The Gentlemen’s Club Ch. 03

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The story continues Julie’s adventures in the exclusive Men’s Club in London, where the staff are definitely on the menu for the rich guests. You may wish to read the previous two chapters first and the previous stories about Julie, “A porn star is Born 1 and 2 and a Family Caribbean Holiday.


Julie woke about eight in the morning, after the previous evening’s exertions and groaned as she moved. Her muscles ached from the awkward positions her bound body had been placed in and her ass still stung from where it had been stretched. Sitting for a moment, on the edge of the bed, she wondered again, about what damage might be accumulating from each new adventure. She was a nurse and knew that any body, even a fit, young one like hers, had limits to the damage it could endure and recover from. Sighing, she pushed herself off the bed and walked gingerly, into the bathroom, to run a shower. Standing under water as hot as she could stand, she let the warmth loosen her muscles and ease the pain.

Standing there under the strong jets of water, she carried on her train of thought. The problem was, she really enjoyed working in the club. The other “Girls” were friendly, supportive and funny and the money was good. No, that wasn’t her motivation, with a good job and rich boyfriend, she didn’t need the money.

“Be honest with yourself,” She murmured under the water.

You love the sex, one to one and the rough, group sex, like last night. Taken, used cruelly and discarded, without another thought. She wasn’t a submissive in normal life, very far from it, but here, in the club, it was what she seemed to want and the rougher the better, that was dangerous. Happily, the girls looked after and protected each other, she had seen that first hand. Could they, should they, be expected to protect her from herself though?

The contradictory thoughts ran through her head as she stepped out of the shower, then dabbed herself dry, carefully. Dropping the towel, she walked back into the bedroom, where Katie, her boss, was waiting with a breakfast tray of warm croissant, juice and coffee. They grinned at each other.

“How do you manage that, get hammered into the ground by a couple of professional studs and wake up fresh as a daisy next morning?” Katie laughed.

“Believe me, I don’t feel as fresh as a daisy, my ass is really stinging. Just how big were those boys, I couldn’t see with the blindfold? It felt like my ass was being stretched by a couple of tree trunks.

You know me though, up for anything.”

She sat on the bed and gratefully accepted the tray of food.

“These Croissant are to die for.”

“Straight from the baker. When you’ve finished, I’ll give you a massage, help you relax.” Katie finished.

“You spoil me,” Julie mumbled with a mouthful of pastry.

“My pleasure, any excuse to get my hands on that body.”

“You don’t need an excuse, you know that.” Julie started to giggle.

Her large breasts, covered in crumbs, started to quiver delightfully. She was over 30 years old, but her tits were as firm as a young girls, with large inviting nipples. They were her best feature, but the rest of her was perfect too, a pretty, even face, dark blond natural hair. Her stomach gently curved into her shaved pudenda. Katie bit her lip as she recalled Julie’s delicious cunt, a nice shape and size, with even, not to fleshy labia. She hadn’t had a chance to taste her yet, but she knew it would be delicious.

Julie looked quizzically at her friend, lost in thought, smiling gently. Putting her tray on the floor, she lay face down on the bed.

“Come on Katie, don’t daydream, you promised me a massage. You know where the oil is in the bathroom.” Lying face down, she looked forward to the feel of gentle female hands, for a change.

Katie went into the bathroom and returned, without a word. Gazing at the woman on the bed, she took in the strong back and curve of generous, firm buttocks. With slightly trembling hands, she dropped her robe on the floor, naked underneath. Climbing onto the bed, she pored a generous amount of oil on hands she had warmed carefully under a tap in the bathroom. Julie sighed as the small fingers ran gently over her back, rubbing in the oil, then down the arms. Katie increased pressure on the knotted para vertebral muscles, till they started to relax, then moved up to give her neck and shoulders the same treatment.

“You’re good at this.” Julie murmured, almost falling asleep again.

The hands moved down to her ass, gripping and releasing the firm flesh. Gently parting her buttocks, Katie murmured in sympathy as she saw the puffy anus, still stretched from last night. Bending down she ran her tongue down the crack of Julie’s buttocks and kissed her anus.

Sitting back on her legs, she gently tapped the other girls buttocks, to encourage her to turn over. Julie did, lying back unselfconsciously, arms above her head, thighs spread slightly. Starting on her belly, Katie continued the kartal escort gentle massage, then moved over her thighs, avoiding her vagina. After finishing her legs, she moved up to her tits, probing and squeezing them, running her thumbs over her still tender nipples.

Julie moaned softly, “You’re not supposed to be enjoying this.”

Katie lowered her lips to Julie’s open mouth and kissed her, softly. At the same time, she moved her fingers to stroke her ravaged clit. The moan into Katie’s mouth was stronger, as Julie, always ready, responded to the gentle assault.

She stopped kissing the girl under her and moved down between her thighs, lifting her a little, with hands under her buttocks. Katie breathed in the heady aroma, still tinged with the male smell of semen. Sighing in appreciation, she licked the clit hard, then gripped it gently with her teeth, before burying her nose and tongue in Julie’s vagina. As she slurped and sucked the flowing juices, Julie murmured,

“Not fair,” and moaned louder still, gripping the head between her legs, with strong thighs. She started to buck and whimper, but Katie held on, till the grip on her head tightened and Julie shuddered, before relaxing.

Finally she said, “Can’t a girl get any peace round her, but seriously, that was lovely and I’m not that into women. I’d return the favour, but I’m on the clock and need to get going. I won’t forget I owe you.”

With that she pulled Katie on top of her, for a long passionate kiss, tasting herself. Then she stopped, pushed her off again and jumped up to dress, whilst her friend watched her intently. Staring as she pushed her large breasts into the tiny bra, how it barely covered her nipples and the white flesh spilled over the cup. As Julie stood, to pull on her laddered stockings, she watched how the muscles in her calves and thighs tightened.

“Are you going to stare at me all day, or get up and work, it’s unnerving?”

“Sorry love, but watching you get dressed is a very pleasant experience.” Katie laughed and jumped out of bed too.

“You’ll find a very large tip in next months salary. The old gents were very appreciative. In fact I’m surprised all of them lived through the experience.”

Julie was dressed now and after blowing a kiss, slipped out of the room, greeting the cleaners, who had started work already. Skipping downstairs, she slipped out into a lovely, sunny day and decided to walk home again. When she reached the flat in Knightsbridge, she had a quick shower and dressed for her afternoon on the Children’s Ward, which she ran. A couple of hours later she strode into her domain in a dark blue Sister’s uniform. As usual, her nurses, even the Doctors, held their breath, lest her eagle eye pick up some deficiency. She nodded in satisfaction and went into the nurses office. Nursing was what she loved, admin, day after day, was what she got.

Jen was the Staff Nurse, who had run the morning shift. She went through the patients on their male, adolescent surgical ward.. She was almost as stunning as Julie, full figured, dark and very pretty. In a mad, matchmaking moment, Julie had arranged a double date for Jen and Martin, one of her “Clients” at the club, with her and Geoff, for next week. Regretting it immediately, she had threatened Martin with a painful, humiliating death, if he even hinted how he knew her.

Briefly the two girls discussed the dinner date, what they would wear, whether anything would come of it. Julie had an inkling that Jen and Martin would really hit it off, she hoped so, they were both good looking, kind and funny. With a sigh, Julie signed into her computer and got stuck into the mounds of paperwork, staff rotas, appraisals, training, equipment recs, it was just endless. Thankfully a Consultant Surgeon came onto the ward and Julie, gladly abandoned the computer to accompany him on the ward round. She tried to do this herself, she would have let Jen do it, but to be frank, it was getting very painful sitting down for long. Her poor, bruised ass was complaining about it’s mistreatment last night.

The shift was uneventful, and Julie got home about 9:30, only an hour late, she never finished on time. As usual, Geoff wanted a blow by blow account of the gruesome events of the previous evening. She gave him the sanitised version and quickly went to bed, making it clear she was Hors de Combat, as far as conjugal rights were concerned.

She was in the club in the evening two days later and Katie made it clear to the guests that she was off limits. So it was a pleasant evening serving in the restaurant, then chatting in the bar, accepting roaming hands, but nothing more. The club members were, with a few ghastly exceptions, a delightful bunch, witty, urbane and courteous in their treatment of the staff. Julie had been on the receiving end of a booking with one of the more disgusting members and still shuddered at the memory.

At one point in the evening, Katie took her to one side,

“Do kurtköy escort you remember that Snooker evening in the library, we mentioned a few weeks ago? Well some of the members are gasping, I can’t put them off for ever. Can we pencil in a date, say two weeks, on the Friday?” Her boss finished.

“OK, do I actually have any choice anyway? Friday week it is then.”

Julie pouted and pretended to sulk.

“Oh come on, you’re always up for any adventure and you enjoy sports, you told me so.” Katie laughed.

“Sport, SPORT, it’s only an excuse to get me naked and gangbanged again, oh that’s a big surprise.” Julie laughed too.

The “Game” involved bending Julie, naked to the waist, over a snooker table and using her delightful cleavage, instead of a pocket. Anyone pocketing a red then coloured ball, claimed his reward at the end of the table, where Julie’s legs would be splayed out and tied to the table legs. It ended, how did it end? She imagined when the players were to exhausted to carry on banging her, quite delightful. Still that was what she was here for and England, or the club rather, expected every girl to do her duty.

The following morning, when she told Geoff, he was desperate to take part too, though he wasn’t a club member. Julie said no, emphatically, but over a couple of days he went on and on, begging, whining, quite pitiful, a grown man. Finally she said she’d run it past Katie, anything to shut him up. When she did, on her next shift at the club, her boss agreed of course, with a smirk.

“You can just wipe that supercilious expression off your face, right now. I’m getting pretty fed up over the whole thing, I can tell you.

Why is it me has to do all the heavy lifting, get banged, beaten and buggered, by everyone and his dog? OK, we haven’t had dogs yet, but it’s only a matter of time.”

“Oh stop whining, you know you love being the star.” Katie dismissed her protests and Julie sighed, resigned to yet another hammering and this time, with her partner enjoying the show, charming.

In the meantime, she had the dinner date to worry about. Jen and Julie were on early shifts and chatted excitedly in the coffee break, about the Ivy, a famous and ridiculously expensive restaurant they were going to. Probably one of those places you had 20 courses, each less than a mouthful and then needed a McDonalds afterwards.

Julie and Geoff arrived first and were seated by the Maître De, who took their pre dinner drinks order. She looked edible in a deep red taffeta cocktail dress, with a decent, but respectable cleavage. Geoff had actually scrubbed out quite well in a Versace dinner jacket. Jen and Martin arrived about the same time and Julie introduced them to each other. It was obvious they both approved. He was wearing a smart, designer dinner jacket, but she was stunning in a thin, clinging, cocktail dress. It was obvious the dress was to tight and thin for a bra, just a fitted bodice in the dress. The curve of her wonderful breasts, entranced both men and her very visible nipples swelled slightly under the admiring looks.

“Come on now gents, it’s rude to stare, though I agree, the dress and what’s just about inside it, are worth a second look.” Julie chided them, slightly put out at not being the centre of attention. She didn’t really mind, the evening was about Jen and Martin. He was obviously a lost soul, drowning in her dark, beautiful eyes.

Julie raised her eyebrows and tried with some success, to engage them in conversation. Jen’s opening gambit, caused an intake of breath.

“So how did you three meet then?”

Julie gave martin a discreet, but hard kick. He grinned and replied,

“Oh, me and Geoff go way back, business, you know.”

Julie decided to stop whilst she was ahead and let the two of them get lost in each other, whispering, laughing, touching hands, mirroring. It was really a masterpiece of non verbal communication, as their heads moved closer and closer.

Julie shrugged and gave up, leaving them to it, chatting to Geoff and enjoying what was, actually, one of the best meals she had ever had. It was wasted on the other couple, she doubted they actually tasted anything.

Geoff looked at her and said,

“Home run I think, well done you.”

As soon as it was no longer actually, bad manners, Jen said,

“Sorry about this, but I’m on early shift, I must get home and rest.”

“I quite understand, don’t you worry, it’s been delightful, honestly.” Geoff said, struggling not to laugh.

“Look Geoff, I’ll ring you, we’ll share the bill,” Martin said.

“Don’t worry, your turn to pay next time, ” Geoff reassured him.

As soon as they had rushed out as discreetly as they dared, Geoff and Julie burst out laughing.

“Actually, I enjoyed that little charade. Get some rest! That young man is going to give her the seeing to she’s obviously been gagging for all evening.”

“Be fair, she has been celibate maltepe escort for 6 months, as far as I know. A girl has her own needs too, you know.” Julie chided him.

“Whereas Martin of course, has barely recovered from coping with your voracious appetites.”

She slapped him, hard and meant it. “You’re really enjoying this situation, aren’t you?”

“One takes one’s pleasures, where one can.”

“Well watch it buster, or it’s the only way you’ll be taking your pleasure, now or in the near future. Here’s me planning to be especially nice to you tonight, after you arranged all this, well you can forget it now.” She finished.

“All right, all right, my lips are sealed, see.” and he closed his mouth tight.

“My last word, don’t expect any work out of that poor girl tomorrow, she’ll be an exhausted, raddled, wreck. I’m surprised they got out of the door of the restaurant, without raping each other.”

He laughed and called for the bill, complimenting the waiter and leaving a good tip. Julie was as good as her word and gave him a much better tip, when she got him home.

Geoff was right of course, Jen was glassy eyed and barely awake next day, as she struggled to give Julie the report, when Julie she started her shift.

“You look so tired Jen and after such an early night too. Go on, give me all the sordid details of what really happened. Was Martin still alive when you left him this morning.”

“Alright, alright, don’t rub it in, in fact don’t touch me anywhere, I ache all over.

Well we left and fell into a taxi. “Your place or mine”, “Mine is closer” was the limit of conversation. Snogged in the taxi of course, barely kept our clothes on.”

“And you were wearing so much,” Julie sniggered.

“Do you want the story or not? He had my dress off in the lift, luckily nobody else in it. We fell into his apartment and fucked the first time on the floor by the open door. No preliminaries, he just fucked me hard, what I needed.

Nice flat, I think, all I saw the rest of the night was the ceiling of his bedroom, or face down on the bedclothes.

He looks quiet, charming, doesn’t he, well he’s an animal and soo big. He fucked me all night, just wouldn’t leave me alone. Alright, alright, I didn’t let him leave me alone, but he needed no encouragement, let me tell you. God, I’ve never had a night like it, never been fucked, so hard. All the neighbours must have heard me, it’s humiliating.”

“So you might see each other again?” Julie asked

“MIGHT, I’m back there when my shift is over, no mucking around with food, just get stuck into each other.”

“Well just be careful, men are such weak, delicate creatures, you don’t want to break him.

Look, I don’t make a habit of this, but I can see you have a terrible migraine. When I’m sorted out a bit, in an hour or so, get off a bit early.” Julie finished.

“You’re a real pal Jules and thanks, you know, for Martin. He’s had it, he’s dead meat, he is going to have to beat me off with a hammer and he is really not going to want to, after a couple of nights of my special attention.”

“Go get him girl,” Julie laughed and they returned to work.

Two days later she was back at the club and she went through a few more of the sordid, humiliating details, the evening involved, with Katie. Usually Julie was game for anything, but she really didn’t like the idea, at all. Still work was work and big tips were a lot of money, so she just went along with it.

The big day arrived, Julie walked in the club at the normal time, quite apprehensive. It really didn’t help that Geoff was going to be there, she had threatened him about behaving himself. Katie, who was going to referee the “game” with Alina, Julie’s Anaesthetist friend from the hospital. They all had a stiff Gin and Tonic together and the others tried to reassure her, make it clear that their first responsibility was to protect her from any injury. Not much chance of any protection, she knew that.

When the participants arrived, they all had dinner together, including Geoff. Maybe some of the other men knew about their relationship, but Julie chose not to acknowledge it. In fact, the meal was a fun affair and a couple of glasses of white wine, on top of the G and T, meant she was becoming more than a little relaxed about the whole thing.

After dinner, the men left for a quick drink in the bar, whilst the girls got ready. They stripped down to underwear in the staff room. All three were wearing low cut, strapless Basques, hold ups and matching thongs. Julie’s two helpers were in black, she, a pale pink, with matching stockings. When they were ready, having checked each other over, they took a deep breath and left the room together, before entering the bar, to catcalls and applause.

Katie calmed then down and said severely,

“Now calm down gents, a bit of decorum, if you please. Please follow us into the library. Any other members not part of the game, are welcome to join us, as observers only, I’m afraid.”

When the door was closed, Katie said, “You’ll know the rules, Julie will be placed at the end of the table, her ankles strapped to the legs. Her chest will provide the only pocket for the balls.”

There was some sniggering and a few comments.

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