Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 14

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Daddy Gets a New Office Assistant

A few days later my boss walked into my office.

“I heard you were in the Human Resources office asking about health care benefits,” he began. “Is there something I should know about?”

“I don’t think so,” I said. “I’m in fine shape — no health problems.”

His face relaxed. “Glad to hear it. So if you don’t mind my asking, what’s the problem?”

I told him about my daughter’s best friend Randi moving into our household and how I was worried that, if we were going to be responsible for her, I hoped to get her enrolled on my health insurance. Naturally, in my description of her pregnancy, I left out the part about my being the father of her child.

My boss’s face took on a thoughtful expression. “It’s generous of you to take in this young lady when she’s in trouble,” he said. “I’m just sorry that the terms of our health coverage don’t allow for her to be considered part of your household. However, I might have an idea that could help her.”


“You said she’s eighteen and recently finished high school — that means she could take on a regular job. We could use a new administrative assistant around the office — a gofer to handle photocopying, deliveries, cleaning up the break room. Maybe cover the reception desk during Jackie’s lunch hour, that sort of thing. If she’s full time, she’d qualify for health benefits.”

That was how Randi came to work in my office.

Within a day or two word got around that the young pregnant girl who was running errands for the company was a sort-of member of my family. My boss was the kind of guy who loved to spread the word around when one of his employees did something good, and he considered my taking in a homeless pregnant girl to be a real act of charity. In addition, it was obvious from the first day that Randi came into the office that she knew me and looked up to me, calling me “Mr. J” whenever she addressed me.

She and I were of course careful that any public show of affection between us was strictly of the platonic or paternal variety. I made it clear to my co-workers that she was my daughter’s best friend, and that I was taking her under my wing. The result was that Randi’s entry into my office ended up making me look good to everyone, especially the younger women in the office who could sympathize with the plight of an eighteen year old girl getting pregnant and then being thrown out on the street by her parents. Shorn of the fact that I was the one who had seduced Randi and was the father of her coming child, I came off looking like a white knight.

It didn’t hurt that Randi was a hard worker. Her natural shyness came off as charming to most of the people in the office, who went out of their way to make her welcome. Soon she could be seen darting all over the building carrying things for people, making coffee in the break room, buying cake for office birthday parties, and so on.

Her habit of calling me “Mr. J” even got picked up by some of the younger office workers, especially the female ones, who found her nickname for me kind of fun and charming. I have to admit I found it a turn-on to have the young women in the office call me a name that I often heard screamed when Randi was in the midst of orgasming.

Randi and I usually traveled to and from work together, and we often took our lunch breaks together. Other people working in the office got used to looking for Randi during her lunch hour and finding the two of us together behind locked doors. When they entered, they always found us with our bag lunches spread out on my desk, eating and chatting together comfortably.

Naturally, eating lunch wasn’t all we were doing. More often than not, Randi’s lunch included a delicious protein shake. One that she worked hard to deserve, usually on her knees. The last several months of licking pussy and sucking cock had given little Randi a powerful oral addiction that she indulged in my office several times a week, kneeling at my feet while I sat in my office swivel chair, stroking her long hair and whispering endearments to her. “I love you, Randi,” I said, stroking her black hair. “Such a sweet little thing. So petite. So loving. Such a good little girl,” I cooed. “You love sucking cock, don’t you?”

“Mm hmm.” Her mouth was too full to say anything more.

“Such a little girl,” I continued. “Grown up cock is so big in your mouth, isn’t it?”

“Mm hmm.” Despite the cock in her mouth, I could see the corners of her mouth smiling. She nodded her head up and down in agreement as she sucked.

“Little Asian fuckdolls love the taste of their Daddy, don’t they?”

“Mm HMM!” she murmured emphatically.

“Then drink my cum, little baby!” I rasped. I gripped her head and pulled it deeper onto my shaft, then came in her sweet, obedient mouth.

Randi loved working with me. Being in the same office with me meant that she got her oral fix every mid day without having to wait until I got home from work. She loved being on her knees sucking cock. MY cock. Her new Daddy. Her office supervisor. My hands on either side of her temples kartal escort bayan pulled her head up and down on my shaft. Randi whimpered in obedient satisfaction.

Having Randi work in my office was fantastic, I thought to myself. I leaned back in my office chair with my head against the cushion while Randi completed her daily task by cleaning my cock with her tongue.

A few minutes later, one of my young female co-workers knocked on the locked door, looking for Randi to collate the printouts and charts of a long report. When she came in, Randi and I were sitting amicably side by side, finishing our sandwiches. “Hey, Mr. J, mind if I steal Randi from you for a few minutes?” she asked.

A few days later, the same co-worker, Sharla, knocked on my office door when Randi had not yet finished her daily blowjob. Rather than have Randi interrupt her task, I had her squeeze under my desk so she could continue to blow me.

Because my job often involved confidential interviews over the phone, my office was set up with a lock that had a buzzer on my desk, allowing me to lock or unlock the door while sitting at my desk. I buzzed in my co-worker.

When Sharla came in a moment later, she saw me alone in my office. “Where’s Randi?” she asked.

“I think she’s doing a job for somebody,” I answered. In the small space under my desk, petite little Randi sucked me dutifully.

“Oh well, I guess what I want from her will have to wait till after lunch.” She paused, then said, “Y’know, Mr. J. . .” She smiled to herself at using Randi’s nickname for me. “. . . A lot of us in the office think the world of you for taking Randi into your home the way you have.”

Randi slurped me quietly under the desk.

Sharla was a tall blonde with large, D-cup tits that she often emphasized by wearing pushup bras along with blouses whose top buttons were typically left unfastened. She often teased new guys in the office with her decolletage, then mock-criticized them with comments like, “My eyes are up here.” She wasn’t snarky about it, but it did tend to drive her male victims crazy. After awhile, you got used to her tricks and she stopped with the double messages, treating you like just another colleague. When we were alone, she sometimes confided, laughing, that she was deliberately driving some of our male co-workers crazy.

Now it looked like Sharla was going back into teasing mode with me, but she seemed more serious this time than she did when she was deliberately screwing with the heads of new male employees. She put her palms on my desk and leaned forward. As she leaned toward me, her arms pushed her breasts together. She said, “I think it’s really fantastic when a man steps up to protect a young girl the way you have. And I think it’s sweet the way she calls you ‘Mr. J’. She’s got a crush on you, you know.”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” I smiled while, under my desk, Randi expressed her agreement with what Sharla was saying by sucking my cock deeper with each plunge of her head.

Sharla squeezed her tits together more, showing lovely cleavage as she leaned in farther toward me. I reached under the desk and curled my hand around Randi’s neck, silently urging her to suck me deeper. Sharla, meanwhile, continued, “I think it’s sexy the way you take care of her. You know what they say, ‘A hard man is good to . . .’ Oops! I meant it the other way around. Anyway, keep up the good work!” She stood up straighter, fingering the open top buttons of her blouse in a way that drew even more attention to her tits. My hand still under the table, I grabbed Randi’s hair and roughly pulled her face deeper on my cock. I could feel a wave of sensation as Randi, with surprising silence, gagged on the thick sausage in her mouth, her throat constricting along the length of my rod.

Sharla turned and sashayed toward the door, swinging her hips as she walked. “If you see Randi, tell her I’m looking for her,” she said as she went out the door.

After the door was closed, Randi spoke up. “She’s right, Mr. J. I DO have a crush on you.”

We both laughed at the understatement, then she continued, “I’m so grateful to you. You let me suck you every day.” She licked my shaft from the base to the head, then continued. “You took me in when I needed a new home. You taught me about sex and you’re still teaching me. Cum in my mouth, Mr. J. Cum in my mouth so I can show you how grateful I am.”

I leaned my head back and chuckled as I forced her head deeper on my tool and came in her throat.

A couple of days later Elaine visited my office during my lunch hour. At the time, Randi was sitting on my lap with both legs on one side of me. She had her skirt hiked up, and with my arm supporting her legs, was slowly lowering herself onto my shaft.

As always with Randi, her incredibly tight pussy made my entry a slow business. She was lowering herself onto me a little bit at a time, gradually easing herself into the pleasure.

When Elaine knocked on my door and announced herself, I thought she was alone so I buzzed her in despite my extremely compromising position. escort maltepe Instead, though, when the door opened I saw both my wife and my co-worker, Sharla, enter together.

Elaine took in the scene immediately but pretended that everything was totally innocent. On the other hand, Sharla’s eyes went wide seeing a young pregnant teenager sitting on my lap. Randi quickly smoothed over her skirt to ensure that no one could see anything in our crotches.

“Hi, honey! Hi, Randi!” Elaine chirped. “Oh, don’t you look cute together!”

Elaine turned to Sharla and continued talking. “You’ve probably heard that Randi’s been best friends with our daughter since they were both nine years old,” she said. Her blathering seemed designed to keep Sharla from thinking about the situation she saw in front of her. “Randi’s like a second daughter to us. I can’t count the number of times the four of us have crowded onto the living room couch to watch movies together. That couch is so small for four people. Randi and our daughter, Katie, often fight over who gets to sit on my husband’s lap.”

Sharla had a confused look on her face, but Elaine kept talking. She circled around my desk to where Randi was still perched on my lap, my cock only halfway into her tight little vagina. Randi started to rise up off of my lap. “Oh, don’t get up on my account, Randi!” said Elaine.

She stood behind Randi and put both her hands on Randi’s shoulders. “Feel free to sit on his lap and bounce around like you always do at our house!”

Elaine pushed Randi down onto my cock in full view of my co-worker. Randi’s eyes went wide and she bit her lip to stop from crying out in shock, pain and ecstasy as she was forced to accept my meat all at once. Luckily, the draping of her skirt hid the fact that I was balls deep inside her vagina.

I tried to act as if nothing weird was going on. “What can I do for you, Sharla?” I asked. As I spoke, I could feel Randi’s cunt muscles clenching on my cock. Waves of sensation were rippling along the length of my rod without Randi seeming to move at all in my lap.

Sharla appeared as if it took an act of will to take her eyes off of Elaine and Randi, and managed to look me in the eyes. “You need to sign this month’s TPS Reports.” She put a sheaf of papers on my desk in front of me.

My right hand had been under Randi’s legs, holding her up as she lowered herself onto my cock. Now, with her planted on my dick all the way down to the root, I didn’t have to support her weight anymore. I tried to act nonchalant as I disentangled my hand, grabbed a pen and signed the papers in triplicate while Randi remained sitting on my lap.

Elaine turned back to Sharla and continued, ignoring Sharla’s open-mouthed shock and confusion. “Randi’s such a sweet girl, don’t you think, Sharla? It’s fantastic having her as part of our family!”

Randi tried to sit as still as possible, but she was shivering slightly with fear and the sensation of having my hard cock forced up her twat.

“And feel her growing tummy!” Elaine said. “You know, sometimes you can feel the baby kick!” She reached around Randi’s torso, pulled up her blouse and began stroking the girl’s bare pregnant belly. “Come feel the baby growing inside her, Sharla!”

Randi squirmed involuntarily on my cock while Sharla walked warily around to my side of the desk. She knelt on the ground beside my chair, facing Randi, and started rubbing Randi’s tummy.

“Feel that!” cried Elaine. She and Sharla rubbed their hands directly on Randi’s bare tummy. “Can you feel the baby inside?”

Randi was squirming more and more. Each time she moved even a millimeter I could feel her pussy muscles clenching and unclenching in waves of sensation. The feeling on my cock was incredible. I still had one arm around Randi’s back, and now moved the other one from the desk full of business papers to her bulging pregnancy bump. Elaine, Sharla and I were now all caressing Randi’s belly together, our hands often overlapping and touching each other’s. Randi began moving up and down, trying at the same time to mask her movements and make it look as if she were merely trying to find a comfortable position.

“See what I mean?” said Elaine to Sharla. “She loves to bounce on his lap!”

“And that’s okay?” asked Sharla, obviously trying to mask her incredulity.

“Of course it is! She’s an affectionate girl, and we love her very much! Bounce on Mr. J, sweetheart! Show us how much you like to bounce on my husband’s lap!” To emphasize her words, Elaine gripped Randi’s shoulders and forced her to go up and down a couple of times on my lap.

Randi bit her lip in an effort to maintain self control while my wife forced her to ride me.

But then, Elaine stopped her motions and instead used her hands on Randi’s shoulders to force Randi to sit in place. “Don’t you love being on Mr. J’s lap, Randi?” asked Elaine.

Randi shivered slightly all over. Sharla, her hands still on Randi’s pregnant belly, shot me a curious, unreadable look. Randi began moving with infinitesimally small motions of her hips. pendik escort “I do love your lap, Mr. J,” she said, and shivered again.

“Jesus!” said Sharla wonderingly.

Elaine, crouched behind Randi, began whispering in her ear in a voice loud enough for Sharla and me to hear her clearly. “Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!”

Randi tried to remain still, but the only result was that her mind seemed to disconnect from the body that wanted so desperately to hump me. Randi’s eyelids fell to a half-lidded state and she nearly went cross-eyed, while her head lolled back against my wife’s ample chest. Her mouth sagged open and her shoulders shivered.

With so many hands caressing her body and with my cock buried inside her, Randi was losing control of herself.

“I felt it!” cried Sharla. “I felt the baby kick!” She turned to me. “You’re a real father figure to little Randi, aren’t you?” she asked.

“I try to take care of her,” I said. My hand overlapped Sharla’s as we rubbed Randi’s tummy together.

“Mr. J is so good to me!” gasped Randi. “So good!”

Sharla looked over at Elaine and asked, “He takes care of both of you?”

“Every day,” said Elaine. “He takes care of us every day!”

“. . . Every day . . .!” repeated Randi, lost in her fuck-daze.

“And how is the pregnancy going, Randi?” Sharla asked.

Randi nodded and tried to suppress a gasp. Her pelvis gave a strong spasm, but she still had enough self control to keep from blatantly humping me. She tried to concentrate on the conversation. “Sorry,” she said. “The baby gave a kick and it made me shudder.”

“I understand. I’ll bet you must be outgrowing all your old clothes, aren’t you?”

“It’s a tight fit,” she gasped. She squirmed again. “So tight!”

All three of us continued to caress Randi’s stomach.

“Your tummy is so swollen!” said Sharla. “And I’ll bet the rest of you is growing, too. Soon your breasts will be as big as mine!”

“I used to be a C-cup,” Randi said in a little girl voice. “But now my breasts have grown to a size D.”

“That’s the same size as me! Imagine,” Sharla said, casting a knowing side glance at me and smiling slyly, “such large breasts on such a tiny young thing!”

“Here,” said Elaine. “Take a look.” She reached down and began unbuttoning the top buttons of Randi’s blouse.

“OH! Mrs. J!” said Randi.

“That’s okay, Randi,” said Elaine soothingly. “It’s just among us women. And Mr. J — why, he’s a member of the family, isn’t he?”

“Uh! . . . I guess it’s okay.” Randi shivered again, and her pelvis gave another lurch on my cock. “Go ahead and touch them.”

Sharla began unbuttoning Randi’s blouse from the bottom and her fingers soon met Elaine’s working their way down from the top. Together, they parted Randi’s blouse only to find that she had, before our lunch session, already taken off her bra.

“Aren’t they pretty!” said Sharla. She and Elaine started caressing Randi’s firm, pregnancy-swollen breasts.

“And they ride so high on her chest — so big on such a petite girl, and with no sag at all!” Elaine was openly groping the young teen’s big tits. “But fair’s fair. Shouldn’t we also see your breasts and compare them to see if they’re really the same size?” asked Elaine.

Randi managed to remain almost motionless, but the effort was taking its toll. Sharla and Elaine were playing with her sensitive breasts, while I continued to rub her stomach. My cock in her unbelievably tight little twat throbbed with anticipation. Randi was beginning to hyperventilate with the effort to keep still on my lap.

Sharla gave a broad smile and looked into Elaine’s eyes, then into mine and finally into dazed, compliant little Randi’s. “Like you said, ‘fair’s fair’.” She turned toward me. “The door . . .?”

“It’s locked,” I reassured her.

“Good. I wouldn’t want anyone to walk in and misunderstand what’s going on.” She smirked at me just before pulling her blouse over her head. “Would you like to touch them, Randi? Or Mr. J?”

One of my arms was already curled around Randi’s back. Now I reached around with that hand to cup one of Randi’s full breasts. I smiled at Sharla as I moved my other hand from Randi’s belly to Sharla’s lovely D-cup tits. “You’ve been teasing me with these tits for years, Sharla,” I said, smiling.

“All you had to do was ask,” she answered.

“Isn’t it wonderful to be with such good friends?” said Elaine. “And since we’re doing a little Show And Tell, Randi, why don’t you show us how much you like to bounce on Mr. J’s lap? You DO like to bounce on him, don’t you?”

“Oh God, Mrs. J! He makes me just want to bounce and bounce and bounce!”

“Well then do it, Randi dear. Show us how well our little teenage office assistant can bounce on a grown man’s lap.”

Sharla began kissing Randi’s nipples at that point and Randi lost control. She started gasping and reflexively humping up and down. All her efforts to control her own movements now slipped into the background as she finally felt released. She needed to cum. “Oh God, Mr. J! Give it to me!” She arched her back and leaned her head back against Elaine’s large breasts, while thrusting her tits in Sharla’s face. “Lick me! Fuck me!” She leaned toward me and began awkwardly trying to kiss me while at the same time bouncing up and down energetically on my cock.

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