The Initiates Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 — Fucked Silly

Just exactly what have we gotten ourselves into, Bill thought to himself as he and Brenda drove silently down the road. Looking over at his incredibly sexy wife of seven years he thought he could see the same questions going through her mind as well. “Sooo… are we really ready for this, honey?” Bill asked of Brenda to break the silence in the car, hoping his own nervousness didn’t show through in his voice.

“Yes,” Brenda answered almost too quickly. Then glancing over at Bill she quickly added, “Well, I think we are anyway.” She didn’t want to appear too eager or excited about tonight. Reaching over Brenda placed her left hand on Bill’s thigh, “I mean we’ve talked about it for weeks, we’ve researched the idea. We’ve checked out this club as much as possible. We went to that introductory meeting where we got to meet two other couples that are members and then we’ve talked about it a lot more since then. I think if any two people were ever ready for this kind of… ‘exploring’ then you and I are. Why? Are you having second thoughts about tonight, Bill?” Brenda added as she continued to lovingly rub his thigh.

“No, not really having second thoughts. I’m just kind of nervous about tonight that’s all. Because we both know that once we do this, we can’t back up the clock and pretend it never happened,” Bill responded.

“Honey, if you aren’t sure then let’s turn the car around now and we’ll cancel this evening,” Brenda added as she tried to look into Bill’s eyes to read his thoughts.

“No, I’m sure, honey. I just needed to hear you say that you were still up for tonight,” Bill continued.

Brenda slid her hand higher on Bill’s thigh and coyly responded, “You’re the one that needs to be up for tonight. I just need to be wet and…” taking Bill’s hand in hers Brenda moved it up between her naked thighs. “You tell me, honey. Do you think I’m wet?”

Brenda’s moisture was almost dripping out of her soaking pussy. She was wearing a short loose skirt that made it very easy for Bill to slide his hand between her legs. The fact that she was not wearing panties — as instructed — made Bill’s examination even easier. He could actually feel the heat emanating from her mound. Brenda may have been nervous, but there was absolutely no doubt in Bill’s mind that she was also eagerly ready for whatever happened tonight.

Brenda was right, they had talked about it a lot and if two people were ever ready they were. This was a second marriage for them both. Each had married at a very early age, had children and survived divorces. Between them they had three children, all either married and on their own or in college. One thing they both learned from their previous marriages was that communications is the key to happiness as a couple. Bill and Brenda talked about everything. Politics, religion, sex. For almost two years they had discussed the possibility of exploring sex with others. At first it was just a fantasy, but lately they had discussed more and more the possibility of actually trying this new ‘lifestyle’. Tonight was going to be the night.

Bill was average height and weight; just over six feet and between 175 and 180. Brenda, on the other hand, was a tiny little woman. She was just a touch over 5’2″ with the rest of her body in proportion. She had short black hair and, until two weeks ago, a matching dark bush. They both worked out two to three times a week at the gym, but neither would ever be described as unusual in appearance. Nice looking, but not stunning. Well toned and fit, but not overly muscular. Each of their distinguishing physical characteristics was actually hidden under their clothes and very few people knew about them.

Simply stated Bill had a fat cock. They had measured it once when he was really hard and it measured out at a reasonably impressive 6 ¾ inches. But it was the thickness that made Bill stand out. His dick was almost as big in circumference as it was long. Not quite as big around as a beer can, but extraordinary none the less. Bill had been very cautious the first few times that he and Brenda had sex. In his past some women had simply been unable to comfortably take him in. Brenda was the exception.

It was Brenda’s distinguishing characteristic that also allowed her to not only take Bill in with comfort, but to be able to absolutely relish his fat cock plowing into her. When turned on, which Bill could do by just looking at her, Brenda’s pussy would almost immediately become wet. Not just wet, but drenched. During sex she would become even wetter and occasionally, when she had a really intense orgasm, Brenda could squirt. Bill sometimes accused Brenda of trying to drown him when he was going down on her. They had watched a couple of porn videos where women would squirt and although Brenda couldn’t testify as to whether it was movie magic or not they both knew it was absolutely possible to squirt out that much fluid. More than once they had changed sheets and even the mattress pad after a particularly rowdy session.

Bill and Brenda only knew generally what was going to happen to şişli escort them tonight — they were going to fuck and be fucked by other people. What started out as fantasy talk months ago had slowly progressed up to tonight when they were actually going to be initiated into a group sex club. There were twelve to fifteen couples that were members. Bill and Brenda had already met two of the couples. They had read and signed the club bylaws, they had each had physicals and provided the necessary disease and drug free certificates from the doctor — boy had that been challenging. Having to face the embarrassment of having their long term physician sign the club forms had been the first major hurdle they had to overcome. It also had made it real.

Tonight was the second, and final, hurdle for them to clear. After tonight, the other club members would be voting on whether or not to accept Bill and Brenda into their exclusive little group. There had already been a preliminary vote in which the other club members voted on whether or not to allow them to attend tonight’s session. According to the bylaws tonight was a combination trial session and initiation. If they “passed” tonight and the vote then Bill and Brenda would be free to attend future club functions as full voting members.

The subject of bisexuality had already been addressed: no for Bill; while one of the primary reasons for them joining a group like this was that Brenda was ‘curious’. In college she had experienced the typical experimentation with one of the girls down the hall in her dorm. The first time they were both pretty drunk. The second time was more to find out if the first was really just because they were drunk. It wasn’t. They each had boyfriends and would never even consider the thought of becoming lesbians, but they did fool around several more times over that school year. Eventually they each just drifted away. Brenda had never been with another woman since then. But she did remain curious and sometimes when she masturbated, she would fantasize about having a faceless girl eating her pussy.

There was some secrecy surrounding tonight. Or maybe mystery would be a better word. Only one couple was allowed to be initiated at a time. In order to attend tonight’s party Bill and Brenda had to agree in advance to several stipulations. They had to refrain from having orgasms for seven days before. They could have sex, but just not to orgasm for an entire week before tonight’s party. Starting two days before neither were allowed to wear any underwear; day or night. Bill and Brenda always slept naked, so the nighttime rule wasn’t an issue. Brenda had found the not wearing underwear rule a little challenging. Going without a bra, was easy. Brenda’s petite size meant she had teacup sized breasts so she didn’t really need a bra.

It was the ‘leave off panties’ part that was the challenge. Brenda worked as an Executive Assistant and part of the dress code was that she always wore a dress to work. There were no casual Fridays for Brenda’s job. Because Brenda could become overly wet at the drop of a hat she typically carried an extra change of panties with her to work, just in case. Knowing this, Bill loved to call her up at work and tease her, just to make her have to change into dry panties. Brenda knew that if she went to work without underwear Bill wouldn’t’ even have to call her for her to get wet. And with no panties to stop the flow she also knew that pretty soon her juices would be literally dripping down her legs.

As a solution Brenda took that Friday off from work. However, she found walking around the house for two days with no bra and panties only heightened her anticipation and made her following the “no orgasm” rule a true test of her will power. Several times during the day on Friday she desperately wanted to slip her hand in between her legs and bring herself off. It wouldn’t have taken but just a few strokes. But Brenda had been a good girl and followed the rules.

Bill had similar problems. He was not used to being at work without underwear and found that a good portion of the day Friday he spent seated safely behind his desk to avoid the embarrassment of other’s seeing his straining erection. But they had both endured the long week of no relief and now they only were minutes away from the club initiation.

One of the other stipulations for tonight had also impacted Brenda more than Bill. For the first time in her life Brenda’s cunt was shaved bald. As instructed, she had completely shaved for the first time two weeks earlier, then every day since she had once again carefully shaved her mound and lips to keep herself baby smooth top to bottom. Bill had simply loved the new look, which made it even more difficult to keep his hands off Brenda this last week. For the last week Brenda had been taking two fresh pairs of panties to work with her and most days ended up soaking through all three pairs before she got home.

The three final “rules” for tonight had been even more intimidating. When they arrived at tonight’s party house suadiye escort they would find a bag sitting on the entrance. Inside would be two blindfolds and two sets of wrist restraints. They were to place the blindfolds over their eyes and then cuff themselves together. Bill’s left hand to Brenda’s right hand. Whatever happened tonight to either one of them would be witnessed by the other. Because of the blindfold not as an eyewitness, but would be heard and to some extent felt by the other. At first they had both been unsettled by the idea of wearing the blindfolds, but the cuffs had actually served to reassure them. They might not be able to see exactly what was going on, but they had the reassurance that their spouse was right there with them if they needed encouragement, or needed rescue.

Pulling into the driveway of the large two story house in a quiet unassuming neighborhood, they each took a big breath and exited the car. Bill took Brenda by the hand and they walked nervously up the steps. The sight of the brown paper bag sitting quietly on the top step suddenly made it real for the two of them. Thinking the same thoughts Bill and Brenda reached for each other and shared a warm, loving kiss.

“Well, here goes,” Bill encouraged as he reached into the bag. Bill first pulled out the two blindfolds, one pink the other red and they shared another short kiss before pulling them over their eyes. Quickly they realized that was a mistake as Bill fumbled for the bag. They removed the blindfolds, shared a nervous fit of laughter and then pulled out the cuff restraints.

Bill fastened one of the velcroed cuffs on Brenda’s wrist and then clumsily fastened the other end around his own. By this point both were giggling like two teenagers doing something naughty. Once again they pulled the blindfolds down blocking their vision. Bill reached out and knocked on the door. Bill and Brenda both jumped slightly as the door opened almost immediately.

“Hi Bill, Brenda,” a male voice cheerfully greeted them as he took each of their hands. “I didn’t mean to startle you. I heard you two giggling on the front steps so I decided I wouldn’t make you stand out there all night wondering. I’m George and this is my wife, Georgette.”

A smaller, more delicate hand took each of theirs in a greeting. “Hi Brenda, Bill. Let us help you inside. There’s one step up,” George and Georgette carefully guided Bill and Brenda through the door.

Once inside the entrance with the door securely closed behind them Bill and Brenda squeezed each other’s hand tightly. “We’re glad you two decided to join our little group,” Georgette continued. “I’m sure you will enjoy yourselves. I’m also sure you each are pretty nervous and probably have a thousand things going through your minds right now. Just try and relax and realize you are completely safe here in our house. We’re standing in the foyer and the rest of the members are in the den in the back of the house. In a minute we will take you back and introduce you to everyone. Well… we’ll introduce you to everyone else. Since you are both wearing blindfolds you will have to wait until you’ve been voted into membership to see and meet the other members,” Georgette giggled.

Georgette’s voice was reassuring and comforting in more of a next door neighbor kind of way, rather than a sexy seductress way. Bill couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like. Since they had put their blindfolds on before the door opened, they had no clue about what their host and hostess looked like. Tall or short; fat or slim; blonde or brunette; shaved cunt or hairy; small dick or large; even old or young. Bill and Brenda knew that most of the club members were close to their same age range — the age restrictions were 35 to 55, but they had been told that most of the members were in their mid forties like themselves.

Georgette continued her introductions, “If either of you need to go to the bathroom at anytime you just need to tell one of the other members. We’ll help guide you to the bathroom and leave you alone while you attend to your personal care. I hope you both are comfortable in the bathroom together, because the cuffs stay on all night. We have refreshments scattered throughout the house. Anytime either of you want something to eat or drink, just ask someone. We will all be serving you tonight.”

George took over at this point “Now there are three more rules for tonight. One: You may refuse any activity, at anytime tonight. Just simply say the word ‘red’ and everything will immediately stop for the night. No hard feelings, no judging. The word ‘red’ is well respected by every member in the group. We never, ever want someone to go past their comfort limits. As you know from the club bylaws this is not an S&M club. No hard stuff and no pain. At future parties you may voluntarily decide to experiment with bondage and we have a few members that are into light spanking — Georgette here is one of them.” A loud “smack” was heard followed by a high pitched “ouch!” as George had apparently smacked Georgette’s taksim escort behind. Brenda could feel her pussy leaking as she imagined this faceless woman bent over and being spanked.

“None of us are into anything really hard and tonight none of that will happen to either of you. If at any point one of you are feeling a little overwhelmed use the word ‘yellow’. When either of you speak that word we will immediately slow down whatever we are doing. The activity won’t stop completely, unless you continue using the word ‘yellow’ or say ‘red’. In other words, you can completely control whatever activity you are participating in by using ‘yellow’ to back off a couple of notches. Any questions about our safety words?”

Out of habit Brenda and Bill looked at one another and giggled again as they realized they couldn’t see each other through their blind folds. “No, sounds pretty simple to me,” Bill responded.

“Sounds simple to me too. And that way you won’t get ‘don’t stop’ confused with ‘I can’t take anymore’,” Brenda giggled.

“The second rule for tonight only, is that Georgette and I are the only two that will be having sex with you. As host and hostess we have the privilege of initiating the two of you to our little group. Once initiated and voted into full membership you can hook up with anyone and everyone. But for tonight just Georgette and I will be ‘entertaining’ you.”

Georgette took back over the instructions, “Now for the final rule for tonight.” Georgette stepped in front of Bill and started unbuttoning his shirt, while George did the same with Brenda’s dress. “Starting now you will each be naked for the rest of the night.” Georgette and George made short work of Bill and Brenda’s clothes. Quickly uncuffing their hands; removing, folding and putting away their clothes. In just seconds Bill and Brenda had been stripped naked and then recuffed.

Here they were standing totally naked and exposed in the foyer of complete strangers with several other people waiting just down the hall from there. Bill and Brenda’s minds were running a thousand miles an hour, but things were moving so quickly now that neither one really had time to worry through a specific thought or question. For Brenda her thoughts flitted quickly through the expected: are my boobs sagging, is my stomach sticking out, does my butt look too big, are my juices dripping down my legs? For Bill it was: how will I measure up, can I suck in my stomach a little more and still be comfortable, my dick is so hard it may explode, if someone touches me it probably will explode, am I dripping all over the floor?

“We find it less scary, if we move quickly to get the two of you naked — you are both gorgeous, by the way,” Georgette reassured them both with a warm hand on each of their bare shoulders. Georgette took their cuffed hands and gently guided them through the house taking note that they were gripping hands so tightly that she was afraid they would lose circulation. “Relax you two. You came here to have fun tonight and that’s all that’s going to happen. Trust us. Just let go and get ready to have some sexy fun.”

“Hey everybody…” George spoke up loudly. “Our new initiates are here and ready to meet you. I want to introduce Bill and Brenda to our little group. How about coming by and introducing yourselves to them?” With that Georgette dropped their hands and left Bill and Brenda standing, naked, exposed and almost shaking in the middle of the room.

One by one every couple in the room came by and introduced themselves to Bill and Brenda. At first they each tried to concentrate on remembering names, but after the first two couples they realized that without a face to associate with a name it was going to be impossible to remember everyone. They did remember Janet and Mike plus Brad and Jenny whom they had met at the introductory meeting. For a minute or two Bill and Brenda almost forgot they were standing blindfolded and naked in a room full of what they assumed were fully dressed people. No one touched anything other than their unshackled hands and occasionally their lower arms. In fact it was impossible to tell if the others were fully clothed or nude as well.

Everyone had been warm in their greetings, nothing overtly sexy in their words. Aside from the fact that Bill and Brenda were naked, blindfolded and handcuffed together this could have been any other party in which they didn’t know a lot of the people attending. However, Bill and Brenda’s reactions had not been identical. During the introductions Bill had been trying to concentrate on the voices and names of the party goers. As a result his erection had almost totally waned.

Brenda didn’t realize it before now but she was somewhat of an exhibitionist. The entire time people were coming up to greet her she kept concentrating on the fact that she was naked and on display to the entire crowd. Because of her shaved pussy Brenda was open and more exposed than she had ever been before. She had barely heard any of the names of the members and had barely realized it when the two couples they had met came by. As a result Brenda was still standing there completely turned on. She was certain that she could feel some of her juices actually trickling down the inside of her legs. She desperately wanted to know if her pussy lips were puffed up and red. In fact she almost reached down at one point to touch herself and find out for sure.

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