The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties Chapter 2: Futa’s Mind-Controlled Family Fun

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The Futa’s Mind-Controlling Panties

Chapter Two: Futa’s Mind-Controlled Family Fun

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2020

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!

Mildred Dean

I stared at the woman who entered the Quick household like she belonged. She took two steps before she saw the debauchery before her. The debauchery my new abilities had unleashed. A shiver ran through me as I stared at the shock rippling across the woman’s face.

The features were so similar to Dianne Quick, the married mother cooing on the couch as she kneaded her eighteen-year-old daughter’s small tits. Said daughter was the one whose deflowered pussy juices adorned my new futa-cock.

I was a futa now.

I donned those panties I found on my bed, left by the mysterious P, and my cock grew. I gained a pair of heavy, hairless balls and a huge dick but I stayed a woman. I had my round breasts. My juicy pussy. It was incredible. Beyond any of my naughty, lesbian fantasies.

And, with my panties forever soaked in my pussy juices, any woman who inhaled my musk would be mine. They would do whatever I wanted. They would just be so happy to please me. It was why Mrs. Quick had held her daughter’s pussy lips apart and begged me to deflower her.

“Dianne?” the newcomer asked, her light-brown hair cut short, framing her shocked face. She appeared a few years younger than Mrs. Quick.

A sister?

“Aunt Nadine!” Chloe Quick, the precocious girl who just gave me an amazing orgasm with her deflowered pussy, confirmed my suspicions with her outburst. “I just lost my cherry! Mildred pumped me full of all her futa-cum! Isn’t that awesome.”

“Mmm, isn’t it,” Mrs, Quick asked her sister, Nadine. The MILF had not a concern in the world about being naked and fondling her daughter.

I wanted her to do it, so Mrs. Quick wanted to do it.

“W-what is going on, Dianne?” groaned Nadine. She wore yoga pants and an athletic tank top, looking like she was fresh from working out at the gym, her hair damp. She must have showered before coming here.

“Why, enjoying Mildred’s amazing cock,” said Dianne.

“Yes,” I said. “I just moved in next door.” I snagged my panties, lying on the couch beside Mrs. Quick. They were purple with pink lace, dainty and naughty. Not my normal pair of panties.

But then again, I wasn’t my normal self. I had changed. Been transformed by the freedom of gaining a futa-cock had given me.

The freedom that my mind-controlling panties had provided.

I tossed them to Nadine.

The stunned brunette had caught us. She held the dainty panties in her hand, her large breasts, looking as impressive as her sister’s, jiggling. She clenched my panties in her fist. Her nose twitched. Her brow furrowed. She raised the panties up to her nose and breathed in deeply of my tangy musk.

Nadine’s eyes widened. She let out a groan. She pressed my panties firmly against her nose and inhaled. Her breasts rose as she drew in as much air as she could. Her entire body quivered. She exhaled.

“Oh, my, that’s delicious,” Nadine purred. Her eyes flicked to me. “Oh, your pussy smells so delicious. Can I…?”

“Of course,” I said, glancing at her body. My eyes went to her left hand. I spotted a pale marking on her ring finger.

Recently divorced? How delightful.

“Fall to your knees, and you can lick my pussy all you want.”

“Thank you,” she breathed and stumbled to me. “I need to smell you up close and personal.”

I nodded my head in complete agreement.

Nadine stumbled forward. She fell to her knees before me, her light-brown hair swaying. Her resemblance to her older sister was delicious. Such naughty ideas bursting in my mind as she lifted my cock with one hand and my heavy, hairless balls in the other. They thrust out of my pudenda, about where a cock would be on a guy.

“What a beautiful pussy,” she moaned and nuzzled in to lick.

“Mmm, kitty-cat, come lick my butthole,” I purred, “and Mrs. Quick, hug your little sister from behind so you can suck on my cock.”

“Ooh, I’ve wanted to suck on your dick, Mildred,” purred Mrs. Quick while her daughter bounced to her feet.

“I’ll lick your ass so well, Mildred!” Chloe darted to me, her sandy-blonde hair swaying behind her.

That was the biggest difference between Nadine and her sister. Their hair. Mrs. Quick was a blonde, all-natural. The drapes matched the carpet. I shuddered as she stood up, her large tits swaying. She sauntered around her sister.

Nadine’s lips nuzzled into my bush and attacked my pussy. Her tongue dug through my folds. A moment later, Chloe was parting my butt-cheeks. The naughty kitty-cat—her nickname inspired by the kitten prancing on her panties—pressed her face into my ass-crack, found my sphincter, and rimmed me with hunger.

She didn’t hesitate to do something so dirty. She’d been a virgin. I had never done anything with another woman, and now the eighteen-year-old delight had her tongue dancing around my sphincter while her aunt’s slid through my pussy.

The pleasure those two stirred in my holes flowed up to the tip of my cock. My futa-dick throbbed. My balls ached, resting now on Nadine’s forehead. Her tongue fluttered up and down my pussy folds. She brushed my clit, sending bursts of delight through me. Chloe’s tongue caressed my puckered asshole.

“Mmm, I’m going to make you cum so hard, Mildred,” Mrs. Quick said as she fell to her knees behind her sister.

She hugged Nadine and opened her mouth wide. My cock thrust out beyond Nadine’s head, giving Mrs. Quick plenty of dick to suck on. She leaned her head forward towards my cock. The married woman didn’t hesitate to slide her lips over my cock.

She sucked.

I groaned.

My butt-cheeks clenched around Chloe’s delicate face. My pussy ached as Nadine’s tongue dove into my sheath now. She wiggled it around through my twat, sending delight rippling up to my cock’s tip buried in Mrs. Quick’s mouth.

The blonde MILF sucked. Her cheeks hollowed while her blue eyes stared up at me with such hunger. My futa-dick twitched and throbbed. The pleasure surged through my body. I groaned, my hips wiggling from side to side while her tongue caressed over my cock.

“Oh, yes, yes!” I gasped as the three women loved me. Well, two women and one barely legal cutie. “Ooh, Chloe, get that tongue in my asshole. Wiggle it in deep. Don’t be shy.”

“Yes, Mildred,” she moaned.

The girl pressed her tongue against my anal ring without hesitating. She didn’t care how dirty this was. I groaned, my pussy clenching on Nadine’s tongue while her niece’s pushed against my sphincter. My asshole relaxed, Chloe’s tongue pressing into my bowels.

I gasped in delight. Her tongue pressed deeper into me. I had two tongues wiggling through my holes and a third dancing around the tip of my cock. I shuddered, my round breasts shaking. I adjusted my glasses slipping on the end of my nose.

I had always fantasized about this, but I had always been so shy to ever act on my lust for women. No longer. I could do whatever I wanted.

“Yes!” I gasped, reveling in the power of my mind-controlling panties. “You three are going to make me cum so hard.”

“Perfect,” groaned Nadine.

Chloe wiggled her tongue around in my asshole.

Mrs. Quick sucked with passion on my cock.

I groaned, my heart pounding in my chest. The pressure built and built in my girl-balls. I smiled as Mrs. Quick’s hot mouth bobbed a few inches up and down my dick. Her daughter’s tongue stimulated my asshole, and her sister’s fluttered through my pussy folds.

Such a wonderful delight. My butt-cheeks clenched around Chloe’s face while her tongue swirled through my asshole. Her mother’s tongue danced around my futa-cock’s tip. The aunt plundered my pussy’s depths. I gasped and moaned, almost at my orgasm.

A mighty eruption of cum that would fire out of my dick and flood Mrs. Quick’s mouth.

“Yes, yes!” I gasped, reveling in this bliss. This was so much better than how my life used to go. “Oh, my god, that’s great. I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum so hard!”

My pussy clenched on Nadine’s tongue. My asshole on Chloe’s. Mrs. Quick sucked with such hunger, staring up at me with her blue eyes brimming with such delight. I gasped out in ecstatic pleasure. My girl-balls boiled over.

I came.

“So darn good!”

My futa-cum pumped into the MILF’s mouth. The married woman gulped down my jizz with such delight. A look of abject joy spilled across my face. My head threw back, my round boobs bouncing before me. My pussy juices gushed out, pouring into Nadine’s mouth.

“So good!” she moaned as she enjoyed my twat.

Chloe’s tongue darted around inside of my asshole. She caressed me. Teased me. She sent such wicked delight racing through me. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut. I trembled through the bliss bursting through my body.

The dual delights of cumming with a cock and pussy consumed me. Waves of bliss from my cunt met the jolts of ecstasy from my futa-dick. And through it all, my asshole convulsed and writhed around the naughty Chloe’s tongue probing my backdoor.

It was an incredible treat. This was my new life. So different from yesterday!




The sound of my new doorbell rang through my house. My stomach clenched. Who could that be? I swallowed and crept to my bedroom window. I shoved the curtain to the side, peering out to see if it was a delivery truck. I didn’t see one. So it wasn’t one of my orders from an online store. I preferred doing all my shopping online.

It was easier on my anxiety.


Who could it be?

My stomach roiled. I bit my lip as I kept staring down. I couldn’t see anyone, my porch to the left was covered by its own roof. I quivered there. I didn’t like this at all. Was it solicitors? Missionaries? Were they trying to preach about god? I already had a church. I went every Sunday and prayed so hard for God to make me straight.


They were persistent. Who could it be? Should I go and answer the door?

I moved out to the suburb so it would be safer than the city. There were good people around me. I’d been watching them all day. Masturbating to the sexy wives. Their daughters. I’d noticed them. I quivered in remembrance.

A woman appeared. She had blonde hair, wearing a pair of mom jeans and a t-shirt. It held her large breasts. I groaned. I knew kayseri escort bayan her. She was one of my neighbors. Mrs. Quick. My pussy clenched as I watched those tits bounce. That ass sway.

I would love to fuck her with a strap-on. First, I had to get the courage to buy a strap-on. And, of course, she was married. I saw her husband mowing the lawn earlier. She wasn’t interested in a woman like me. Mousy. Frumpy. A spinster at thirty. I should just start collecting cats. Surrender to the meme.

I flounced onto my bed. All I had were my fantasies…


The Present

I was so glad that package had arrived. I had the courage to act. To unleash my fantasies. No one could stop me. God hadn’t made me straight, so I would be a lesbian. With my big girl-dick and my balls full of futa-cum.

Mrs. Quick pulled her mouth from my futa-dick. She had to be my first after she tried so hard to meet me yesterday. Then Nadine pulled her mouth from my twat. My pussy cream ran down her chin. She was still dressed. We couldn’t have that.

Chloe fluttered her tongue through my asshole still. The naughty girl was giving me such delight. She was a treasure. I was glad she came home and caught us. It was a shame her friend escaped, but we’d get her.


“Mmm, Mrs. Quick, kitty-cat, let’s get Nadine naked,” I cooed.


Chloe Quick

I ripped my mouth from Mildred’s asshole, the yummy and sour flavor lingering on my tongue, to moan, “Yes! Let’s get you naked, Aunt Nadine!”

“Gladly,” she moaned. “I feel so overdressed.”

“Yoga pants and a tank top is too much,” Mom agreed. She had cum leaking down the side of her chin.

I was so glad to have caught Mom and Mildred fucking when I got home from college. I didn’t know how Dad would react, but he had to understand how amazing Mildred’s pussy was. He just had to. Her cunt was amazing. And so was her asshole. As I scooted around the futa, I licked my lips. More of that sour flavor burst across my tongue.

Mom pulled up Aunt Nadine’s tank top, exposing her breasts in a purple sports bra. They were as big as Mom’s, jiggling as she squirmed. I went for her yoga pants. I hooked them and yanked the stretchy material off her ass. She squirmed, thrusting her arms up in the air and sitting on her rump. Mom pulled off her top, and I took care of her bottom.

Now she was down to blue panties and her sports bra. I went up high this time, and Mom went down low. I yanked up Aunt Nadine’s sports bra. Her large breasts spilled out and tumbled into my hand. I grinned and kneaded them. I squeezed and loved them, savoring the feel of their heft in my hands.

“Ooh, you are such a cute thing, Chloe,” Aunt Nadine said.

“You should have come home earlier,” I cooed. “You could have watched me lose my cherry.”

“I got to see the cum leaking out.”

I grinned. I could feel that jizz staining my bush. More filled me, slowly bubbling out of the depths of my pussy, pulled down by gravity. I licked my lips, my heart pounding in my chest. I was so eager for all the fun we’d have.

Mom pulled off Aunt Nadine’s panties while I played with her boobies. Mom didn’t even hesitate to lean in and press her face into her sister’s pussy. Aunt Nadine gasped as Mom licked at her cunt. Sisterly incest was just as sexy as mother/daughter fun.

“Ooh, yes, yes,” Mildred moaned. “Mmm, lick your sister’s twat. I’m going to fuck you hard, Dianne. Maybe in the ass.”

“Yes, yes, fuck my Mom in the ass.” I licked my lips. “Assholes taste yummy.”

Mildred laughed. She petted my sandy-blonde head. “What a cute kitten you are. Why don’t you sit on your aunt’s face while your mom eats out her pussy? How does that sound, kitty-cat?

“Like Aunt Nadine’s going to lick all your futa-cream out of my deflowered pussy!”

“Yes, it does,” cooed the futa. She stroked her cock.

Mom had worked off Aunt Nadine’s pussy and now shifted over to go from kneeling beside my aunt to between her thighs. The entire time, Mom kept licking her yummy pussy. I just knew it would be yummy because all cunts were.

It went Mildred, my mom, Aunt Nadine, and then everyone else.

Aunt Nadine stretched out on her back and licked her lips. I kept squeezing her tits as I moved my legs over and straddled her head. I hovered my pussy right above her face and wiggled my hips back and forth.

“Ooh, sit that yummy twat on my mouth, kitty cat,” Aunt Nadine cooed. “I’ve never eaten a pussy that I was related to before.”

Mom lifted her head. ”You’ve eaten pussy before?”

“Yes!” Aunt Nadine said. “Loads before I got married. Now I get to do it again and… Mmm, what a yummy cunt to start with.”

I settled down on her mouth and Mom went back to her licking. An excited tingle raced through me that turned into an ecstatic wave. Aunt Nadine’s tongue swept through my cream-filled pussy. Her tongue stimulated my deflowered depths, brushing from my clit to my open hole.

Mildred brought her thick girl-dick to my mother’s waving rump. Being bent over, her ass thrust up into the air, gave her ass a delicious heart shape. Mom was so sexy. And so was Aunt Nadine. And Mildred…

Mildred was just the sexiest.

I squirmed on Aunt Nadine’s licking mouth, savoring her tongue driving up through my folds. My hands squeezed her tits while Mom whimpered in delight. Mildred must have found Mom’s asshole. The futanari grinned at me.


Mom groaned, all thick and throaty, as Mildred’s girl-dick vanished into her asshole. My butthole tingled. My pussy clenched, forcing out more cum into Aunt Nadine’s hungry mouth while I watched Mildred press more and more of her girl-cock into Mom’s asshole. I wanted to try it. To be sodomized.

I bet it would feel amazing.

I squirmed more on my Aunt’s tongue, reveling in her licking out the cum from my pussy. She licked and lapped and devoured me. She flitted her tongue through my folds, teasing me. Driving me absolutely wild with delight. I shuddered, my little titties jiggling.

“You have such yummy breasts, kitty-cat,” moaned Mildred, her eyes locked on my titties.

“Thank you!” I cooed, arching my back and thrusting them forward. My little breasts swayed back and forth. “I wish they were bigger, like Mom’s, but if you love them…!”

“I do!” she gasped as she drew back. Her cock emerged from my mother’s asshole with a gleam to it. Then she rammed forward.

Mom groaned.

“I really do!”

I grinned, Mildred’s round breasts bouncing as she sodomized Mom. Aunt Nadine’s tongue scooped out more and more cum from my pussy while my clit rubbed into her chin. Sparks flared. Delight rushed through me. We were all having so much fun.

Mom’s tongue lapped through her sister’s folds, making Aunt Nadine moan into my pussy. It was all so exciting. My hair danced around my shoulders as I came closer and closer to my orgasm. I shuddered, climbing towards that wonderful peak. I would have such an explosion of delight. I would just shower my wonderful aunt in my pussy cream.

And she’d shower Mom, whose butthole would then convulse around Mildred’s dick. And she would erupt and flood my mom with all that yummy futa-cum. I licked my lips, remembering the joy of eating it out of my mom’s cunt.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I gasped. “Aunt Nadine!”

“Are you going to cum, kitty cat?” the futa asked.

I nodded my head.

“Good!” she groaned. “Oh, that’s good. Yes, yes, I want you to just explode. To cum hard. Won’t that be fun?”

“Uh-huh!” I moaned. Aunt Nadine’s lips nuzzled into my clit. She sucked on it.

I squealed and came.

“Mildred!” I howled as the pleasure rushed through me. My pussy convulsed. “Oh, Mildred, Aunt Nadine did it!”

“Wonderful!” she gasped, driving her futa-dick hard into Mom’s asshole.

Aunt Nadine licked at my cunny while the pleasure rushed through my body. Stars danced before me while the waves of delight inundated my mind. I squirmed my hips, grinding on her. She lapped at me. Teased me. Sent more incestuous ecstasy flooding through me.

“My niece’s twat!” howled Aunt Mildred. “Such a yummy treat!”

I was so happy she enjoyed it. I swayed, delighted by all the joy rushing through me. Aunt Nadine was moaning into my pussy. Then I realized she was cumming. I squeezed her big boobs and watched her gush juices in Mom’s face.

“Nadine!” Mom moaned, drinking her sister’s yummy juices. “Oh, yes, yes! Mildred!”

The futa’s hazel eyes widened. She slammed her hips forward hard, burying her futa-dick into my mother’s asshole. I knew Mom was cumming now, too. Her bowels were spasming around Mildred’s cock, making her feel incredible.

We were all feeling amazing.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” Mildred howled. “This is everything I wanted!”

“Cum in my mom!” I gasped, riding through my orgasm.

“I am!” she moaned. “I fucking am. Then I’m cumming for your asshole next. I want to fuck that tight, little hole! Ooh, I’m going to break you in, kitty-cat!”

I hyperventilated for joy. I came so hard that darkness washed over me and I slumped to the side. I drifted through such ecstasy. I felt so desired. So happy. Just hugged in rapture. I squirmed and heard whispers. Soft voices full of love. A naughty mouth sucking at my nipple.

My eyes fluttered open. I stared up that ceiling. Mildred stood over me while both my nipples throbbed. The futa had this look of delight in her eyes as she stared down at me. She flicked her tongue across her lips.

“Aren’t you just a firecracker?” she cooed while Mom and Aunt Nadine sucked on my nipples, making them both tingle.

“What happened?” I asked.

“You came so hard you passed out,” she said, grinning at me. “Mmm, it was quite the sight to see. You screamed your pretty head off.”

“I did?” I asked. I blinked a few times and shook my head. “I did feel really, really good.” I grinned. “I still feel really, really good and…”

Music thudded outside. The deep, guttural bass of gangster rap. It pulled up into the driveway and my expression scowled.

“What?” Mildred asked.

“My sister’s boyfriend.” I made a retching sound. “He’s just the worst.”

Mom moaned her agreement.

“Ah, yes, she’s at that age, isn’t she?” asked Mildred. Her eyes brightened. “Twenty, right?”

I nodded.

“I bet she picks on you.”

“She said I was copying her by buying skinny jeans, but every girl my age kayseri bayan escort wears skinny jeans except my friend, Stacey, and she likes skirts.”

“I saw.” Mildred picked up her panties. “How would you like to rub these into your sister’s face and then make her lick your butthole so you are nice and ready to take my cock.”

“Would I ever!” I groaned.

The thudding music faded away. Footsteps scrunched up to the house. I sat up, Mom and Aunt Nadine sliding their lips off my nipples. I bounded to my feet and snagged the panties from Mildred. I darted for the front door.

The smack-smack of flip-flops approached. Stopped on the porch. The doorknob twisted. The door opened.

Bryana opened it and blinked at the sight of me. She wore a belly shirt today, the tight knit-weave hugged her round breasts and it was clear she wasn’t wearing a bra by how they swayed. Her flat stomach had a charm dangling from her bellybutton that swayed right above the top of her red thong peeking out of the waistband of her hip-hugging skinny jeans. On her left hip was the tattoo of a stylized, black heart made of a bent dagger. She had dyed her brown hair cherry-red and wore it short, the right side buzzed short in a fade.

“Why the fuck are you naked, twerp?” she asked in disdain. “And are those my panties in your hand.”

“Nope!” I shoved them into her face.

“What the fuck…” Her anger trailed off as she breathed in. “What the fuck is that?” She inhaled again. “Oh, wow, that’s good.”

“That’s Mildred’s pussy and she wants you to lick my butthole, so fall to your knees and get to it!”

I ripped the panties away from her face and turned around. I pressed the wet, purple fabric to my own nose and breathed in the potent, tangy musk. My sister’s knees hit the floor behind me. She moaned, her hand grabbing my butt-cheeks.

She parted them.

My sister’s face nuzzled between my butt-cheeks. I brought Mildred’s panties to my face and inhaled deeply from them. I reveled in the wonderful aroma of them as my sister kissed my asshole. She smooched it.

“Mmm, you got a yummy butthole, twerp!” Bryana flicked her tongue out and lashed my backdoor again. “Just delicious.”

“So’s Mildred’s,” I moaned, squirming there as I enjoyed my sister licking and lapping at my asshole. “You’re getting me ready for her big girl-cock.”

“No shit?” My sister pulled her face away. “Damn, that’s hot. She’s got a huge cock. And some hairless balls with… Is that a bush behind your balls?”

“Yes,” Mildred cooed. “Get your sister’s asshole ready. She’ll be taking this monster in it. In fact… I should marinate it in some mommy cream.”

My mom didn’t need to be ordered. She scampered to kneel down before Mildred and moaned, “Soak your cock in my cunt cream. Let’s make my daughter’s first time having anal as magical as possible.”

“Yes,” Bryana cooed. She swirled her tongue around my asshole.

I shuddered at the warmth of her tongue while Mom moaned in delight. Mildred’s futa-cock sank into Mom’s pussy to the hilt. Then she just knelt there, watching me getting rimmed by my older sister, her futa-dick marinating in the pussy that had birthed me.

That was so naughty. Mildred was hot, and I had such a wonderful mother. I loved her so much. And Bryana was definitely growing on me. It was so wonderful to be closer to her again. She was three years older than me, close enough that we had played when younger, and far enough that she didn’t want anything to do with me around her friends.

Now she loved my asshole.

She circled her tongue around my naughty sphincter. She caressed it. I shuddered, squeezing my butt-cheeks around her face. I savored the treat. This wonderful delight of her tongue pushing and wiggling against my anal ring.

“Bryana!” I gasped when her tongue had popped into my bowels. “Oh, Bryana, that’s so naughty.”

“What did she do to you, kitten?” Mom asked.

“Yes?” Aunt Nadine moaned, fondling her large breasts as she stared at me with hunger in her eyes.

“Bryana’s got her tongue in my asshole.” I quivered, feeling the naughty sensations running through me. “It feels so wicked. Oh, wow. Oh, my, that’s naughty. I can’t believe how good this feels.”

“Mmm, and how yummy you taste,” purred my sister.

She thrust her tongue back into my asshole. It was easier to get past my anal ring the second time. She wiggled it around in me, stroking me, My cunny clenched. My hair danced around my shoulders as I groaned. This wonderful delight swept through me. I bit my lip and moaned out loud. My hands cupped my titties just like Aunt Nadine did with her own.

Only mine were small. I barely had anything to grab, but I massaged them. Mildred watched with dark eyes. Hungry eyes. She still wasn’t fucking Mom, just soaking her futa-dick in that delicious twat. I groaned, my excitement building and building.

“You look like you’re just ready to be sodomized,” Mildred said.

I nodded my head. “Whenever you want me! I’m yours, after all.”

“Yes,” my sister groaned into my butthole. “I can’t believe that. It’s so hot.”

“Yes!” Mom breathed while Aunt Nadine nodded her head in agreement.

“Then let’s do it,” cooed Mildred. “Dianne, go sit with your sister. You two can finger each other as you watch.”

Mom moaned and crawled off Mildred’s girl-dick, leaving her futa-cock bobbing and twitching. It was such a beautiful sight to stare at. I quivered in delight, Bryana’s naughty tongue reaching deep into my asshole.

“And you,” purred Mildred, “come kneel before me so I can fuck that tight, yummy asshole of yours. Mmm, how does that sound, kitty-cat?”

“The best!” I howled.

I took three steps from my sister, whirled around, and fell to my knees. I faced my sister licking her lips, savoring the taste of me. I held Mildred’s panties in my tight grip. With a wicked moan, I waved my rump at her. Teasing her.

I was ready for her to sodomize me.


Mildred Dean

I groaned at the sight of that cute, peachy ass swaying before me. Eighteen! Eighteen and so ready to be sodomized by my big dick. My pussy clenched, my heart pounding in my chest. I hoped this wasn’t a dream. I never wanted this to end.

“Bryana, right?” I asked, glancing at the older sister. She wasn’t quite my type. To wild. That dyed hair buzzed short on one side, the tattoo on her hip, and her belly charm weren’t perfect. But she did have cute tits and a great figure. Twenty, she was a younger version of Dianna and an older version of the cutie before me.

I could have fun with her.

“Yeah,” she said, her hands rubbing at her stomach.

“Strip for us,” I cooed. “Make it sexy.”

She winked at me.

I brought my cock to Chloe’s butt-cheeks. I pressed my pussy-lubed dick into her crack, her mother’s juices smearing across her skin. I pressed the tip lower, drinking in the silky friction of her flesh, and found her asshole.

Chloe quivered.

Bryana’s hips rocked to a sensual song only she was hearing. Her cherry-red thong rode on her hips above the waistband of her low-riding jeans. She kicked off her flip-flops, her feet dainty and cute, toenails painted a bright red.

I pressed my futa-dick’s tip against Chloe’s asshole. The girl moaned in delight as I pushed forward. I felt her virginal ring part and part for my cock. She spread wider and wider to swallow my cock.

“Mmm, take off those pants!” Nadine cheered.

“Yes, yes, get naked cutie!” Mrs. Quick whooped. She had her arm around her sister’s waist, her other hand plunged between Nadine’s thighs. Nadine had returned the favor. The mature sisters fingered each other’s twat, one with a blonde bush, the other shaved bare.

Chloe’s anal ring parted for my cock as Bryana popped off the fastener of her jeans. Her hips rolled and undulated in hypnotic ways. I watched her in awe, the zipper rasping down while I slipped the tip of my cock into Chloe’s asshole.

The eighteen-year-old girl moaned as my thick dick spread wide her asshole. Her snug bowels massaged my sensitive dick. My pussy clenched as I pressed forward into her tight anal sheath. Her velvety flesh massaged me. Teased me.

It was heaven.

Bryana pulled open her fly. The zipper tore the rest of the way down. She showed off her red thong covering her shaved pubic mound. She rolled her hips now, arms thrust up into the air. Her belly charm flashed as it danced. Her tits heaved in her knit-weave belly shirt.

“Yeah, work those hips, cutie!” Nadine moaned, the sisters fingering each other.

“You’re so sexy, Bryana,” Chloe said in awe, her bowels squeezing around my cock sinking deeper and deeper into her bowels.

“Mmm, yes,” I groaned, enjoying the dance.

The older sister rotated in place, her hips moving and swaying. She wiggled her ass now before us, her pants slipping a little bit off her hips with every one of her movements. Then she bent over and popped her ass at us, her pants slipping off a good bit.

Her thong vanished into the curving cheeks of her ass. Chloe moaned, her bowels squeezing about my cock as I bottomed out in her. My balls rested against her taint while my pussy clenched, drinking in the wonderful heat of her ass. Bryana kept popping her hips, twerking and shaking her rump.

Her jeans fell off her ass. Between her thighs, her thong clung to the shaved folds of her barely legal twat.

“That’s gorgeous,” Chloe moaned, her voice thick and tight as her asshole clung to my cock. “You’re so hot, Bryana!”

“Smoking hot!” Nadine whooped.

“Mmm, yes, honey, take it all off!” the mother moaned, her voice throaty with delight.

I drew back, my futa-dick sliding through Chloe’s asshole. I reveled in the hot, tight grip of her twat around me. She gripped me. Teased me. She sent such wicked delight shooting through my body. I groaned as I hammered into her bowels. It was incredible to enjoy. A real delight that had me gasping out in bliss.

The sister straightened. She raised her arms above her head like a belly dancer and shook her hips back and forth fast. Her butt-cheeks jiggled before us. Perky and young. A perfect, peachy ass. Her jeans slipped down her legs until they piled around her feet.

With surprising skill, she slid her feet out from her jeans while still rotating those hips. She kicked her pants to the side and turned. She faced us now, tits heaving in her knit top, her hips undulating, her thong’s crotch soaked with her juices.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Chloe moaned.

“Mmm, I know, kitty-cat,” I gasped, thrusting my cock into her bowels again and again. That velvety sheath gripped me. Teased me. “Your sister is sexy.”

Bryana winked at me.

I gripped her little sister’s hips and sodomized her hard. The eighteen-year-old girl’s asshole massaged me as I watched the belly charm dancing over Bryana’s stomach. She lowered her hands, sliding them over her breasts, cupping them through her top.

“So sexy!” Chloe moaned, squeezing her bowels around my dick.

“Yes, yes, that’s just so hot!” I gasped, pumping faster. Harder. My crotch smacked into Chloe’s rump. The echo of flesh on flesh surged through the room.

Bryana rotated around again. Faced her ass at us. She spread her legs, bent them at the knee, planted her hands on her lower thighs, and thrust that ass at us. She shook it and jiggled it. Her thong flashed red where it hugged her cunt.

“You are such a sexy girl!” Mrs. Quick moaned.

“Thanks, Mom!” cooed Bryana. “You’re hot stuff! Look at you, fingering Aunt Nadine!”

“Your mom’s got her fingers deep in my cunt, Bryana!” Nadine moaned.

“And Mildred’s cock is so deep in my asshole!” gasped the precocious Chloe.

Over and over again, I buried into her. I savored her. My hands stroked up her sides, caressing her as I was mesmerized by her older sister’s dancing and twerking. She wiggled her hips from side to side, that peachy ass bouncing.

Then she straightened and, in a fluid motion, threw off her top and tossed it to her aunt. It landed on Nadine’s boobs. She grinned and lassoed it over her head while her other hand kept fingering Mrs. Quick’s pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Nadine moaned, her orgasm clearly building.

Just like mine every time I plowed into the sexy kitten’s asshole. I buggered Chloe with hard strokes. My dick throbbed, the pressure building and building at the tip of my cock. A wild eruption of spunk that would shower out of me.

I would unleash so much spunk into Chloe. I would flood her.

My pussy clenched, drinking in the heat. Bryana kept dancing, her supple back facing me. I caught glimpses of her tits swaying out from her sides, a momentary glimpse of a round delight while she shook that ass at me.

“Turn around!” moaned Chloe. “Show us your boobs!”

“Sure, twerp!” cooed Bryana. She spun around.

I groaned, staring at those firm, ripe mounds. Lovely C-cups verging on D’s. They bounced and jiggled as she wiggled her shoulders now. Her dark-pink nipples thrust out before her. They were aimed at me. Such delicious things to stare at.

She slid her hands up her body, cupping her tits and jiggling them at me. I groaned, burying my futa-dick deep into her sister’s asshole. I was getting so close to erupting. My dick twitched and throbbed, the pleasure surging up to the pinnacle every time I buried into her cunt.

“Show us that twat!” Nadine called. “Oh, my god, show your mom that yummy pussy!”

“Mmm, I bet it’s gorgeous!” groaned Mrs. Quick.

“You fucking believe it is!” Bryana moaned, her hands sliding down her body, caressing her sleek hips.

I whimpered, thrusting harder and faster into Chloe. I sodomized the girl hard and fast. I buried to the hilt in her. My tits heaved before me. My glasses slipped on my face. My orgasm built and built as Bryana’s hands came closer and closer to her panties.

She hooked the waistbands. “Mmm, this what you want?”

“Yes!” all of us watching moaned together.

She pulled her waistband out from her sides, stretching the material and pulling it tight against her pussy. Her cuntlips swallowed the sides, their shaved, pink, and juicy folds on display. Chloe whimpered in delight.

Her asshole spasmed around me as she howled, “So sexy, Bryana!”

I gasped as her asshole writhed around my dick. The pleasure surged down my shaft as I drove my dick to the hilt in her. My head threw back as I stared at that delicious sight, the girl’s pink cuntlips swallowing her red thong.

Then she shoved them down. The dainty cloth popped out from between her pussy lips, exposing them in all their glory. She undulated in place, letting her thong fall down her legs while her little sister’s asshole spasmed and writhed and sucked at my futa-dick.

“Fuck!” I howled and came.

I exploded blast after blast of cum into the eighteen-year-old girl’s asshole as I stared at her twenty-year-old sister’s beautiful twat. My pussy convulsed wildly. Blasts of rapture and waves of ecstasy flooded through my body. Stars danced before my vision.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes!” I moaned, trembling through my bliss. I shuddered there, spurting more and more cum out of my dick.

Bryana stepped out of her panties and grinned, reveling in the attention all four of us showered on her.

“Oh, my fucking god, yes!” howled Nadine. “Dianne!”

“I know!” Mrs. Quick moaned. Both sisters were bucking on the couch, cumming on the other’s fingers.

I fired my last load into Chloe’s asshole. My heart pounded in my chest. This family was amazing. I had special plans for Chloe, but I had to fuck Bryana. She might not be my type, but she was still a sexy girl.

I ripped out of Chloe and pounced on Bryana, lunging over the kitten. I grabbed Bryana and kissed her hard on the mouth. The girl kissed me back with hunger. One hand grabbing my cock, her other arm hooking around my neck. Her tongue thrust into my mouth.

I kept pressing her back until she hit the door. It rattled. My cock pressed into her stomach, rubbing into her belly charm. My futa-dick was fresh from her little sister’s asshole. I had to be in Bryana at this exact moment.

She wanted the same.

As she pressed my cock down and down her shaved pubic mound, I broke the kiss and hissed, “You’re a dirty bitch, aren’t you?”

“So fucking dirty, Mildred!” she moaned. “Let me show you.”

She pressed my cock into her shaved folds. I could see it in her hazel eyes that she knew exactly where my futa-dick had been, and she still wanted it. Needed it. I thrust forward, slamming my shaft into her juicy pussy.

The cutie’s cunt would polish my pole clean.

I fucked her hard against the door, our tits rubbing tight. I kissed her as I drilled my cock hard and fast into her cunt. Her juicy pussy squeezed around me, polishing me. It was incredible to feel her young twat around me.

“Yes, yes, I’m going to clean this cock!” she moaned as she broke the kiss. “Fuck, you’re so hot, Mildred!”

“And you’re so sexy!” I panted, pumping away with powerful strokes and burying to the hilt in her again and again. “Oh, yes, yes, I love this!”

“We’re going to cum!” she moaned. “Going to cum so hard together after I cleaned your huge fucking dick!”

“It is huge!” I panted, grinning at her. I loved my big futa-cock. “Mmm, squeeze that juicy pussy about my cock!”

She clamped down on me. “Like that! Huh? That what you want!”

“I do!”

Her pussy felt incredible. The pressure built and built in my ovaries. That wild explosion would have me jetting my cum into her pussy. I would flood her. Spurt after wild spurt of my cum pumping into her twat. I groaned, every thrust bringing me closer and closer to that moment of eruption. That moment when I would baste her pussy with my jizz.

Behind us, I heard Chloe moaning, almost purring, in delight. Her mother and aunt were playing with the lucky kitten. I had changed this family with my panties. It was incredible. I loved my power. I couldn’t wait to mind-control more women with them.

All my lusts would be satiated.

“So fucking good!” Bryana moaned. “Yes!”

Her pussy clenched around me. “You’re polishing my dick clean with your slutty pussy!”

“Such a slutty pussy!” she moaned, wiggling her hips from side to side. “Oh, god, yes, yes! It’s such a slutty cunt! Made for your cock, Mildred!”

I kissed her again, thrusting my tongue into her mouth. My pussy burned. The silky friction engulfing my cock on my every thrust melted down to my pussy. It sank into my cunt, spilling through it. I groaned, loving every moment of thrusting into her twat. Of burying into her again and again. I would fire so much jizz into her snatch. So much cum.

It would be incredible. A wild blast of delight that would send the rapture surging through me and fire my cum out into her delicious twat. She hooked a lithe leg around my waist. Her fingernails scratched at my back. Our nipples brushed, sparks flaring.

“Aunt Nadine!” gasped Chloe. “Oh, Aunt Nadine, lick all the cum out of my asshole! Oh, yes, yes!”

“Such a yummy ass you have!” purred the older woman. “Mmm, I have such a cute and delicious niece. You did good, sis.”

“I know,” Mrs. Quick said with such delight.

The door rattled as I drove my cock hard into Bryana’s cunt. My orgasm built and built. I was coming closer and closer to that moment. I couldn’t take much more of this. I was about to erupt. To spurt my jizz into her pussy.

A car engine growled and then turned off.

I pumped into her pussy, my nuts quivering. Her tongue danced around in my mouth. Her body heaved against mine. Her pussy clenched about me, polishing the last of her little sister’s asshole off my clit-dick. I groaned into her mouth.

She squealed.

A car door opened and slammed shut.

Bryana’s pussy went wild about my cock. Her hot flesh writhed and spasmed, rippling with polishing delight. She buffed clean my futa-dick as I drew back my hips. I groaned, my tip drinking in the delight and bursting with pleasure.

I slammed back into her and erupted.

Footsteps crunched down the walkway.

I pumped blast after blast of my cum into her pussy. Her cunt spasmed wildly. Stars burst across my vision. I trembled against her, my tits rubbing into hers. I bucked against her with every one of my eruptions.

Keys rattled. Inserted in the door.

My mind melted beneath the dual delights gushing out of my pussy and spurting from my futa-dick. I reveled in them as Bryana’s pussy wrung out the last of my cum from my aching balls. I hit that pinnacle of rapture.

The doorknob turned. It pushed against us, but our weight kept it from opening.

“What the fuck?” a man asked. Then more force shoved into the door, pushing Bryana and I both back. We gasped and fell to the floor, my cock popping out of her pussy. She spilled off me as a man stepped in and gaped.

“Hey, Dad!” Bryana said.

The man’s jaw dropped as Chloe howled, “Daddy! Daddy! Aunt Nadine’s licking all the cum out of my asshole!

To be continued…

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