The Pit Ch. 04

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~Tossed Roses land on a maple casket already lowered into a 6 foot grave.~

I woke up with a start. Groggy eyed, I looked around my bedroom, remembering my night with Judy. Then the sound that woke me came again, knocking at the door. I got up to find myself in blue boxer briefs. The clock said 11:35 AM. On my way to my door, rubbing my eyes and face, the knocks came a third time.

Opening the door, I froze seeing twin images of Silvia surrounded by the glare of sunlight beaming into my dark living room. Her two sisters waltzed in with smiles and I closed the door after they passed me.

“You should really let some light into this dungeon, Peter.” Melanie, wearing a tight t-shirt with a deep v-neck and camo-cargo pants, plopped herself down on my blue couch, instead of working the blinds to let light in, and Stephanie sat down next to her, wearing a light pink summer dress that came down to her ankles. Silvia had been a couple years older than me, and the oldest of the three. Mel was a month younger than me, and Steph a couple years younger. All the women in the family had characteristic long brown hair and light brown eyes.

“What can I do for you?” I said with a yawn, standing a few feet in front of them with my arms folded.

“We talked to Judy this morning.” Mel played with the zipper of one of her cargo pockets. Judy and Mel were friends, which added to the friction that existed between Silvia and Judy.

“See, we have a situation that requires some assistance, and Judy mentioned that you would be the best fit for the circumstance.” Mel grinned at Steph, who smiled back, and I started calculating what Judy could have possibly gotten me into.

“I’m listening.” I woke up a little more, getting ready to hear this problem of there’s and figure out a course of action.

Mel’s hand stopped playing with her pocket zipper and moved to rest on Steph’s knee. “Steph here is a virgin. She’s had plenty of pussy, but no dick. And Judy said your six inches would be a willing tool in deflowering bakırköy escort my little sister.”

My jaw dropped as a flood of thoughts entered my brain. Judy telling these two I would be a willing sex partner. Steph eating pussy. Mel helping Steph get some dick. But mostly I was turned on by the thought of possibly screwing one of Silvia’s sisters, a fantasy that I’ve had for a long while. My dick pulsed through my boxer briefs in response and both girls giggled when they saw it.

Mel shared a smile with Steph, again. “I think we’re good to go, but first let’s give him a show to get everyone warmed up.”

Steph smiled and nodded with approval as both girls stood up. I took a step back, still shocked, as Steph pulled Mel’s shirt and pants off. Underneath, Mel had matching red cotton bra and thong. Mel’s nipples were already poking through the material. Then, Mel pulled up Steph’s summer dress over her head, to reveal white cotton bra and panties with small printed flowers all over them.

My arms came down to my sides as the two smiled at and caressed each other. Mel planted a light kiss on Steph’s cheek, as Steph ran her hands down Mel’s abdomen. My dick was now fighting my boxer briefs to stand at full attention, as my fantasy of watching sisters go at it played out in front of me.

Mel smiled when she saw the battle in my crotch. She then locked eyes with me as she pushed Steph down to her knees. Steph nuzzled her sister’s clit with her nose through the red fabric. I had to pull away from Mel’s hypnotically hungry eyes to watch Steph. Steph began licking the spot her nose was just nuzzling, trying to get Mel’s panties wetter than they already were.

“Yes, I love this.” Mel finally closed her eyes, and I realized that the pussy that Steph has had already was incestuous. I licked my lips.

Steph pulled down Mel’s thong slowly, still licking. Steph pulled away to let the thong drop to Mel’s ankles, then returned, now licking a shaved, bostancı escort engorged clit. Mel moaned, her hands playing with Steph’s hair, as her legs began to tremble.

Mel opened her eyes and gently pushed Steph away from her, saliva trailing between Steph’s outstretched tongue and Mel’s crotch. Steph then laid down on the floor, and Mel squatted down to sit on Steph’s face, their actions looked well practiced. Steph wrapped her arms around Mel’s thighs, pulling her pussy down onto Steph’s mouth. The site was turning me on to no end.

Mel moaned again, looking at me with half lidded eyes, and she motioned for me to approach. Powerless, I walked over and stood in front of Mel with Steph between my legs. Mel quickly pulled my boxer briefs down until they rested on Steph’s belly.

“I’ve been so jealous of Silvia. She always talked about your tool, I can’t believe it’s right here.” Mel grabbed me gently and slowly stroked up and down. She licked the tip, like tasting a lollypop. My pre cum trailed between my cock and her tongue.

“How long have you wanted me?” The words came out of me with a tremble. Looking down at Mel with my dick in her hands made me shiver a little.

“Ever since Silvia met you.” She started licking up and down the length of my shaft, lubricating her hands in the process, making the strokes glide easier. After licking, stroking and studying my package a little longer, she slowly fed herself, inserting me into her mouth until I hit the back of her throat. She then slowly pulled me out, and back in again. Back and forth, her lips catching the rim of my dickhead, her hands stroking slowly to the same rhythm.

Her small mouth couldn’t take more than a couple inches of me. But each time she tilted my dick down a little lower until she gagged on me. She pulled me out and coughed. Then tried again. I hit her gag reflex again and her cough was more violent with her spit trailing down from her lips, but she smiled when she looked çekmeköy escort back up at me and put my dick in her mouth again. She gagged again, but tried to keep me in through the cough, blowing spit bubbles between her lips and my shaft, but had to eventually pull me out. This time, tears were in her eyes when she smiled at me, but she again shoved me down her throat.

This continued until Mel’s mascara started to run down her cheeks. Each time she took me further down her throat, and each time she gagged and coughed and held me longer before pulling me out, with spit bubbles forming and dripping down her chin, as if she liked the whole process. I finally grabbed her head and forced my dick down further, her nose 2 inches from my belly still, hands reached up and held my hands tight to her head. I pulled out and she coughed again and I immediately dove in again, pushing my dick down further. She was having trouble breathing so I pulled out for her to catch her breath. Steph had stopped licking and asked if Mel was ok.

“Keep eating my pussy, bitch!” Mel yelled between huge breaths of air. Steph smiled and ground her tongue and lips into Mel’s pussy as Mel looked back up to me, mascara lines trailing down her cheeks, her hands still holding mine firm to her head. Those hungry eyes told me to deep throat her again, so I plunged in again, finally getting all of me down her tight ravaged wind pipe. Her nose poked into my abdomen hard, and I held her there for a good ten to fifteen seconds, then let her go. After more coughing from my actions and a little moaning from Steph’s actions.

“Cum in my stomach, Peter.” I had to obey. I drove in again and again, each time my full length pushing through her throat, each time held there longer. Mel started whimpering while I was in her, and continued coughing and choking on her spit each time I pulled out. Her hands never pried mine off her head and somehow this turned me on even more, the idea that she enjoyed being choked by my dick. After another 7 or 8 times I couldn’t hold on anymore and instead of spit, Mel started choking on my jizz, cum bubbles raced out of her mouth and nose.

“I came so hard cause of you two,” Mel said between breaths, her face drenched in tears, spit and cum. I looked down and Steph was licking her own face, covered with Mel’s juices. Two drenched sisters never looked so hot.

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