Tasted of Brother’s Cum Pt. 02

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The next morning, I was still trying to process what I had done.

Did I really eat Luca’s cum? Did I really want his raw cock inside me, and did I really want my brother to cum deep inside me? Yes, yes, I did.

The sun was peeking through my curtains and I there was nothing but silence throughout the house. It was more than likely that everybody was still sleeping or not yet home from work. I had such a hard-on that I needed to jerk off. I closed my eyes and slipped my hand down my shorts, thinking about what I had done the previous night. I was so hard and precumming like crazy. My shorts got so wet, I could feel precum hit the back of my hand and I rubbed my cock and passed the area of my shorts which were originally soaked with precum.

I heard a light knock at the door and before I could respond or react, my brother had barged in on me. I’m pretty confident he saw me beating off because when I asked him what he wanted he paused and starred at my groin region. Luca asked if I wanted to go into town with him and grab snacks. I told him yes and asked for a few minutes to get dressed.

I rolled out of bed and stripped naked; I was going to put on underwear but figured I’d keep it interesting for both myself and Luca. I put on grey Nike sweatpants that really eccentricated my cock and my freshman year NYU shirt. I didn’t feel like doing my hair, so I just put on my Nike golf hat. I slipped on my dirty old white vans with no socks and headed towards the front door. I could feel myself still semi-hard but figured it would go away by the time we got to the store.

I got in the Luca’s F-150 and slid my ass a little down the seat to get more comfortable. I put my seatbelt on when I noticed my brother was not wearing any underwear either. Since we were young, we shared a lot of similarities as well as likes and dislikes. I began feeling myself get hard as I could make out the outlines of his head through his shorts. There was no hiding it, I couldn’t cover it with a jacket, I couldn’t try and flip it into my waistband, and I couldn’t excuse myself to go anywhere else. I was so horny for his cock and cum my body took over.

I figured I would have a few minutes before we got escort bostancı to the store; this would give me approximately ten minutes to figure out how to get rid of my hard on. I tried to change the subject but was unsuccessful all Luca wanted to do was talk about sex. I wasn’t sure if he had figured me out, I wasn’t sure if he knew I had just eaten all of his cum from his musty used underwear, and I was definitely not sure if he was doing this because he saw my cock earlier and wanted me just as bad as I wanted him.

It was 8am and the store was still not opened, it threw me off since this store is typically opened at 6. Luca said that it was like this because the employees needed to restock and were being given a little more time to do so as well as time to shop before other customers show up. I thought it was strange that he knew this and were sitting in basically empty parking lot an entire hour before they opened.

He parked pretty far away from the entrance, which is not that unusual since Luca hates the idea of somebody hitting his car. He took his seatbelt off and looked around the parking lot; he then leaned in and grabbed some papers from his glovebox. As he was pulling the papers out, he “accidentally” dropped one onto the floor by my feet. Before I could bend over and grab it for him, I could feel his arm in between my legs as he searched for the paper. He slid his right arm so close to my left leg my cock was pulsating at this point and leaking with precum.

I could feel my entire crotch soaked in precum. My head, shaft, balls, taint and even my asshole had enough precum to use as lube. He smiled and asked what was going on. I told said “nothing” and tried hiding my stains with my hands. Luca moved my hands and said, “sure don’t look like nothing.”

Luca grabbed my cock through my shorts and said ” you know I haven’t cummed that hard in a long time” confused I raised my left eyebrow which caused him to add “I know how much I cummed last night and I know somebody must have cummed some more, dad was at work so could not be him and the only other guy is you.” I smiled and began to laugh; he had caught me. Luca admitted to entering my room so quickly because ümraniye escort he wanted to catch me jerking off which worked out pretty well and also told me he did not want me to finish so that I would still be horny and alone with him.

Luca moved to the back of his truck and told me to follow. His truck had limo tint on all of his windows so we could be inside of the vehicle and nobody could see inside. I followed him to the back and sat there waiting for him to give me the right of way to start doing what I have been dreaming of.

He pulled his shorts down and out came his beautiful Italian cock that resembled my cock to a t. Before he could say or do anything my lips were wrapped around his head beginning to work down his cock. I went all the way down to his shaft and worked my way back up stroking it a little with my right hand. Then I would go and start sucking on his balls and taking deep whiffs of his balls. He smelled so good and his scent was enticing. I didn’t know how we ended here in this situation, but I didn’t mind.

He pulled me by my hair and ordered me to take my shorts off too. As soon as I did, he grabbed my hard-veiny cock with his left hand and shook it a bit. Precum was flying everywhere and he seemed to like the raining precum coming from my cock. Before he put my cock in his mouth, he went around my entire groin area and licked every piece, he looked at me and told me “I always figured you cummed a lot, just never knew you would precum this much too.”

Was I dreaming? Was I actually sucking and getting sucked off by my brother?

I was so turned on; I knew I was not going to last long. I started to warn him that I was going to cum soon. He stopped.

He sat back down and told me to spit on his cock. He was going to fuck me. I listened as I was told me spit a massive wadd of spit onto his cock. He rubbed it all over his head and then told me to hop on. I didn’t hesitate. I jumped up to one knee and hopped over him. I put my right knee on his left side and left knee on his right side facing him. As I was getting ready to lower myself, he told me no, wait, turn around. He bent me over, so my ass was in the air and knees were up to my chest. kartal escort bayan I thought maybe he wanted a different position.

I waited there for three seconds before I finally felt his tongue against my asshole. He was eating my ass out and I had never been more turned on than this instance. He was good at it; he licked around, up, down, and I swear even used his tongue to lube the entry of my asshole up for his cock.

He sat back down and guided me over to him. I knew exactly what I was doing and slowly lowered myself onto his cock. I could feel the tip of his head as I began to work it inside me. It was so fat and big, I wanted to scream of pure ecstasy. I went down as far as I could and pulled myself off from him. I spit on my hand and rubbed the spit all over his hard cock. This time, it would slide a lot better.

I returned and sure enough, his cock and my hole were in sync. Luca was balls deep inside of me before I knew it. He grabbed my hips and began thrusting himself into me, with every pounding he gave me my cock felt like it was going to explode.

He fucked me for about six minutes before I noticed his breathing become shallower and faster. He uttered “I’m so close, let me pull out” and before he could finish his sentence, I thrusted back down onto his cock going balls deep and told him “no, I want you to cum inside of me.” Before I knew it I felt his body tighten and cock harden one last time, I then felt his cock explode inside of me as my brother’s hot cum filled my guts.

It was too hot for me not to cum. As soon as I knew this was real and Luca’s cum was inside of me. I began to cum; I cummed with such forced it hit Luca in the face and inside of his mouth. It took him by surprised but seemed to enjoy the taste of my cum, seeing as he used his fingers to work whatever cum didn’t make it into his mouth, into his mouth.

He pulled out and told me that this is going to be a very fun vacation. I told him I was ready for more whenever he was.

He got back into the driver’s seat, turned he truck on and began to drive away. I asked him what about the stuff he needed from the store. “I went to the grocery store yesterday; I just needed an excuse to get you out of the house and find an empty spot” he replied.

Interesting, he had created a plan just to fuck me…

I guess this is going to be a better quarantine than what I expected.

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