The Hot Tub

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I look at you, your eyes closed and a look of excitement on your face. Excitement like I have never seen there before. A flush starts at your cheeks and runs to your shoulders. Your nipples stand out hard and excited. Your breathing comes quickly.

A rush of emotions flood through me. Jealousy, excitement and amazingly pride. I feel your hand caressing my cock under the water of the hot tub and for a fleeting moment I wonder how we got here. For a moment I wonder where this will lead and then I see the look on your face and I know where it will go unless I stop it now. I feel how you touch me and a fire races through me. A desire I have never known before.

We have talked of this many times as we began our lovemaking, but I never thought it would actually happen. Now we are on the verge of fulfilling your most powerful fantasy and I find myself filled with lust.

It is almost an accident and yet it was meant to be. My best friend Steve had come to help us install our new hot tub and the job had gone much more smoothly than we had expected. For once Murphy’s Law had not reared it’s ugly head, everything went much more easily than we hoped for. It was early afternoon when we were finished and it took only a short time to fill. The water was even warmed by the time we were assured that there were no leaks.

You were watching from behind us as we pronounced it fit for use.

I saw that glint in your eye.. the way your mind was working as you said there was only one thing left to do… try it. I knew what thoughts were lurking there and I made no attempt to stop it. I was feeling the initial excitement as well as you.

Steve had protested that he didn’t have a suite. I kept my mouth shut as I saw your nostrils flare as you told him that this was a suit optional hot tub anyway kartal escort and we would opt out of suits if he would. He looked at me and I just shrugged.

You were the first out of your clothes and I watched Steve as he watched you undress. I saw the look on his face. He found you as attractive as I did. A sense of pride went through me. You were mine and he was jealous. I wasn’t really thinking sex yet. It was closer but still a long way from happening.

I watched you as we undressed. Your eyes were on Steve and there was excitement and longing there. We all climbed in and I could feel the tension between the three of us.

For a while we just soaked in the warm swirling water as each of us thought our own thoughts. The warm water soothing our muscles and relaxing us. Then you looked at me with a look that asked “Can I?” and I just looked at you for a moment the emotions flowing through me. Then I nodded my head.

Then I felt your hand find my already hard cock. I saw Steve jump as your hand found his cock as well. He looked at me and I just smiled at him. You looked from my face to his and I saw that flush of excitement rush through you with a cock in each hand. His hardened in your hand and I saw that look on your face as your eyes closed.

I watched you. I knew that it was now or never. I kissed you and you returned my kiss with passion and then I broke the kiss wondering what you would do next. I saw that excitement in you, an excitement more intense than I had ever seen before. For a moment you just sat there with your eyes closed and then you turned your head and kissed Steve and the flood gates burst.

Both of our hands began to explore your body.

You moaned around Steve’s kiss. I knew that your tongue küçükçekmece escort was playing with his just as my hands were playing with your left breast and his with your right. As he kissed your mouth… I leaned over to kiss your neck. You moaned again and your hand pulsed around my cock as it pulsed back.

You broke the kiss with Steve and turned your head to me. My lips left your neck and returned your kiss. I felt the passion in you. I also felt you squirm and jump as Steve’s mouth found your nipple. The excitement coursed through me. I felt you gasp and knew that Steve’s fingers had found your pussy. Your body was quivering with desire. I felt your hips squirming.

From the way your body was moving.. the way you were breathing… the flush over your body… I knew that you were beyond desire, totally out of control, consumed with need, lust, desire. You were not thinking lost to the fire in you.

You threw your head back and moaned. As you broke your kiss my mouth found its way to your left nipple. Steve was sucking your right while I sucked your left. Your hand squeezed my cock to tight that it hurt and your hips began thrusting against Steve’s fingers.

You gasped once and came …. hard. Your hips thrashed and your head rolled. Unintelligible sounds rolled from you. When you came down, it was obvious it was not all the way. The need still consumed you.

You let go of my cock. I watched as you rose and straddled Steve. I watched your face as you lowered your pussy onto his cock. Then you reached for my cock once more and pulled me up. You rocked on him as you pulled me to you with my dick, until my cock was at your lips and then you sucked me whole into your mouth.

I had never seen you so excited. küçükyalı escort Your body writhed on Steve’s cock while your mouth sucked me with a passion. It didn’t take long for any of us. Steve was first, blasting into you. You reacted with a mind shattering orgasm. You mouth first sucked me hard, then relaxed as your body convulsed in orgasm. It was enough. Knowing he was cumming in you, knowing you were cumming, sent me over the edge and I blasted into your mouth.

The two of us orgasming at each end of you seemed to intensify yours even more. The experience consuming you. My orgasm was the most powerful I had experienced in years, yours the most intense ever and Steve’s seemed to go on forever, but not as long as yours. Wave after wave went through you, long after we were done.

You collapsed to the other side of the hot tub and gasped for air. Your eyes closed, a flush over your whole body. A soft smile on your lips.

It was several minutes before you uttered your first words. They were soft but intense. “Oh My God” was all you said and then your eyes opened for the first time. Your face lit with a huge smile. “Wow” you said.

Then your eyes looked into mine. My eyes were smiling back at yours.

You rose shakily and stepped dripping from the hot tub and began to dry yourself. We followed and reached for towels.

You stood there, a flush on your face and a half smile on your lips and you made no move to reach for your clothes. You watched us dry ourselves. Your eyes flicking from one naked man to the other. I could see your mind working but had no idea what was in it.

Steve reached for his clothes, but you were faster. You reached for his cock and grasped it in your warm hand. Then you smiled at me. Your eyes said “Thank you” but also begged mine for more.

“Don’t either of you two think of putting your clothes on. I’m not done with either of you yet. We just need to move this party to a more comfortable place.” With that you turned your back on us but reached back to find a cock with each hand. You led us up the stairs… to the promise of much more on the playground of our king sized bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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