Taking The Leap

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Wouldn’t life be simple if we all knew what we wanted? I thought I did, until I met Carla. I hadn’t had many friends in school, I was to busy helping out at home for much of a social life. There was one boy who showed some interest for awhile but when I didn’t respond he too went away.

Now here I was starting college, free from the worries of home. On my own thanks to a scholarship I had a free ride for the first two years then I would have to see. I knew I would have to work to have any spending money, the family made it clear there was none to spare for me. I understood that before leaving. With the right education and a good job maybe I could help out later.

I applied for the position at Student Life and was accepted. It was work I could do while attending classes and still have time to study and have a life on campus. The jobs are given to needy students who are eligible for assistance and I was that and more.

One of the duties I had was working with the dorm proctors and Hall Monitors. That was how I met Carla. She had been awarded the position in the girl’s dorm three “Market Hall”. She was the Hall monitor for the second floor.

Carla was a junior in studying Marketing so we ran into each other in classes since we were both studying Marketing for our Major. One day she asked me to go for a soda after class. We sat out on the quad and talked and got to know something about each other. I was amazed when I realized how alike we were. We seem to bond and so when she asked if I was interested in joining her at a party I was quick to say yes.

She was the first person who had showed any interest in me since I arrived on campus. Other girls in the dorm seem to have made friends easily, while being the shy one I didn’t seem to fit in. I was suppose to have a roommate but she had canceled her plans. I learned later she had changed schools.

On Friday night Carla came by my room and helped me pick out what to wear. Not having gone out much my selection was limited. We finally settled on a short skirt with a knit pull over that left my midriff bare I wore a thong, at Carla’s suggestion, and from my meager jewelry supply a pair of diamond stud earrings. It was a different look but I liked it.

The party was at a private çapa escort home and was going full tilt when we arrived. There were about twenty girls there all talking in groups or paired off with drinks in hand. Carla got us both a beer and started to introduce me around. I had been a drinker in High School in fact other than a drink on news years Eve I hadn’t drank at all. The beer was cold and didn’t taste bad so when the second one came I didn’t hesitate.

Well as you can imagine the effect of the beers and the heat in the room full of people, the newness of being among all these people who were showing an interest in me. My head was spinning. Carla saw the look on my face and knew I was gonna get sick. She got me away from the others and into the bathroom. With a cold towel on my head and next my head stopped spinning and fortunately I didn’t throw up.

We found and empty bedroom and I lay down to let the felling pass. Carla said she would stay with me and lay down beside me. I didn’t give it a thought when she put her arm around my shoulders and held me close. I needed a friend right then.

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew Carla was kissing my neck. Her hands were caressing the bare skin on my legs. I lay in a fog of half sleep as her hands touched my breast; her hand sliding under my blouse to cup my tit in her hand while her fingers messaged the nipple. When she pinched the nipple I moaned an involuntary sigh. This seemed to excite her as she pushed my blouse up and attacked my breast with her mouth.

She moved to straddle not sitting on me but so that our bodies touched. Her wet mouth engulfed each nipple in turn, licking and sucking them as they became firm. Her hands kneaded my tits as she hungrily slurped and sucked me. I was in a trans of unknown joy. My senses were on fire. I found my self wishing that she would not stop.

Suddenly she sat up and pulled her top off revealing her firm breast. I involuntarily reached for them holding then and squeezing them gently. Carla leaned forward and pressed one tit to my mouth forcing me to take the nipple in my lips. I suckled on it and lick her tits as she had done mine. My hands kneading and squeezing them as I switched from cihangir escort one to the other and back.

Carla broke free of my grasp and I looked into her eyes. There was a look I had never seen in a woman, a look of pure desire. Carla pulled me to my feet and quickly had me out of my skirt and pulled my blouse the rest of the way of. Then she striped her clothes off as well and sat me back down on the bed.

She knelt before me and told me to lie back as she spread my legs and began to kiss the soft tender inner thighs. With her arms wrapped around my legs her fingers found my love nest and she spread the pink lips open as she lowered her head and began to dart her tongue through the lips and probe in my hot waiting pussy. I moaned at the touch of her tongue; it felt as if a hot poker had entered me. As she probed deeper and then she uncovered my clit and with her tongue worried it I was rocking my ass and my feet were pounding her back. The more I moved the more she seem to do and then when her fingers started to rip into me as she stood and while her hand and fingers sere driving me wild she lowered back to my tits and nibbled the hard nipples back and forth.

My writhing hips met her every thrust and soon I was overcome with my first orgasm. It rocked my being to the core. With each convulsive jerk of my body my juices soaked her fingers and hand. When I finally settled down she patted my pussy and licked her fingers of my cum and then fingered herself. She said she was wet and offered me a taste.

As I lay there she straddle my face forcing her pussy on me. I reached up and opened her pussy lips not knowing what it might taste like but watching her I knew I would enjoy it. Then as she had done to me I licked and probed in and out of her hot wet pussy. She leaned against the wall as she rocked her pussy over me as I found her clit swollen and ready I took a chance and my teeth bit it gently. She moaned so I bit harder and grabbed her ass and pulled her tight to my face. Suddenly she began to jerk with the same intensity I had and I knew she was having an orgasm too.

Carla fell away from my face and lay panting on her back next to me. We were both smiling; me because I had had my first esenyurt escort sexual experience and Carla because she had made a convert.

Well I wasn’t a true convert yet. You would think after that we would be at each other every night but we left the party better friends or so I thought. Carla was what I later learn is called a “butch”. She got the idea I was her girl, to the point of jealousy. If I even looked twice at someone she gave me an evil look whenever we were together.

I hadn’t mined it at first but then we went out one night and it all came to a head. We had been invited to another party much like the first. Only this time I knew some of the girls and instead of beer I was drinking Vodka. After the third drink I got a little daring and began talking to the other girls. A couple patted me on the ass and one even gave me a kiss. Carla did not approve.

The Vodka was working on my sex drive and as I went around the room I got more suggestive. Finally Carla had enough and took my arm to lead me outside. In back of the house was a privacy fence surrounding the yard. Carla pressed me to it and held her hand to my face. Then she told me what a slut I was being and that I was her girl and I was not to be kissing and playing with the others.

Then she kissed me hard on the mouth. Her leg parted mine as her knee game up to my crotch and she began to grind on my pussy. Her one hand slid under my blouse and squeezed my tit hard. Then her other hand went under my skirt and her fingers found my pussy and began probing me. She pressed her finger hard on my clit and rubbed me forcing a moan from my lips. Her fingers were driving in and out so fast it was like a fire burning in my pussy. She brought her head down to my tits and bit my nibbles pulling them out and letting go then repeating it on each one. The pain was intoxicating.

I leaned back against the fence letting her ravish my body, not wanting her to stop. I had two or three orgasms, as her assault became more violent. When she lowered her self and my legs were over hr shoulders and she was pulling on my pussy lips with her teeth I almost fell. I grabbed the top of the fence and pulled my self up as she held my legs wide and lapped at my wet pussy chewing on my clit and sucking on my pussy lips.

When she had had enough she lowered me down. I was so weak in the knees I almost fell. I knew she meant to punish me but instead she had given me joy. I retrieved my skirt and blouse and dressed. I had won this battle. Now I was ready to venture forth for new one to conquer.

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