The Hitchhiker Chapter 3 – Room Mating

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I woke with a start to a tub of cold water. Mary Ann opened her eyes as well and began to shiver. “Let’s get you out of the tub and dried off little girl,” I said. I wrapped her in a towel and pulled her close to warm her up.

“Oh daddy, I feel so safe when I’m in your arms like this,” she said. Just then I heard voices coming from somewhere in the apartment. I looked at the clock and it was just past two.

“Sounds like you have unexpected company Mary Ann. I wonder how they got in because I remember you putting the chain on the door.”

She looked at me with a wry smile on her face and said, “I took the chain off when you weren’t looking. Looks like we’re going to test my hypothesis about what women think about you.” She then leaned me back on the hamper and starting jacking me off. “There’s my big cock daddy, so nice and hard already.”

Just then the bathroom door opened and I was staring at her room mates. One was a voluptuous blonde with huge tits and the other was a redhead who was built very similar to Mary Ann.

Mary Ann grabbed a towel to cover herself with feigned surprise and yelled, “Oh my God, did you ever think of knocking?”

The blonde said, “I didn’t think I had to knock on my own bathroom door and I never would have expected to find this. Looks like Mary Ann the prude has found herself a little boy toy but he’s not really a boy and he’s definitely not little.” The two girls giggled at this joke but their faces were flushed so it seemed my raging cock was having an impact on them.

The redhead then asked, “Whatever have you been up to today Mary Ann and where did you find this fucking stud?”

Mary Ann said, “If you must know I’ve been spending some quality time with my new daddy. He’s the guy who gave me the ride home a couple weeks ago when my car broke down.”

The blonde said, “So this is the guy who’s responsible for the cum stains on your clothes huh? Don’t think we didn’t notice and we didn’t miss the fact that you smelled like sex when you walked past us that day.”

The redhead said, “I would say it was more like she stumbled past us,” and both girls giggled again.

Mary Ann said, “Very funny. Tony these are my roommates Jessica and Char.”

“Hi girls,” I said. “I suppose I should say pleased to meet you but under the circumstances that seems a bit weird.”

Jessica said, “I’m sure the pleasure is all ours Tony.”

Mary Ann said, “He made my body do things that I didn’t think were possible but despite all that he has this idea in his mind that women don’t find him attractive because of his age.”

Char asked, “Well how old are you anyway Tony. I’d put you at around 40,” as she continued to stare at my cock.

“I’m 58 Char,” I replied.

Jessica rolled her eyes and said, “No fucking way! My dad’s 58 and compared to you he looks and acts like an old man.”

Mary Ann said, “It’s true so why don’t you bitches stop drooling and get naked already. My pussy and ass are still kind of sore and as you can see Tony’s ready for more action.”

Their clothes were off in an instant and they crowded into the tiny bathroom. Jessica knelt in front of me, took my cock in her mouth and Char said, “Fuck yeah Jess, suck that monster cock,” as she felt her clit.

Jessica said, “Oh fuck this cock tastes so fucking good. He’s bigger than any of the assholes that I’ve fucked since I’ve been here.” Then she put my cock between her tits and used them to pleasure my cock.

I looked at Mary Ann and she smiled and said, “I told you so,” as Char bent over and sucked the head of my cock every time it slid thru Jessica’s tits. “Let’s go to my room and fuck this stud properly,” Mary Ann said and I watched three 21 year olds bound out of the room toward what would be the most amazing sexual experience of my life.

As we entered Mary Ann’s room Char said, “Nice wet spot Mary Ann,” as she marveled at the drying puddle of pussy juice she left behind this morning.

Mary Ann said, “Just wait to see what Tony does to you. Better get a drink of water so you don’t get dehydrated from tuzla escort all the cumming.” I lay down on the bed and all three of them surrounded me, stroked my cock, squeezed my balls and licked up and down my entire body.

I could tell that Jessica was the leader of this little harem as she was the first to go for my cock. She got on top of me, pushed my cock in her moist pussy and started fucking me hard. “Fuck this cock feels so good in my pussy. I can’t wait to cum all over it.”

Then Mary Ann pushed her off and said, “Listen Jess, you need to let Tony work his magic. You can certainly fuck him and get off but if you let him do his thing you will not regret it.”

Jessica was initially disappointed but then she said, “Well he’s your boyfriend so I suppose you know what you’re talking about.”

I looked at Mary Ann, smiled and asked, “Am I your boyfriend?”

“You better believe you are,” she replied. “I don’t mind sharing you while I have a sore pussy but we’ll have to see what I decide to share after today.”

Jessica said, “OK this is all lovely but I have a wet young pussy that needs some fucking cock right now.”

I laid her down on the bed, positioned my cock just outside her pussy and slowly slid it in. She was very tight and her puffy young pussy felt incredible.

Jessica is absolutely gorgeous with a huge rack of natural tits and a nice plump body. Her long blonde hair fell halfway down her back and she has a nice big ass that I couldn’t wait to grind my cock on. She looked up at me with her blue eyes and said, “Oh yes, that huge cock is so nice.”

Mary Ann and Char got on either side of her and started sucking her tits as I slowly pulled my cock out and teased her. She said, “Come on man, stick it back in me. I need to be fucked hard.” I slowly slid my cock back into her and ground the base on her clit for just a little bit before pulling out again. Then I slowly pushed the length of my raging cock back into her before pulling out, leaving just the head inside her pussy.

Like Mary Ann, Jessica’s pussy was full, moist and tight and I was having a hard time keeping from pounding her but I managed to control myself. “God you’re driving me crazy Tony,” she cried. I pushed back in and rubbed the base of my cock on her clit just a little longer before pulling out. “Fuck I can’t take this,” she said as her legs started to shake and she tried to pull me back in.

I pulled my dick all the way out and said, “You know I could just jack myself off and cum all over you if I wanted so lay there and I’ll fuck you when I’m good and ready.” I slowly slid my cock back into her and she wrapped her legs around my ass so she could grind her clit on my cock. She was surprisingly strong so I wasn’t able to pull back out.

“Oh fuck yes I have you now and there’s no way you’re pulling that massive cock out of my pussy again. Suck my tits you fucking bitches I’m going to cum all over this fucker.” She fucked my cock with a great sense of urgency and I could tell she was ready for her first orgasm.

I said, “Go ahead then and cum on my cock. I’m just getting started with you.”

Jessica was panting heavily and a new puddle of pussy juice formed on the bed as she started to cum. “Oh hell yes. I’m going to cum right now. Oh fuck it feels so good! I’m fucking cumming! Fuck me! MMMMMMMM!”

Her whole body shook from her orgasm and when she finally finished I let her recover for a few seconds. Then I positioned myself on her g-spot, pounded her pussy and she started to cum again. “Oh fuck, pound my cunt. I can’t believe I’m going to cum again! MMMMMMMMM!”

Char said, “This is fucking amazing.”

I pulled out, let her recover and pounded her again. “Oh Jesus, this fucker is making me cum again. I can’t believe it! MMMMMM fuck meeeee!” I repeated the process again and again until she had her 9th orgasm. “Please stop Tony. I can’t take any more right now,” she pleaded and I pounded her again until so reached orgasm number 10.

She lay on the bed with her eyes closed and said, “That was totally amazing.”

Mary tuzla escort bayan Ann and Char had been playing with each other’s pussies throughout so I looked at Char and said, “Are you ready?”

She said, “Hell yeah,” and lay down on the bed as I slowly pushed my cock in her pussy as Mary Ann sucked her tits. Jessica lay next to her and grabbed my cock as I slowly pulled out of Char’s soaking cunt.”

“Oh that feels good Jess. Keep doing that,” I said as I slowly pushed back into Char’s pussy and back out again. As I paused with the tip of my cock in Char’s pussy Jessica jacked me off and Mary Ann moved around to suck my balls. I pushed in deep so she could grind my cock and Char cried out, “Oh God I’ve never been fucked like this before. It feels so fucking good.” I pulled out and teased her with the head until her legs shook before plunging deep into her pussy.

Mary Ann and Jessica grabbed my ass and pushed me in farther and Char ground her clit on the base of my cock as she started to cum. “Oh fuck, this is the most amazing cock I’ve ever had in my little pussy. Oh please help me. I’m cumming right now! MMMMMMM!”

Mary Ann’s bed was soaked with pussy juice as Char lay back panting. She said, “There’s no way you can make me cum again after that,” so I of course pushed in and fucked her g-spot hard. “Of hell no! Fuck I’m cumming! MMMMMM!” I pulled back out and the other two girls jacked me off and squeezed my balls. I pounded Char again and she squirted cum all over my cock and balls. “Oh fuck meeeee! MMMMMM,” she cried. I was only able to make her cum eight times before she was finally satiated but her tight wet pussy felt amazing on my throbbing cock.

At that point I lay down on the bed with my rock hard cock pointing at the ceiling when Jessica said, “What do you have to do to make this guy cum Mary Ann? He’s still hard as a rock and my pussy is killing me!”

Before she could answer I said, “I want all three of you to bend over the side of the bed. It’s time to pay me back for all those orgasms so I’m going to do what I want with you and I don’t want to hear any complaining.”

All three girls positioned themselves on the side of the bed and I said to Mary Ann, “Help me get their asses ready little girl.” Mary Ann shoved her tongue in Jessica’s ass as I did the same with Char.

They both moaned as we licked their asses and Jessica said, “I’ve never had a tongue in my ass before. It feels so fucking good.”

Char agreed, “I didn’t think it would feel like this either but I fucking love it.”

I got behind Jessica and started to grind my cock on her plump ass. It totally engulfed my cock and I cried out, “Oh fuck your ass feels so good on my cock Jessica. Hump me baby.” She ground her ass on my cock and the feeling was incredible then I moved over to Char. “Fuck I don’t know which ass feels better. They are totally amazing. MMMMM.” I continued to switch between all three girls and then I pushed the head of my cock into Jessica’s ass.

She cried, “What the fuck are you doing! I can’t take that cock in my ass!”

I said, “Oh yes you can,” and buried all eight inches deep in her ass.

“Oh Goddammit that fucking hurts me so bad. Please take it out,” she cried.

Char figured out what was coming and tried to move away from the edge of the bed when Mary Ann grabbed her and threw her back down. “No you don’t Char. You need to take Tony’s cock in your ass too as payback for all those orgasms he gave you. Char began to whimper as tears streamed down Jessica’s face.

I pulled out of her and slowly slid the head of my cock into Char’s ass. She cried out, “Oh fuck it hurts! There’s no way you can put your entire cock in my little asshole.” I pulled back and slowly worked her ass until my entire cock was buried in her. “Fuck it feels like you’re tearing me apart!” I pounded her ass then moved back over to Jessica.

“Oh fuck not me again,” as I pounded my cock in and out of her tight asshole. I moved back to Char and slid just the head in and out.

She said, “Oh I like that,” but then escort tuzla I buried my cock in her ass and she cried out in pain.

I went back to Jessica and pounded her ass until she cried out, “Fuck I can’t believe this but it’s starting to feel really good. Please fuck my ass harder now Tony.” The feeling of her tight wet ass was almost too much bear as I switched between pounding her and long slow strokes. “Yes, Tony do my ass. Fuck it feels so fucking good I think I’m going to cum again. MMMMMMM!” She sprayed a torrent of cum all over me as I pounded her ass into submission then I moved back over to Char.

“Not again,” she cried but I pounded her ass until she too had another orgasm. “Oh fuck I can’t believe you’re making me cum like this! Oh fuck me hard!” I pounded her ass as she too sprayed me with her pussy juice. Mary Ann started stocking my cock as I continued to pound Char’s ass and Jessica took my balls in her mouth. Char could only lay on the bed and wait for me to cum.

Thankfully for her the combination of her tight ass along with what Mary Ann and Jessica were doing to my cock put me over the edge. I cried out, “Oh fuck me you bitches are going to make me fucking cum!” I slowly fucked Char’s ass as my orgasm began to build and when I was ready I said, “OK girls, sit down on the bed and prepare to take my load!”

Char said, “Thank God,” and all three girls dutifully sat down on the edge of the bed and waited for my cum.

“I need all three of you to jack me off and squeeze my balls. I’m getting tired of doing all the work here.” Three pairs of hands went to work on my cock and balls until I started to cum. I pulled back and jacked myself off so I could make sure I covered each girl. “Fuck me, here it cums! MMMMMM!”

First I shot my cum on Char’s face then I sprayed Jessica’s tits and face. Then I sprayed Mary Ann with my cum and stuck my still hard cock first down Jessica’s throat and finished in Char’s mouth. My legs finally gave out on me and I collapsed on top of them. They repositioned me on the bed and encircled me with their hot young bodies.

Jessica said, “Fuck me Mary Ann. I don’t know how we are ever going to repay you for sharing Tony with us. My pussy is still quivering and my ass is on fire.”

Char said, “Same here. Jesus Christ I don’t think I’ll be able to walk.”

Mary Ann said, “You don’t really need to do anything as Tony told me earlier he’s going to take care of me while I’m at school. I suppose if you want to relieve me of my apartment chores I’d accept that as your thanks.”

Jessica said, “That won’t be a problem but how is he taking care of you?” Mary Ann explained about breakfast and everything else and the two girls looked at her with their mouths open.

Char said, “Jesus Mary Ann, good for you. I guess having your car die worked out pretty well. I’d be happy if he would just pound my pussy like that once in a while.”

I finally spoke up and said, “Well girls we still have the rest of the day and night. I’m sure I’ll be ready to go again in a few minutes. After today though its up to Mary Ann to decide what we do going forward.”

Mary Ann smiled and said, “You’ve been so kind to me Tony. It wouldn’t be fair for me to keep you to myself. I’m getting kind of hungry and I think we all need more time to recover from that pounding. Why don’t we head over to the Boro Bar and see what we can work out?”

I said, “That sounds like a great idea! How about a quick shower first?” They all agreed and the four of us got into a very hot shower and washed each other. Their three bodies were so amazing and as I soaped each of their asses my cock was hard again.

Jessica noticed and said, “Oh hell no.”

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry, this won’t take long,” and positioned them so their three asses formed a wedge for my cock. I soaped up and started fucking their ass wedge and the feeling was so incredible I started to cum almost immediately. “Fuck me, I can’t hold off. Your fucking asses are making me cum now! MMMMMMM!” I deposited another huge load of cum all over their asses which signaled the end of shower time.

They all stared at me until Char said, “What a man we have here,” and they all nodded in agreement.

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