The Bank Tellers Christmas Dinner

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Daisy had worked at the bank for more than two years and because of her ability to grasp bank protocols quickly, she had advanced to head Teller and was also give then responsibility of training all new hires. One of these recent new hires was Diane. Diane was much like Daisy in that she had been married once before, had only a high school education, was very beautiful with long blond hair and a nicely shaped body with rather large breasts. Diane did not wear clothes that highlighted her shapely figure. Despite Diane being 10 years younger, the two women quickly became the best of friends. However, Daisy was somewhat annoyed that Diane continued to ask her questions about procedures that were easy to follow and needed no explanation. Daisy also noticed that every time Diane came to ask a question that she always seemed to “look her over” with her eyes and always seem to need to touch her with her hand or hug her before she left. Daisy always dismissed her behavior as just being over friendly; although, there were a few times when Daisy knew that Diane was staring at her breasts, especially when her clothes were a little tight. That action always made Daisy feel uncomfortable because it made her feel that she was gaining weight. Still, she liked Diane and had often thought about inviting her to the house for a “chat” or even for dinner, but had never gotten around to it. Or, when she thought about it, she also realized that either she or Diane had already made other plans. Then, something happened at the Christmas Dinner for the bank and after the dinner that Daisy thought she better write down in her diary before she shared the experience with her husband. It had started quite innocently actually, Daisy thought, as she recalls and records the events of that day and evening.

It was a Thursday and usually that day is not too hectic, but for some reason, the day became more like a Friday than a Thursday. Everyone had been quite anxious all day and was thankful for the day to finally be over. Daisy remembers that Diane asked a few questions but for the most part she finally appeared to be operating on her own. That afternoon, Diane had made a mistake on a transaction that had caused her to become out-of-balance at the end of the day. Daisy had helped her find the mistake and Diane had seemed overly thankful and had thanked her several times, including several hugs. Daisy recalls but later shrugged it off, that Diane had (or so she thought) rubbed her breasts against Daisy’s breasts a little too hard, while at the same time, Diane’s leg seemed to move in between Daisy’s legs. Daisy knew that it was just her imagination, yet she could not get the incident out of her mind as she helped her co-workers move the tables together in preparation for the arrival of the caterer. Daisy had never liked the idea of two women getting together sexually and always made a distasteful comment whenever she saw a scene like that on television. But, this time, there was no disgust in her thoughts about what Diane may or may not have done. There were no negative thoughts in her mind tonight. Instead, she was wondering what it might be like to be with another woman physically or sexually or whatever. Each thought had a counter-thought reassuring Daisy that she would never let herself do something like that, even if she wanted it to, which she did not.

She looked over at Diane who was sitting across the table from her and already looking in her direction. She paused from eating and just looked back at Diane with no expression, just curiosity, then smiled back at her. Daisy continued to eat her dinner, which was simply delicious, but silently her thoughts were of Diane and the before dinner hug. She wanted Diane to hug her again so that she could be sure of her intentions. But, if she knew her intentions, she thought, then what? What would she let herself do? There was an emptiness inside her with every bite that she ate, while at the same time, there was also an excitement stirring inside her. An excitement that she could not seem to control. She and her husband had not made love in a long time but that was not causing her to feel the way that she was feeling. She crossed her legs and squeezed her muscles, but that only made the burning worse. She glanced over at Diane who was again just sitting there, talking to no one, looking in her direction. No, Diane was looking at her. Daisy had eaten all that she was going to eat, so she put her elbows on the table and leaned forward. She laid her right arm flat on the table so that her hand was touching her left side. Very carefully, Daisy brushed her breast with her fingers until she felt her nipple harden. She stopped in case someone was looking at her and then brushed it again. She knew that she had to look at Diane and touch herself at the same time without Diane noticing. She tried several times, but hesitated. Then, she looked over at Diane as she was getting up from the table and quickly tried to caress herself as she looked in her direction, but there was no sensation. So, she got up as well and decided to go to the bathroom before she left for home.

On the way out of the bathroom, Daisy almost bumped into Diane who jumped back and said,
“ I was looking for you. şirinevler escort Do you want to come over to my house for a little while tonight?”

Daisy looked disappointed as she spoke, “Oh, I wish I could, but I’ve got to get right home in case Mikey calls.”

Diane smiled and started to turn around when Daisy said, “But, if you would like to follow me home, we could talk a little at my house.”

“I would love to,” said Diane as the smile returned to her face, “let me use the restroom and I will meet you outside. I parked beside you this morning, so our cars should still be together.”

Once inside the bathroom, Diane went into the stall but instead of using the facilities, she took her jacket off and removed her sheer, see-through silk blouse. With the blouse off, she reached around and unhooked her bra and began to caress her breasts with both hands until she could feel them swelling. Then, she pinched her nipples and rolled them hard between her thumb and forefinger. Doing this put her in a trance which was broken when she heard the bathroom door open. She put her bra in her jacket pocket and put her blouse back on and tucked the tail into the waistband of her skirt. She started to open the stall door, but on second thought she stopped and reached up under her dress and removed her stocking and placed them in her jacket pocket. With that done, she reached up under her dress again to remove her panties, placing them in another jacket pocket. She was not sure if this was necessary or not, but she wanted to be ready and prepared just in case. She did not even want to think about the possibilities anymore, like she had done throughout dinner, in case nothing materialized. She knew that Daisy had seen her looking in her direction several times during dinner, but looking did not convey the thoughts that she had been feeling. She smiled as she opened the door and walked out of the stall because she was already wet.

Daisy waited in her car (with the heat on) for Diane to come out of the main door to the bank. She was beginning to have second thoughts about inviting Diane over to the house. She was not sure what, if anything, would happen between them, and did not want to do anything, or not do anything that would cause Diane not to want to be her friend. It would be terrible to have to work around her all day, if Diane acted angry at her, Daisy thought to herself. But, she would not do something that she did not want to do just to keep Daisy as her friend. What am I thinking, Daisy thought to herself? There is probably nothing going to happen anyway; at least, not regarding what she is thinking about, or actually worried about. As Daisy sat there in silence, staring off into the darkness through the windshield; one arm on the armrest and the other arm gently resting in her lap. She adjusted her body and could feel her left hand push against her left boob. Instinctively, she moved her hand back and forth and a warm glow sent shivers throughout her entire body. She raised the hand out of her lap and moved it to her blouse and nervously unbuttoned a couple of buttons and moved her hand inside to cup her left breast. She gently squeezed her boob through the thin fabric of her bra. She wanted to touch the bare skin but hesitated, noticing Diane walking towards the car. As they drove to the house, Daisy continued to think about Diane hugging her again and feeling their breasts rub together again. She pulled into the garage and looking in the rearview mirror saw Diane’s car pull up into the driveway behind her.

Once inside the house, Daisy immediately walked over to where the thermostat was located on the wall and turned it up as high as it would go. She then walked back out to the garage so she could motion Diane into the house rather than have her come to the front door and ring the bell. As Diane entered the house, she heard,

“Here, let me have your coat.” Diane carefully removed her coat and handed it to Daisy. “Would you like to have a glass of wine? It is not really wine, it is Arbor Mist. “

”Sure,” Diane said cheerfully and said, “where’s your bathroom, I need to freshen up a little, the wind blew my hair?”

“Down the hallway,” responded Daisy, “and take the first door to your left.”

Daisy had gotten the wine out of the refrigerator and had it opened by the time she heard the door shut. Once she had both glasses poured, she decided to drink hers down and refill it. It burned going down her throat, making her cough a little. She stood by the counter in the kitchen waiting for Diane and just when she was about to empty her glass again, Diane came out of the bathroom saying, “Daisy, you have such a beautiful house.”

“Thank you,” said Daisy feeling good about having her house somewhat in order, “here’s you wine.”

Diane walked over to the opposite side of the counter and sat down on the stool and took a little sip of wine. “Boy, that is good. I know you said that you liked this, but we have never tried it. It really is good,” she said taking another sip.

Before Daisy could say anything, she looked over at Diane sitting there and immediately noticed that she was not wearing a bra. She could clearly şişli escort see her large breasts through the sheer fabric. With one arm resting on the counter holding her glass of wine, Daisy casually let the other arm fall to her side which she gradually moved to the front, slowing pressing her arm inward towards her crotch. Damn, she thought to herself, her dress was preventing the touch.

“You are so beautiful,” Diane said out of the blue.

“Thank you,” Daisy said quickly, “why don’t we move to the couch,” pointing her arm in that direction. Daisy let Diane walk in front of her, but before she left the kitchen, she emptied the contents of her glass and refilled it, saying, “do you need a refill Diane?”

“Yes, please,” responded Diane.

Daisy picked up the bottle and walked into the living room and as she poured Diane another glass, she could not take her eyes off of the girl’s breasts and almost overfilled the glass. Sitting the bottle down on the table, Daisy said that she was going to use the restroom herself and change her clothes if that was ok. Diane said that was fine with her. Walking down the hall to the bedroom, Daisy squeezed her breasts hard through the fabric of her blouse and bra. Daisy picked a low cut, button in the front lace, see-through blouse and a short plaid skirt to wear. She also decided not to wear her bra, since Diane was not wearing one and also removed her panties. Before she put on her blouse she found her best scent lotion and poured a good amount in the palm of her hand, rubbed both hands together and then smeared the lotion all over her chest. She decided against squeezing her breasts anymore since they were already aching. She paused, looked at her still nicely tanned body in the mirror above the vanity sink. She smiled to herself, knowing that she still had a good body. She knew why some woman had previously told her how jealous they were of her. She had very little fat, although she could tell that she was beginning to get a little fluffy around the and in her ass. She turned to look at herself full length and then turned back to look at her large, full, and heavy breasts. She would rather have to deal with the weight rather than have a flat chest, she thought to herself. With a final thought, she also grabbed her perfume bottle and misted that area between her legs, which she instinctively knew was already wet and confirmed when she removed her panties. She returned to the living room and sat down on the opposite end of the couch. She was back up instantly and walked over to where the wine bottle was sitting on the table and bending over fully so that Diane could clearly see her exposed breasts, she refilled her wine glass. Still bending over and looking up in Diane’s direction, she said, “Would you care for some more honey?”

“Of course,” Diane said slowly, “why not.”

Both girls were quiet as they watched a CMT video on the large screen television in front of them. It was the new video by Faith Hill and both were mesmerized by the content. As they continued to watch other videos in silence, Daisy leaned over on her left arm and tilted her body in Diane’s direction so that if Diane looked at her, she would have a good view of her tits. Diane, on the other hand, had brought both her knees up to her chest, leaving her bottom side completely exposed to Daisy’s view if she were to turn her head. Diane had raised her legs up so that she could excite herself by touching her tits without being noticed, and was completely unaware of what Daisy was now able to see. And, within a couple of long minutes (at least in Daisy’s mind they were long), she was no longer able to resist the temptation to look. Once she did, she could no longer turn her head away. Without caring what Diane could see, Daisy moved her right hand to her breast and casually caressed her right boob. Eventually, Diane looked in Daisy’s direction and both girls froze as they were caught up in the moment and in the erotic excitement that they were creating in themselves. Diane looked into Daisy’s eyes and instantly knew what she was looking at. When she looked up, she saw Daisy caressing herself while she, Diane, was caressing herself. They stared at each other for what seemed like minutes, but in reality only one video since Faith Hill had started and ended. Diane pushed her legs back out, but before she did, Daisy thought that she had seen some secretion. Instantly, Daisy removed her hand and straightened up her body on the couch.

Both girls were breathing heavy and the aroma of female excitement could easily be smelled. Diane was the first to speak, “Daisy, you are so pretty,” she said pulling her shirt-tail out of her dress. “I feel much more comfortable with it out. You will not think me improper will you?”

“Of course not,” Daisy replied reassuringly, “if mine had tails I would have pulled it out long ago.”

For several minutes the girls talked about many subjects ranging from work to family to holidays and vacations to some of the sexual activities each had experienced with their husbands. Once the subject of husbands was raised, Diane said, “When does Mikey get home?”

“In about 2 hours,” replied Daisy looking at her watch. “We suadiye escort have plenty of time to continue our visit, unless you need to go?”

“No, I don’t need to go… not yet, anyway,” Diane added smiling seductively, “I have enjoyed being with you and have wanted to do this for a long time.”

“Oh,” Daisy said curiously, “for a long time… what do you mean?”

“I have always thought that we were a lot alike. At least we seem to be at the bank. We are the same size and could probably wear the same clothes. Anyway, I just wanted to get to know you.”

“I agree,” Daisy said smiling, “I have wondered what it would be like to have you as a friend for some time myself, and I have always admired how you dressed. You have good tastes and similar to mine.”

“I don’t think,” Diane interjected, “there is an outfit that you have worn that I have not wished that I had it to wear also.”

“Oh really,” Daisy commented, “perhaps you would like to try some of them on tonight?”

“Oh yes, I really would like to do that,” Diane said excitedly, “but first I just want to sit her a little longer and take in all your beauty.”

Daisy smiled as she looked towards the television to see what video was being played, since she recognized the music. While she looked, Diane took that opportunity to completely unbutton her blouse, leaving the front panels a couple of inches apart. When Daisy turned back around and adjusted herself back in Diane’s direction, the two women continued their varied conversation. Daisy tried not to notice the unbuttoned blouse, but she wished that Diane would raised her knees back up to her chest again. Periodically, Diane would look away from Daisy as if to collect her thoughts and then her head would return and her part of the conversation would continue. Each time that happened, Daisy took the opportunity to move her arm down to her lap and pains stakenly unbutton the remaining buttons on her blouse. She was also careful not to let Diane notice what she was doing. However, each time Diane turned away and back again she noticed that Daisy had gotten a little farther and continued her behavior until she noticed that Daisy had completed the task. It excited both women to know that if the other female moved just a little and in the right direction, that it would display more of their chest. At the same time each girl was having these thoughts, each girl was also trying to move in such a way that it would open up their blouse a little more without being too obvious.

To break the tension that was building, both girls spoke simultaneously, “Can I pour you some more wine?” And, both girls giggled foolishly as they looked at each other smiling at their silliness.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Daisy.

“What,” Diane asked sheepishly?

“Let’s both pour. You pour mine and I’ll pour your.

“Great idea,” Diane said as she rose and moved toward the bottle. Daisy was soon to follow.

Neither girl thought about what their movements would do to their unbuttoned blouses. Each girl poured the other a full glass of wine. Each girl raised up her glass to toast, but nothing was said as they smiled and emptied the contents of the glasses, and bending over slightly, sat the glasses on the table as if it was all done in one planned movement. They stood facing each other. Close enough to feel each other’s breath. And, without warning or planning they embraced. Sexually electricity shot through them both! As their blouses were free and non-interfering, both girls could feel the soft warmth of the person they were holding. Their breasts were the same size, large and full, and combined, made it feel as though someone else was between them. Their nipples hardened instantly. Both girls could feel a little “love juice” roll down the inside of their thighs. Both girls wanted to kiss but stayed in the tight embrace as their bodies began to quiver a little. Daisy knew that it eventually had to happen, but when it did, it was nothing that she had expected. Diane pushed her away a little so that she could see her face and as she looked into her eye, she leaned over and softly kissed her on the lips. Again, again, again, and again she kissed her ever so softly and gently. Diane pulled her head back and looked into Daisy’s eyes and leaned forward again and kissed her on the mouth. Except, this time it was with force and her tongue pushed its way through her lips to the inside of her mouth. It darted around as if looking for something. The, Daisy responded and moved her tongue up to meet Diane’s tongue. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Diane pulled back then started kissing her again. Daisy was in another world. She had lost all contact with reality, lost in a world of sexual abandonment. Diane started kissing Daisy’s neck while one of her hands moved down to Daisy’s breast and squeezed and pinched the nipple until it ached with pleasure. Diane’s mouth returned to Daisy’s mouth and this time, Daisy’s hand went to Diane’s breast. As if playing follow the leader, Diane moved her hand down between Daisy’s legs and slowly inserted her finger into the wet pussy opening. As Daisy moaned with pleasure never known before, she moved her hand down between Diane’s legs and inserted her finger into Diane’s pussy. Within minutes both girls hands were covered in a sticky, erotic smelling liquid and as Diane withdrew her hand, Daisy followed and knew that her lips would not soon be kissing Diane’s lips but sucking the sticky liquid off her finger and hand.

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