The New Monogamy

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I’ve been with my wife Angela for three years now. We were dating for five years before that. Throughout our relationship we’ve been completely opposed to straying from our monogamous relation ship. This was mainly because while each of us wanted to experiment with another lover, we were each afraid that the other would prefer the new conquest to the established partner.

That all changed soon after we were married. I’ve been obsessed with lesbians ever since my sexual development, and homosexuals have equally intrigued her. Each of us is utterly strait as I was slightly disappointed to find out when Angela first expressed her disgust at the sight of another woman’s body.

I was the first to bend the sexual barrier when I brought her to a strip club for her birthday. I admit I still find another man’s body repulsive, but I was able to control myself for the sake of our relationship.

After having a few drinks I bought her a lap dance and tried to contain my laughter as she turned completely red and tried not to look at the dancer and inch from her face. I think she enjoyed the stage dancers a lot more. Afterward I assured her that I knew that she felt uncomfortable about it and that I would not expect her to return the favor by accompanying me to a gentleman’s club; I had planned this evening with only her pleasure in mind.

Needless to say she paid me back sexually that night as I had a feeling she would in her aroused state.

It was not too long after that Christmas had arrived and I was in for a special Christmas present. As I had expected her too, she did eventually bring me to a strip club to return the favor. Assuring her on the way in that she didn’t have to, she promised me that it was her choice. Again the situation repeated itself and we had a good time. When one of the strippers had finished giving me a lap dance she offered one to Angela but she refused. I later offered to buy her a dance but I could tell that she was completely opposed to the idea and nothing would sway her. After a few drinks I suggested that we leave lifting the pressure from her to spoil my evening.

About a year later at an office party, a young intern commented of Angela’s beauty to me. I thanked him for the compliment and he asked me if we were in a strictly monogamous relationship. I was thrown slightly by his question but replied that we were.

He dropped the subject and I thought that the conversation was behind us until he later introduced Angela and me to his fiancé, a young attractive red head with small but perky breasts. Shortly after the introductions the intern and I were called by one of my superiors to meet some business associates, leaving the ladies alone to talk.

Later that night after the party Angela confronted me asking if I had found Laura (the red head) attractive. I replied honestly but calmly that she seemed attractive and Angela informed me that while we were away the young girl had mad a rather shocking proposal. Asking first weather or not I was good in bed, to which Angela candidly replied that while she found it a very personal question that I was indeed satisfying.

She continued to tell me that while Laura was apologetic she felt the burning need to ask if she and I were open to a threesome. Trying to avoid being rude Angela asked the girl if her husband would approve of that to which Laura responded that they had an open sexual relationship and that she was sure that he would not only approve but want very badly to sleep with Angela.

I smoothly asked Angela if she found Rob (the intern) attractive to which she quaintly replied that he was indeed hansom. I proceeded to inform her of Rob’s compliments of her appearance and told her that I was given the impression that Laura was çapa escort right and that Rob would enjoy sleeping with her.

We joked about it for the rest of the car ride home and let it rest for a few days till Angela unexpectedly asked me one night after an intense love making session if I would sleep with Laura if she gave me permission.

Treading carefully I nonchalantly replied that I would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship. Re-insisting several times that hypothetically speaking she would not be effected by it I finally agreed that I would like to have sex with another woman as long as Angela was ok with it.

A few seconds passed and I asked if she would like to sleep with rob under the same scenario. To which she felt safe enough to reply that she would. I continued by stating that I might enjoy watching her get fucked by another guy. But she asserted that she would be far too embarrassed to have sex with someone else in front of me. Asking if she would like to watch me and Laura, she was unsure if she could be in the same room as two people having sex especially if one of them was me.

A month passed and I had organized a treat for Angela and I, to further push the sexual boundaries of our relationship. I had contacted Rob and gotten information on a swinger’s party. I had talked to all the parties involved and told them that Angela and I were new and not really interested in swinging at this point in our relationship but I would like to get her to watch others and possibly be watched to a certain extent.

The party came and Angela and I showed up early a few couples had arrived and soon the party was under way. Angela had no clue it was a swinger’s party and after about an hour one couple in the corner dancing rather close caught her eye. As she glanced over at then during our mingled conversations she pointed our to me that the woman’s had had slid into the man’s pants and later when their dancing had turned to necking that his had had slid up her skirt and too her amazement no one seemed to notice.

A few minutes passed and she noticed that another couple had noticed the two in the corner and were watching. Slowly as the man sat in the chair and the woman on the arm, her hand slid down and caressed his crotch. This petting soon gained the man’s attention and he turned and started to kiss and suck on his companion’s neck.

Angela was in awe at the scene going on around her. I suggested that we go upstairs and start our own party like everyone else. And she jokingly replied that she was having too much fun watching. Soon one of the last two calm couples left for the kitchen and the remaining couple began watching the other two.

It wasn’t long before this couple had started making out leaving Angela and I as the last “respectable” couple in the room. Definitely turned on by all the sexual energy in the air but repressing it, Angela suggested that we go into the kitchen with the other couple once the man in the corner dropped his pants and began receiving a hand-job.

Before entering the kitchen we caught hold of a woman with long blond hair strewn across the table with a large brown haired man pounding his cock into her.

Holding Angela around the waist while she watched, in an effort to prevent her from being shocked, I told her that I thought this would be enjoyable, assuring her that she didn’t have to do anything and these people were comfortable with her watching. I held her as the hot sweaty scene on the kitchen table had her mesmerized.

A minute passed and I slowly kissed the back of her neck. While she watched the other couple rhythmically satisfy each other’s burning lust, I slowly caressed her through her clothes. cihangir escort Moving from her stomach to her breasts her hands slowly enveloped mine clenching them. When I finally cupped her breasts she became embarrassed and turned away from the kitchen scene.

I took her by the hand and told her to sit down watching the other couples in the living room she could not look away. The woman in the corner was on her knees giving the man a blowjob. The couple on the chair was naked from the waist down and she had climbed on top of him and began riding him like a bull. The couple that had only started making out was now strewn across the sofa engaged in the sixty-nine position.

As she watched and listened to the moaning and groaning and the sea of ecstasy and flesh, I watched her. I asked her if she was all right and she slowly nodded consumed by the scenes around her I slowly slid my hand up her dress and caressed the outer rim of her panties finding them soaked with her juices.

I slowly entered her panties and began to rub her clit. She barely moved, only allowing me to part her legs for better access. As I continued her eyes began to blink shut, her mouth opened slightly and her breathing began to increase. Soon she was digging her fingers into the chair and I began to kiss her knee and slid my head under her dress.

As I kissed up her legs I needed to widen her legs even further to give me full access so I slid my fingers from her vaginal opening and kissed to the lips of her pussy while sliding my hands down her inner thighs and under her legs. Lifting her legs I rested them on the arms of the chair and brought my right hand back to the crotch to help me hold her underwear aside.

While she watched the orgy around us I engulfed myself in her juices slowly lapping around her clit and sucking the secretions of her pussy. As I licked and kissed I felt her body begin to move with me.

A minute passed and I could hear her lightly moaning, trying to contain herself. Her hands fell to my head partially pulling me into her and partly pushing me away. Her legs tried to come down from the arms of the chair but I resisted, her legs resting on my shoulders. Soon it was over and her body began to convulse and shake with climax. I felt her legs relax and drape over my shoulders. Her hands stopped fighting me and began to caress my head though her dress.

When I emerged I found new couples had emerged from the old combinations. One couple had been wrapped in a blanket on the floor and watched Angela as she came, which was why she had been pushing me away. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to go and so I got our coats and helped her slip into hers.

We talked about that evening while laying in bed that night, she had a good time even though she was embarrassed. We had described the different scenes that we saw that night and what interested us in particular, she wasn’t sure if she had enjoyed cumming in front of those people or not but she enjoyed watching the others as she came, it made her feel adventurous.

Yesterday she had surprised me. We had gone to another office party a week ago and as I later found out Rob had talked with Angela and she had arranged a specially evening for me. I came home from work and she told me that she had a surprise for me. Blindfolding me she led me to the bedroom where she began to sensually kiss and undress me slowly each article of clothing was peeled off until finally she stripped me of my boxers and my cock sprang to life.

She sat me on the bed and slowly kissed down my chest and stomach. She avoided my erect penis and caressed and sucked my balls until finally engulfing my penis all the way to its base. After a esenyurt escort few minutes she stopped, I thought she was removing her clothes but instead I felt a new pair of lips around my swollen member.

Initially shocked I just let it happen and enjoyed it. After another few minutes she returned and began kissing me and removed my blindfold. To my slight surprise the girl brilliantly sucking on my cock was Laura. Angela asked me if I liked my surprise to which I had no choice but to respond that she was the best girlfriend. Laura stopped sucking and rolled a condom onto my cock then began to climb on top of me, as Angela lay at my side she told me to fuck Laura as if it was her. And as she began to kiss me Laura lowered herself onto my cock, and we both let out a moan.

I put one arm around Angela and the other on Laura’s hip as she began sliding back and forth I mimicked her motion. Thanks to the condom I was able to last quite a while. Laura managed to cum before riding me to my own climax. After which she dismounted and removed the condom, shutting the door behind her she went to the bathroom to clean up.

Massaging my genitals Angela told me that she had one other surprise but she wanted to make sure I was ok with it first. Asking her what it was she told me that Rob was in the other room and she told him that with my permission he could fuck her. I told her that as long as I got to watch I would love to see her enjoy herself as much as I just did and she kissed me and left for the other room.

In a few seconds she emerged from the other room with Rob and Laura. Laura sat in a chair across the room while I lay on the bed. Rob stood behind Angela and began to slowly remove her clothing while kissing her neck and ear. Soon she was naked and she removed his clothes. After dropping his pants to the floor Rob began to suck on her breasts and message her ass. I noticed when his pants fell that Rob’s penis was smaller then mine but thinner, that both worried me and reassured me at the same time.

Soon they began to kiss and Angela took her eyes off me for the first time. He pushed her back toward the bed and as the lay down, him on top of her I will admit I was a little jealous but excited.

She looked at me while Rob put on a condom and mouthed, “are you sure?” I mouthed back “I’m sure” and rob entered her pussy slowly. Her mouth opens and she looked at Rob then again at me and put a hand on my cheek as Rob slowly thrust into her. I kissed her and Rob began to pick up speed, she tried to continue kissing me but could not help to gasp occasionally or let out a moan.

The bed shook as He continually pound into my wife’s wet flesh soaking our sheets with sweat and their fluids. She placed one hand on his chest and looked into my eyes, she was enjoying this, and I could see in her eyes that with each thrust she wanted me more and more.

Soon Rob couldn’t hold it any longer and with a load grunt he came, pulling out he walked across the room and disposed of the condom and walked to his wife in the corner, when he pulled out Angela rolled over to me kissing me and messaging my genitals told me that it was my turn. Eagerly I got on top of her and threw her legs onto my shoulders, sliding me cock deep inside her and she let out a moan.

As I fondled and kissed her breasts Laura and Rob pleasuring each other orally took my former place on the bed. I held Angela’s hot sweat soaked body close to mine and she stared into my eyes and I rammed my rock hard cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Having already cum I was full of endurance but being pleasured by two men in one night was too much for her to handle and She came around my cock squeezing every inch with her tight hole. The pressure and her screaming were too much for me to handle and I filled her pussy with my juices. We both collapsed to the bed exhausted.

The next morning I awoke to see all four of us in a mound of naked flesh; bodies entangled with Laura’s hand on my genitals, Angela’s head against my chest her arm around my waist and Rob spooned with her from behind.

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