The Houseboat Incident Ch. 05

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Our breasts felt electrified as they rubbed against each other our tongues intertwined, Kali’s eye were tightly closed as she moaned hungrily into my mouth. My feet were resting firmly on the ground providing support, my ass just barely making it on the edge of the bed. Tommy approached quietly stroking his cock slowly as he took in the scene in front of him. He got down on his knees and reach forward tugging at the bottom of my cut offs trying to pull them down with little success, Kali’s thighs held them firmly in place. Tommy then proceeded to try to wiggle his fingers between her thighs and my hips. Taking a moment to realize what the squirming was between her legs Kali lifted herself up slightly her previous smashed breasts lifted off of my own the fullness of them dangled just above mine ours hardened nipples barely touching.

Now with full access Tommy reached up gripping either side of my cut offs and began to pull them down to my knees. I pushed off the ground slightly to raise my pelvis as my shorts pass over my ass as I dropped back down Tommy pulled my cut offs free taking only a moment to pull each of my feet out of them before tossing them over his shoulder. Kali gently lowered herself back down the warmth of her body pressing against mine felt incredible.

“I fuckin’ called it, I knew you would have a shaved pussy,” Tommy said sliding his hand up my calf. I could hear the faint sound of rustling coming from Tommy stroking his cock with his free hand, as his other continued its journey up my leg and down my inner thigh. I parted my legs as his hand reached my soaking wet pussy. His fingers passed over my lips as his middle finger separated them wetting his finger in my juices, as it parted my lips the tip rubbed against my clit the sensation shooting through my body. Kali’s tongue penetrated my mouth rolling over my own, her breathing erratic and hot. She slid her arms underneath my shoulder propping herself on her elbows her hand my head as the other cupped my cheek.

My arm wrapped around Kali’s caressing her back as my other hand gripped her ass tightly. Tommy continued to slide his finger up and down my wet slit sending tingles throughout my body every time he rubbed my clit. I let out a deep moan, upon hearing this Tommy inserted his finger deep inside me, I could feel the entrance of each knuckle as entered me. He start fucking me with his finger slow at first then increasingly faster as I began to moan more frequently. He turned his hand to the side sliding another finger inside me be twisting his palm upward. He curled his index finger upward rubbing the upper wall of my pussy driving me wild. I was now moaning uncontrollably.

Distracted by my unrestrained moaning Kali rolled off maltepe escort of me and sat up on the edge of the bed. She lifted up pulling her shorts off revealing her hairy pussy. It was trimmed and shaped for bikini weather. She reached over placing her warm hand on my thigh massaging it as she watched Tommy finger me. Leaning forward she placed her elbow on my stomach and starting rubbing my clit in unison with Tommy’s finger fucking. My whole body started to shake and convulse from the dual sensations. I began to feel light headed as my breathing and moaning were now far outside of my control. I placed my and on my tits gripping them firmly as my back arched involuntarily. Kali’s pace increased bringing me to the edge of orgasm. I looked down fighting to keep my eyes open as I watched the two of them work while biting my bottom lip trying to contain my loud moans. Both of their eyes mesmerized on my pussy, Kali was smiling and Tommy’s face was serious, Kali looked up for a quick moment making eye contact with me right before my mouth burst open moaning as my head slammed back my eyes clamped shut. My whole body was overtaken by a wave of orgasmic pleasure sending electric tingles in all directions. My legs clamped shut on Tommy’s hand as I twisted and rolled my body doing as it pleased. Unable to move is finger in and out he proceeded to move his fingers inside me wildly driving me further into ecstasy, for a moment everything went black. With a hard inhale I looked around the room everything seemed distant and slowly moving back toward me at a quick pace.

“Fuck that was awesome,” Tommy said smiling at his handy work.

I sat up slowly with a large grin on my face breathing so heavy my breasts where heaving up and down. Tommy’s hand was stroking his cock slowly as he stared at my tits. Kali down on the bed next to me and began fondling my tits her gaze on Tommy’s hard cock. I leaned to the side and dipped the tip of my tongue into Kali’s ear before biting her earlobe.

“You want that cock or my tongue?” I asked softly.

“Mmm, I can have one of those things anytime.” She said with a smile.

Kali fell backwards on the bed spreading her legs. Tommy immediately sat up and positioned himself in front of Kali sliding his cock into her wet hairy pussy. She started to object but was quickly engulfed by the moment as Tommy slowly slid his cock in and out of her in long slow thrusts. I climbed up on all fours and suckled on Kali’s tits they slowly rocked up and down as Tommy’s pelvis smacked against hers. I looked up to catch Tommy eyeing my body and looking quite pleased with the site of my on all fours my tight little ass high in the air and my tits maslak escort hang down.

I slowly slid my tongue down Kali’s stomach and around her belly button making my way down to her clit. I lift up for a brief moment to get around her trimmed and shaped bush. I started to flick my tongue at Kali’s clit as Tommy’s cock entered her right below my tongue. Kali lifted her hand and began to massage my tits. Tommy placed one of his hands on my head pushing my head to the side making it very awkward to lick Kali’s clit. However he soon revealed his intent, He pulled his cock from Kali’s Pussy and pushed it into my mouth forcing me to taste Kali’s hot juices. Continuing to hold my head down he picked up the pace slamming his cock into my throat, the angle made it hard for me to maintain composure and my throat seized causing me to gag. Pleased with this Tommy smiled pulling his cock out and ramming it into Kali’s pussy again. Kali’ started to moan as he pummeled her. He let go of my head, I moved back unable to lick Kali’s clit due to the high impact of Tommy’s thrusts. Kali pulled my towards her face, her eyes had rolled back into her head from the ecstasy of being fucked.

“Please lick my pussy Heather?” She begged in loud moans.

I climbed off the bed and approached Tommy as he fuck Kali I leaning down placing my tits on his shoulder.

“How about you fuck me while I lick your woman’s pussy?” I asked in a low seductive voice.

“Oh fuck yeah,” he responded.

Tommy quickly walked backwards on his knees allowing me room to get on all fours in front of Kali’s spread legs. I pushed my ass high into the air and wiggled it side to side at Tommy. He quickly moved forward sliding the entire length of his cock deep in my pussy. As he moved into a nice rocking motion penetrating me his pelvis lightly smacked against my ass. My tongue entered Kali’s wet slit I fucked her with my tongue a few times forcing her to moan before I slid my tongue upwards parting her engorged pussy lips. Kali began to bob her pussy up and down as my tongue massaged her clit. Her moans quickly grew loud. Tommy’s pace increased upon hearing the moaning. I had to wrap my arms up and around Kali’s thighs to keep from being knocked passed her clit as Tommy’s pelvis was now audibly smacking against my ass, I could feel the impact reverberating through my ass cheeks

I could now feel his balls crashing against my clit with each thrust. My knees began to hurt as they slid across the Berber like carpet flooring. Kali sat up suddenly letting out a loud moan as she fell back she grabbed my hair pulling my face harder into her pussy. My tongue was now flicking wildly at her clit keeping öecidiyeköy escort rhythm with Tommy’s hard jolts against me. I could feel Kali’s thigh muscles beginning to tense as she approached orgasm.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” Kali moaned her grip on my hair getting tighter.

“Fuck yeah, lick that pussy Heather.” Tommy chimed in.

My tits wildly swayed up and down from Tommy’s full force his hands where on my hips pulling me back against his hard cock ramming. He lifted his hand smacking my ass hard as he continued to fuck me wildly. Kali moaning stopped, she gripped my hair with both hands as her breathing also ceased. This went on for what seemed like forever, my tongue still working her clit. She finally let out the loudest moan yet as she once against sat up quickly her gripped on my hair loosening completely before she fell back once against her body convulsing wildly.

“Oh my fuck, oh god,” She moaned as she shook and wiggled.

“I want some more of that cock now!” She demanded

Looking somewhat disappointed with the demand Tommy pulled out of me. I sat up and crawled out of the way. Tommy moved forward pushing himself into Kali. Kali reached for him pulling him forward to kiss her. Their lips met and her arms wrapped around him as he fucked her. Her moans could be heard despite being lip locked with Tommy. He breathing became heavy and more intense. She pushed him back.

“Pull out pull out” She said swatting at his stomach.

Tommy pulled out just in time to shoot a thin load of cum into her patch of pubic hair. He grabbed his cock and stroked it as she shot a little bit more out. She smiled as she sat up to view her earned reward. I fixed my hair and reached for my clothes. As I pulled my shorts on I quickly noticed how fucked up knees were, it was obvious that I had done some hardcore activity that involved me being on my knees.

“You take off? Kali asked finally noticing me getting dressed.

“Yeah I’m a little tired, and I’m pretty sure you two are spent.” I said leaning forward and kissing Kali.

I leaned down next to Tommy letting tits rub against his face before leaning in against his ear and whispering, “It’s a shame; I totally would have let you cum inside me.” I placed a soft kiss on his cheek before standing up and pulling my top over my head, I headed to the door my bikini top hanging around my neck.

“Good night, we had a great time. I definitely want to do it again.” Kali said smiling.

“Totally” I said as I turned back to smile.

Tommy waved awkwardly still processing what I just said to him. I closed the door behind me and fixed my top adjusted my tits and headed upstairs to see if the guys were still up there getting high. I needed something to dull the burning pain on my knees. I climbed up to the top deck the cool air felt amazing didn’t realize how hot it had gotten in Kali and Tommy’s room till I got out into the breeze. Sure enough Vance and Mark were kicking it on the top deck still.

“Hey it’s Heather!!” They shouted as I walked up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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