The Nerd – Part 4

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Big Tits

Chapter 1

I pulled into the garage, turned off the Porsche, and walked up into the house. I was surprised to see Morgan staring out the rear windows toward the marsh and the Intracoastal Waterway. Yet, something wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t make it out and then, as Morgan entered the room, naked as usual, I realized it wasn’t Morgan after all. “Hello, Sara. Welcome to our home.” Morgan beamed when I said “our” and Sara turned around to meet me. I could see subtle differences in their faces and figures. Of course, Morgan was six years older and had filled out a bit more.

“Hello, Ryan, nice to meet you at last.” she said moving to shake hands. “Morgan has told me so much about you and all of it was good.”

“Well, thank you,” I replied as I spurned the handshake in favor of a kiss on the cheek. “But, Morgan, why are you naked when you obviously know we have company.”

“It has to do with the reason I brought Sara here. She’s a virgin and she can’t get anyone to take her seriously. A girl can always get someone to fuck her, but I want her first time to be wonderful and special, not some quickie in the back seat of a car with a guy who is going to tell the whole school about it the next day. I was hoping you might help her.”

“You mean you want me to…?”

“Yes. Won’t you do it for me? Please?”

“Morgan, you know I love you (it was the first time I’d actually said it and there was definitely an impact) but I’d be cheating on you, and with your sister.”

“No, Ryan,” she said, reaching for my hand. “It’s only cheating if you do it without my knowledge or permission. In this case I know all about it and I want you to do it. Plus, I’m naked because I plan to get in on the fun, too.”

I shrugged my shoulders. There was no winning this argument so I looked at Sara, “Sara?”

She hung her head, then lifted it to look at me. “What Morgan says is true. I’m a virgin, but I don’t want to be. I want to experience sex. But…I know everything she went through—all the embarrassment and humiliation. I remember her coming home from school crying from some of the comments made by the boys at school. The girls were even worse, making fun of her chest, or her ass, or just about anything. I don’t think I could handle that.”

I looked back at Morgan. Her eyes pleaded with me. “OK, but I think we should head into the bedroom, don’t you?” Morgan jumped up and kissed me. I held her really close. “Did you really think I could turn you down?”

“No, Ryan; I knew we could count on you.” Then Morgan led us to the bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed, allowing Morgan and Sara to remove my sneakers, socks, shirt, pants, and boxers. Then Morgan and I went to work on Sara. I led them to the shower where we became very familiar with each other’s bodies. Sara was built small like Morgan, but in some areas she was even smaller. Her chest was more like a small boy’s, except for two prominent nipples. She was also much thinner than Morgan so maybe her breasts would come in time. She had a small strip of pubic hair, what is often referred to as a landing strip; Morgan was completely shaved. Morgan, as usual, paid special attention to my cock. She showed Sara how to hold and stroke it. Morgan licked it and engulfed it in her hot mouth. Sara was a quick study and soon took my entire erection into her mouth and throat. It was a hot scene but I wanted to hold off until we got onto the bed.

We toweled each other, laughing at our new found intimacy. Then we made our way to the bed. I sat again on the edge and pulled Sara to me, standing her between my legs. I held her head gently, pressing my lips to hers. My tongue slipped between those sweet lips searching bursa escort for hers. We kissed and groped, moving our hands all over each other’s bodies. I pulled her on top of me and switched her around for a hot 69. I had to lean way forward to reach her cunt but it was well worth the effort. Her fluids were sweet as honey. I started on her clit to make her hot and needy; moved down to stick my tongue deep into her tight pussy; then surprised her by licking her virgin rosebud. All this time she applied her tongue and mouth to my rock hard dick. Morgan was massaging my balls as she knelt alongside her sister. I reached down so I could finger her pussy and ass. I wanted her as soon as I had finished with Sara.

I pushed Sara off and turned her around. She straddled me as Morgan positioned my cock beneath her pussy. Slowly she lowered herself, stretching her vaginal walls to accommodate all of my girth. She pushed right through her hymen, doing her best to ignore the obvious pain. After a few moments of having my cock in her she spoke. ‘Ohmygod,” she gasped, “It feels incredible. I love it.” I pulled her all the way down, forcing my cock deep into her. I could feel my cock head pushing against her cervix. Now I pushed her up and let her slide down my cock again. I could see the ecstasy etched on her face. She started her own motion, probably mimicking something she had seen in porn. Morgan showed her how to rub her clit against me and soon she was experiencing her first orgasm from fucking. I hadn’t cum so I kept on stroking. I could see that she was getting hot again—fast. I felt her pussy clench my cock as her second orgasm gripped her tiny body. When it subsided she collapsed onto my chest. I kissed her and rolled her off me and onto the bed, waggling my finger at Morgan. She took the hint and sat immediately on my lubricated cock. She rocked back and forth hard and fast. “Watch this,” she told Sara. She sat up removing my cock from her pussy. She sidled forward and lowered her ass onto me. Sara looked on in disbelief. “Trust me, Sara. The fucking is great, but this is un-fucking-believable. I have orgasms like nothing you’ve ever had—dozens of orgasms rolled into one.” She lowered herself onto me, my cock stretching her rectum as it had so many times before. She started to rock as Sara looked on then turned to Sara and began to kiss her, exploring her mouth with her tongue. As Morgan rocked I put two fingers into her tight cunt, using my thumb to vigorously rub her clit. Morgan threw her head back, eyes glassed over, then threw herself forward in a huge spasm, something only an outstanding orgasm could accomplish. “UN GGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed. That set off my own orgasm, but before I could shoot into her Morgan slipped off and directed Sara’s head over my cock. I shot my first stream into her face, but the second bounced off the back of her mouth before she learned how to take it and swallow. She and Morgan licked any cum that had remained on my cock or fallen onto my legs and abdomen.

“Well?” I asked. “Was it OK?”

“No, Ryan, it definitely was not OK. It was, however, really amazing. No wonder Morgan wants to fuck you so much.”

I looked questioningly at Morgan. “I call Sara every day. She always asks me about our sex and I tell her almost everything. You’re not mad, are you?”

“No, Morgan, I’m not mad, but looking at Sara’s face I’d guess you didn’t tell her much about the anal.”
We all laughed. “No, Ryan, Morgan really surprised me with that. I remember she told me that she had tried it but she didn’t go into any details.” Then turning to her sister she said, “Doesn’t that hurt? I can’t imagine sticking that huge thing in my ass.”

“It can hurt,” bursa escort bayan Morgan replied, “but if you do it slowly like Ryan did with me at first it should be fine.”

I laughed. “Don’t you remember? I went slow but, once It was in, you rammed it home by lunging backward.”

“I remember. I remember how great it felt so I thought it would be even better if my whole ass was filled. I was right. Sara, it’s something you should try, especially with someone like Ryan who will be patient with you.”

“I don’t know. I mean I see it in porn all the time and sometimes I hear other girls at school talking about it. Some of them say their boyfriends forced them to do it and it hurt—a lot. I guess some of them like it.”

“Well,” I interjected, “you can think about it and, if you want, we can do it here with Morgan to help you. But if you decide you don’t want to, that’s fine, too. Now, let’s get cleaned up and go out for dinner.”

Chapter 2

We took Sara home after dinner. Morgan and I went home. We held hands all the way—right into the bedroom. I dropped my clothes, brushed my teeth, and dropped into the bed. Morgan was already there waiting for me. “Thanks so much. Sara really needed that. I love you even more for doing it.”

“Let’s go fishing tomorrow.”

She took her pillow and swung it at me. She loved to go fishing. I’d let the boat drift in the inlet or waterway and then we’d take turns sucking each other or fucking. I had an 18-foot center console I used inshore and a 30-footer I used in the ocean. Both were kept at the end of the dock that ran from the property almost 100 feet to the ICW. The sex was always great when we fished and sometimes we even caught something.

The next morning we woke, next to each other, as usual. We slept in a king sized bed but it could have been a twin for all the space we used. I shaved and dressed while Morgan went to make the coffee and breakfast. I got the fishing gear out and carried it to the end of the dock. While Morgan saw to our lunch and some drinks I checked my bait traps. I had two minnow traps under the dock tied to the railing with a nylon line. The first looked like it had about thirty mud minnows, more than enough. Scooping them out, I poured them into the live well, adding water to keep them alive until needed. I set up the rods with sinkers and hooks and set them into holders mounted on the stern. I looked up to see Morgan coming down the dock struggling with the cooler. I jumped off the boat to help her. After stowing the cooler, beach towels and sun screen I lowered the boat from the hydraulic lift into the water. The boats are kept on lifts to protect them from waves created by other boaters. The Honda 90 started on the first try and we headed for the inlet. I’d had some good luck there in recent weeks, and I’m not talking about sex with Morgan. I had actually caught some good sized flounder drifting there. It took us about fifteen minutes to reach the inlet. The tide was coming in so I drove almost to the ocean before starting our drift. Baiting the hooks I dropped them into the water–nothing to do now but wait. Yeah, right!

Morgan sat on my lap, rubbing her ass into my cock causing it to grow rapidly. She threw an arm around my neck, caressed my face. “I can’t believe I’m so lucky.”

“Uh uh, I’m the lucky one,” I replied. “There are plenty of guys like me around, but there’s only one of you.”
She smiled and gave me a tender kiss. “I hate to say this, but I think you’re getting a bite.” I looked at the rod and noticed it was twitching and bending. I lifted Morgan from my lap and deposited her on the seat as I rose. Checking the rod I could feel extra weight. I let the boat drift escort bursa a little longer then lifted the rod again. The weight was still there so I lifted the rod tip forcefully to set the hook. There was an immediate reaction at the other end. I lifted the rod and attempted to crank the reel. Once the fish was off the bottom it pulled line from the drag in an attempt to move back down. I kept up the pressure and after a few minutes I started to win the battle. I slowly brought the fish to the boat. Morgan already had the net. It was a big flounder; she netted it efficiently and we gave each other high fives. I weighed it on my scale—almost nine pounds. A beauty! I put it into the live well and rebaited the hook. This time I seated Morgan in my lap so she was facing me. We kissed for what seemed like hours, but were only minutes. She had her eyes closed, but I had to open mine to see where we were drifting. When I got up to reposition the boat Morgan took the opportunity to remove her bikini, much to the amusement of some fishermen drifting nearby. She turned around, danced, and wiggled her ass in appreciation of their cheers. Little did they realize the show they were about to get. She held her hand up, signaling them to wait. I was standing at the wheel when Morgan pulled down my trunks, slid between my legs and started to suck my cock. She was sitting at my feet as she inhaled my erection, bobbing her head up and down. Now the fishermen really hooted and howled, cheering her on. I turned red in embarrassment but nothing was stopping Morgan. She sucked harder and harder, massaging my balls until I came into her hot mouth. Rising, she went to the rail totally naked and showed the other boaters the cum in her mouth. It hung in long threads from the hand she had dipped into her mouth. It was about to fall overboard when she suddenly gathered it all back into her mouth and swallowed. The fishermen yelled and applauded so Morgan took a bow then pointed to me which resulted in even more cheers.

We fished for another hour, getting a few bites, but landing no other fish so we decided we needed a break. We headed for a nearby island and anchored. Morgan dove over even before the anchor was set and I could join her. I’m a very good swimmer but Morgan was even better. Her smooth skin allowed the water to flow off with almost no resistance—just like a fish. I cannon balled near her– not the greatest idea when your balls are hanging free. When I came up she was nearby laughing. “That was one weak cannon ball. You’re supposed to make a big splash, you know.” I swam over to her. We hugged and kissed before Morgan started stroking my cock. “I’ve always wanted to try this,” she said. Then she spread her legs and guided me home. I treaded water as she fucked herself on my cock, but her weight forced me under.

“Let’s go closer to shore,” I suggested. We swam in so I could stand. Now we tried again. She placed her hands on my shoulders, spread her legs, and moved her pussy onto my cock. Ahhh, much better, I thought with the water supporting her weight. Apparently she agreed. It wasn’t long before she started panting. She looked into my eyes and whispered, “I love you,” just as she came. She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist forcing me deeply into her. She held me tightly as she waited for the orgasm to run its course. Then she kissed me, her tongue pushing into my throat. I clutched her to me, sharing her pleasure. The cool water combined with her hot skin was incredibly intoxicating.

We swam back to the boat, climbed aboard, and enjoyed our lunch—leftover fried chicken, potato salad, and cold beer. After lunch we tried our luck again (fishing, not fucking) but we had no more bites so an hour later we returned home. We had the fish for dinner. Later I noticed the answering machine was blinking. It was Sara—she wanted to try anal.

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