Tales of the Ladies Room Ch. 01

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Once Again–For Megs

[This story deals with fetishes as well as discipline and bathroom activities. Those disinclined to read about these matters should not proceed further.]

At first, Marion was delighted when her dominant daughter Karen informed her that they would be having brunch at Judith Sloan’s new restaurant, Ladies First. Life had been difficult for Marion, who had grown up wealthy and spoiled but proceeded to marry unwisely and eventually fall so far as to come pleading to her daughter for shelter.

The diminutive Karen, now in her mid-20s, extracted a heavy price, however, for taking her destitute mother into her home. Marion had been reduced to serving her daughter, Karen’s great friend Emily, and the rest of the household, which included Emily’s two older sisters, Linda and Leslie, both of whom were dominated by Emily and Karen.

All three subservient women were subjected to embarrassing spankings and other humiliating forms of intimate discipline. Karen might choose to inspect one woman’s panties and make her the object of “re-education” for the others, who then made sure they wiped ever so carefully when using the toilet.

Neither Karen nor Emily, needless to say, was affected by the house rules they imposed on the others. Both had boyfriends and both engaged in sex regularly with them and with each other, as they shared a commodious bed. The three subs were put to work cleaning the house and doing all the normal tasks of maintaining the household. Each carried a small notebook that Karen or Emily might demand to see at any time and might make entries regarding the girl’s conduct, or any discipline that may have been imposed. Karen had even devised a point system, which featured public spanking before the rest of any of the three who accumulated a set number of points for naughtiness, as Karen liked to style their misbehavior, as if they were unruly children who needed to be closely supervised.

A trip out to a restaurant was normally a special treat. True, Marion had been directed to wear a very short skirt, one that exposed her frilly panties, but that kind of embarrassment had become de rigeur at the household. Little did the now-dominated parent realize what was in store for on this occasion.

Judith Sloan was herself a dominant woman and she had informed all of her friends, who included Karen and Emily, that she had designed and outfitted the ladies room in her new restaurant with all the equipment and furniture needed for the imposition of intimate discipline by her select group. Upon arriving at the restaurant, Karen and Emily were personally greeted by flaming red-haired Judith, who escorted all five in the party to a prime table.

Once settled, one of Judith’s pert waitresses, Julieann, a lithe blonde who carried herself with a great deal of self-assurance, came by to take their orders. After doing that, she grinned at Karen and Emily, advising them, “And you know of course where to take any of these girls if they do not behave as you would expect them to do. I don’t think you’ll need any assistance but Miss Judith asked me to be available for help in case anyone showed…resistance. But you may wish to ask me to join you so I may show you all of the special features,” she smiled.

This little introduction did not ease the fears of Marion, Linda, and Leslie. They stared at their salads when those arrived. They had begun to realize that this restaurant was clearly designed to reinforce their subordination to their obviously delighted mistresses. Marion whispered to Leslie, “Do you see that woman over there?” as she pointed to a nice-looking woman in her 30s who was seated in a large high chair. It was clear that the woman was being treated haramidere escort as a child, as was evident from the bulge showing through her short skirt that obviously disclosed that she was undergoing diaper discipline, being put in diapers for punishment,

Karen noticed her mother’s wandering eye and commented, “Yes, that’s Sandra Gaines, who lives with her younger sister, Angela. She apparently used some bad words in complaining about her situation so Angela decided she should be put in diapers until she matured a bit. I hope you all take this as a warning of what could happen if you behave like she did.”

Some minutes later, Marion suddenly felt very nauseous. She continued to have difficulty in adjusting to her new position as a sub to her dominant daughter. “Karen,” she said in a small voice, “I’m afraid I don’t feel well. May I go to the ladies room, please?”

Karen grinned and nodded her assent but added that she would take Marion to the ladies. They both stood up and it was obvious that Marion was following her daughter and was starting to feel that she might not be doing a smart thing by asking to go.

When they entered the ladies room, Marion was shocked to see several couches and changing tables, which was quite unusual in that few restaurants offered spacious ladies accommodations. But she was even more surprised to see the woman she had observed in the high chair. But now Sandra was lying on a changing table, her legs up in the air as her younger sister was clearly engaged in changing her diaper!

Sandra’s face was crimson, as the thirty-something woman lay on the changing table in the totally-exposed diaper position while her imperious younger sister unfastened a large adult-sized diaper. Marion then was surprised and Sandra cringed as Angela commented, “My, my, we’ve made quite a doody in our didee, haven’t we, Sandra?” Marion could see the open diaper beneath Sandra’s bottom and the embarrassing contents: two large mashed brown pieces.

Angela, whose high energy level was evident, wore her dirty-blond hair short, and affected to be sympathetic to what she now evidently was treating as her old sister’s ignominious failure to retain her bowel movement until she was allowed to use the toilet. “Sandy was so close to being promoted to little girl panties,” Angela gushed in a rather affected tone, “but I told her she had to wait to use the potty until I had finished my coffee. So now she will stay in didees for a while longer.”

Marion found herself transfixed by the view she had of Sandra’s most private places. The woman had obviously been made to shave her pubic hair and, snappily issuing humiliating orders to her older sister, Angela now had her assuming what might be called the open leg diaper position, where Sandra had her legs spread, showing off her bare dark labia and the wide opening between them as her legs pulled apart. The exposure even showed off Sandra’s cute little puckered anal opening, as Angela proceeded to take a babywipe and clean the woman’s anus, inside and out, holding the wipe with its chocolate stains in front of Sandra’s nose.

Soon after Karen and Marion arrived, Julieann the waitress entered and said to Karen, “Miss Judith asked me to show you some of the features if you’d like.” Karen smiled and said she would be pleased to see what was available.

Julieann pointed to Angela and Sandra at one of the changing tables and said that those were quite useful for changing “big babies.” Many women, she said, enjoyed sitting on the couch or in one of the armless chairs to administer various kinds of spankings. Then Julieann opened a large cherry-stained cabinet and Karen saw a large variety of ikitelli escort canes, crops, and tappets. A drawer below contained ruffled panties, little girls panties with animals on them, plastic panties and adult diapers, and the needed alcohol, cotton balls, and babywipes. Still another drawer contained leather and chrome handcuffs, alligator clamps, and spreader bars.

The cheerful waitress then showed Karen a special little cabinet that when opened, contained bottles of old-fashioned castor oil and cod-liver oil. “Sometimes, little girls need some help in loosening their bowels,” Julieann said with a chuckle. She pointed to hooks high on the wall where someone with wrist guards could be placed for a caning, whipping, or even a birching. “Miss Judith will specially order birch if you ask her a day ahead,” Julieann confided.

Finally, Julieann showed Karen the drawer with rubber gloves. “You put these on if you decide that someone has been naughty enough to have nettles put in their panties,” she whispered. “Miss Judith is especially fond of that punishment.” She pointed to the angry-looking nettles in the left container of the drawer. “I don’t normally mention it but when one of us on staff earns some kind of discipline, my knees begin to shake when I see Miss Judith put on those rubber gloves,” Julieann said with a slight quaver in her otherwise assured tone.

Julieann saw that Karen had stopped listening to her and the pretty pert waitress quietly left the ladies room. Marion had not been able to overhear the last part about the nettles but realized she was so frightened now of what might happen that she had trouble holding her urine. Fortunately, Karen sat herself on the couch and with a bent finger, humiliatingly beckoned her mother to come lie across her lap. “Now first lift your skirt and stand in front of me,” she said with a harsh crispness.

As Marion stood in front of her demanding daughter with her skirt lifted and her pink panties now on display, several young women in their 20s came into the room and used the stalls. Karen and Marion could hear the sounds of young women tinkling and wiping. Then they emerged and saw Marion standing with her skirt up around her waist.

“It looks like someone’s going to get a panty-warming,” said one of the women, a blonde named Stephanie.

“No, Steph,” her friend Alice laughed, “I think she’s old enough to have to take down those pretty panties for her spanking.”

Karen enjoyed the attention they were attracting and in a loud, no-nonsense tone, ordered Marion to lower her panties to her knees. “Do it, Mommy,” she added, so the women would know that Marion was now a totally controlled mother.

“My, my,” Alice, who had a rather sarcastic attitude, commented to Stephanie. “Mommy has a pretty nice looking tushee, I must say. But it will soon be quite red, I suspect.”

Their third friend, Vivian, well-dressed in a pearl-grey ensemble, emerged from another stall and joined them. She took it upon herself to move closer to the couch and drew Karen aside. “I’ve found it quite effective,” she said in a tiny, calm but incredibly authoritative voice that Karen had to focus on to hear well, “to prepare a bottom for spanking by using those nettles. Would you like me to help you learn how to apply them?”

Karen smiled and thanked her, nodding her head in agreement, and amazed at the power in this quiet woman’s icy tones, that matched her austere outfit. Vivian wore a rather stylish coup sauvage cut that accentuated the sharp features of her narrow face.

Vivian went to the cabinet, opened the third drawer knowingly, and donned a set of rubber gloves. She motioned Karen to have Marion istanbul escort lie across her lap, the latter’s broad bottom now looming as a target of the upcoming punishment Vivian would impose. Vivian then carefully extracted two or three small bunches of the nasty-looking nettles.

She brought these over to where Marion lay atop Karen’s lap and said firmly, “Keep your legs well apart.” Marion was quaking with fear by now, never having been subjected to this wrenching form of discipline. Then Vivian bent over and began to rub the soft nettle leaves on the branches over Marion’s bottom cheeks. Immediately, angry red blotches and white zit-like protuberances began to appear and Marion started to cry, barely restraining herself from screaming in pain.

But she was to endure worse. Soon Vivian began to insinuate the nettle leaves between the commodious cheeks and use them to tease the blinking little anal rosette, at the touch of which Marion let out a true scream and Karen had to warn her to be quiet or she would be very very sorry. Finally, almost as a coup de grace, Vivian ran the nettle leaves, making sure to have a fresh part of the bouquet at her fingertips, down Marion’s furrow, allowing the leaves to touch Marion’s most delicate places—her labia, peephole, vaginal introitus, and finally, her large prominent clit. Karen saw that this would send her mother over the top so she clamped her hand over Marion’s mouth just as a truly piercing scream was about to emerge.

Vivian resumed standing and smiling at the tortured face of Marion and Karen’s own amazed visage, observed, “Now she is definitely ready for your spanking.” She returned to where Steph and Alice were watching, amazement crossing their faces.

“My, my, Viv,” Steph gushed, “I didn’t know you had such expertise in discipline. I would hate to cross you in a bad mood.”

As the severely-attired Vivian allowed a slim smile to cross her lips, Alice chuckled and whispered to them both, “Steph, you obviously haven’t been present when our dear friend Viv has punished her two daughters-in-law. You do know that their husbands bring them to her when they need correction. Imagine their reaction—mind you, these are 23-year-olds, when her practiced gloved fingers push the stinging leaves into their naughty coochies.”

Viv laughed mildly and told them both that her sons had realized that merely the threat of bringing their wives to her for punishment was now enough to guarantee exemplary behavior for lengthy periods of time.

Back on the couch, Karen started spanking Marion. Once the already red cheeks were fully crimson, she ordered her mother to stand, show her bottom to all the women in the ladies room, and pull up her panties. Marion did so and whispered that she needed now to pee.

Karen pointed to the open stall nearest to where they sat, which had a toilet seat with an opening in the front, more like the kind found in men’s rather than ladies’ toilets. Marion again lowered her panties, sat on the seat, and knew to await Karen’s permission.

“All right,” Karen said loudly, “you may pee.” Marion managed to overcome her fear and let her strong stream loudly emerge to hit the water in the bowl. She was embarrassed by the loud sound of her tinkling, but appreciated that Karen this time did not make her start and stop her flow, as the diminutive dominatrix was fond of doing.

Finally, she wiped, pulled up her panties, and let her skirt drop. “We’ve been gone too long,” Karen said, deprecatingly, as if Marion had been responsible for requiring such extended correction. She thanked Vivian for her assistance and smiled at Stephanie and Alice as they all walked out of the impressively-equipped ladies room.

Back at the table, Leslie and Linda did not dare to question Marion about what she had experienced on the trip. Emily grinned at her good friend Karen, however, and said, “I have a feeling that two naughty girls will soon be learning about all the lovely things that our good friend Judith has installed for their benefit.”

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