Taking His Rightful Place Ch. 03

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I stayed away from the house for the next few days, not wishing to have the old man get a whiff of what was going on under the roof he was still paying for.Nevertheless, I thought about Mom a lot, and how I had satisfied her. I imagined dear old dad poking methodically away at her, then rolling his sweaty ass off to his side of the bed and falling asleep. That would be about his style. Now, mom knew how it was to have her pussy properly worked, and that was reward enough for me. Not that there weren’t other satisfactions. She was forty two, but Mom was a hands-down piece of ass. I was thinking ahead to our next rendezvous.

It didn’t matter so much if Cliff (the esteemed patriarch) was home or not. His nightly routine was slowly boozing his way into a stupor on some expensive brandy or port, while watching the tube. Still, it wouldn’t hurt for him to disappear for a day or two. Then we could have the run of the house. He’s a C.O.O. for a retail chain. He knows how to market shit on a mass scale. I suppose he’s gifted that way. Anyway, he pretty regularly packs a bag and goes off to some outlet in the tri-state area to shake things up a bit, or whatever.

About a week after our historic fuck fest, I buttonholed Mom in the laundry room in the basement. She was folding clothes and listening to Tony Bennett on the CD player. I quietly slipped my arms around her waist from behind, and pressed myself into the soft flesh of her ass.

She jumped. “Oh! Conner!”

Of course, she knew it was me. I didn’t let go of her, but she swiveled in my arms and faced me.

“We shouldn’t take chances like this, sweetie.” she whispered.

“What are you whispering for? He’s upstairs in a trance. Some John Wayne movie.” I gently backed her up so that her butt rested against the dryer. I felt myself growing as I pressed into her, and I felt her legs trembling against me.

I kissed her on the forehead.

“Hey. It’s break time, sweet ass.” I said, and she smiled at the now familiar endearment.

She wore a housedress that buttoned up the front, and I worked the top ones loose.

“Goodness! What lovely teats!” I said, and leaned forward to kiss them where they were presented above her bra. bostancı escort bayan I lifted them up from below, and sucked gently on them, first one, then the other. Her nipples stiffened noticeably in my hands.

“Conner, I really don’t think…”

I reached up under her dress and, with one quick movement, yanked her panties down until they encircled her knees. Mom gasped and looked toward the door at the top of the stairs.

“Relax, Mom. The last time he came down here was when he bought the place.”

I could smell her cunt now, and she softened somewhat in my arms. I kissed her on the mouth, and with my foot pushed the panties to the floor. Mom responded hungrily to my lips and I could feel her stepping out of her underwear. She certainly did look sexy with her clothes in disarray. I chewed softly on her lower lip and ran my hands up along the sides of her thighs.

“You’ve been working hard, my dear.” I said, pressing hard into her. “I’d say you deserve a nice fuck break.”

Mom was moaning now, and my dick was running out of room in my pants. She dropped the slipper from one foot, and her leg wrapped around mine, hugging it.

I undid my buckle and unzipped. My pants bunched up onto the floor.

“Jump up, baby.” I instructed, and in a flash Mom’s ankles were locked behind me. I brought a folded towel from the top of the dryer, and placed it behind her back. Now Mom was getting in a groove – kissing my face and breathing deeply.Yum! She was so ready. I thought: How’d I get to be so lucky? I had a classy, horny little lady, and I didn’t even have to leave the house.

“This is going to be what’s called a quickie, Mom.” I said as I guided my hard-on under her dress.

“Ummm. Uh-huh. Mmmmm.” Mom said, nibbling on my earlobe.

“You’re such a good fucker, Conner. I wanted to tell you that last time, but I…Oh!Goodness!”

I was inside her, now, and we began rocking slowly up against the dryer.

“Come on, baby. Oh, fuck, yeah!” Mom groaned.

I was up to the hilt in tight, warm pussy. Now, this was living! I started banging her hard, and the jolts of my thrusting shaped the rhythm of her moans.

With her arms around my ümraniye escort neck, Mom threw her head back, her teeth clamped tight. She was cumming. I moved her off the dryer, and felt her full weight. That didn’t slow me down one bit. She was wrapped around my tool tight as a glove. I pumped her faster as she started to orgasm.

I was breathing hard, getting in my stride.

“You’re so pretty when you cum, Mom.” I said, though she was in no condition to respond. I carried her, shish-kebabed on my prick, over to the table in the middle of the room.

“Lie back, honey.” I said, and, doing so, she slowly unpried her arms from around me. I pushed her dress up to her chest and watched her smooth belly rise and fall. She lay with her eyes closed, and a look of pure carnal satisfaction on her face. I placed her feet on my chest and leaned slowly in.

“How was your orgasm, Mom?” I asked nonchalantly. She looked at me, her pussy spasming in the final throes of climax. That felt sweet!

Mom suppressed a laugh. “Do you really need to ask, Conner?”

“Just wondering.” I replied, fully embraced within her tight cunt walls. She reached up to hold me at my neck again, but I pushed her back. I knew we couldn’t stay down there in the basement indefinitely,and, besides that, my balls were aching to blow.

“Stay put, hon.”

“Whatever you say, sir. You’re the boss!” Mom said. And though she was kind of kidding with me, there was a tone submission in her voice, as though she would be perfectly happy doing just what I told her to do. I liked that.

Holding onto her thighs, I got into a steady rhythm. I looked down to watch as I slid in and out. Her pink labia rode out with my cock, tight around it as a wetsuit. They were getting quite a workout.

“Remember how we saved some of my semen from the other night, Mom?” I asked. “Well, I’m not sure how well it keeps, so I put it way in the back of the freezer in a small plastic bag. It’s under a package of peas.”

“Of course I remember, Conner dear.” Mom said. I watched with pleasure as her breasts undulated beneath her light cotton dress. For some reason, I’ve always enjoyed having mundane conversations with women while escort kartal we screw.

“Any ideas?”

“Uh-huh.” Mom said coyly. “Would you like to hear?”

“Why don’t you surprise me. Breakfast? Just let me know when.”

“It’s a date!” she said cheerily.”Such an impish idea. Putting it into my food.”

“And old sourpuss will be sitting there, oblivious.” I said. “I can’t wait.”

All during the chitchat, I’d been filling Mom with slow, full strokes. Now her breath was quickening. I was ready for an orgasm of my own, and started moving into her faster, my balls grazing her moistened ass-cheeks with each forward thrust. Mom grabbed my forearms tightly, and whimpering sounds came from her throat. I began slamming fast and furious, and could feel my body begin to tighten. I moved her legs so that her calves rested on my shoulders, and soon we were in overdrive. Mom’s eyes rolled back, and her pussy had my swollen prick in an ecstatic strangle hold. It sure knew how to make friends! Mom groaned, and I had to caution her. I mean, he couldn’t hear us upstairs, but we couldn’t even begin going down that road.

“Sorry, Conner.” she whispered breathily, biting her lip to control herself.

“That’s a good girl.” I said. “we’re almost there.”

Mom’s fingers suddenly dug into my arms. It hurt, but she did it just as I was beginning to cum, and the discomfort was transformed by the rippling waves that shot through me.

I rode Mom as if her’s were the last pussy in the world. My upper lip curled tight over my teeth, and my entire body felt filled with cables of pure pleasure. Mom reached up, and I felt myself exploding inside her. Cum surged into her time and again as she pushed hard into me.

“Holy, fucking Christ!” I said, grimacing, my head thrown back. My cock continued to throb inside as if it didn’t know when to stop. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, and we held there tight for some moments until our ecstasy began to ebb. In time, we separated. I lay next to Mom on the table, our chests rising and falling in unison.

We cleaned up where we had spilled. Mom wanted me to relax while she tended to it, but I said: no way.

“After a fuck like that, mom, you can’t possibly do all the cleanup.” I said.

Mom blushed slightly as we went about our work.

‘Thank you, Conner.”She said. “And don’t forget breakfast. I’ll keep you posted.”

We checked around and began to dress.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

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