The Cleaner…I Needed A Break

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I needed a break; with all the events of the past five months I hadn’t given myself a chance to breathe. Everything had happened so fast.

From experiencing a newly discovered sexuality inside of me, to getting myself into a relationship as a result of this new discovery. Everything had sort of spiraled out of my control.

I’m a twenty year old, good-looking young man. An intelligent college student athlete, not some dumb jock studying the essence of being.

Some of you already know my history while the rest of you are discovering me for the first time. I don’t want to bore you with the details but I think that at the very least I owe you an introduction.

My name is David and I’m in my third year of college. I attend the local university on a soccer scholarship, not that I need the scholarship. I come from a very affluent family but not a snobbish family. I am the second oldest of four siblings.

My parents are socially liberal but financially conservative. Which means if you don’t pay your bills they’ll evict you but they’ll make sure that you find a good shelter for the night.

From the time we could understand right from wrong we were taught not to be mean or hateful and above all else, not to judge others for the way they choose to live their lives.

We were taught to look past color, religion and who a person chooses to love…Just make sure to make a dollar off of it

Five months ago when I discovered that I could be seduced by a man I was able to handle it better than had I been raised with any type of bias or phobia towards homosexuality.

Still the fact that I had lived twenty years as a heterosexual male the episode that I experienced left me shaken.

Luckily, I was able to handle it well, as well as anyone in my situation could handle something like this all the while getting on with my new life.

The thing is; I kind of fell in love with my seducer. Now I don’t regret falling in love and learning to live an entirely new lifestyle I just haven’t had a chance to step back and take it all in.

I haven’t had a chance to breathe.

I went from being a hot, normal straight guy with an over abundance of female companionship to a doe eyed, swooning, love sick, hot, bottom guy. Like I said, I moved in with my new found man and it’s been a non-stop learning, loving experience ever since.

Thomas, my man, is 28 and one of this country’s finest. As a member of our military he’s based out of our local base and I couldn’t tell you what he does even if I knew.

Whatever it is I know that it’s dangerous but again, I don’t want to make this about him or us. As I was saying, I need a break.

Thomas had left on assignment and was supposed to be gone for only a week but that week came and went. Now we’re coming up on the second weekend since he left me in this big lonely apartment.

I miss him terribly and I’m carrying some guilt. But the more I think about it the more I convince myself that I don’t need to feel guilty about anything.

Last weekend I had decided to go home instead of staying in that big empty apartment all by myself. When I got to my parent’s house, I discovered that they were hosting a big party.

After speaking with them I quickly excused myself and ran upstairs to my room, away from the crowd. Once there I started to settle in for the night but my evening was interrupted by an old family friend.

I don’t know why I let things get out of control but I allowed myself to be seduced.


Maybe it was the familiarity with an old acquaintance, his burliness and bear like qualities, who knows! Nonetheless it happened again.

That night I felt lonely. I missed Thomas as I miss him right now but I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong. Since I met Thomas and discovered my new sexuality, I haven’t had a chance to explore myself within that sexuality.

I spent a very hot weekend with him that first time and three days later I let one of my teammates have his way with me. Thomas found out about it and after a long talk he forgave me and I moved in with him that very next weekend.

Makes perfect sense, right?

But all week I’ve been thinking. Why did I need his forgiveness? We weren’t exclusive and I didn’t know how I felt about him yet.

Still, I felt guilty about letting another man have his way with me, especially after that wonderful weekend of discovery that he had just helped me experience.

I don’t regret moving in with Thomas but I refuse to regret having allowed myself the opportunity of having a wonderfully awkward, hot fuck with my teammate Larry. Then last week an erotic, long, passionate love making session with my sister’s ex-boyfriend Frank.

So, here I am. It’s been almost two weeks since Thomas left and I refuse to stop living. I’m twenty years old, short build (5’6″), long brown hair, green eyes and a very hot, sexy, gorgeous ass or so I’ve been told.

And it goes a little something like this – Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina

In the athletic department göztepe escort there is one common denominator that goes through the entire athletic department. Football, baseball, soccer, all of the school sports.

The student trainers.

We all get worked on, taped up by, massaged by, get our hot tubs prepared by, wake up calls, assistance in stretching before games etc. etc.

The student trainers.

Sammy, a student trainer that started school the same year I did, discovered my new lifestyle by accident, unbeknownst to me he was watching Larry fuck me. The moment he revealed to me that he had witnessed everything I told myself that if I didn’t keep my foot on his neck, he would cause me a lot of problems.

As of today, he has not, quite the opposite.

Today he was actually showing me that he was in fact, on my team. Team David. I had just finished with all the laundry and I was about to settle in for a boring weekend. I still hadn’t heard any news from Thomas.

Whenever he goes away for these long trips, he always calls me the minute he’s off of the job. If he’s out of the country the moment he gets on his flight home, he calls. If he’s in country, the moment his superior says dismissed, he calls.

Late Friday evening and no call then just as I was about to give up my phone starts ringing. Like a giddy little high school girl, I immediately start to lose my mind. It’s Thomas! It has to be him! OMG!!

Gawd I’ve become such a fag…

“David?” My heart instantly sinks through the floor. It’s not Thomas’s voice. It’s Sammy’s. Fucking toad.

“How’d you get my number and what, do you want, toad?” Don’t judge me. I know, I know, I was raised to be nice but Sammy had no right to be watching me in my private moments…fucking ass wipe.

“We have all of y’alls numbers on file.” Listening to him I could hear his voice breaking up with nerves.

“Get to the point toad. What do you want?!?” I know, I know, be nice. Whatever, fuck him. He should be paying me for the show he got without my permission. Financial conservative…whatever, fuck off.

“Do you know who Lalo Dixon is. Plays on the football team. You know who he is?” Could this asshole ask just one question? Jeez he’s so irritating. Of course, I know who Dixon is.

All-American middle linebacker and probably going pro after next season instead of playing his senior year.

“Yes, toad I know who Lalo is. What of it?” I pulled back on the attitude just a bit because I was intrigued. Still, I didn’t want him to know that he had my attention.

“This is the weekend of the big Pool Party, aka football recruiting weekend party and he asked me if I knew you.” A pause…I was intrigued, “Go on.”

Sammy continued, “One thing led to another and he wants to meet you. I think he wants you to be his guest at the pool party event.” I could’ve been knocked over with one touch. I was speechless.

In that moment of silence, as my grandfather would say, you could’ve heard a mouse piss on cotton.

The event, let me explain…

Pool Party is a major football recruiting event. I play soccer but this isn’t England or Spain or some other European country. Here, in the good old USA, football is king and football is the main source of revenue for any major athletic department.

The athletic department encourages upperclassmen football players to invite friends that are in the athletic department, in other sports, so that the recruits can see what a big happy family we all are. Plus if we have badass players in other sports these high school, big time recruits can fanboy all over them.

It’s total bullshit but it’s a badass party.

I’ve always wanted to attend this event because when the event ends there are some really crazy after parties later that night. And those can be legendary. Still, Lalo Dixon…

Lalo is a freak of nature, yes I’m a football fan. He’s also a class behind me. Next school year I’ll be a senior and he’ll be a junior.

When he picked us over all the other schools that were recruiting him it put us on the map as far as being a football power. He isn’t very big, 5″11″ 205lbs. But, this guy is an animal, he plays the game like all of us should play our game, like a man possessed.

But never mind that, this isn’t a sports blog. I’ve never spoken with him, ever. Not once. Not one single hello, hi, what’s up, what the fuck, kiss my ass… nothing.

“David? David? Hello…?” Here I am going on and on and we’re forgetting about the toad on the phone.

“Yeah toad I hear you. When does he want to meet and why toad? Why does he want to meet me?” A chill came over me and suddenly visions of this asshole sharing my secrets started to come over me…oh you motherfucker.

“He’s super cool David, don’t freak out. He likes soccer and he just asked me the other day if I knew you.” Yeah, go on, “I was just as shocked as you are right now. Anyways the pool party starts around 2 in the afternoon and he wants to know if you can istanbul escort meet up for lunch.”

Wow… I had to think, I quickly gathered myself. I poked and prodded Sammy some more trying to get more out of him. But the more he spoke, the more he sounded like he was telling the truth.

It was all fanboy stuff.

He liked the way we came together as a team towards the end of season. Sports talk to you non-sports fans. According to Sammy boy he really liked the way I played.

In Lalo’s eyes or in his opinion, I am the reason that our team was able to make the conference tournament.

Never mind that we got our ass’s handed to us int the first game. So yeah, why not. I agreed to meet him, asking Sammy where and when.

“He has his own apartment at the Franklin, you know where that is?” When he said the name of the apartment I was stunned. The Franklin apartments are the apartments that my sister and mother own. It’s where Thomas lives. Its where I’ve been staying for the past five months.

“Um…yeah toad, I’m sorry, yeah Sammy I know that building. What apartment number?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “922, he’s in 922” My heart almost jumped out of my chest. That’s the ninth floor.

Thomas’s apartment is on the tenth. Lalo is one floor down from us and I have never, ever noticed seeing him here.

“Ok Sammy but do me a favor. Tell him that you spoke with me but that I refused to believe you.” I continued, “Tell him that I didn’t believe you and give him my phone number. Then tell him that if he doesn’t call me I’ll know you’re lying and I’m kicking your ass.”

I paused, fuck it that’s good enough, I thought to myself before finishing with Sammy, “Understand that?”

As I waited for a response my head was going into overdrive. “No problem, I got you,” Sammy continued, “See you at the event tomorrow. Later…”

I was speechless as he hung up. Why did he want to meet me? Did Sammy tell him something? No way our stud athlete is my fanboy.

A fanboy of my game? Lalo Dixon, the baddest motherfucker in a football helmet wants to meet me? My head stayed in overdrive then my phone rings. I answer and much to my surprise it’s him. Holy shit!

As we start talking, I’m immediately put at ease by his smooth mellow voice. After the awkwardness of our first opening exchanges we settle into a pleasant conversation.

We exchanged fanboy stories of each watching the other play. Favorite games and plays that stood out about each other.

I was shocked that he could recall games that I played in two years ago. I was proud and pleasantly surprised that someone actually appreciated my game.

We finally agreed on what time I would be coming over. I was surprised to find out that he lives by himself. He politely asked what I would like to eat or if I wanted to wait till later and just grab something at the Pool event.

I told him that we could go out if we were hungry if not, we could just eat at the event. That night I got very little sleep. I was excited about making a new friend especially someone that seemed to genuinely want to get to know me.


As I knocked on the door, I was doing my best not to act so excited. I mean it was just a couple of guys getting together for lunch.

Stop being such a fag, I thought to myself.

Lalo opened the door and he looked bigger than his listed program height. He graciously smiled and welcomed me into his place, I couldn’t help to notice that beautiful smile and chiseled square jaw.

Instantly I was taken aback at how handsome he looked. We immediately began a conversation made up of various small talk topics. He offered me a soda and we sat at the kitchen counter area to better get to know one another.

As the conversation started to slow down, he offered to give me a tour of his apartment. I knew this particular unit floor plan which meant that I knew that other than the bathroom, the only other rooms in the place were the walk-in closets and his bedroom.

As we got up and started to make our way across the living room and towards his bedroom I stopped to admire the sports pictures on the wall. As he stood behind me I leaned in to get a better look of the picture.

I got up on my tip toes which brought the bottom of my jersey up just enough to expose my ass. I’m very proud of my ass and do specific workouts everyday to make sure that it stays nice and firm.

Plus my shorts are always snug on my hips, so there’s that. I reached up, across my face to gather my hair as it had fallen ever so slightly across my face.

I held it back with one hand knowing all along that I was posing and preening for this very hot guy. Standing behind me Lalo stepped up and placed his left hand on my shoulder then casually leaned his chest faintly against my upper back.

Reaching over me with his free hand to point out details of the pictures I couldn’t help but feel excited.

“Yeah this one’s from high school. See this guy?” He continued kadıköy escort as I nodded yes. “Yeah, we were best friends, he plays at State. Star running back.”

Lalo was leaning down, his face almost against mine.

“Jeffery McQueen, people think he may win the Heisman. I know who he is,” I replied softly. I was uncontrollably morphing into my role, looking back, I see it clearly. But in that moment, I was oblivious to it.

I was morphing into my role as a submissive. My voice soft, my movements measured, my small hands assuming an elegance as I pointed to the images in the frames on the wall.

My face, relaxed and my smile flashing just so as I nodded in agreement. Every thing about me started taking on a gentle feminine elegance.

Even lowering my head slightly to hide my tongue caressing my lips, an effort to present my mouth with a freshly glossed appearance. I was trying really hard to speak clearly; I could feel my nerves starting to get the better of me.

I could feel the butterflies in my tight stomach. All of these things going on in the few seconds that it took him to acknowledge my statement.

“Oh, wow you do know your football. This one over here is Last year when I clocked him on the goal line.” As he moved to the next picture and pointed out the point of contact, his arm went from my shoulder to over my shoulder and across my chest.

His body moving closer until he was pressing against me from behind as he finished his sentence. Before I could react, he brought his other arm into me and now I was in his arms, I was being embraced as if it was the most natural thing that two guys can do.

Except normal straight guys don’t embrace like this. After having just met? Maybe not ever. I could feel his breathing start to get erratic as I’m sure mine was becoming erratic as well.

Then I almost lost control of my bladder…I almost pissed myself. Lalo leaned down and kissed me. He kissed me right behind my ear. Then he kissed me again, on the same spot except this time he flicked his tongue just barely nicking my skin.

I could feel my body almost go limp in his arms. My body, once again, had betrayed me. That subtle, slight movement signaled to him that I was more than ok with what he was doing.

As he turned me around, he slid his arms under mine and around my back, pulling me into him. At the same time, he leaned down, I naturally looked up as he lowered his face to mine.

My hands instantly sliding upwards. First against his chest, feeling every hard line and contour of his pecs. Then up and over his very developed trape muscles and finally meeting behind his neck as I locked my hands pulling myself up on my toes to meet him.

In an instant he had his full dark lips on mine. In case you haven’t figured it out. Lalo is an African American. A very dark skinned, young man. I only share this with you because I know that for some of you these details matter.

Right at that moment the only thing that was mattering to me was how full and supple his lips were on mine. Another thing that wasn’t lost on me was the fact that he was being tender and gentle with his kiss.

As I returned his kiss with equal passion, I found myself wanting more and it was me and not him that made that first push to bring our tongues together.

As I pushed my tongue into his mouth his tongue pushed back. Now his tongue was forcing itself into my mouth. A faint whimper escaped me. His hands slowly, confidently reaching for my firm round bottom.

As he grabbed on to me with a firm strong grip I knew instantly that my feminine curves and firmness were beyond his expectations. I was lost in his arms and the real world ceased to exist. I didn’t even realize that he had walked me back into his room.

As he reached for the bottom of my shirt his lips separated from mine while he lifted my shirt over my head. Tossing my shirt to the ground he lowered his mouth and brought his full attention to my oversized puffy nipples.

Instantly I began writhing as I grabbed on to his head and vainly attempted to lift my chest higher for him devour. But I was to short and I was left with what I was receiving which was enough to have me whimpering and moaning.

I began pawing at his shirt, struggling, pulling and tugging until I was finally able to lift it over his head. Finally pulling it off then tossing it to the ground as he pushed me back causing me to fall, softly, on to his bed.

I never took my eyes off of him. My god, his skin was like a dark caramel color. His muscle structure was picture perfect. Thomas stands 6’6″, slightly tan and everything on him is well defined, well-toned and freakishly massive without a trace of body fat.

Lalo was just as toned and defined but not freakishly large. His muscle mass was height and weight proportionate. He was rocking that massive beast look and I approved. From his chest to his abs, down to his waist his body has that classic V angle going on.

Lowering my gaze I did an uncontrollable soft swallow. Judging from the appendage that was fighting to be set free in his shorts he seemed to be just as blessed as Thomas.

As he slid my last shoe off, I knew that my shorts were next but I wanted to him to drop his first. That wasn’t happening because he wanted my shorts off and that was that.

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