The Redhead

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Dani and I had hit it off. We spent almost every free night together after out scary movie marathon. We found pleasure in each other’s company in an otherwise desolate apartment building. Nearly all my friends had been out of town and would be for some time. Dani was in a similar situation and we had been fortunate to meet one another.

We spent most afternoons alone or working but at night we would meet at either my place or hers and put in a movie, pretend to be interested in it and end up fucking. In the morning, we would wake up and go at it once more before splitting up for the day.

It was Thursday afternoon and I was at work, waiting tables at a local restaurant. It was a slow afternoon and I sent Dani a text to see if she was free that night. She replied that she wasn’t. She had a friend coming up for the weekend and needed to get her place cleaned and ready for the visit. Disappointed, I relented and gave up on the night. I went home and showered, watched some TV before heading to bed.

I couldn’t quite fall asleep. Lately, I had been with Dani every night and was either getting sucked, fucked, or had my face buried in her pussy by now. But there I was, alone, with a hard on thinking about the first night Dani and I had sex. I replayed the night in my mind, rubbing her back, feeling her wet pussy soaking her crotch through her jeans. My hand reached under the covers and almost subconsciously, I began stroking my shaft. The pictures that ran through my head were as clear as the night they happened. We had stopped in the hall and I had gotten my first view of her dripping pussy. She had tasted sweet and it had turned me on to no end when she squirted as she came on my face. I was stroking faster thinking about us getting to the bedroom. The feeling of fucking her pussy from behind before she screamed to have her ass fucked. Just as I came in my replay, I felt my dick spurting as I finished myself off. It didn’t feel nearly as good as cumming deep in Dani’s ass, but it allowed me to get to sleep.


Friday morning, I woke up and showered as usual, getting ready for the day. I had decided that Dani may have had a good idea in cleaning and I had decided to do the same. I spent the better portion of the day deep cleaning my apartment, doing laundry, dishes and anything else that needed to be done. I hadn’t heard anything from Dani by the time I left for work in the afternoon. It was a busier shift and I made some pretty good money but was ready to go as soon as the crowd died down. I got home and showered again, feeling sweaty and gross from my shift.

It wasn’t until after I got out of the shower that I checked my phone and saw that I had finally gotten a text from Dani a few hours earlier. Her friend had finally arrived and they were going out for a few drinks and I should meet up with them. I replied thinking better late than never and asked where they were.

“We didn’t make it out. Come over.”

I got dressed and arrived at Dani’s door. I could hear the girls inside laughing and giggling. I knocked and entered.

“Holy shit, what took you so long? We were going to wait for you before we went out so you could come with but I never heard from you and before we knew it, we were already drunk and still here.”

“Sorry about that. I got hung up at work and just got home and showered.”

“Well get something to drink, you have a lot of catching up to do. Oh, this is Nikki.”

Nikki was shorter than Dani standing anadolu yakası escort about 5’3″. Their bodies were almost identical builds. She was very slender and couldn’t have had bigger than B-cups and had the same tight, little ass that Dani had. They even dressed similarly. They were both wearing tight shirts and skin tight jeans that left a strip of skin showing between their shirts and jeans, just below their belly buttons. I could see why they were friends.

Nikki had red hair with blond highlights. Her green eyes were framed underneath with freckles. Her ears had a number of piercings with a tattoo behind one. When she spoke, I saw the glimmer of a tongue piercing hiding behind her glossed lips.

“So how do you two know each other?”

“Nikki and I went to high school together and we swam relay together on the swim team.”

“I always heard that the girls’ swim team at my high school had naked time together in the shower after practice.”

“Yeah, we had that a couple of times.”

I got a little excited thinking about these two in a shower filled with other naked girls.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?”

“You’re looking at it. We can go out tomorrow. I kind of just want to hang out here, have some drinks, maybe we could play some games and who knows. Maybe we can sneak off later.”

“Yeah right!” Nikki chimed in. “I heard the stories, you aren’t sneaking away anywhere.”

Dani looked away before admitting it. “Ok, so maybe I told Nikki about you.”

“Yeah, so if you two want to get down, you’re not going to sneak off to do it!”

“What, you want to watch us fuck?”

“Watch? I want some. Dani shouldn’t get to have all the fun! I’m the guest here.”

“We’ll see how it goes I guess. Dani, truth or dare?”

She paused for a moment, weighing her options. “Truth.”

“Have you and Nikki ever messed around?”

They looked at each other with big smiles before answering. “Yeah a few times. We aren’t lesbians or anything but yeah.”

After questioning what they meant, Nikki felt brave enough to share the story. “Well, after swim practice, we all showered together. We didn’t touch each other or anything like that. We just showered. But there were a lot of really hot girls in the shower and they looked really good naked. One of the girls came out that she was a lesbian. It was a little awkward but it wasn’t like we were all grossed out. Dani and I were talking about it and we were both curious about what it would be like to have sex with another girl. There are a lot of really hot girls on the team and we would pick which ones we would have sex with if we were to try it. Finally, it got to a point where we were getting really curious and felt like we were close enough to just try it and see what it’s like. So we did.”

“Did you like it?”

“Yeah, it felt pretty good but we’re still not lesbians.” Dani said defensively.

“Would you do it again?”

“You can’t ask that. It’s not your turn anymore. So truth or dare?”

I was feeling bold after their admission. “I’ll take the dare.” I said with confidence.

“Show me your cock.” Nikki said almost immediately.

I laughed and was nervous now. Somehow her ready question had striped me of me confidence. But a dare was a dare so I unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down. I reached in my boxers and pulled my dick out. I was semi hard from the story of Nikki and Dani having sex.

Nikki ataşehir escort looked at my dick, then up to me and back to my dick. “Dani, I think he got a little hard thinking about us eating each other out!”

I was almost embarrassed and started to put myself away when Dani stopped me.

“Oh no, you don’t get to put it away. You have to keep it out.”

“Dani, it’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

She gave Nikki a knowing smile as she took the dare.

“I dare you to suck his cock.”

She got up and walked over to me without hesitation and knelt down in front of me. She took my dick in her hands and stroked me a few times before taking the head of my cock in her mouth. Her mouth was wet and warm and having her tongue on my cock felt good. She dropped down and started working my shaft. Nikki was loving every second of it. Dani had me getting close to the edge when she stopped.

“What!? He didn’t even get to cum!” Nikki shouted in protest. I shared her feelings.

“You said suck his cock, you never said to suck him off. It’s your turn now Nikki.”

“In that case, I’ll take a dare and I won’t quit.”

We didn’t even have to tell her what her dare was. She came over next to Dani and quickly taking me in her mouth. The stud on her tongue felt amazing as it massaged up and down the shaft of my cock.

Dani stood and took her shirt off before stopping Nikki. She lifted Nikki’s shirt up over her head before letting her get back to work on my cock. Dani unhooked Nikki’s bra as she bobbed up and down my cock. Her tits were small but perky and her nipples were pink and hard. Her tanned chest had no lines. She went naked. I wanted more of this girl.

Nikki was bent over on her knees in front of me as she sucked my cock while I held her hair and leaned back on the couch. Dani moved behind Nikki and knelt down behind her tight ass. Dani grabbed the low riding pants which already left the top of Nikki’s ass exposed. She pulled them down and fully exposed Nikki’s ass. She took her panties right along with her pants and I could only imagine Nikki’s tight pussy was peeking out between her legs as she was bent over my cock. Dani spread Nikki’s ass and buried her face between her cheeks and began eating out Nikki’s pussy and asshole.

I felt the vibrations of Nikki moaning in pleasure on my cock. I was fucking her mouth while Dani licked her pussy from behind. I didn’t want to cum in her mouth and end everything before it started. So I pulled her off my cock and join them on the floor. We stripped off what was left of our clothes and brought our naked bodies together on the floor. Nikki climbed on me and kissed me. Our tongues rubbed on one another, the taste of my pre-cum, still on her lips. She moved up my body and sat up over my face. She lowered her pussy down on my mouth. I met her lips with mine and began licking her pussy.

She had a short and neatly trimmed patch of red hair at the top of her sweet pussy. Both of her hands grabbed the hair on the top of my head as she straddled my face. I pressed my tongue into her, entering her pussy and she bucked her hips into me, forcing my tongue deeper into her. As she fucked my face, Dani moved behind Nikki and guided my cock into her wet pussy. She lowered herself down on my cock until I filled her. She reached forward wrapping her arms around Nikki as she started to ride my cock.

Dani’s hands rubbed and squeezed Nikki’s tits while Nikki gripped avcılar escort my hair. I licked her clit harder and faster. Nikki was moaning and her hips pressed down into me. Dani was rolling Nikki’s nipples between her finger and I worked her clit until she started to cum. Her hips froze, pressed into my mouth. Her eyes rolled back and her jaw dropped.

“Ohhhh! Oh fuck! Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

When her legs stopped quivering, Nikki climbed off my face and rested on the couch while Dani shifted her focus to riding my cock. She angled herself to rub her clit on me with every thrust of her hips. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I gripped her ass as I stated to cum. She rocked her hips harder and I spread her ass cheeks as I shot my load deep into her pussy. The feeling of my cum filling her sent her over the edge. She lifted off my cock and furiously rubbed her clit. As the head of my cock slid out of her, she began squirting my cum and her pussy juice back down all over my cock.

Nikki moved off the couch and Dani join her at my cock. The two of the went to work licking my cock and balls, cleaning the mix of cum and pussy juice off me. They licked up loads of cum and turned, kissing each other, spitting the juice into each other’s mouths. I was almost hard again at the sight of this.

As they kissed, Dani pulled Nikki over to the couch. Dani sat back and spread her legs, taking Nikki’s head and forcing it down between her legs.

“I liked watching you clean that cock. Now you can clean my pussy. Fucking lick my pussy clean.”

She held Nikki’s head to her pussy and Nikki opened her mouth and began licking my cum from Dani’s dripping pussy. I moved in behind Nikki getting the view Dani had gotten earlier when she had sucked my cock. Her tight ass stuck out and her pussy was swollen, presenting itself. I couldn’t help myself either. I grabbed her ass and pressed my face into her. I extended my tongue out and flicked her pussy. She let out a muffled squeal from between Dani’s legs as I moved my tongue back up her pussy before I licked her tight asshole. I toyed her pussy and ass while she ate Dani’s pussy.

Nikki broke the grip Dani had on her head long enough to scream out before being pressed back into Dani’s pussy. “Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!”

I flicked her clit and dragged my tongue back down her pussy before lifting myself up and pressed my cock into her. I pressed myself into her wanting pussy and heard her let out a deep muffled moan as I pressed every inch into her. I started fucking her faster and faster. The walls of her pussy stretched slightly as she took my cock. Her legs shook as I started slamming into her harder, watching her lick Dani’s pussy. Her moans were loud and vibrated Dani’s clit. Nikki was cumming on my cock as we worked her from both ends. Dani’s pulled harder into Nikki’s mouth feeling Nikki scream on her clit, and watching me fuck her friend from behind.

“Oh yeah! Fuck her pussy! You like her tight pussy on your cock? Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum! Oh god yes work my pussy!”

I took over for Dani, grabbing Nikki by the hair. I pulled her head back as Dani started to cum. I held Nikki’s face to Dani’s pussy as cum squirted out. I was at the edge and pulled my cock out of Nikki. She turned around towards me opening her mouth, ready for me to cum too. Her face was soaked with Dani’s pussy and I unloaded on her. My cum splashed across her mouth and face. She took my cock in her mouth and made sure I was empty after unloading all over her face.

I was empty and she laid back off my cock. Nikki wiped her face, licking her fingers as she cleaned herself off.

“God that was amazing” Nikki said with satisfaction in her voice.

I couldn’t even put into words how amazing it was. All I could do was smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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