The Girls Next Door – 6 – Repost

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Then she said “There is one thing I want to try tonight.” “Sure, anything for you.” With that she got up and turned around. She lay back down with her head on my thigh and one leg over my chest. She said “I feel asleep once with a dildo in my mouth and it was still there in the morning, I want to see if it works with a real one.” With that she deep throated my dick and then pulled it out until only several inches remained. She sucked on it like a baby at a tit and then closed her eyes. I smelled her sweet muskiness when I raised my head a little and returned the favor. I slid my tongue thru her slit to taste her wet juices. Then I closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.

The Girls Next Door – 6

I am a Potentate during the Crusades lying on a divan while two of my wives feed me dates and honeyed almonds. Two more of my wives are dancing suggestively for me wearing only a veils and scarves that serve to enhance rather than hide their voluptuous figures. The aroma of sex is in the air. Suddenly the ground shakes and there is darkness. I slowly open my eyes and I am looking into the face of….. Amanda?

As I wake fully she is saying “I knocked but no one answered so I decided to come in and get you two up. Looks like you had an interesting night.” As my senses cleared I realized why she had such a big grin on her face. There was a leg across my chest that attached to a bald pussy that was just inches’ from my face. Just then I felt suction on my dick and it all came back to me. After last night’s bacchanalian activities Anna wanted to sleep with my dick in her mouth. Well it looks it worked, it was still in there. As she suckled my dick again I figured I would return the favor.

I pulled her closer and as my dick hardened I kissed her pussy. I ran my tongue the length of her slit and as she tried to moan around my dick I it stabbed it as deep as possible into her sweet tasting hole. She sucked my dick into her throat and gagged. This caused her to suddenly roll away and sit up. She looked around like she was in a daze and shook her head to clear the cobwebs. She looked at me and said “I was having the most wonderful dream.” Then she saw my wet, erect member and “Oooh, It wasn’t all a dream.” Then she laid back across me and tried to swallow my dick.

Amanda laughed and said “I came in to get you up for breakfast, not up in her mouth. Oh well join us when you’re done.” She walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind her. Anna was to occupied jamming my dick down her throat to notice. I returned to tongue fucking her hole and enjoying her body quiver and jerk as her throat massaged the length of my dick. I removed my tongue from pussy and kissed her little brown eye. I felt her jerk. I circled my tongue around the pucker. As I felt her suck my dick into her throat I rammed my tongue as deep into her ass as possible. With my dick in her throat all that came out was “UUUUUNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHHH.” Her body began shaking and juices flowed from her slit. I move to capture as much as I could but some ran onto my neck and chest. She calmed some and seemed to double her attempts to swallow me. Soon I felt the pressure in my loins that meant I was going to cum and there was no stopping it. The first blast hit her mouth as she was pulling my dick from her throat startling her. As she jumped it came out of her mouth and the next two hit her face. She quickly put her mouth back on it and milked my cock until it began going limp.

Anna pulled her mouth off my dick and sat up. She looked ravishing sitting there with her wild bedroom hair, a smile and cum on her face. She leaned down gave me a quick kiss on the lips and as she jumped of the bed said “UUMM, I smell bacon.” As she went out the door I thought about what just happened and laughed. I got up and followed her to the kitchen. When got there Anna was standing at one end of the table with Amanda, CJ and Alissa all giggling. I asked what was funny and Alissa between giggles said “We heard Anna say she was starving and ready for food before she came around the corner. When we saw her face as she rounded the corner we started laughing and Amanda told her she looked like she had already had eaten and got some on her face. When Anna put her hand to her face her startled look was priceless and we all busted out laughing

As they started to calm down CJ, the last virgin in the group, stood up and used her finger to wipe the last of the cum from her sisters face. She put the finger in her mouth and sucked on it looking at me. Then she stepped up to me, took my face in her hands and gave me a long wet lingering kiss. When she stepped back she said loud enough for all to hear “I’m still waiting.” I told her “your day is coming and it is getting closer.”

I sat down at the table and once again my girls had prepared heaping plates of food for us. I found myself sitting with Anna on my left again, apparently no one wanted to challenge her for it, CJ was on my right and Alissa and Amanda across from me. Breakfasts of eggs, bacon and breasts could get habit forming. We started talking about last night and we all agreed that the restaurant was to over the top to repeat. It could put some of us in prison and the rest in a juvenile facility. All of us wanted the park to happen again. Amanda mentioned that because two of us slept in until 11 that Anna, CJ and Alissa had to leave in a little while. Amid three frowns I asked why. “Mom is supposed to pick up Alissa between 3-4 today and Anna and CJ’s folks are supposed to be home before 6pm.”

“Why don’t you call your mom and ask if Alissa can go shopping with you and you will get her to school in the morning. That will give us more time together.” I saw smiles and heard a chorus of ‘Please’. Amanda said she would and suddenly everyone was animated and talking at once about what they wanted to do and where they wanted to go. One thing they all wanted was to do everything as a group, I even heard someone say family.

When it quieted down I set down some rules to protect all of us. First, no one would discuss what we did together with an outsider without discussing it with the group. Next care had to be used when parents were around. No kissing, hugging, groping or sneaky looks. Also I would be home by 4:30 or 5:00 weekdays and usually all-day Saturday and Sunday. That meant that during that time if there was even a remote chance a parent could show up everyone had to wear at least a bathing suit. That brought some groans. Last I warned them to be careful texting and talking on the phone. “If you leave your phone somewhere anyone could read you texts and we would be screwed and not in a good way.” That brought laughs. Everyone went back to talking about going and doing while Amanda took her phone to the living room to call her mother. While my girls cleared talked and cleaned up from breakfast I hear Amanda in the living room saying “Yes mom, I know mom, I will mom.”

Amanda came back to the table not smiling and Alissa asked what she said. Amanda put her phone on the counter, broke out a big smile and said “She said yes. Not only that when I told her this may be our last chance for a sleepover because I was moving to the dorms she asked if I wanted you to spend the week and help me pack.””Alissa yelled and hugged her sister. All of my girls were jumping up and down yelling and hugging. I sat there watching tits bounce and women hugging and kissing. I love yes’s.

Amanda said their mother wanted them at her house at 5 for dinner and so Alissa could pack some clothes. Since Anna and CJ’s parents were due home by 6 we had about 3 safe hours before every one had to leave. They were all saying ‘Let’s go get in the pool for a while. Since it might be our last chance for a while to be a group everyone headed that way.

I kept Amanda back and pulled her into a hug. I kissed her and felt my dick twitch between us. I looked into her eyes and said “To use your words, we need to talk.” ”About what?” ” Did you mean what you said in your toast about relationships?””Yes I did.””Did you mean what you said about being a one man woman?””Definitely.” ”You can say no and I will understand. I know it’s only be one weekend and what a weekend but since you are moving out of your apartment would you consider moving in with me and finding out if there is more to this relationship? You can quit work and concentrate on classes and me.” She smiled at me and I thought I saw a tear in her eye just before she said “YES”, crushed herself to me and kissed me with a passion I had not experienced in a long time.

When we broke apart Amanda took my hand and we walked out to the pool. The rest of my girls were splashing around laughing in the pool. Amanda hollered at them and said she wanted to tell them something important. As they climbed out of the pool I watched the water dripping off their naked girl flesh. I especially noted the drops falling from their nipples and pussy’s. Wow. If you could bottle that, what would guys pay for it? Alissa said “What’s up?” “Bill just asked me to move in with him.” “Well what did you say?” “I said yes.” Suddenly I had four young, nude, women in a group hug around me jumping up and down, rubbing their breasts on my back, my sides and my chest. When they stopped, Alissa who was on my right side looked down at my now rock hard dick and said “Someone likes it. Let’s do it again.” Next thing I know these four women are jumping up and down rubbing tits and pussy’s on me and I feel a hand stroke my dick in time with the jumping. They start laughing and the hand releases me before they move away.

Alissa looked down again and saw pre cum on the end of my dick and said “YUM”. She dropped to her knees and licked the cum from the end and then licked the bottom of my shaft looking for more. When she finished she took my dick into her mouth and began stoking my dick into her mouth. The other girls moved in against me and once again were rubbing their body’s against me. Amanda was now on my right and as Alissa sucked and stroked her mouth. Amanda was using her hand the jack me off. Anna was on my left and started kissing and sucking my left nipple. Just as I was enjoying the attention I was getting a hand, it must be CJ, cupped my balls and started gently squeezing them. I looked down and every time Alissa took my dick all the way in and I felt it bump the back of her throat there was still about 2 inches left. I put my hands in her blonde hair and helped her as she hit the end if my dick, each time she did it I pulled her head to me and held her there until she started to gag. I was holding her to me with my eyes closed and felt the hand release my balls and then they were engulfed in a warm wet sucking mouth.

I stroked Alissa’s mouth to the head of my dick and saw CJ looking up at me with both of my balls in her mouth. She looked like she was trying to smile. I began fucking my dick into Alissa mouth like it was a pussy and every time I hit bottom I pressed harder. She gagged each time but didn’t try to push away. With Anna sucking and licking m left nipple, Amanda now doing the same to my right side and CJ gobbling on my balls I was quickly reaching the boiling point. I was forcing my dick into Alissa mouth harder with each stroke and she was not fighting it. I felt like I was going to cum any second and I jammed my dick into Alissa warm, wet, throbbing throat glove and felt it give way. For the second time this morning I shot ropes of cum. This time, down the throat of my blonde headed nymph. Her throat pulsed around my dick milking the last drops out of me. I pushed Alissa’s mouth off of my dick and she inhaled a deep breath. I asked if she was alright and before I could hear her reply CJ spit my balls out of her mouth and started licking cum that was still oozing from the end of my dick.

My legs were wobbling so I backed towards one of the deck chairs pulling my dick way from CJ. She hollered “Hey, sloppy seconds are better than nothing.” Amanda and Anna guided me into a chair and have me slide forward until my balls hang over the edge. Anna looks at CJ and says “Happy now?” “CJ puts a seductive pout on her face and replies “I’ll take what I can get, you been getting all the good stuff.” And then begins licking my dick and balls clean in earnest. Alissa got up and walks over and kisses me. There is a salty taste on her tongue when she pushes it into my mouth, it must be my cum. She stood up and said ”Thank you. I was starting to feel ignored.” Then she turns and walks to the pool with a little extra wiggle in her beautiful ass.

Amanda and Anna soon join her tuzla escort and the three start a group hug, kissing, rubbing against each other and calling CJ to join them. CJ finally decides my dick is spotless and joins the group in the water. I sit watching them and resting but soon they are beckoning me into the water. And like a sirens song I succumb to the call. Hell who am I kidding I just want more of that teen flesh against my body. I get in the pool and am surrounded by flesh. They start another group hug and take turns kissing me and grabbing my dick. When they tire of this they move away and start floating around the pool. Want to have a great looking pool? Get for gorgeous young women to float around in it. From where I stood what I saw was 8 tits, 4 mouths, 3 bald teen pussy’s and 1 21 year old pussy with just a hint of natural red hair on it. That is a heavenly poolscape

I decided to do some laps to try and get my mind off sex for a few minutes. After 4 laps I swam from the shallow end to the deep end under water. When I came up and was hanging on the edge of the pool catching my breath it dawned on me that nobody had tried to grab my dick or pat my ass. Something is up. I turned around and all four of my girls were sitting on the edge of the pool at the shallow end just dangling their legs in the water. I said “what’s up?” CJ said “we only have a few hours left and we want to play a game.””What kind of game.” Anna said come on down her and we’ll explain the rules.” I swam down to the shallow end and stood up in front of them. “Ok what’s the game?”Alissa said “Well since we may not be able to be with you for awhile CJ, Anna and I want to play ‘Who Cum’s First’. The rules are easy. We lay back here at the edge of the pool and without using your dick you try to make us orgasm. You get5 minutes with each of us then you start over. The first to cum while you are doing her gets first place.””What do the others two get?””Don’t be silly. There’s still second and third place.””What’s Amanda supposed to do?””She’s going to see you every night so she said she would keep time.”

“Sounds like fun, are you ready?” they put their feet up on the edge, spread their legs wide, and together said “And willing.”

Amanda kneeled behind Alissa and said “GO.” I grabbed her tits in my hand and squeezed them hard and she let out a little squeal. I alternated sucking on one tit and pinching and rolling the other nipple between my thumb and index finger. I moved down and ran my tongue thru her slit. Just as I sucked her hooded clit into my lips she gave a little moan and…..Amanda called time. As I pulled away Alissa used one hand to spread her outer lip and used the other to rub her slit.

Amanda kneeled behind CJ and said “GO.” Instead of grabbing her tits I put my hands behind her knees and pushed her spread legs back giving me access to her now wide open pussy and puckered ass. I put my mouth over her slit and ran my tongue from the bottom of it to her hooded clit. I sucked on her hooded clit until I could bite it gently. Her body tensed as she raised her head and cried out “Oh fuck do that again.” I sucked on her outer lips and then moved back to her clit and sucked on it again. This time I bit harder. She took my head in her hands and pulled me to her pussy with and urgency I had never experienced before. She was crying “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.” As I gnawed on her clit I wet two fingers in her sopping tunnel. I bit down on her clit as I pushed both fingers in her little pink pucker. She pulled harder on my head, her thighs clamped like a vise on me and her back arched up off the deck. All that she could get out was “UUUUUUNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHHHH” as she started squirting her juices. I sucked up all I could but some leaked past my lips and ran down across her ass and my fingers. I used it as lube as I continued fingering her asshole until she came down from her orgasm.

Just then Amanda called time. After another minute or so CJ relaxed her thighs and her hands let go of my head. I told her “Lay there and enjoy, you won.” She smiled weakly at my and then closed her eyes. Amanda moved over to kneel behind Anna. When I moved over Anna had her legs behind her shoulders, her left hand was holding her pussy lips open and her right hand was rapidly rubbing her clit. As Amanda said “GO” I looked at her and said “Kiss her tits”. She replied “Isn’t that cheating?” “They just said I couldn’t use my dick. They didn’t say I couldn’t use your lips.” Amanda bent down and kissed Anna’s lips and then moved down to kiss and suck her nipples. As I bent down and removed her hands from her pussy I saw Anna moving her head to lick Amanda’s nipple that was above her mouth.

I sucked on her already engorge clit and heard her give a muffled moan. I looked up and she had both hands milking one of Amanda’s D-cup breasts and was suckling in like a new born calf. I bent back down and stabbed my tongue into her waiting hole as I rubbed my thumb around her tiny ass hole. Her body shuddered and she thrust pussy up on my tongue. I could feel her hole clinching on my tongue trying to pull me deeper in. I sucked on her hole as it tried milk my tongue. I pulled my tongue free and pushed my thumb in her hole to coat it with her juices. I glanced up and saw that Anna and Amanda had switched breast and Amanda was pulling on Anna’s nipple with her teeth. I pulled my thumb out and started sucking on her tunnel. I started rubbing and pinching her clit as I continued sucking on her. I felt her start to tense from the multiple stimulations and I pushed my slick wet thumb past her sphincter and stroked it in as deep as it would reach. I felt her body spasm and her Amanda scream “Oh shit” as her pussy flooded my mouth with her sweet nectar. Last night she had given me her virginity and today she was filling me with her sweetness. Amanda yelled “STOP.” I raised my head up while still pinching her clit and stroking her ass with my thumb. Ann was still shaking and had her mouth clamped on Amanda’s right nipple. Amanda smiled and said “Really, stop, this little slut is biting my nipple.”

I pulled my thumb from her ass with a pop and Anna jumped as Amanda winced again. Anna finally relaxed and released Amanda’s nipple. Amanda sat up rubbing her breast and I could see red teeth marks on her areola. I laughed and Amanda glared at me saying,”Damn’it it hurt.” “It may have hurt a little but you loved it. Your pussy is dripping.” With that Anna rubbed two fingers in Amanda’s slit and then put them in her mouth and went “UUUMMMMM.” I asked “Aren’t you going to share?” Anna slid her finger thru Amanda’s slit again and Amanda shivered as Anna held her finger out for me to suck. A third sweet tasting pussy was in front of me.

We moved back to Alissa would had her legs spread and was frantically plunging two fingers in and out of her pussy as she rubbed her clit that was so swollen it looked like a small dick trying to poke out. Without being told to start I motioned for Amanda to rub and suck Alissa nipples and I pulled her hands away and started sucking on her clit as I drove two fingers into her wet slick tunnel. Just a few strokes of my fingers in her hole with my fingers was all it took. As Amanda squeezed and pinch her nipples I fingered her as deep as I could wile sucking her clit Alissa had the biggest, wettest, hardest orgasm of any of my girls so far. See looked like she was having a seizure she shook so hard. She did not flow or squirt, she erupted. My mouth could not contain the juices coming from her. Had it not been for the wonderful taste of her I might have thought she was emptying an over filled bladder.

Amanda and I stayed with Alissa until she came down from her sexual high, then I climbed from the pool. My girls started gathering around me telling me how good they felt. Anna put her arms around me and curled her right leg around my left. As she hugged me and rubbed her breasts and mound against me, she laid her head on my shoulder and whisper “Since I’m not going to be with you for almost another week, will you fill my pussy with your dick?” “Yes love I will.” “When?” I looked down at the serious look on her face and said “Now.”

She hugged me tight and when she released me I led her by the hand to one of loungers and had her stand straddling it facing away from me. I had her bend at the waist and support herself with her hands on the cushion. I put one hand on her lower back to steady her and used the other to slide the tip of my shaft thru her slit as she shivered in the warm afternoon sun. When I had enough of her moisture on the tip I spread it on my shaft with my hand. I put the tip to entrance of her velvet tunnel and pushed just until the head was in. she tried to push back and get more but I rocked back so that she still only had the head in. I held it that way so she could anticipate what was coming.

I pushed another inch in and she moaned and said “Please don’t make me beg?” “CJ was watching and came over and slid under her. She grabbed Anna’s hips and pulled her face to Anna’s pussy and licked from her clit to my dick. I pushed another inch into her and she continued to moan. Alissa sat down on the lounger with her legs over CJ’s and their pussy’s touching. As I rammed the last 3 inches into her velvety tight love glove, Anna started to scream but Alissa grabbed her head and pulled her mouth down into her slit. I held my shaft deep in her while she clenched my dick with her pussy muscles. As I held t there CJ moved back and sucked on my balls. It seemed every time my balls were being treated special it was CJ. I think I was going to look further into this.

CJ released my balls and I pulled my dick out until only the head remained inside then I rammed it back in. Every time I did this she tried to yell but Alissa was pushing her mouth into hers or CJ’s slits and telling her to lick. I pulled my dick out to the head and held it again. She was wiggling her ass and trying to move back onto my dick but Alissa was holding her tight. I pulled my dick all the way out and she managed to get her head up a little and yell “NNNOOOO, put it back.” Then Alissa had her mouth back on CJ’s slit.

I put three fingers into her hole and pushed them in as far as they would go, making sure they were fully coated with her juice. I put my dick back in her hole and pumped in and out feeling the head of my dick hit bottom on most strokes. As I did this I worked one finger in her tight little ass and heard here grunt. As it loosened on my finger I inserted a second finger and heard her groan into Alissa’s slit. When I inserted the third finger she moaned louder and started trying to pump her ass back on my fingers. I said “Do you want me to fuck your tight little ass?” I heard her try to say something but Alissa was holding her mouth on CJ’s pussy. I motioned to her to let her up and said again “Do you want me to put my dick in your tight ass?” “Please lover put you beautiful dick all the way up my ass and fill my bowels with your cum.”

I pulled my dick out of her pussy and looked down at CJ and said “Suck the juice from her pussy and put it on my dick.” She put her mouth on Anna’s slit and you could see her tongue moving around her mouth pulling the juice from her hole. When she had her mouth full she leaned her head back with her mouth open so I could put my dick in her mouth and down her throat to coat it with Anna’s pussy juice. When I stroked it down her throat enough to make sure it was coated I pulled it out and told her to suck her until she came.

I took my dick in my free hand and as soon as I pulled my three fingers from her ass I pushed the head and kept pushing until I had half of my 8 inches in her ass. Her legs were shaking. I stopped pushing and when she stopped moaning I motioned for Alissa to let her head up. I said “Do you want me to stop?” “No, fuck your dick all the way into my ass lover and fill me with your cum.” She looked at Alissa and said “Don’t hold me down, I want to tell my lover how his cock feels in my tight virgin ass.” She pushed up until her arms were straight, looked over her shoulder with a smile and said “Start fucking my virgin ass.”

I pulled my dick out about two inches and pushed back in until I now had about 6 inches in her ass. She was pumping has ass back to me and yelling “God your filling me. My insides feel like they are on fire, push that fire farther up my ass.” I backed out until only the head was inside them I rammed my dick up her ass until my balls slapped her pussy. I held it here to give her time to adjust to 8 inches of cock in her ass. She screamed tuzla escort bayan and then said “Oh damn, I’m so full I feel like your dick is in my stomach. Don’t stop now fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.

At first I pulled out slow and pushed in back in slow but she started yelling at me to fuck her faster and harder so I pick up speed and began pushing into her like I thought I could force my balls in also. I felt my groin was about to burst when suddenly her body stiffened, she thru her head bad and started to yell but only a strangled sound came out. Her ass and bowel tightened on my dick like it was trying to force me out. That was all I could take. I felt like cum was blasting out of my dick into her ass with as much pressure as a fire hose. I felt like I shot more cum into her than I have shot all weekend.

As her ass worked the last drops of cum from me my legs went wobbly and I put my hands on her back to steady myself. Her body picked that time to relax and we slowly fell forward onto Alissa. Anna’s head ended next to Alissa and I was on top of Anna’ looking Alissa in her dreamy eyes as my dick slowly deflated and was forced out of Anna’s ass. Alissa smiled and pulled my head down for a long passionate kiss. While we were kissing I felt my dick started to be sucked on. I looked around and CJ had my now soft member in her mouth sucking and licking it clean.

We were laying in our heap when ‘Mother Hen’ Amanda said “If you four are thru playing, its after 3 and we need to think about getting next door so we can get to my mother’s before 5 and CJ and Anna will be home if their parent come home early.” As much as I hated to I had to agree, no sense in pushing our luck. We finally untangled and stood up I asked Anna is she was ok. She wrapped her arms around me, hugged me tight and gave me a long, long passionate kiss before saying “I love you and have never been happier or felt better, those wooden chairs tomorrow will probably be a little harder than usual but it will keep me thinking of you and this weekend. Each of them wanted a hug and kiss but when it was CJ’s turn loud enough for everyone to hear she said “I’m still waiting.” I replied it won’t be long now.”

When I hugged Amanda I said I noticed she just watched. She told me when she and Alissa got back from her mother’s tonight she would make up for it. I looked at all of my girls and asked if they had time for a no sex shower. They asked why and I told them that none of them has seen the master bath yet. With that they all ran off into the house and by the time I got in there they had the water on and were laughing and lathering each other up. When we built this place one of the luxuries we insisted on was a spacious master bath. Picture a shower 8 feet wide and 8 feet deep with 3 showers heads mounted vertically on each wall and a large rain type shower head in the middle of the ceiling. That’s beautiful. Now add my four naked nymphs and soap. Another little bit of heaven.

I stepped into the shower and a group grope. I had four soaped up naked bodies rubbing all over me. CJ was in front of me and turned around rubbing her back on my chest. She took my hands, put them on her C-cup breasts and squeezed. As I rubbed her breasts she reached down grabbed my dick and holding it against her slit started moving her hips back and forth sliding on my dick. I said “I thought I said no sex.” She replied breathlessly “Just making sure every little place is scrubbed.” Then she gave a little shudder and stepped away leaving me with my dick sticking straight out.

The wall nozzles went off and the rain shower head in the ceiling came on. I was pulled under the warm flow and had 8 soft hands rubbing every part of my body to get the soap off. I could have stood there enjoyed this until the water went cold but shortly I found myself being pushed out of the shower. I turned around and watched my girls under the water flow rubbing the soap off of each other. I do think they spent a lot of extra time rubbing non-existent soap from breasts and crotches, but I’m not complaining.

They finally came out of the shower, dried off and went to get dressed. When they came back into the living room they were wearing the dresses they had on Saturday night. When they saw the surprised look on my face they started laughing and Alissa said “Duh, we haven’t been home since you picked us up for dinner and we can’t very well walk back naked.” “So you’re going to walk back dressed like that?” “you have a better idea?” I went and dressed in cargo shorts, a pullover shirt and sandals returning to them with my keys in hand. “Someone call a taxi?” I drove them 300 yards next door and watched as they went into the house, then went back to my house.

I opened the front door and went inside. The quiet seemed strange. I inhaled and could smell perfume and sex. It was good and something I had not noticed missing in the years since my wife had been killed. I was smiling as I went in the kitchen. It was cleaner than I had seen it in a long time. I made a sandwich and went back into the living room carrying that, chips and a beer. I turned on the TV and found some racing on I kicked back to enjoy and relax. I must have been more tired than I thought because shortly after I finished the beer and sandwich I was sound asleep on the couch.

I woke up to the sound of the gong on my driveway alert. L opened the front door to see one of the new style red VW Beatles pulling in my carport. It glanced at the clock and saw it was 8pm. The doors on the car opened and out stepped Amanda and Alissa. As I walked out to meet them I saw that they were both wearing modest sundresses. I told them I thought they looked great and Amanda said they were trying to keep mom happy. I told them it made me happy also. I carried their two suitcases into the house and they put them in the spare bedroom. When they came out we hugged and kissed like it had been days not hours since we had been together.

We sat down together on the couch to talk. Amanda saw the empty beer bottle that was sitting on the table and asked Alissa if she wanted something to drink. When she said yes Amanda picked up the empty and headed to the kitchen. While we waited for her Alissa was snuggling up to my right side. She smiled and said “We have a surprise for you.” “What would that be?” “You’ll find out later.” Just then Amanda walked back in with two glasses of white wine and a cold beer. She handed them to us and asked what we were talking about. I said “Alissa says you have a surprise for me.” Amanda yelled at her sister “Lissa it’s called a surprise for a reason.” Alissa said “I’m sorry but I’m so excited I had to say something.” “Well don’t say anything else.

We sat there talking and drinking with them snuggled up to each side of me, it felt good to just sit and enjoy their company. They said they went to Amanda’s place to get dressed for dinner with their mother because she always expected girls to dress and act like ladies. When I said they looked very lady like in their dresses Amanda stood up and said “But we all have our secrets. With that she pulled the zipper down the back of her dress and pulled it off over her head. Now she was standing in front of me in a pair of sheer blue lace panties and a matching sheer blue bra encased here 36 D breasts. Damn I was happy. She sat back down tucking one leg under her and snuggled her bra clad breasts against me. I looked at Alissa and asked if she had any secrets. She stood up and pulled the zipper down the back of her dress. She gave me a great big smile as she shrugged the strap off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Under her sundress she was nude. She had gone commando to her mother’s house for dinner. She had 34 B breasts but on her slender frame they were perfect. She rubbed the palms of her hands across her nipples and they swelled visibly. She said “You like?” I replied “I love.”

Like Amanda had she sat back down tucking one leg under her and snuggled her breasts against me. As they talked about all the questions their mom had for Amanda they would occasional kiss my cheek. Between kisses I could feel their hot breath on my neck and cheek. I managed to pay enough attention to find out that ‘mom’ still thought Amanda was moving into a dorm but that she had a man in her life that she cared for and she thought he cared for her. Mom wanted to meet him but Amanda told her to wait a little longer so she could make sure. We talked a little while longer until Alissa asked what time I had to get up for work. When I told her about 5:30 she said it was 9:30 and maybe we should turn in. I looked at the grin on her face and said “Sure why not.”

Amanda smiled and said “We’ll put the glasses away you go get in bed.” They went towards the kitchen and I went to the bedroom. I took my clothes of and sat on the bed waiting. They seemed to take a long time putting two glasses away and just I was going to get up I looked out the bedroom door and saw them walking this way. My jaw dropped. They were both wearing school girl outfits. They both had on high heels with little white bobby socks. Their plaid skirts were so short I could just catch a glimpse of Amanda’s blue lace panties and it looked like Alissa was wearing a red pair. Their white blouses were unbuttoned but rolled up under their breasts and tied. I could see Amanda’s blue lace bra thru her shirt and I could see the redone Alissa was wearing. This was topped off by two pig tails in each girl’s hair.

As they came into the bedroom I saw that each had a sucker in their mouth. Amanda turned to the TV on the wall at the foot of the bed and pushed the power button. When it came on she inserted a DVD. Amanda had her back to me but bent over slightly looking at the buttons on the TV. This exposed her mound with the panty lace pulled tight over it and her ass cheeks that the thong had diapered between. When I looked at Alissa she was shifting from foot to foot while she rubbed her mound thru her skirt and sucked suggestively on her sucker. Her eyes were fixed on my dick that was hard and sticking straight up.

The DVD title finally came up on the screen, ‘Nasty School Girls’. Amanda forwarded until she came to a scene of two girls in uniforms making out. She walked over to Alissa. They took the suckers out of their mouths and shared a long passionate kiss. After the kiss they put the sucker back in their mouths and started untying each other’s shirts. When the shirts were pushed off their shoulders and fell to the floor Amanda reached for the front clasp of Alissa’s bra and freed her B-cup breasts letting the bra fall to the floor. She then took the sucker out of her mouth and rolled it around Alissa’s nipples, she placed her lips on one of the sugar coated treats and sucked it in. Alissa had her head back with her eyes closed. t When looked back at Amanda she still had her back to me but had bent over slightly looking at the buttons on the TV. This exposed her mound with the panty lace pulled tight over it and her ass cheeks that the thong had diapered between. The soft ‘MMMMMMM’ coming from her throat sounded like a purr. Amanda took turns with the two treats until she had k licked them clean and then stepped back putting the sucker back in her mouth.

It took Alissa a moment to realize that Amanda had stepped back but when she did she, she took the sucker out of her mouth and stepped up to Amanda plunging her tongue into her mouth and kissing her hard as she reached behind her and released the bra that was confining her 36 D breasts. She broke the kiss and stepped back so the lacy garment could fall to the floor. She put the sucker back into her mouth and wet it before using it like Amanda had to coat Amanda’s nipples. At first instead of sucking on them she held each one between her teeth and pulled it away from the breast and flicking it with her tongue. When she had pulled it about two inches she let it snap back. Amanda was rubbing and squeezing her own breasts each time Alissa pulled on a nipple and let it go she word jump and let out a loud hiss. Alissa stopped biting and pulling on Amanda’s nipples and lowered herself to her knees as she placed her sucker back in her mouth. Instead of removing Amanda’s skirt she reached under it and pulled down her thong. She had her step out of it and thru it to me. I couldn’t resist, I took the small piece of lace in my hand and raised it to my face. I inhaled taking in the musky sweet smell that was Amanda. I wanted to be closer to her.

I looked up at them while I was holding her thong to my face and saw them looking at me, smiling. escort tuzla Amanda was still rubbing her breasts as Alissa raised her skirt above her waist and held it there. She took the wet sucker from her mouth then leaned in and began kissing Amanda’s mound. She had Amanda spread her legs a little and what came next I did not expect. Alissa took the sucker out of her mouth and began rubbing in up and down Amanda’s slit. After doing this several times she stopped at her hole and pushed it in, with Amanda gasping. She fucked her with the sucker several times and then took it out with a pop and another gasp from Amanda. She stuck out her tongue and rolled it around the sucker then licked her lips and said “MMMMM”.

Alissa put the sucker back in Amanda’s hole and began fucking her with it again. When Amanda’s moans got louder and her legs began to wobble Alissa stood up pulled Amanda’s sucker from her mouth and kissed her lips again. That’s when I saw that Alissa did not have her sucker. I looked down at Amanda’s crotch. That was visible because her skirt was still above her waist and saw just the tip of the suckers stick peeking out of her slit.

Once Amanda had relaxed, Alissa kissed her once more and gave her back her sucker. Then Amanda went down to her knees and removed Alissa’s blue thong. They looked at me and once again thru it to me. I knew that Alissa had only had it on for a short while but they were as wet as if they had been held under a faucet. They watched as I brought them to my face and inhaled their fragrance. Damn they smelled just like Amanda’s. They smelled so good and strong I put my hand on my rock hard dick and started to stroke it slowly. I looked at Amanda and she was waggling a finger at me meaning no, no, no. I removed my hand and she turned back to Alissa.

Amanda has Alissa spread her legs then with one hand spreads her lips, takes her sucker out of her mouth and without warning jams it in her hole as far as she can. As Alissa is catching her breath, Amanda uses both hands to massage Alissa’s clit out of her hood, suck it between her lips and bite on it. Alissa pulls Amanda’s head tight to her clit and screams “Oh damn, Oh damn, do it again”. Amanda obliges and bites again. Alissa’s body starts shaking as she moans. I can see juices’ dripping from her slit as Amanda continues to torture her clit. Amanda releases her clit and puts her arm around Alissa’s waist to steady her as she pulls the sucker from her hole. She puts it in her mouth and sucks the juices from it then puts it back in her hole fucking her with it half a dozen times.

Amanda stands up, hugs and kisses Alissa until her legs are steady. Then Amanda walks next to me and slaps my hand as I try to touch her. She lifts her skirt and I can see the stick still peeking out of her bald slit. Standing just inches from my head she rubbed her hand over her slit several times then grasped the stick and fucked it in and out of her hole making sure it was well coated then pulled it out and pushed it into my mouth. I think I got a piece of heaven in my mouth. Grapes mixed with the sweet musky nectar of one of my girls.

As I was sucking on it Amanda got up on the bed at my feet and lay down with her head over the side. She beckoned Alissa to her. Alissa walked up to her and straddled her head. Then she bent over and put her mouth on Amanda’s mound. While she did this Amanda grabbed her by the hips and puts her mouth on Alissa’s slit. Soon all I hear is sucking and slurping coming from both ends. Amanda motions to come to come to her and I get off the bed and step behind Alissa. By now even with no physical stimulation per-cum is steadily dripping from my dick. I see the stick hanging about 2 inches out of Amanda’s slit and try to remove for a taste but the stick is all that comes out. I spread her lips with my fingers and put my tongue in her hole. Now I know why Amanda was so greedily licking and sucking her pussy. It was full of sweet, sticky, strawberry girl cum. I was greedily sucking on her sweet juice when Amanda pushes me away and has me stand up.

Now Amanda takes my dick in her hand and guides it to her mouth. With the head in her mouth she grabs my ass and pulls me to her. She pushes me back and then pulls me in again. She is controlling the strokes as she jams my dick down her throat and the head hits the back. She pulls me tight to her. I feel my dick hitting bottom as she pulls on my ass. Al of a sudden her throat opens and the last 2 inches plunge in. As her throat contracts around my dick she holds me so tight I could not withdraw if I wanted.

She releases my ass and pushes me back. As my dick comes out of her throat she grabs it with her hand and pulls me forward again guiding the head to Alissa’s slit. I grab Alissa’s ass and get ready to push into her hole but Amanda has other plans. She grabbed my ball sack high and squeezed down into just a small area. Not enough for pain but enough to let me know she was in charge. She rubbed my dick thru Alissa’s slit several times and then stopped with it at the entrance to her honey hole. She let me know it was time by gently pulling me forward by my balls. Alissa was tight around my dick and I wanted to go slow but Amanda was having none of that. She was pulling harder but my dick was in 5 inches and not going farther.

Amanda pulled me back until only the head was in and started pulling me forward again. Not wanting more pain in my balls I rammed all eight inches of my dick into Alissa. She couldn’t move forward because her legs were against the side of the bed. Her arms gave out and she collapsed onto Amanda burying her face between her thighs. That caused Amanda to shudder and squeezed my sack so tight I yelled “oh shit” and try to push farther into Alissa. Amanda eased up on the grip she had on my ball sac but was still not letting me pull out. I felt her suck my balls into her mouth as she removed her hand from them. Alissa was taking rapid, short breathes with me buried to the hilt in her sweet honey hole and every time she inhaled it constricted in my dick. Amanda released my balls from her mouth and I pulled most of my shaft out of Alissa’s hole. She exhaled sharply and said “Oh god I was so full.” “Do you want me to stop?” “No, fill me more damn it.” And then she buried he face back between Amanda’s thighs.

Amanda is sucking on Alissa clit as I repeatedly rammed my dick into Alissa’s hole. After a few minutes Amanda stopped sucking on Alissa and grabbed my thighs to stop me pumping into Alissa. I looked down at her with strawberry tinted girl cum on her smiling face as she pleaded “Fuck me now.”

I moved around to the other side of the bed and for a moment watched Alissa with Amanda’s spread legs under her arms assaulting Amanda’s pussy and ass with her tongue. I move to them on my knees and pulled Alissa up so I could kiss her. I could taste the grape girl cum on her lips. Then I said “Pull her up so I can put a pillow under her”. I grabbed one of the pillows from the bed and as Alissa lifted her by her legs I pushed a pillow under her ass. All of a sudden Alissa yelp and released Amanda’s legs. She started moaning and jerked again. Amanda must be working over her pussy real good.

I pushed Alissa back down so she could suck on my dick and told her to make it sloppy wet. After she had rolled her tongue around it and it was thoroughly wet I had her open Amanda’s slit and wet her tunnel for me. I put my dick in Amanda’s hole and told Alissa to lick and suck her clit. Just as I started as I started to push into Amanda, Alissa raised up sharply sucking air thru clinched teeth. I asked if she was ok and she managed to get out “YES”. Alissa started on Amanda’s clit with a vengeance and I pushed my dick all the way into Amanda in one stroke and I felt her pussy pulsing around my dick. Alissa moved one hand around Amanda’s ass and started massaging my balls. Every time I pushed into her it felt like it got tighter and hotter. Soon with her pussy clinching and Alissa rubbing my balls I felt cum boiling up. I yelled “I’m gonna cum.” I thrust into Amanda as deep and hard as I could and held it there. I was blowing cum deep into Amanda’s vagina and my legs were shaking. When I stopped I pulled my dick from Amanda and Alissa was waiting to lick it clean. Before she was done she yelped again as she jerked up. I asked what was wrong and she said “My ass needs your attention” and she yelped again.

I got off the bed I went to the other side. I knew right away why she kept jumping up. Amanda had three fingers in Alissa’s pussy as far as they would go and she was fucking Alissa’s ass with three fingers on the other hand. When she saw me she pulled her cum covered fingers from Alissa pussy and took a hold of my half hard dick and stroked it using Alissa’s girl cum as lube. As she stroked she said “Look at her ass, isn’t it pretty don’t you want to stick your dick in it and make her yell?” This was bringing my dick back erect. As she continued dipping her fingers in Alissa hole ad stroking my dick with it I pulled Amanda’s fingers from Alissa ass and before it closed I planted a kiss on it and drove my tongue inside.

Alissa jerked her head up and said “Fuck me that’s what I have been waiting for. Tongue my ass and then fill it with your cock and cum.” I fucked her asshole with my tongue and then I plunged three of my fingers in as far as they would go. Alissa was yelling “Fuck my slut ass, fill it with your cock then make your slut suck it clean. Don’t stop, now fuck me.” I took my fingers out of her ass and put the head of my shaft against her asshole and pushed it all the way in one thrust. Alissa screamed and I held my dick all the way in until she stopped. Amanda was massaging my balls with one hand and fingering Alissa with the other. I started stroking my shaft in her asshole and every time I hit bottom her sphincter would tighten around me.

Alissa continued yelling “Fuck your sluts’ ass, fill it with your cock then make your slut suck it clean. Don’t stop, fuck me harder. “Soon I was pounding her ass trying to make it hurt and go deeper and the pressure was building in my loins from the sucking and clinching of her bowels. Then Alissa screamed at the top of her lungs as her body started shaking and her juices were flowing out over Amanda’s fingers. This was all I needed and I blew another load deep into Alissa bowels. Her ass was trying to force me out but I resisted as long as I could, enjoying the feeling of it milking the last drops of cum from me.

She finally won the battle and my now soft dick was pushed from Alissa ass. I slipped to my knees and removed Amanda’s fingers from Alissa hole and licked then and her whole hand clean enjoying the taste of strawberry girl cum from the sucker that was probably still in her. Then I kissed Amanda and she smiled at me and said “How did you like your surprise?” “It was the best ever and I’m looking forward to many more surprises.

As I got up and sat on the bed next to the girls still in a 69 position, Alissa moaned and then stood up. She smiled and said “That was absolutely the best threesome I have ever had. The only one but absolutely fabulous still” I took her hand and smiled at her as I said “It’s not over yet slut. You still have my dick to lick clean.” Her reply was a smile and “Yummy” as she got on her knees between my legs and went for my dick. When she was satisfied she had licked everything off my dick she stood up, smacked her lips and said “That was a good desert.”

Amanda had turned around on the bed and was leaning against the headboard and said “Did you enjoy the DVD?” I looked at the TV and saw to wearing only short plaid skirts doing a sixty nine and I laughed and said ”Naw stuff like that never happens in real life.” Amanda got off the bed and standing next to Alissa, together they unfastened their little plaid skirts and let them fall to the floor. Then they turned away from me and bent at the waist to take off their bobby sox. When they turned back around I had them step closer and spread their legs. I ran a finger thru each of their slits. I had to have one more taste of their flavored girl cum. It was delicious. We crawled in to bed and and snuggled together. I was laying on my back Amanda laying on my right side with her head on my shoulder, one leg over mine an her hand on possessively on my dick. Alissa was on the other side in the same position except she had a gentle grip around the top of my ball sack. As I lay there waiting to go to sleep, listening to their soft breathing and feeling their breath on my neck, two thoughts went thru my head. 5:30 will come too soon and Damn I hope they don’t dream about having a tug-o-war.

Be patient readers. There is more to cum

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