremble and groan. I shivered, my eyes rolling back into my head. Such rapture shot through me. My pussy clenched on his girth, my hips dancing as I worked myself into a hot froth.

I wanted him spurting in me. I wanted him flooding me. His jizz pumping over and over into my snatch. I hungered for it. I pumped my snatch up and down his dick, my clit slamming into his groin on every downstroke. Pleasure sparked through my body.

He squeezed my tits harder, grunting, groaning. His hips moved, thrusting his dick up into my snatch, bouncing me. I whimpered, our flesh slapping together. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, my orgasm hurtling closer and closer.

“My sweetling,” he groaned, his voice so throaty.

“Yes, yes, yes, Daddy!” I gasped, leaning over him, loving how he pinched my nipples. Such rapture shuddered through me. “Cum in me! Breed your little girl!”

The words set me off. My pussy exploded around his dick. I gasped as waves of ecstasy washed out of my snatch. My flesh massaged his dick as he thrust up into me. I bounced up his shaft and slammed down him.

“Pater’s dick!” he grunted and then my father’s incestuous cum fired into my snatch.

Blast after blast of hot jizz flooded me. It spurted into my cunt. It spilled through me, leaving me groaning and gasping. My eyes rolled back into my head. I whimpered out such rapture as I squirmed on him, my cunt milking his dick over and over, so hungry for every drop. A part of me, controlled by the spell, wished he could breed me.

But I had a mage’s enchantment on me. I couldn’t conceive a child. I would never have my father’s son. Only Sven’s.

I collapsed on my father, squirming on him as we both panted and moaned. I kissed him, hating how much I liked it. His hands stroked my back, cupping my ass as his dick softened in my pussy then slipped out of me.

“I’m going to sleep so well in your arms, Daddy,” I purred, slipping off his body and snuggling against him like a lover.

Like I would with Sven after we made love.

“I’ll protect you, sweetling,” he promised.

“I know, Daddy,” I said, letting my voice get slurred like sleep approached.

But I didn’t fall asleep. Instead I did something naughty. I visited my lover. It made me so excited to cuckold my father with his enemy. A new way to get revenge on the bastard for casting his lust spell and befuddling my desires.

I sank into my proxy in Sven’s possession.

I became the stone statuette. I grew out of the pouch into a tent full of feminine moaning. I blossomed bigger and bigger, my gaze sweeping across the room. Kora and Zanyia were sixty-nining while Sven had a blonde girl with braided pigtails riding his face and a woman with pink hair and—

“You found the faerie!” I gasped in shock.

The blonde girl on Sven’s face let out a yelp of surprise, falling off of him. His pussy-smeared face appeared. The faerie kept riding his cock, her butterfly wings flapping behind her as her huge tits bounced and jiggled.

Tits far bigger than mine.

“Ava,” Sven grinned at me.

Kora lifted her head from Zanyia’s pussy. “Hello, Ava.”

“Hello,” I smiled, grinning at my future sister-in-law. “I see things went well today.”

“There was one or two hitches,” Sven groaned. “Damn, Aingeal, work that pussy on my dick.”

“Ooh, yes, it’s such a good cock,” she cooed. “Better than Cú Mheá’s.”

“It better be,” Kora muttered darkly.

I shivered, my pussy growing hotter. I glanced at the blonde girl. “You must be the virgin Sven used to capture the faerie.”

“I’m Nathalie,” she said, trembling. “I’m sorry for screaming, your Highness. You startled me. I’m Sven’s sex slave. And since you’re his fiancee, I must be yours, too.”

“Sex slave?” I asked, sinking down between Sven and his sister sixty-nining with the lamia.

“Yeah,” Sven groaned, his hands sliding up to cup Aingeal’s big breasts. Gold rings flashed at the ends of her nipples.

Mine suddenly throbbed. That looked painful.

Sven pulled on them and Aingeal groaned. The faerie’s wings fluttered. Her back arched and she rode him faster and faster. I wiggled my hips, growing aroused at the sight of their love-making. I wanted to feel Sven in my pussy right now.

My hands wandered down my rose quartz body, stroking my smooth, crystalline flesh. I found my pussy, caressing it. I didn’t grow wet in this form, but I still felt the pleasure. I groaned and whimpered, watching the faerie fuck my lover faster and faster.

“Sven!” she groaned, her wings flapping hard. “Yes!”

“Aingeal!” grunted Sven, his face twisting with rapture.

I shuddered, my fingers pumping into my pussy as he flooded the faerie’s snatch with his cum. I licked my lips, eager to lick her clean and find out what she tasted like stained with my lover’s jizz. Such naughty thrills ran through me.

And my father would have no idea. He would think me sleeping in his arms.

“Oh, that was good, my husband,” Aingeal purred.

I froze. “What?”

Sven winced through his pleasure. “Well, Ava, this is Aingeal, my faerie-wife.”

“Your wife?” I said, words flat, glaring at him.

“Well,” he said, “she’s my faerie wife.” He reached out, taking my hand. “And you’ll be my human-wife.”

I shifted at that. “And Kora?”

He gave me a wicked grin. “My sister-wife.”

“And me and Zanyia are just sex slaves,” giggled Nathalie.

I wanted to be angry at Sven. I did. But seeing his grin on his face made that so, so hard. Faerie-wife… Not his real wife, but something that a hero should have. The type of man who overthrows evil tyrants in stories.

“Fine,” I said. “But I better be your only human-wife.”

“You will be,” Sven said. “I promise. I love you, Ava.”

“He does,” Kora said, hugging me from behind, her breasts sliding on my smooth body, her ruby pendant tinking against my crystalline flesh. “Mmm, he loves you so much.

“It’s my fault, Mistress Ava,” Zanyia said. She knelt before me. “I tricked Aingeal into promising to be his thrice so we could trust her. She’s rather mischievous.”

“She almost got us killed,” Sven said.

“I had nothing to do with that Shizhuthian shadowmancer attacking,” Aingeal said. “I even helped.”

“By blinding us both.” Sven shook his head. “I’ll need to figure out a way to deal with that.”

“Shadowmancer?” I gasped when my brain finally worked. “Attacked?”

Zanyia hissed in anger. “Serving Zizthithana. She must be after vengeance for killing my former master. She sent Warleader Gorth’in. He’s a brutal man. Not the worst of her servants, that’s Antrevia and her pet ogre, Gor.”

“Well, I learned that Zizthithana is working for my father,” I said. “That’s why he’s letting her take slaves. My father needs humans to power his army. This Lodestone uses the people captured by the Shizhuthian slavers to control the constructs of his army. To expand it, he needs more and more people. Thousands of slaves, Sven.”

“And we’ll free them,” he growled. “We’re entering Faerie tomorrow. We’ll stop your father’s plans.”

I threw my arms around him, kissing him. If my body could cry, I would weep. I hated my father so much!

“This will be a fun prank to play,” Aingeal giggled. “Ooh, Duke Gallchobhar will gnash his teeth!”


Aingeal – Forest of Lhes, Strifelands of Zeutch

“So this is it?” Sven asked, peering down at the ring of mushrooms.

“Yep,” I answered, my wings fluttering as a wave of nerves washed over me.

It only took us half the day to reach it. I guided us through the woods. We left the new horses behind. Sven hoped they would be fine. He wasn’t pleased about abandoning them, but they wouldn’t do us any good in Faerie.

“So, what do we do?” Kora asked, dressed in her pink robes. She peered down at the ring. “I can feel something from here.”

“I just have to power it,” I said. It had been twenty-three years since my banishment. Queen Sidhe promised to chain me in iron if I ever returned.

But to hurt Duke Gallchobhar…

“Then do it,” my husband said, excitement in his eyes.

I grinned, deciding to be a dutiful wife today. With just a thought, green spirits flowed out of the woods. Only I could see the little balls of dancing energy. They gleefully plunged into the ring, powering it.

Nathalie gasped and Zanyia purred as the mushrooms glowed with a vibrant light, painting us all in emerald. Cú Mheá barked with excitement while Kora peered at the ring in study. The air rippled as I opened the way into Faerie, the realm my people created with the help of the spirits of the world.

“Just step in,” I said and did just that.

To be continued…

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