The Challenge_(2)

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Though she tries to pull away, he draws her close until he can lightly brush the tip of her ear with his lips. Nibbling down the outer edge of her ear he reaches her earlobe and kisses it firmly. Then, he sucks the lobe between his teeth which grasp it firmly and uses his tongue to play with it further. Licking and moving her earlobe he holds her tightly enough to feel her heart beat and listen to her breathing even through the clothing they both wear. When she is sufficiently aroused his mouth releases her and, speaking so quietly that his lip brush the whorls of her ear says, “Are you ready?”

Shaking her head free of his mouth she tries to struggle free, but, smiling, he proceeds to push her to a position face-up on the floor. With one hand he makes sure to grip her wrists tightly enough that she can’t escape. Then he turned his attention to the ear he had so far neglected. With delicate kisses, licks, and nibbles he devoted himself to all aspects of that ear, his light breathing filtering deep into her ear canal as his tongue stroked its whorls and his teeth and lips kissed and gripped its outer edges and lobe. Meanwhile his free hand rises to touch her other ear. She felt the light, ticklish touch as it traced the contours of her ear and then proceeded to touch more firmly. Distracted, she shivered, and the hand at her ear gripped it firmly and she felt its nails, not yet pinching, but more than able to.

With his hand gripping her ear his lips traced down the line of her jaw to where the pulse beat in her throat. Stopping just before he reached that point he moved back to her ear to speak in a hushed tenor. “What do you have to say now?”

Breathing heavily, both from the exertion and excitement, she growls back, “You’ll never get me to admit you won.” She tries to get her hands free, but feels the nails at her ear starting to pinch slowly.

“Are you sure you won’t change your mind?” he asks.

She is still for a moment, trying to hatch a new game plan when she feels his tongue at her ear. The sensation shoots straight through her body making her muscles go loose and weak. “Am I sure I don’t want to change my mind?” she thinks to herself. She closes her eyes and enjoys the conflicting sensations assaulting her body, pain on one side and pleasure on the other.

“Nnn. What do I get if you win?” she moans.

“More,” he murmurs in her ear. Then he plants a lingering series of kisses on her ear and down her jaw before lingering lovingly over the pulse beat in her throat, but also violently enough that she knows there will be a mark there tomorrow.

“A chance,” he says as he moves to straddle her body so she can feel the hardness of his passion against her stomach. Held captive by his weight her hands are released so that he can use the both of his to gently caress her ears and hold her head so he can look down on her face. Then he brings his head down.

“Knowledge,” he says, “of what it’s like to be a trophy.” Then his hands grip firmly as his mouth takes possession of hers. Strong fingers caress her ears as his tongue and lips dance with her own.

With her hands free, she begins to slide them down his body, featherlight brushes that run down his spine. Reaching his trousers she rubs his hardness from the outside while unfastening them with the other. Then her hands gently reach inside and she grabs him and squeezes, “did you really think it was going to be that easy?” she whispers to him.

Closing her fist tighter and tighter, she rolls over him over so that she is in the victory position. “You know its going to take more than that for me to concede” she tells him. She leans over and runs her tongue down his neck, “it’s my turn to mark my territory” she whispers in his ear.

He grins up a her, not all startled by their sudden reversal. Pleased, in fact, with her strength and determination.

He chuckles and his hands slide down to the back of her neck. “You overlook,” he says, gripping the collar of her silky, filmy blouse, “that some things are easier when a person doesn’t have her back on the floor.” With a violence and strength that freeze her in surprise his hands tear the collar on her blouse and move across her shoulders and down her arms. Buttons fly from the front of the blouse as its back tears and its front pieces part ways. Fingers catch neatly in the bra straps over her shoulders, nails scratching lightly in passing, and as his hands continued their forceful passage down her body her bra is stripped from her breasts, revealing them to the open bursa escort air and to his gaze.

His hands stopped just below her elbows, leaving her arms entangled in the silk-strong ruins of her blouse and bra. Then they quickly moved up to firmly grasp her breasts and lightly pinch her nipples.

“You still have the advantage of me,” he says. “Of course, it’s not really an advantage if you don’t intend to use it. Is it?” Kissing her ear while holding her nipples, the palms of his hands make circles on her breasts. Seemingly unaware of the potential damage her hands could do he starts a roll which would once again position him beneath her.

As he begins to roll, she moves her mouth to his, allowing him to believe that she is relinquishing her control. When their lips meet, she sinks her teeth into his bottom lip as her fingers turn into claws with nails lightly digging into him.

He stops the roll and grunts in pain his fingertips tightening on her nipples. The feel of his hands on her breasts increases until she can’t stand the sensations running through her body and releases a moan. She begins to suck lightly on his bottom lip while her teeth remain embedded in his flesh. She can feel his enjoyment tensing in her hand, regardless of the nails precariously digging into him.

After a final nip sure to leave the marks of her teeth on his lower lip she opens her mouth slightly to release his lip from her teeth. With her lips up against his, she asks with a throaty laugh “Is that the best you’ve got?”

He groans and says, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

The hands at her breasts stop pinching and turn to caressing. He gazes deeply into her eyes as his tongue plays with her lips. She relaxes and closes her eyes before moving into a deep passionate kiss.

He moans his pleasure through his nose and she feels the precum begin to coat her hands with it’s slickness. His back begins to arch, lifting her out of contact with ground.

Then, with a heave of his hips and a lift of his arms, she is momentarily airborn. Her arms still entangled, she lands and rolls. Unable to pursue with his trousers binding his legs, he pauses to strip them off, while she uses the same time to divest herself of her ruined blouse and bra.

From their knees they looks at each other. He still wears his shirt and tie, and she her skirt and stockings, but he is naked from the waist down and she from the waist up. His erection and her tight nipples clearly reveal how each feels.

“Unfortunately, ” he says, his shallow, racing breaths a match for hers. “I do want to win.” He grins at her and then continues, “Ready to surrender?”

She stares at him, running her tongue over her bottom lip, clearly fighting an internal battle. Her body wants to surrender to him, to feel his hands, his tongue, his lips run over her. She decides to try another tactic.

She crawls over to him, her skirt riding up her thighs with each movement. As she reaches him, her hands move to his tie and begin to remove it. “Let’s see who can resist temptation my dear,” she states. She places the tie on the ground beside her and begins to remove his shirt, button by button, licking her way down his chest with each one.

As she proceeds he reaches out to stroke her sides and back with his hands, eagerly pushing his chest forward into her actions. When she reaches the last button, she removes his shirt, her breasts brushing against his bare chest with the movement. Bringing her mouth to his ear, she lightly runs her tongue around his ear whispering “I can wait a long time. How about you?”

Her hand gently moves down and lovingly wraps it around him, her other hand caressing her own breast. “It feels like you may be giving in soon. Because, unfortunately for you, I too want to win.”

He gasps at her touch and his body trembles with his need. His head lowers, nose and lips nuzzling the most sensitive points on her throat. Pushing forward to better feel her breasts against his chest, one hand drops low on her back to pull the two of them closer together.

Momentarily she relaxes leaning backward and almost losing her balance. Then, he strikes! Grabbing her elbows he forces her arms behind her. Taking advantage of the opportunity presented by her arched body he draws a nipple into his mouth which he sucks and teases with his tongue. Then he reaches down with one hand and grabs his tie off the floor. Quickly, he knots his tie just above her elbows, binding her arms behind her.

Still trembling, he pauses in a vain attempt bursa escort bayan to gain more control of himself. Then, impatiently, he starts to strip off her skirt. She struggles, but with her arms bound soon finds herself laying facedown bent across one of his legs while the other leg holds down her own. He pauses the admire the view of the flimsy panties and sheer hose on her otherwise naked body.

He pets her nearly naked ass, and then pats it lightly. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he says, stroking her ass before smacking it lightly. “But I will if I have to.” Alternately he caresses and slaps, each slap slightly harder than the one before.

“Surrender. Now.”

She knows that, with position she’s in, this battle has been lost. Her pride will not allow her to speak however, so she continues to struggle against her bonds.

She feels his slaps intensify as he awaits her surrender, the warmth spreading through her body as she realizes that he knows exactly what her body craves.

She can feel his hardness against her and understands that she must surrender, she can’t wait any longer. Her body burns to feel his touch. He feels the change in her body, the slight relaxation. He bends and whispers, “Do I have your complete surrender?”

She stops struggling and lowers her head, whispering to the floor her defeat. She feels a sharp slap on her ass, “I can’t hear you!”


Urgently, he flips her on to her back and strips off her soaked panties. Fighting to control himself he crushes her lips with his own as his fingertips play with her nipples. He then traces hard kisses down her body, across a breast, and down her stomach. He lingers momentarily at her bellybutton, penetrating it with his tongue as he swings his body around to kneel over her chest and move his hips over her face.

“Suck me!” he orders. Then his tongue reaches out to taste her womanhood and test her readiness.

She runs her tongue along him, reaching the tip. It’s covered in his pre-cum and she knows this is what she’s been waiting for. She opens her mouth and takes him into her mouth.

His tongue runs along her and she can’t help but to moan around him. She tries to thrust her hips up to him, but his hands are tight on her thighs, holding her in place.

With her hands bound behind her, she does the only thing she can, which is to take him deeper and deeper in her mouth.

Her mouth drives him crazy with need and his licking and sucking becomes more urgent. He plunges deep between her legs and nips the lips of her labia with his teeth. When he can’t stand any more he moves up to suck her clitoris and they orgasm together. He spurts into her mouth, coming so much that it runs out both sides and even onto her ears in spite of her attempts to swallow. Still hard, he pulls himself from her mouth and turns around. Smiling he looks into eyes and begins to lick what escaped from her mouth. Sliding his tongue over her face he proceeds to kiss her deeply after each caress. Feeling his tongue and cum in her mouth she kisses him passionately.

His hands run up her body and her frustration at not being able to touch him starts to become overwhelming. Wanting more, moaning deep in her throat, she wraps her legs around him and tries to lever her hips up to touch him.

Though still hard, the edge is off his desire as he breaks the kiss. He intends to make this last. Apparently oblivious to her squirming he takes the time to make sure her ears are completely clean of his cum. Lingering lovingly over each ear he baths them thoroughly with his tongue, then dries them as much as possible with tender nibbles of his lips.

Reaching under her he grabs the tie around her elbows and levers her onto her stomach. “Knees under you, and ass in the air,” he orders, kneeling behind her.

She moans but obeys. “Now, hold still,” he says.

He gasps as he slips himself into her, scarcely able to believe how good it feels to have this beautiful woman around him. Then he bends over her and, supporting his weight on his elbows, takes one of her breasts in each of his hands.

“You can move now,” he whispers in her ear as he begins a slow and leisurely stroking both on her chest and between her legs and her moans turn into gasps.

“You know what I like about this position?” he asks between nibbles on her ear. “I get to touch so much of you. Your cunt, your breasts, your ears; I can feel them all and do whatever I want with them. What do you think?”

She tries to stutter out a response, escort bursa but the feel of him buried deep within her and his hands on her has made her breathless and incoherent. She moves her hips back towards him, picking up his rhythm, enjoying the feel.

Suddenly he stops moving, “I asked you a question and I want an answer.” She tries to begin moving again but is stopped by a sharp stinging slap on her ass, “Answer me!”

“Knowing that you can do whatever you want to me excites me in so many ways. Everything in front of you is yours to use”, she whispers out to him. Saying it out loud has excited her even more.

He chuckles and his hands return to her breasts to fondle them much more strongly and rapidly. His thrusts become stronger and harder as well, actually lifting her knees off the floor. His teeth worry her ear, clamping down just short of causing pain. With a scream she orgasms again, and he pauses, waiting for her to finish. Flushed and panting in the aftermath of orgasm, she moans as he starts moving in her again. It’s almost too much for her, but he begins gently, and only gradually increases his pace.

Moving with him as his fingers grip her nipples and his tongue lashes her ears she opens to him more deeply and feels him touch her cervix. That deep touch pushes her higher towards another orgasm, but then, suddenly, he lifts himself upright and pulls out of her.

“No!” she cries out. She tries to wriggle back, but a hand between her shoulder blades pushes her to floor and prevents it.

“I don’t know how much more I have in me,” he says, “and I don’t want to waste any of it.” Then, more calmly than he really feels and still holding her in place, he proceeds to wipe off his prick on her ass. She can feel every motion and it seems to her that he pays special attention to her asshole, not entering it, but regularly crossing it as he covers her ass with her own spendings.

Lying down on his back, he lifts completely her off the floor and places her astride him. He proceeds to admire the view she presents. With her elbows tied behind her, her shoulders are forced back and make her breasts prominent. With one hand he proceeds to fondle those luscious breasts, while the other drifts down to stroke her ass.

“Hmmm?” he says, smiling up at her. “Feel free to do what you’d like.”

She gives him a half smile and begins to lick down his neck. As she’s doing this, she moves her body so his prick is at her entrance. She slowly takes him deep into her, but doesn’t move.

“Need to make sure you’re nice and wet” she whispers into his ear, as she’s running her tongue around it.

She lifts herself off his prick and moves up his body slightly. She slowly lowers herself down, he can feel his prick at her asshole. “Are you ready?” she asks.

Before he can answer, she lowers herself all the way down. His prick slides into her ass, causing her to gasp and moan and him to cry out as his body stiffens and bucks. She stays motionless, enjoying the full feeling of him deep in her ass.

He looks up at her, enjoying the sight of her slightly flushed face and closed eyes. She’s clearly enjoying the feeling his prick is giving her body, just as he is enjoying the feeling that her ass is giving his.

Unable to control himself further his hips start grinding circles against her ass. Reaching out he drives three fingers into her cunt as his thumb strokes the hood of her clit, pushing it back until her clit is completely exposed. Her moans increase in pitch in and intensity until they are almost shrieks and she matches his movements with her own.

Finally, he cries out. One hand clenches painfully on her breast while the other pushes hard on her exposed clit. He bucks and she can feel his prick pulsing, shooting jets of cum into her guts.

The combination of his hands on her body and the feeling of him coming deep in her ass throw her into another orgasm. As he bucks, she tries to hold herself down tight on him, she throws her head back and releases a half scream/moan. She can’t believe the sensations running through her.

As her trembling slows down, she feels him relax beneath her. She leans forward and rests her head on his chest, listening to the sounds of his heartbeat. She can feel his prick growing soft and slowly sliding out of her ass.

Reaching behind her he unknots the tie binding her arms. Then he cuddles her, lightly stroking her hair. “Satisfied?” he asks. “I don’t know if I have any more in me.”

Her arms free, she reaches around him and leaves her head on his chest. “Very” she sighs.

“Mmmmmm,” he says and kisses the top of her head. “So what’s it like to be the prize?”


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