The piano and Rachael’s wet panties 4

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This is in continuation of my series’The piano and Rachael’s wet panties’.Its not really necessary to read the previous parts in order to enjoy this one but i would suggest you to read those first cause its always good to know the story from beggining.So,go on read the stories and please comment about it.Good or bad its always great to get feedback from you guys.

As soon as Rachael reached her home that night after losing her virginity to her piano teacher,she went straight away to her bedroom before making a ‘headache’excuse to her mother.Rachael locked the door of her room and stripped down naked.She spread her legs and looked at her pussy.Her vaginal lips were swollen making them appear more pink than usual.Rachael saw a hint of blood on the insides of her vagina,she wiped it clean with her ruined panties.Her pussy was still very sensitive and Rachael cleaned it very slowly careful not to hurt herself.After that Rachael went to bed without bothering herself with the cloths again.When Rachael woke up she was thankful that it was saturday morning because she had slept till 10am and her mother must have left for work already.As she went to the bathroom to pee she realised she’s sore from the sex session of last night.After peeing Rachael went back to sleep,she was in too much pain to do anything else.

Michael woke up content in the morning.Since the day he started giving piano lessons to Rachael he had never slept so peacefully.He pictured Rachael’s naked, perfect body in his mind and he found his morning wood threatening to rip off his boxers.Oh!the things he could do to her body Michael thought.He could fuck her in so many different ways,everyday until he was fully content and spent.The fact that Rachael was completely amateur had him more excited that meant he could teach her anything he wants to.To him Rachael was like molten glass,it could be given any shape he desired.It was saturday morning and Rachael won’t be back until monday so,he had all the time in the world to think about her next lesson.Michael smiled at the devilish thought.

Rachael passed most of her saturday sleeping and she was glad that she didn’t had to go anywhere.She felt exhausted and sick.She was having a killer headache and of course she was still sore.Rachael now wondered if it was wise idea to lose her virginity to an older man rather than someone of her age.There was no dearth of guys who would love to fuck her but they won’t be half as handsome as Michael was, Rachael thought.When Rachael slept in the night she started having a dream,an erotic one.Michael was there,he was sucking her pink nipples while fingering her lovehole.Rachael was moaning softly and stroking his hairs gently then suddenly she woke up.Rachael looked at her bed and saw it was wet.Rachael had never had a wet dream before but she had heard from her friends so she knew it wasn’t abnormal.Ah!what is he doing bursa escort to me.Rachael passed her sunday like her saturday,sleeping most of the time waiting for her soreness to completely go away.

On monday morning Rachael woke up feeling both excited and nervous.She dressed up quietly and left for school.After school,when Rachael reached Michael’s house he had a broad smile on his face.Rachael smiled back shyly.He came closer to her and kissed her lips.It was typical Michael kiss;slow,long and very passionate.In a moment,all her nervousness had disappeared and Rachael was kissing back.Rubbing her tits over the blouse Michael pinched her nipples making the young blonde gasp.Michael broke off the kiss and picked up Rachael in his arms.He brought her to his bedroom and made her stand on the floor.Michael kissed her again softly before whispering into her ear ‘get undressed Rachael,i can’t wait to see your sexy body’.Rachael felt excited at the thought that he found her sexy.Slowly,she started getting undressed and in a few seconds she was completely naked.Michael was staring at Rachael’s body and thinking how perfect she is.Beautiful face,deep blue eyes,perfect boobs and long toned legs a man couldn’t ask for anything more in a girl.

Michael went close to her and kissed her lips while his fingers traced her neck before touching her breasts.Michael laid Rachael on the bed and started kissing all over her beautiful body.He kissed and nibbled her neck before taking one of her nipple in his mouth.Michael loved sucking Rachael’s nipples,the way her soft nipples grew erect inside his mouth and the way she moaned made him very horny.Michael stuck her nipple between his upper and lower teeth and bit her nipple gently,Rachael squealed.Michael left his nipple and whispered to her”don’t be shy of moaning Rachael,i like to hear your moans.They are like music to my ears”.Rachael flustered red.Michael went down on her kissing en route on her tummy and navel.When Michael’s mouth was just above Rachael’s snatch he ordered to her”spread your legs Rachael” she compiled.Michael smiled when he saw a hint of wetness in Rachael’s shaved pussy “oh baby,you are already wet.You are always ready for me”Rachael was still blushing at Michael’s words when she felt his lips on her cunt “ahhhiiii…”Rachael cried out.Michael kissed and nibbled her inner thighs before taking her clit into his mouth.”agggghhhh…”Rachael moaned.Michael penetrated her pussy with his fingers and started stroking her gently.Michael looked at Rachael,she was biting her lips trying not to cry out when he said”should i continue?”.Rachael couldn’t understand why he was asking but certainly it was not the time to understand.”oh please”Rachael begged.Michael liked making her beg,he stroked her faster and sucked onto her clit more passionately.Rachael’s pussy was now drenched in her juicses and it helped Michael in stroking her.It was only a bursa escort bayan matter of time,until Rachael exploded all over his fingers and Michael pulled out his finger.He brought his mouth to her pussy and licked her sweet nectar.”i love your taste Rachael,keep it cumming baby”Michael said.Rachael felt she couldn’t stop even if she wanted to,she just kept on cumming and Michael true to his word made sure not a single drop of her juices was wasted.

After accomplishing his mission,Michael got undressed getting naked like Rachael while Rachael was staring at him.Rachael saw his mammoth cock standing proudly ready to make her sore again.”Turn over and lie on your tummy”Michael ordered.Rachael had heard about anal sex being very painful for the first time.Also,she was terrified that Michael’s cock which made her sore for two days would tear apart her asshole and she would have to go through excruciating pain but Rachael couldn’t say NO to Michael.Rachael lied on her tummy making Michael gasp at the beautiful sight in front of him.Rachael’s butt was the epitome of a bubble butt,they were perfectly round and firm.No wonder,Michael was dying to put his hands on it.Michael lowered himself down to her body and kissed all over the small of her back making sure that not an iota of her flawless,baby soft skin was left untouched.Rachael’s breathing got heavier as Michael moved his lips to her butt.Michael stopped kissing when he reached her butt and gave them a firm squeeze.They were more firm then Michael had imagined them to be.Michael grabbed,massaged and squeezed Rachael’s butt slowly making the young girl wet between her legs. “ah…ah…”Rachael was moaning softly as she was having the new feeling of getting her butt squeezed by the strong hands of her piano teacher.

Michael separated her butt cheeks and what appeared to be the tiniest asshole possible came into his view.Michael pulled a pillow from his side and said”lift your hips babe”Rachael complied.Michael put the pillow under her tummy thus elevating her hips for him.Parting her butt cheeks again Michael delved his face and kissed on it.”ssshhhhiii…”Rachael whistled at the touch.Sticking his tongue out Michael licked Rachael’s asshole.Rachael couldn’t believe what was happening to her,licking someone’s asshole was unthinkable to her but the pleasure she was getting from it,she wished Michael continued doing it.”ahhh…ahhh…”Rachael moaned sexily.Michael had now increased his pace and was now licking it vigorously.Michael pushed his fingers under her ass to find her pussy dripping in her juices.Michael fingered her pussy stroking it furiously while his tongue continued its assault on Rachael’s asshole bathing it in his saliva.When Michael felt that it was lubricated enough he stopped licking her asshole and drew out his finger from her pussy.Pulling apart her tight buttcheeks Michael pushed his middle finger inside Rachael’s escort bursa asshole”ughhhh…”Rachael grunted as for the first time something penetrated her tiny asshole.Pushing it down upto the third knuckle Michael started stroking her swiftly as Rachael continued moaning.Rachael was in pain and then a sudden realisation hit her .Rachael realised that it was just Michael’s finger that was fucking her asshole and she was in so much pain what would happen to her when he will push his long thick cock deep inside her.Rachael was terrified at the thought but she knew there was no backing down now she had come too far to quit..

To Rachael’s relief Michael pulled out his finger out of her.Taking his giant manhood in his hand Michael pushed it close to the border of Rachael’s asshole and rubbed over it gently.Rachael was holding her breathe,she knew in any moment he will push it inside her.Michael grabbed the side of her hips and pushed his cock inside Rachael’s tiny asshole.”nnnnggghhh…”Rachael cried out as the excruciating pain hit her.Michael stopped pushing at once as soon as he heard her cry,he lowered his head to give a few gentle kisses on her back.Rachael felt the muscles around her asshole stretch around his cock.To her it felt like someone was tearing apart her asshole.When Rachael had calmed down a bit Michael gave another big push and in seconds he was completely inside her”gggghhh…”Rachael shrieked loudly.Michael stopped again letting Rachael’s asshole getting used to the feeling of being filled up.Michael groped her tits from behind and squeezed them hard thus distracting Rachael. Rachael had never felt so much pain before and she was sweating profusely now.Michael pulled out his cock and shoved it back again.”ughhhh…damn,that hurts”Rachael moaned honestly.

Michael grabbed the side of her hips and started fucking her ass.Rachael’s moans have subsided down and so had her pain when she felt Michael’s fingers on her clit.Michael was teasing her clit with his finger while he kept on fucking her ass.Although,anal sex was nothing new to Michael he had never fucked an asshole as tight as Rachael’s not even close to it.Michael was kissing Rachael’s back every now and then,Rachael felt her pussy walls clench tightly as her second orgasm hit her.When Michael felt his cock being gripped tightly by Rachael’s asshole he increased his pace.Michael’s balls twitched as he shot ropes after ropes of cumm deep inside her body.Rachael felt Michael’s hot cumm hit her insides as she calmed down from her own orgasm. . Michael pulled out his limp cock and fell beside Rachael.They both kept on lying on the bed like that for a few minutes before Michael went close and kissed her on the cheeks.He said”You are not only the sexiest girl Rachael,you are also very brave” Rachael smiled faintly before turning to lie on her back.Michael moved in and pushed his tongue inside her mouth giving her a long passionate kiss.He broke the kiss,pushed the strands of hair from her face and said”get dressed Rachael,your mother can reach here at any moment”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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