Teresa Scalia: Barbara’s Bawdy Beach Brawl

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Note to readers: This story is a little different from my past works. First off the characters are in bathing suits. I generally like my characters fully clothed in formal, casual, general business attire. Gives me more options to be creative with their costumes and lingerie. This story was inspired by the YouTube video “Best Girl Fight at Creek.” Secondly while there is a catfight and some stripping, the bulk of this work is sexual in nature. Several of my previous stories have hinted around at this topic and I figured with this story it was time to let one of my characters really cut loose. So if descriptive sexual text is not your thing you may want to let this one pass. As always thank you for reading my works and I appreciate your comments.


It was a warm midweek afternoon in July. The Andersons were preparing for an outing.

“Mark, toss a couple more water bottles into the cooler before you bring it out please.” Barbara called out.

“Okay” Mark replied as he walked back into their house. Dressed in a short sleeved white blouse tied at the midriff, khaki shorts and green headband, Barbara was putting the last few things into their SUV for an afternoon of boating at the lake. Mark had recently purchased a new cigarette style boat and was anxious to take it out and see what it could do. Mark returned from the house with cooler in hand. The cooler was quickly loaded and the couple were on their way.

“I’m really looking forward to testing out this boat.” Mark said to Barbara.

“Oh I’m sure you are, you paid enough for this new toy.” Barbara teased. “I’d just like to have a peaceful afternoon on the beach and catch some sun.”

The couple arrived at the Marina where Mark’s new pride and joy was docked. They transferred their cooler, picnic basket, blankets, and two lawn chairs into the boat and shoved off. The lake was a large public impoundment, several miles long. There were several public beaches scattered along the shoreline, but the Andersons were headed for a special place. Several years ago when the lake was formed, islands were created. One forward thinking individual managed to acquire legal title to one such island. The island had a secluded cove on which a sand beach was created. Memberships were sold on a fairly exclusive basis. Mark and Barbara owned a membership in this Association.

Mark steered the boat into the open channel and opened up the throttle. The boat leapt forward instantly and was up on plane. Clearly enjoying himself Mark piloted to the private cove. The trip to the cove took about half an hour.

Arriving at the cove Mark throttled back and idled the boat to a gentle beaching. They quickly offloaded the chairs, blankets, and cooler establishing their spot on the beach. They could’ve picked any spot along the entire length of the beach as this was midweek and the entire beach was empty. Barbara laid out the lunch she had prepared. Mark ate quickly and was clearly ready to go back out on his boat. Taking the last swig from his bottle of beer, Mark wiped his mouth and said “Ready for another cruise on the lake?”

Barbara was putting the last of the picnic items back in the basket “You go ahead, I’d like to lay out and enjoy the sun.” With that she stood and untied her blouse. Slipping the blouse off her shoulders Barbara revealed a kelly green and white polka dot bikini top. She unsnapped her shorts and with a couple of hip wiggles slid off her shorts. Her bikini bottoms matched her top. Barbara’s top had the strap over each shoulder that connected the cups of the top to the horizontal tie in back. Her bottoms were cut low on the hip with elastic waist and leg openings.

“Okay, suit yourself. I thought I’d run all the way to the upper end so I can fill up with high-octane gas. They don’t have the kind of gas I really need at the Marina. It might take me two hours to get up there and come back.” Mark replied.

“I’ll be fine. Have fun burning up precious fossil fuels.” Barbara laughed.

Mark pushed the boat back off the beach and climbed in over the bow. He fired up the engine, gave Barbara a wave and motored out of the cove. Barbara watched him leave and then got down to the business of applying baby oil to herself. “I should have had Mark do my back before he left.” Barbara thought as she contorted herself to try and oil her back. With sufficient oil applied to Barbara’s exposed areas of skin she laid back on her blanket.

“This is so nice, no sounds except for the wind through the trees and the birds.” She was totally relaxed. Barbara lay on her back for about 20 min. and then turned over onto her stomach. She was in this position for a short time when she heard a buzzing sound in the distance. Barbara tried to ignore the noise, but it was becoming increasingly louder as if the source was moving closer. The buzzing motor sound was very loud. As Barbara raised her head to look behind her at the cove she was suddenly struck with a stream of water.

The two jet skis avcılar escort had entered the cove at full throttle and pulled a sharp U-turn sending spray on the beach and of course soaking Barbara. Barbara flipped over into a sitting position to see what was going on. There were two young women on the jet skis who had stopped and were idling looking back at Barbara.

“You need to watch what you’re doing!” Barbara shouted to the jet ski riders as she stood up, putting her hands on her hips.

“Whoops, I didn’t notice anyone on the beach. Did you?” one rider said to the other.

“No, no I didn’t see her. She shouldn’t get so huffy about it.”

The jet ski riders looked at each other and laughed. “Let’s give her another dose.”

Then as if they had planned this all along, they repeated the maneuver giving Barbara a second unwanted shower. This time soaking her in the face and down her front. Barbara sputtered and wiped the water from her face.

Barbara was now incensed. “Very funny, you brats!”

Laughing even more one jet skier said to the other, “I know that woman, let’s go talk to her.”

“You think we should? She acts pretty pissed.”

“It’ll be fine. I can handle this housewife.”

Beaching their watercraft, the young ladies dismounted and approached Barbara. Both were wearing string bikinis one flame orange and the other fluorescent blue. As they came closer Barbara recognized one of the jet skiers. Resplendent in flame orange was Kathy Benson. Kathy’s companion was another dancer from the Gentleman’s Club. Her name was Jenna Myers. Jenna was a caramel skinned, mixed-race beauty. She had long wavy reddish brown hair, Angelina Jolie lips, and almond shaped hazel colored eyes. Jenna had a slender, but very athletic physique. She had a pair of dancer’s legs and a firm, very round butt. Jenna was just lacking much in the bust line. What she did have in that area was very firm and perky. Jenna had known Kathy in their college days. With her exotic beauty and superior dancing skills, Jenna was very popular at the Gentleman’s Club. She was also a confirmed lesbian.

“It’s that slut Kathy Benson.” Barbara thought to herself as the two bikini-clad dancers approached. Kathy had more than a bit of swagger in her walk. No doubt feeling superior to the blonde soccer mom that she had bested in the boxing ring sometime back. And her triumph over Michelle Smithson, albeit with a great assist from Roxanne Starr, on Main Street. Jenna was taking in Barbara’s physical assets in the polka dot bikini and was having some thoughts of her own.

“Well good afternoon to you Mrs. Anderson. Seems as though you’ve been subjected to an unwanted shower. I am so, so very sorry.” Kathy said in the most condescending manner possible.

“Keep your apologies and get off this beach. This area is private and strippers are not allowed.” Barbara said as she leaned forward and took a half step closer to Kathy.

“Please Mrs. Anderson, don’t get snotty with me. My friend and I have as much right to be on this beach as anyone. And I wouldn’t try anything either. I’m sure you or at least housewife ass of yours recalls what happened at the boxing ring.” Again Kathy used a very condescending tone.

Looking at her friend, Kathy said “You see Jenna, Maria and I had a gig as ring card girls for a charity boxing match. Mrs. Anderson, here, and her big boobed, fat assed friend Teresa Scalia tried to sabotage us. Unfortunately for those two, Maria and I were more than they could handle.”

Turning back to Barbara, Kathy related “That was a lovely white dress you were wearing that night. Pity you couldn’t keep it on. And your white lace garter belt and thong. I guess you held onto your garter belt, but lost the thong.” Facing Jenna once again Kathy said with more than a trace of sarcasm, “Mrs. Anderson needed to be punished for her interference. She ended up stripped of her dress and over my knee in the center of the ring, getting her ass warmed.”

“Really. I am so sorry that I missed that episode. Must’ve been delightful for both of you.” Jenna mocked.

Barbara seethed at being reminded of her debasement at the hands of Kathy Benson. She also intensely resented Kathy relating this story to her friend and her friend’s flippant retort.

“I wouldn’t be so confident Ms. Benson? I seem to recall Teresa Scalia warming your cute little tush not too long ago at the magic show. How did that feel?” Barbara said defiantly, her anger mounting.

Jenna was taking this all in from a few steps to the rear of Kathy. Actually she was enjoying the trash talking. All the while she was assessing Barbara’s physical attributes encased in the polka dot bikini. Jenna looked at Barbara’s long, tanned attractive legs. Her eyes lingered at Barbara’s pubic mound. Taking in the flair of her hips, Jenna speculated on the fullness of Barbara’s derrière. Barbara’s belly was flat, the result of her determined avrupa yakası escort workout regimen. Jenna’s eyes wandered upward and took in Barbara’s bust line. Barbara’s bust matched her athletic physique. Barbara stayed in shape but her body still had a womanly quality to it especially in the curve of her hips. Certainly not as large in the boob department as Teresa Scalia or Michelle Smithson, Barbara’s breasts were respectable as well as full and firm. Jenna was trying to imagine what they look like sans the bikini top.

Kathy didn’t need to be reminded about the magic show and how Teresa had paddled her in front of an audience while bent over a table. And she didn’t need to hear it from Barbara Anderson.

“I’m not the least bit overconfident and I don’t need to hear from you about anything. Understand?” Kathy said as she poked her finger into Barbara’s left shoulder.

“Don’t poke me you skank.” Barbara said as she grabbed Kathy’s wrist. That was all Kathy needed to start something. With her right arm restricted by Barbara, Kathy whipped her left arm around the back of Barbara’s head putting her in a headlock. Barbara’s right arm was free and she tried to push Kathy away. Kathy maintained a solid hold around Barbara’s head and was trying to push her down to the sand.

Jenna stepped over in front of Kathy to offer assistance. Kathy saw her and said “Stay out of this Jenna, I’ve got this covered.” Jenna kept her distance and was content to watch the women grapple.

Failing to break Kathy’s hold around her neck, Barbara knew she had to do something. She swung her right leg in front of Kathy’s legs and grabbed Kathy around the waist with her right arm. Pivoting her torso and lifting with her right arm, Barbara quite effectively performed a hip toss on Kathy. Kathy lost her balance and heading down to the sand on her back. She would not, however, give up her hold on Barbara. The result was both women falling down on the sand. Kathy on her back with her hold around Barbara’s neck still secure. Barbara fell face first across the prone Kathy. Her torso resting at right angles to Kathy’s. Barbara quickly scrambled to a kneeling position with her derrière high and her face pressed into Kathy’s chest. Barbara’s left arm was pinned under Kathy’s head. Her right arm was engaged trying to pry Kathy’s arm from around her neck. Barbara could do nothing against the headlock Kathy had on her. She could match the strength of the younger woman. Barbara could feel hair with the fingers of her left hand. She gripped as much as she could and pulled.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow you bitch!” Kathy screamed as Barbara yanked on her hair. Kathy tightened her headlock in retaliation. Barbara’s efforts to pry loose from the headlock were in vain. She knew she had to do something on the offensive. She dropped her right hand on to Kathy’s belly and tried to scratch. While her hand was going back and forth over Kathy’s belly her fingers touched Kathy’s bikini bottoms. Grabbing the fabric Barbara pulled with all her might. She got the desired result as the blaze orange fabric of the bikini bottoms dug into Kathy’s crotch. Kathy screamed in indignation but would not give up her headlock.

Ever the vigilant observer, Jenna was thoroughly enjoying the view of Barbara’s shapely polka dotted butt. Her speculations on the shape of Barbara’s derrière were confirmed. Jenna thought Barbara’s wedgy tactic was somewhat unsporting. Even though Kathy had told her to stay out, Jenna decided to do an intervention. Plus, what she had in mind for Barbara would be a great deal of fun for Jenna. She trotted up behind Barbara and surveyed the situation. Both Kathy and Barbara were so completely occupied with each other they did not know that Jenna was about to join the fray.

Jenna enjoyed watching Barbara’s butt wiggle back and forth as she struggled with Kathy. Jenna bent down and slipped the fingers of both hands inside the leg openings of Barbara’s bikini bottom. Barbara was so intent on her struggle with Kathy she didn’t even notice that someone was getting their hands into her pants. Jenna hesitated for a moment enjoying the feeling of Barbara’s smooth skin on the backs of her fingertips. Then Jenna yanked the fabric straight up into the small of Barbara’s back. The effect was instantaneous. The fabric disappeared between the cheeks of Barbara’s ass revealing her lovely tan lines. Barbara’s butt cheeks were a flawless creamy white. Jenna’s eyes grew wide when she saw this.

“Oh my God, my ass!” Barbara mentally screamed. Barbara instinctively spun to her side and reach back with her right hand to relieve the wedgy. Jenna stepped back and allowed the two women to continue. Kathy felt Barbara twist to her side and took immediate advantage. She swung her leg over Barbara’s hips and released the headlock. Before Barbara knew it she was flat on her back with Kathy straddling her tummy. Barbara kicked with her legs and tried to fight off Kathy’s bağcılar escort arms as best she could, but Kathy now had a huge advantage. Kathy got control of Barbara’s arms by grasping her wrists. She then slid forward on Barbara’s torso and pinned Barbara’s arms. Both women were breathing heavily from their combat.

“Now Mrs. Anderson,” Kathy said between pants “what are we going to do with you?” Barbara wiggled and squirmed and made a few halfhearted kicks, but it was obvious Kathy had her controlled. Kathy put her knees on Barbara’s arms so that she could free up her hands. Kathy needed to adjust her bikini bottoms after Barbara’s assault.

“Oh I’m going to pay you back big time for that move Ms. Housewife.” Kathy threatened Barbara as she plucked the fabric from her crotch.

“You can go to hell. You leave me alone.” Barbara replied.

“No, no, no Barbie. I think the fun is just now going to begin.”

With that Kathy got two good handfuls of Barbara’s blond hair. Kathy began to stand up while pulling Barbara to her feet. Barbara’s hands were free and she could have attempted some slaps at Kathy but instead grabbed Kathy’s wrists to lessen pressure on her hair. Kathy had something in mind and was looking around for an implement to accomplish that.

“Kathy” Jenna called. “Bring her over here.” Jenna said as she patted the cooler.

Kathy led Barbara by the hair over to the cooler which was resting on a beach blanket.

“What do you think you’re going to do to me?” Barbara protested.

“I think we’ll start out with something you’re very familiar with.” Kathy replied.

“Familiar with? What does she mean? Barbara thought. Then it came to her. “Oh my God no. She’s going to spank me.”

Barbara was now in a panic of anticipation. She was in fear of the pain she would have to endure. She was also fearful of the feelings that’s stirred inside her when she had been subjected to spankings in the past. Teresa Scalia, Michelle Smithson, and of course Kathy Benson had all had Barbara over their knee. Barbara had always suppressed the urges that these spankings had conjured. What troubled Barbara the most was that the arousal only occurred when it was another woman paddling her. Or when she had spanked another woman such as Teresa and Michelle. She had been punished in the past by her husband and by Dominic Scalia. Those episodes had only caused her pain and humiliation, but no sexual arousal. It was the hand of another woman that stirred her urges.

Kathy began to lower self to sit on the cooler with the intent of pulling Barbara over her lap. She stopped when she heard Jenna’s suggestion.

“Kathy, why don’t we bend her over the cooler on her hands and knees?” Jenna suggested.

“Why that’s a fine idea Ms. Myers.”

“Bend me over the cooler? What are they up to?” Barbara thought. She was sure she would be pulled over Kathy’s lap to receive a spanking.

Using Barbara’s hair to control her, Kathy forced Barbara to her knees in front of the cooler. Jenna knelt on the opposite side of the cooler. She gently took Barbara’s face in her hands and brushed her blond hair from her eyes. Their eyes met.

“Now, now sweetie, let this happen.” Jenna said soothingly.

Barbara was somewhat shocked at Jenna’s ministrations. Barbara leaned forward and rested her belly on the cooler, her breasts to one side and her ass in the air. Seeing that Jenna had taken control, Kathy got on with the task at hand. Dropping to one knee directly behind Barbara, Kathy got a grip on the polkadot bikini bottoms and swiftly pulled them down.

“Oh, oh” Barbara jerked her head around and gasped as she felt her bottoms coming off.

“Shush, shush now.” Jenna comforted as she turned Barbara’s face forward to look at her. Strangely, Barbara was reacting to the soothing Jenna.

Barbara’s cute tush was now fully exposed. Her bikini bottoms were down to her knees and her white cheeks were available. Kathy rested her left hand on the small of Barbara’s back, just above the sacral dimples. Her right hand gently skimmed over the hemisphere of Barbara’s right butt cheek. Again Barbara jerked forward and look back over her shoulder and Kathy.

“Now, now look at me, let this happen.” Jenna again positioned Barbara’s face forward and looked into her eyes. She gently stroked Barbara’s cheeks with her thumb.

Kathy’s hand moved over Barbara’s bottom to her upper right thigh. Then she moved to the left thigh and traced up the thigh and over the curve of Barbara’s left buttock. Kathy paused at the left buttock and gave it a squeeze.

Barbara looked deeply into Jenna’s eyes tears welling up in her own.

“You seem to be nice. Can’t you help me? I don’t deserve what she’s going to do to me.” Barbara was shivering in anticipation of what was to come.

“Well that’s very sweet. But no, I won’t get you out of your punishment. But I will help you through it.”

Barbara dropped her head in resignation. At the same time Kathy laid on the first spank. Barbara jerked her head upward and again looked back at Kathy. Kathy delivered another slap to the other cheek. Barbara gritted her teeth and faced forward. Again Jenna took Barbara’s face in her hands and whispered in her ear.

“Accept the pain. Absorb it all over your bottom.”

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