The Conner Family Ch. 02

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Chapter 02

“Gifts On Christmas Morning”

Continued from the story “The Conner Family — Ch 01 – “A Gift On Christmas Eve.” I strongly suggest that you read that one first. Then this one will make sense. — Rugrat60

Jennifer Ann Conner opened her eyes and looked into a room that was in semi-darkness lit only by the soft glow of blinking Christmas lights of different colors. She was laying on her right side and she was holding on to Ken’s arm with her left hand. Then she felt the hot warmth of Ken’s body spooned behind her shift a little, then there was a deep intake of air followed by a warm breath which she felt on the back of her neck. It was then she felt his hand resting upon her bare right breast move. Then his fingers suddenly flexed and then relaxed. It was a nice feeling.

She too took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Then she smiled into the darkness.

Then her thoughts turned to the past few months and her smile faded. She glanced at the clock on the small side table next to the bed. The time was 2:38 AM. Jen was not surprised that she had woken up, as she had done so for months as it was the time when the mild painkillers would usually wear off.

Her smile returned as she realized that it was Christmas Morning. And she was home.

She thought of the man behind her, who held on to her in her sleep. Then she remembered that she was in bed with her life long best friend. Now her lover. And now, her soon to be, future husband. The last two occurring the same day. She smiled again. With the prodding of their parents and family. Well the proposal anyways.

And it’s Christmas Morning, she thought happily.

It had been hard those first couple of months after the accident and then the long seemingly unending days of her recovery. But she, as she had been taught by her parents, thought of certain events as gifts. Even if they did not seem so at the time. Of course it only took her until now to think of anything concerning her accident a gift.

The first gift she thought of was of her cousin Ken taking care of her for those long months. kızılay escort Her best friend was there when she needed him. Only now they were not really cousins, both had been adopted. That fact did not change how she felt about him. It only opened up other options.

There was Ken’s gift of his unending friendship and unconditional love. That’s two and three she said to herself.

Ken’s left hand upon her breast felt real nice. Another gift that she was still alive to feel his hand upon her body. That was four.

His arm about her made her feel safe. That was number five. Another rare gift in today’s world, thought Jen, remembering her years in the Navy as a fighter pilot. Knowing that Ken was a man whom she could and did trust completely. More so than she had with her ex-husband who had abandoned her.

No! Jen told herself. Not today. Only good thoughts today, she told herself. It’s Christmas.

Ken was behind her with his naked body touching her skin, which made her feel wanted. That was number six she counted.

Jen again felt the soft whisper of his breathing on her neck and she did not know why, but it made her feel special. Perhaps because he wants to sleep this close to me. Another gift. That’s seven she told herself.

Jen gently lifted her left hand up off of Ken’s arm and with her forefinger and thumb she touched the necklace about her neck tracing down it until she felt the ring and cross. With her remaining fore finger and thumb she lifted them so they glinted in the blinking Christmas lights before her eyes. She had parents who had enough love in their hearts to adopt her. Number eight, she thought.

Her brother Brian and cousins came to mind. Nine was family.

The simple gold band, which hung on the necklace, given by her father to her mother as her engagement ring, then it was given to Ken to give to her. The gift of history. That’s ten, she whispered.

And with the ring Ken had given her the promise of his love. Eleven.

She paused in her thoughts as she laid the necklace back down on her chest and placed her kızılay escort bayan hand back on Ken’s arm. She wondered what was number twelve. There was, after all, always twelve, the song says there is, she told herself.

Ken’s arm tightened about her slightly then relaxed as he shifted about behind her but never left the spoon position.

Jen wondered what their future would bring in their life together.

She suddenly smiled. Twelve, she thought. Taking a deep breath and letting it out as she closed her eyes and relaxed. Christmas Gift Twelve, A Future.

Ken’s hand began lightly tracing circles across her right breast. The nipple might be gone, but the soft touch of his hand was … sensual a gift. Made more so because Ken looked beyond the scars.

She felt the soft brush of his lips on the back of her neck. Part of her mind was still counting. Fourteen.

Followed by his tongue making a moist trail across the back of her neck that sent a shiver down her spine. Fifteen or sixteen? Jen asked herself enjoying the sensations.

Ken’s left hand moved and lightly dragged his fingertips across her chest to her left breast and pinched her left nipple. Twenty said her mind as she lost herself in the feelings of pleasure her body was giving her.

Thirty she breathed as Ken’s hardening cock made its presence known in the crevice of her ass.

Thirty-five counted her mind as she felt moisture begin to gather within her folds.

Thirty-six was another kiss on the side of her neck.

As Ken bit gently on the side of her neck, she shuddered and felt her vaginal walls contract.

Ken’s left hand then cupped her left breast and squeezed, pressing in on the hardened nipple. Defiantly forty, counted her mind.

“You okay,” he asked softly into her ear.

“Yes,” she hissed, as he sank the tip of his tongue into her ear then Ken bit down gently.

A soft moan escaped her lips as her mind continued to count. I think that’s …. that’s forty-one or two. Maybe three?

He kissed her neck then licked as he squeezed her escort kızlay left breast again. “Oh,” was all she could mutter. Her mind called out, “Fifty!”

Jen took a ragged breath and asked softly, “How’d you know I was awake?”

“I taught myself,” he whispered, “to monitor your breathing. In case you woke up from the pain. Or you needed help.” He kissed her neck again. “Or,” he nipped at her neck again, “just needed someone to talk to.”

“You did that?” she questioned, remembering that during the months of recovery, Ken had always been there whenever she needed him. Even when she awoke with pain and she remained silent. He was there.

“Anything for you, Jennifer Ann.” He then dragged his tongue down her neck to her shoulder and sucked upon her flesh.

She smiled. Sixty.

Jen gave out a long shuddering gasp as she reached up with her left hand and held Ken’s face, as somewhere in the back of her mind she heard herself count. “Seventy-five!”

Suddenly there were fingers rubbing over her clit and Jen could not help but rock herself against those fingers.

Then those probing fingers dipped within her moist, slippery folds and she quickly began to feel that wonderful full filling as her vaginal walls clamped down on the invading fingers. Then those fingers began to rub on that wonderful inner spot. It did not take her long to climax. It was not a big climax, but it was enough to be satisfying. “One Hundred!” her mind called out.

Ken’s hand, still wet, had returned to cup her right breast. She could still feel his hardened cock poking between her cheeks as Ken pulled her back into the spoon position.

“Ken?” she whispered as she tried to roll over.

But Ken held her in place. “No, I’m fine. I’d rather snuggle right now.”

“But?” she asked.

As he snuggled up behind her again, Ken whispered into her ear, “We have time now, Jennifer Ann.”

“I like when you call me that,” she whispered.

Then Jen could feel another kiss on the back of her neck.

Ken whispered softly, “Jennifer Ann, I love you so much.”

“Love you,” she whispered in response.

Then his breath was again on the back of her neck.

And there was the security of his arm around her, which she held a little tighter to her chest.

She closed her eyes and as she drifted off to sleep, her mind called out. “One Thousand!”

The End

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