The Making 1

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The Making

I never have been much on taking orders. As a child I was a handful for my parents, as a teen I rebelled against any authority whether at home or elsewhere. As a husband I even resisted the agreement I made at the alter, which resulted in rapid termination of that relationship, so I am more than a bit surprised at my present situation. Greater than my resistance to authority was my dislike for pain of any kind; this furthers my confusion. Last, but not least, was my dislike for homosexuals…more than a dislike, much more. I would have expected that all these things would have lead me down a much different path than the one I am presently on. I am writing this in search of the reasoning behind the direction my life has taken. Well, I have confused you enough, let me get to the meat of the story before I bore you to death.

When I got married I was certain it was for life; I loved this beautiful girl more than life itself. What I had not planned on was the fact that there are millions of beautiful women and many of them are searching for a little fun. To make matters worse my wife was something of a prude in bed; never would she allow my lips near her pussy or my finger near her anus nor would she ever take my cock in her mouth, this was not true of many of the women I met in the local bars. I could have accepted this, what I could not accept was coming home early one evening to find my wife sucking the biggest blackest cock I have ever seen.

She was laying on her back on the bed and the black man was pushing his huge cock in and out of her mouth as he fingered her ass. I found myself frozen and even a bit excited by what I was seeing, so I ducked out of sight. His voice was deep and demanding, “Roll your ass over and get on your knees.” She didn’t even hesitate; she got on her knees and lifted her ass high in the air. The man got on the bed behind her, spit on his fingers and forced two of them into her dark hole. She yelped a little and whimpered about the pain, he just jammed the fingers deeper, “Stop your whining, bitch, you said you wanted to be fucked by a real man, and this real man is going to tear that asshole up.” She began to try to pull away tand yelled painfully again as the big man curled his fingers in her ass and dragged her back on her knees, “I can’t do that, I never said anything about that…leave my asshole alone or you won’t get paid.” The man laughed, “I don’t give a damn about your money, I just want that ass.”

With that he removed his fingers and spit on them again and rubbed the spit on his cock. She started trying to leave the bed again but he grabbed her by the hair, jerked her head around and slapped her twice very hard then threw her back on the bed, “Now, get your ass in the air before I have to beat the shit out of you.” Shaking and crying she got back on her knees, “Now, spread those lily white cheeks apart so I can get inside.” She hesitated for a second and he grabbed her right nipple and twisted it hard…her hands flew to her ass cheeks and spread them wide apart.

He pressed the monstrous head of his cock against her exposed hole and bore down hard. She began to cry and beg him to stop but never removed her hands from her ass. He grabbed her hips and pulled her brutally toward him, sinking two inches of his cock into her tender hole; now she was crying and again begging him to stop. He grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and jerked her head back hard enough to choke off her cries, “You asked for a fucking, you are going to get it and I have no intention of sticking my dick in that sloppy, worn out cunt of yours. If you don’t shut up I am going to hurt you a lot more in a lot of ways…then I will finish by shoving my fist in your asshole.” He released her hair and once again tried to force his cock into her small hole, she could not prevent the screams of pain and sobs racking her body. He pulled his cock from her ass, flipped her onto her back, sat on her and slapped her hard across the face four or five more times, first one side then the other; then he bit her right nipple so hard it began to bleed. He moved himself back and punched her in the stomach then bashed her pelvis.

He got off the bed, “Now, spread your legs, pull your knees back to your shoulders and get ready to get your ass ripped open.” Scared and shaking she did as she was told. He got back on the bed, pushed her knees further, spit on her asshole and pressed the head against it once again. Unlike the first time he did not just press in a couple of inches, he forced half his giant cock up her ass. She fought back the screams, bit her lip and allowed the man to finish his job. “That’s better, I knew you would like it once you allowed yourself,” he said as he began pounding more of his cock into her. He fucked her hard, sending his cock deeper with each stroke, until his cock was completely buried in her asshole, then began fucking her wildly. Her whole body shook with pain and tears flowed from her eyes; suddenly his movements became jerky and he bellowed as he shot his load into her dark cavity.

He pulled his tuzla escort cock from her ass with a popping sound, “Now, give me my money, you got what you wanted.” She glared at him, “If you think I am going to pay you after you raped me, you are dead wrong.” He was on her in a shot, flipped her on her belly, jerked her ass apart and forced a few inches of his cock into her ass, “I can do this all night, pay me now or I will fuck you until you bleed.” She screamed, “Alright…just get off of me.” He slammed his cock into her a few more times then removed his cock from her again. She got up on shaky legs, went to the dresser and handed him some bills; he looked right in my direction, “I bet you thought you were married to a lady, now you know what a slut she really is.” She spun toward me and began blubbering.

The divorce was a simple one, she was not about to argue about anything. She got her car, I kept the house, my car and everything in the house except her possessions. She tried to apologize but I had no use for her words, in fact I never even spoke to her after court. I had no idea where she went or what she was doing until I saw her standing with another girl in a district known for drugs and prostitution. Two weeks later she called begging me to bail her out of jail, “I hope this was not your only phone call,” I said as I hung up the phone.

About a year later my sister, mother and father were killed in an auto accident. This was a very dark day in my life but it was lightened a bit when I discovered, or perhaps recognized that I was the sole air, leaving me with all of the family property and money. I soon discovered that my parents were wealthier, by far, than I had ever imagined; by the time I paid all the bills, sold the house and anything else I could, cleared their accounts, collected insurance and paid the taxes I had well over seven million dollars. My parents and I had not really spoken since I had gotten married and my sister was a little snot, so it was not like I had really lost that much in the way of family; I had never wished anything bad to happen to them but I can’t say I will miss them either.

I quit my job, who the hell needs to work when they have that kind of money, and just began beating around? I discovered that women were no longer any problem to pick up and, for the most part, were willing to do anything I wanted; in fact I was getting pretty bored with the whole thing until I met Annette. She was the sexiest woman I had ever seen and didn’t seem to care whether I had money or not. She was tall, about five foot nine, with long flowing dark brown hair, a beautiful face and the kind of body that makes a man drool, and I was no exception. Week after week I tried to get her to go out with me, but had no success; I tried flowers, wine, promises of dinner…anything I could think of, but nothing worked. One night she finally agreed to go to dinner, but she made a rather unusual demand, “I will go out with you, but you must do anything and everything I tell you and don’t do anything I tell you not to.” I quickly agreed and made the date.

I went to the address she gave me, a very nice house on a farm west of town. When I rang the bell the door was answered by a young girl, no more than sixteen dressed in what looked like a negligee. I introduced myself and she opened the door wide and escorted me to a large sitting room. Annette came into the room five minutes later, looking as sexy as any time I have ever seen her and dressed to the nines. She didn’t say much and we headed for my car. Once in the car she asked, “So, you met Sandra, what did you think?” I thought and chose my words carefully, “She is pretty, but seems awfully young.” “She is,” she replied, “as a matter of fact she is only fifteen, but much wiser than her years.” We continued to talk, small talk, not allowing me to really get to know Annette, finished dinner then she said, “Why don’t we go back to my house, we can finish the evening there.” I wanted to break every speed limit to get there but forced myself to be cool.

When we pulled up in front of the house she remained seated until I opened her door. She looked at me, “You can come in only if you agree to do exactly as you are told once we enter the house. If you do not follow the guidelines I will send you on your way, and forget your name. Do you understand?” For some reason my cock was hard as a steel rod, “I am not sure I do.” She smiled, “I will not tell you everything, but maybe I can explain enough to you. Jim, I am a woman who has high expectations and particular demands and I am quite…demanding. There are a few…very few men who meet my high standards. Very few men can follow the guidelines I set down and, in fact, I have not met a man in the last two years who lasted more than a couple of hours. For those who do meet those standards there are great rewards, for instance, I have a bevy of young girls who would be at your beck and call, to do your bidding. These girls will do anything to please you because they tuzla escort bayan please me by doing so. Now, do you walk me to the door and come in, or leave?” I felt a lump in my throat that was preventing me from swallowing and making speech almost impossible, “I would like to come in,” I managed to say.

She stepped out of the car, allowing me to assist her, and we began walking toward the house. As soon as her foot hit the first step the door opened and there stood two beautiful young girls dressed in such a way as to allow light to shine right through their clothes…my cock sprang up again. We walked straight through the door and into a room at the back of the house. The room appeared simple enough with almost bare walls, a few plush chairs and a large bed; the two girls walked into the room with us. She looked at me, something flashing in her eyes, “Remove your clothes…all of them, and drop to your knees.” I was going to ask her a question, but decided to just see where this was going. I removed my clothes and got to my knees, my cock jutting out in front of me. I looked up at her to see what was coming next; a gentle firmness came into her voice, “Keep your eyes toward the floor unless I tell you differently or leave the room.” I allowed my eyes to focus on the carpet, “Place your hands behind your back, palms apart,” she instructed. I followed the directions; my hands were immediately secured; I wanted to look back but knew it might not be considered compliant.

I heard clothes rustle and almost looked to see who was getting undressed. I knew it could not be one of the girls, they weren’t wearing enough clothes to even make a sound and, as much as I wanted to see Annette’s naked body I kept my eyes focused on the carpet. As she stepped toward me I could see her naked legs; she took hold of the hair on the back of my head, stepped forward, pulled my head back and pulled my face into her pussy. The aroma was intoxicating, I wanted to throw my arms around her ass and bury my face between her legs. With a low sultry voice, “Eat my pussy, lick it like it is your favorite ice cream. If you make me cum there will be a reward, if you do not I will send you out the door with your cock in your hands.”

I extended my tongue, tasting, for the first time, the sweet nectar between the lips of her pussy. Her pussy was dry at the start but soon seemed to fill with juice so sweet I could have stayed here all night. “Do not touch me until I tell you, and then only where I permit it. Come to the bed,” she said as she pulled away. I started to stand up, “You have not earned the privilege to stand, stay on your knees.” She dropped onto the bed, her lower regions extended from the bed, “Now, eat me. Open my asshole with your tongue and bury it deep.” I had never had my mouth on a woman’s asshole and was not certain I wanted to start now, but my curiosity was peaked. I buried my tongue first in her sweet pussy then locating her rather large clit easily an inch long. After sucking the mini penis between my lips I moved my lips back down between the lips of her pussy and found her asshole and pressed at the clinched hole with my tongue. Slowly it opened a bit, allowing my tongue to slip an inch or so into her dark hole. “Very nice…now, don’t stop, no matter what happens,” she said with a mincing tone in her voice.

Warm, soft hands encircled my steel hard cock and began sliding back and forth; if this did not stop soon I would blow my load all over the place. There was a sudden swishing sound and my ass was set on fire by something striking it hard. I jumped and started to stand up, “Now is when you make your decision, if you stand you get to leave, but if you stay there is more to come. I will give you one minute to make up your mind.” The pain across the cheeks of my ass was intense, almost as if a fire brand had been pressed against it. I had heard about people who enjoyed this kind of abuse, but never expected I would be exposed to it. The fire on the cheeks of my ass had lessened but I could still feel it when the next blow came; I screamed but remained on my knees. “Maybe a few more strokes will help you decide,” she said and before I could speak the rod landed again, then three more times. Sweat was pouring from my face but as I looked down my cock was still as rigid as ever; I was not certain where this road was going, but I was going to travel it a bit farther. I placed myself back in position and lowered my tongue to her pussy, which was now flowing with her honey.

“I guess that is answer enough. If you make me cum you will receive three more swats; if you fail to make me cum I will have you beaten for ten minutes and you will have the opportunity to redeem yourself. If you still fail I will have you beaten for ten more minutes and put you back in your car,” she said in a raspy voice. My hands were now released and I pushed my tongue back into her now drenched pussy, savoring the warmth and taste of her. I found her clit and began sucking it greedily. She pulled the escort tuzla cheeks of her ass apart, “I love to have my asshole treated to a tongue.” I slipped my tongue between the folds of her pussy and into her flowing cunt then down to her asshole. I pushed my tongue into the dark hole and began fucking it, her body immediately stiffened and a small groan escaped her lips and her hole tightened on my tongue. Her body shook and she pulled my head up so my lips were aligned with her cunt and pulled me so tight I could hardly breathe. For the next ten minutes I alternated between her clit and asshole until her body violently shook and waves of warm liquid bathed my face. She fell back to the bed breathing in pants.

She lay there for a few minutes, catching her breath then sat up on the bed, “Very nice, you have earned yourself three stripes. Stand up, bend over as far as you can so the skin on your ass is nice and tight. This is part two of your test; you must grab your ankles and stand there as the stripes are applied. Should you lose your balance the count begins all over and it will continue until you have accepted the cane three times without faltering.” I was in pretty good shape so bending over was no problem; I grabbed my ankles and awaited the first blow. When it came I was still surprised and fell forward enough that I had to use one hand to keep myself up as fire blazed across my ass. “Nice try, but that one did not count,” she said as if disappointed. The next blow came with greater force but I was ready for it and remained standing; being ready for it did not decrease the pain one bit. I waited for the second and it seemed like a very long time before it came, landing with greater force still. The third came immediately and sent flames though my ass all the way through my body.

“Very good, test two is a success. We will take a little break and continue a little later. You will be escorted by a couple of the girls to a room where you can rest. Do not touch these girls, you have not yet earned the right to do that,” she said as she left the room. Two naked, very beautiful girls came into the room, their perky breasts bouncing slightly as they walked. The red head had skin so light it was almost white, her firm breasts slightly larger than her partners. There was a sparse brushing of light hair barely visible around her pussy. The other girl, light brown hair, nice little tits and a firm little ass was clean shaven, not a single hair appeared between her perfect legs. “Come on, we’ll show you where you can rest, have something to eat and drink.

I was taken to a room that held a large bed, a monster of a bathroom and little else. “You can shower if you like, Mistress Annette prefers that we keep ourselves clean at all times. Before you ask, there are no clothes worn in this part of the house, except by mistress. We will return with a light snack, what is your preference for drink?” she asked. I thought about it for a second and realized that Annette would probably prefer that I had no alcohol, “Just some ice tea would be wonderful,” I replied. The girls smile indicated I had made a wise decision. The shower was like a room within a room with shower heads lining three walls and most of the fourth; as soon as I turned on the water I was hit from all sides with warm streams from the multiple heads. There were three bars of soap in the shower, all fresh and unused; two of them had wonderful aromas and the third almost no smell. I thought about what she might like and determined it would be best not to use any soap that may present an aroma and chose the rather bland smelling soap.

When I finished my shower I stepped out just as the red head opened the door carrying a towel; she began drying me carefully. Each time the plush, soft towel brushed across my ass I could feel the sting return, “You will either get used to being in pain or you will choose to leave. I would really hate to see you go,” she said as her eyes dropped to my semi erect cock, “you are much better built than any I have seen so far.” She reached for my cock and caressed it gently, suddenly Annette’s words returned to me, “Annette said I have not earned the right to touch you.” She smiled, “That’s true, and I would strongly suggest you keep those words in mind, but I am not denied the right to touch you, in fact it is part of my duties…and I would never shirk such wonderful duties.”

She pushed me toward the bed and allowed her face to drop into my lap and wrapped her lips around my erect cock. I have never had a blow job that was so wonderful; her mouth was like a soft, damp glove as she pushed my cock toward the back of her throat. Relaxing her muscles she allowed my cock to slide effortlessly into her throat then began trying to swallow it. The muscles in her throat seemed to be trying to pull my cock in deeply. I groaned and placed my hand on the back of her head, not to push but just to feel her soft hair against my hand. My cock was throbbing and so hard it would shatter if it hit something. Annette burst into the room, “I told you not to touch the girls…you will pay dearly for your disobedience.”

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