The Good Old Days

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Birth Control Pills changed everything.

Girls could fuck like guys.

Then, later, AIDS changed everything.

Fucking became more dangerous again.

As a young fucker, I fell right in between. Yes, friends, I was a young fucker in the 1970s. And I did do a lot of fucking. Yay! Yay for the pill! Yay for no AIDS yet!

Suzy was fantastic. My first real serious girlfriend. Medium height, medium weight, she had long thick blonde hair, big brown eyes, big pink tits, and a tight vagina. Smart and tough, too. Went on to become an actual medical doctor. In the USA, even!

I did love fucking her. We fucked a lot. But she had to study — she went to a fancy Ivy League University school, and her classes were hard.

I was not a student. Gradulated high school (barely), and stopped there. Had loads of free time, fucked as much as I could. The right choice, oh, yeah.

On the night of my first FMF three-way, Suzy’s best friend from high school slept over. Debra was tall and awkward, but also smart and funny. We got along swell. Her lips were full and tight, and she had those torpedo tits that jutted out full.

We were bayrampaşa escort all very casual at bedtime. (We were also quite drunk.) Suzy stripped to her panties, her big tits swayed majestically. Debs left on only her big, long sweatshirt. I kept my t-shirt and socks. And, yeah, my junk probably was on full display. Hey, I was drunk.

We sat crosslegged in a circle on the king-sized bed, and shared one last joint before we turned off the lights. My dick did swell a bit. Both Suzy and Debs noticed, I think.

Suzy took the middle. Soon she was stroking my dick. It got big and hard, as usual back then. Another hand joined in, another right hand. Debra was co-stroking my big fat cock. Cool!

“What do you think, Debs? Not too bad, no?”

“Not too bad. Nice length, nice thickness.”

“Have a sip — you’ll be surprised.”

“Mmm — Ooo! Very salty.”

Her lips were warm and wet on my dickhead. “Can I –” “No. Shut up and get fucked.” Sure, ok, no problem. Naturally, I said nothing more.

Suzy kissed me hard on the lips, then straddled my face and planted her beşiktaş escort cunt on my mouth. I started sucking on her familiar folds, sipping down her nectar. “You first, girlfriend,” she said, and Debs straddled my groin.

With her hand Suzy rubbed my dick head on Deb’s leaky cuntlips. I kept licking and sucking on Suzy’s cunt. Then Debs slid down onto my cock. She was tight and wet. I was having fun.

I could feel that each of them fingered the other’s clit. An old tradition? They seemed practiced, expert. Both of them came a little.

Given the stinulation, I do think that I can be forgiven for coming like a firehose up into Debs’s twat. She had a dancer’s hips. She swivled and pulled and I came quickly. Her cunt muscles kneaded my dick wonderfully, wet and hard.

They both dismounted and licked my cock and balls clean. It was very pleasant. I’d have to try that again. (This was years before I even thought about ass licking.)

Suzy and Debs swiched places, with Suzy’s warm, wet, familiar cunt kneading my still hard teenaged dick while I lapped up the juices from Debs’ beylikdüzü escort freshly fucked cunt. Very tasty.

I’d learned early that girls love having their cunts sucked out after sex. Before fucking, sure, often, to get them going. But after fucking, usually, to make them come. I loved making them come, and was well familiar with the filling of Deb’s cream pie — my own sperm in her hot vagina.

Debs had long meaty cunt lips. I grabbed her hips to better direct them over my mouth. Yummm. She was a wet girl. I chewed on those meaty cunt lips.

Suzy and Debs were flicking each other’s clits again. It worked again, they both came. Debs squirted a bit on my face. I came deep in Suzy’s cunt. Beautiful.

We sank into a heap of post-coital bliss for a while. Then Debs moved over to suck out the mess from Suzy’s twat, and Suzy moved to suck my dick clean.

Debs sat up and leaned over to kiss me, and fed me a gob of my own cum. Then I fell asleep, with Suzy still licking cunt juice off my now limp dick.

The next morning was a little awkward but friendly. We quickly fucked again, one orgasm apiece. Then we all took a shower together.

I have seen Debs a few times since then, but we seldom fucked.

Suzy and I kept fucking for nearly a year, but we also both kept fucking around. So we parted. She’s my only ex who might compare to my wife, who is fantastic.

I haven’t had any three ways in years and years. But I don’t need any: I do have my memories.

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