The Bounty Fantasy_(0)

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I still remember the look in that bitch’s face.. Her emerald eyes and blonde curls. She thought she was on top of the world, knowing I’d been following my husband around. He’d been cheating for a while, and that I knew, but my best friend Cassandra? How dare she.. and for her to know? To give me the look that she knew I was watching, and she knew she was winning.. It haunted me. I could almost feel the touches she placed on his skin in the old hotel room… That was it. I couldn’t stand by anymore…

It took a moment to shake me out of my memories as the man spoke to me. I glanced up at his face, strong jaw lining up to rugged facial hair marred here and there with small scars, conveniently shaped like where a woman’s nail may have grazed in struggle. He definitely looked the part, dark eyes set evenly on his features, bushed eyebrows and thin lips. His shoulders were broad and squared off as he spoke again.

“Did you hear me?” he said.

“No, sorry my mind was elsewhere. What were you asking?” I clarified, stirring the sugar about in my coffee. He hadn’t ordered anything to drink despite my offer, what a…businessman.

“I asked what you wanted done to her. If there were any specifics to your request on her…date with me.”

The codewords were cute. Date in this case meant Cassandra’s kidnapping. Requests? Was there anything I wanted done? What did I want? Other than her being sent away where I no longer had to see her wicked-witch eyes ever again, and she’d no longer be on my conscience?

“I wish to be there before you take her away. I want to be the one to deliver the news of where she will be going for the rest of her life..” As a waiter came by to check on us, once more my ‘date’ declined anything and so did I. The waiter simply bowed and headed to other tables among the cafe. The sounds of cars passing distracted my thoughts again as the warm sun moved over my skin. We were outside, as to not be heard or bothered much.

“That can be arranged. ” the small image I had given him of Cassandra was put into his pocket after he seemed to almost…caress it…

I slid the envelope over to him, which was also pocketed with the photo. I informed him the rest would be given at the completion of the job and he waved it off, letting me know rather casually that the women who had money and got this far into the deal, rarely backed out in his business, or they became a date themselves. He knew my number, and we parted ways.

Cassandra was rather excited for her date. The man was tall, dark and handsome. The scars usually meant the man had interesting stories to tell. She dressed herself in her little black dress, a usual winner when meeting men. She’d done her makeup all nice and pretty and took to the taxi to meet the man at the hotel room he’d rented. She’d been talking to him for a few days, exchanged pictures both naughty and not. He liked all the same things she did, and they had so much in common. It was like he was made for her. As she arrived at the hotel her green eyes widened in surprise. She’d never been invited to a place this nice. It was one of those ritzy high-end hotels with the tiled floors and a spiral staircase in the lobby. As soon as she stepped in, a man bursa escort walked up to her in green velvet bag-boy attire

“Ah! Miss Cassandra Green yes?” he asked. As she nodded he slipped her the door key. “Mister Drake is awaiting your arrival.”

She moved to the elevator and slipped inside, pressing the coordinating floor button and eagerly bouncing. She almost felt nervous. top floor penthouse? Oh she was being spoiled tonight! Maybe she’d even found…the one!

As the door pinged open she stepped slowly into the dark room, lit only with a candle here and there, still not enough to make out anything in the room. Tucking blonde hair behind her ear she moved forward “Michael? Mike are you in here?” she called softly, hearing the sound of the elevator closing and descending behind her. It was eerie, the silence that seemed to fill such a large space. She almost heard something move behind her and turned sharply, only to be met with that same darkness. It was strange and unearthed an odd queasiness in the pit of her stomach. That was until her mouth was covered by a cloth. She screamed and struggled but within a few moments the small blonde had fallen limp in her attackers arms.

It didn’t take long for Michael to tie her to the St Andrews cross. When Cassandra’s eyes fluttered open she could see Michael’s large form setting up what appeared to be a camera, focusing it on her form. It seemed about that same time she realized her situation and started to tug upon her cuffs that were tightly fitted around each wrist and ankle. She wasn’t going anywhere…

“Good morning sleeping beauty” his gruff voice spoke, seemingly taunting in its tone. It was followed by a chuckle as Cassandra screamed into the ball-gag.

With the room lit she could finally see… the whole penthouse was adorned in torture equipment of varied types and sizes. Cages lined one wall with two girls rather unconscious within two of them. They were stripped to nothing…and large bruises and cuts decorated their flesh.

Michael moved to remove the ballgag “I’m going to be recording, so make sure you scream nice and pretty for me baby, yeah? “

“You lied to me! You said this was a date!”

“Oh this is a date. A date arranged by Mrs. Andrea Bates.” He grinned “I love when pretty girls’ eyes dilate like that.. the fear fills them and they always show true color. You see… Most women like you, the ones who encourage high ranking men of society into their bed… you all have one thing in common… ” He smirked “You’re all sluts. You think high-dollar dick is how you’ll avoid anything bad happening. You can twist their chest hair and tell them that if they tell anyone you’ll strip them for all they’re worth.. But sweetheart” his strong hand grasped Cassandra’s chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. “I’ve got nothing to lose. I get paid well to put pretty little Barbie’s like you six feet under. You’re lucky though. Mrs. Bates has a better plan for you, but that’ll be revealed later.”

As Cassandra screamed and begged for forgiveness Michael moved his large form to press the record button on the camera. The little red light blinked like an eye, watching Cassandra’s body writhe and struggle. Michael made his way bursa escort bayan toward her, seeming to adjust his jeans. His shirt was removed to show his strong chest, more scars adorning the flesh stretched across muscles that showed he was able to lift people with no struggle.

Making his way closer to Cassandra his large hands grasped the neck of her dress, a few tears wetting the back of his hands from her crying as he tore open the dress, splitting the seams with a sound that to Cassandra was deafening. She felt helpless, exposed to him as he yanked the fabric free of her form. It was discarded without second thought as he moved to tangle those thick fingers in her hair, yanking her head back as he loomed over her.. his other hand tore the bra from her form, the straps biting into her skin as they gave way from his pressure. just as the pain faded a new pain was found as he pinched her nipple between his fingers, pulling up harshly and twisting. She called out in pain, her back shifting as he handled her so roughly. It seemed to send something through the man, who let go of her and moved back only to sharply backhand her. The stinging sensation left her dizzy, a soft bell sound in her ears.
Her eyes opening again and facing Michael as she cried were met by him coming close, and holding her head in place as he licked blood from her lip. With how close he was Cassandra could feel his cock, hard, pulsing from her pained sounds. It made her feel sick, her stomach churning. Her heart raced harshly against her ribcage as her fear of the man grew. What was wrong with him?! How could he be so aroused by her pain! The sadistic man licked down her neck only to roughly handle her breast again, twisting and pulling till the pain had her squirming in place. He pulled back, and landed a rather rough punch to her stomach. The air left her, coughing and sputtering as she tried desperately to gain back oxygen lost.
He brought his hand to her cheeks, holding so tightly her lips twisted and she felt her skin and his grip mesh to her teeth. His mouth came to hers, crashing against her plush lips to smear her makeup onto her pale skin. he leaned back to wipe his face clean of the mark before moving back to bite her lower lip. She felt an almost blinding pain as the man pierced skin and caused her to bleed. She felt something move between her legs, his hand yanking her panties until they were strained against her form, then gave way. The poor woman called in pain, tears streaming down her cheeks as he rubbed whatever it was he was holding against her sex. He gathered her hair and pulled her head back painfully as he bit into her neck. Her scream made him smirk and he moved down her body to tease her breasts. He pulled back, her able to see a rather long thick rod in his hand… the cane was sniffed which twisted her stomach.

“Looks like its not high dollar dick thats the only thing that gets you wet” he spoke. At her begging him to shut up he laughed and licked the cane. “Oh no… you’re here for good. ” he moved closer to her, reaching for something out of her line of sight as he brought a black leather strip with a silver ring on it. He swiftly punched her again, causing her to gasp and cough out, using that opportunity escort bursa he placed the ring in her mouth forcefully. He moved around her, and she heard a few clicks and motions and the creaking of the wood as she felt herself move. He flipped the cross, her head at level with the crotch of his jeans. She screamed, and he pressed his cock against her through his pants. She could feel him pulse…and it didnt help when he brought that cane down onto her pussy. She called out in pain and she could feel him pulse against her again. A slur of insults were muffled by that ring and he just laughed.
The cane was brought down sharply onto parts of her pussy, thighs and body. Each harsh hit left red marks burned into her skin, her whole body mixed with pain. He adjusted his jeans, his thick, fat cock able to be seen as he stroked himself, seeming to only get more aroused by her calls of pain. His thick member dipped into her mouth here and there, his strong smell making her nose wrinkle as she cried. Of course the taste and thought of how many people hed fucked made her nauseous. His sharp hits were relentless until she felt him cum, filling her mouth and coating her face in the sticky stench of him. His tongue moved over her pained pussy and he flipped her back the right way. The blood rushed to where it needed to be, making her sway as dizziness set in.
Her mind was racing as he stuck something into her ass, making her scream out in shock and pain… It was larger than the cane hed had. When did he switch items? She felt humiliated and coughed on the disgusting taste of his semen. He pressed his cock into her pussy and her eyes widened. “Tell me you’re a slut and I’ll stop…” He growled, pumping his cock into her as he removed the ring gag. She felt full between him and the toy in her ass, pain ripping her nerves.
“Please stop!”
“I told you what to say Cassandra… “
“I’m a slut please!”
“What are you?”
“I’M A SLUT” she screamed.

He grinned as he fucked her a bit longer, before pulling out and leaving the toy inside of her, smearing his cock on her thighs before stepping back. She could hear the sound of the elevator ding open as Michael shut the recording off. Andrea stepped forward…

I couldn’t help the smirk on my face, seeing her there with a dildo in her ass, her face smeared in cum and her ‘perfect’ hair a mess. I walked forward to see the damage done, the red marks on her pale flesh. But what I wanted to see was about as satisfying as I’d imagined. Those Emerald Eyes.. broken, shaking in pure fear.
“Do you know where you’re going Cassandra? “
“A-Andrea I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to, he came on to me”
“Save your begging Cassandra…your fate is sealed. “
I handed Michael the rest of the money without the envelope this time.
“He will be taking you to a place where sluts like you actually have use… I believe it makes YOU the high dollar….”Michael seemed to laugh at my remark as Cassandra panicked and I moved to touch her cheek, away from the semen “Dont worry doll-face… your eyes will be the star of the show, you’ll fit right in with the rest of the sluts of the slave ring… and you’ll never have to close your legs again”

Her screams and begging made me smile as I stepped away, only the sound of Michael’s laughter mixing with those pleas as I entered the elevator again.
Now…just to hire the person to kill my husband..

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