Taken by Surprise All Night

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We had spent most of the evening in our room. I had been choked, gagged, stuffed and fucked to the point where I couldn’t walk straight but you insisted on that anyway. You let me shower off the sweat and piss you had left on me but you had me save your cum in my ass with my glass plug. I was sore as I dressed myself in the short grey dress you had picked out and black boots. After donning our coats, we left the hotel.

What easily could have been a five minute ride to our destination was a fifteen minute walk. You had at more than one corner put your arm around my waist and every so gently tugged my dress up. I could feel the breeze and several leering eyes cup my bare cheeks. The glass plug felt cold as the walk went on but your cum sat warm within me.

Every now and again you’d stop to check your phone and send a text. It confused me but I didn’t question you. You even once told me to press myself against a wall, and when I did I heard the click of a camera. You slapped me on the rump and told me to get moving.

I could hear the music before we had rounded the last corner. It surprised me that you had suggested going to one, as you were never interested in them. But in we went anyway after our IDs were checked. You told me to check my bag, as I wasn’t going to need it. I checked it in with our coats and gave you the slip for safe keeping.

The main room was loud, dark and crowded. The music was not in your taste at all but it had a good beat to it. In no time I was bouncing on my heels. You leaned down and whispered into my ear that you were getting us drinks and that I should enjoy myself while I can. That thinly laced threat made the hairs on my neck stand as I watched you disappear into the crowd by the bar.

While you were gone I closed my eyes and danced a little in the spot where you had left me. It was nice being able to let loose a little, even though my plug kept reminding me that I was in pain over most of my body. The song transitioned into the next one I looked around for you and was almost taken aback by a man staring straight at me. The way he looked at me made me very uncomfortable and I had wished that you were there to ward him off.

He disappeared into the crowd after he was certain I had seen him. I wasn’t too interested in dancing anymore so I went to a nearby table and sat, waiting for you. After another song you came back with two drinks and a smirk on your face. You told me to get up while you checked your phone again and then sat down. You beckoned me onto your lap which I eagerly accepted. We sat there through another song or two sipping on our drinks and watching the crowd.

I had drank half my drink and by being held by you I felt my confidence return. I bounced a little in your lap as one of your hands gently hugged my hip, rubbing me lightly with your fingers.

Your other one walked down my arm until it came to rest on my wrist, where my simple silver band sat. You twirled it around until my small purple bell appeared and you rolled it between your thumb and forefinger. It wasn’t loud enough to be heard but I knew exactly what you were doing without even looking.

I felt your breath on the nape of my neck before you kissed me there. It sent a shiver down my spine and I had wished dearly that we were back somewhere private. You bit down lightly before moving up to my ear.

You whispered four words, your voice clear as day against the loud music and my own beating heart, “Dance for me, kitten.”

After you squeezed my hip I slid off of your lap and started to dance for you. My back was to the dance floor and my eyes were closed at times as I moved seductively. It was in those moments that you looked behind me into the crowd, careful so that I never caught you.

Soon enough you had finished your first drink and you held your glass out expectantly. I took it and with a jingle I was off towards the bar. I was feeling good, free and fluid with the music. The throng of people by the bar was surprisingly thick. At the thinnest point they were four people deep and at the thickest the group overflowed into the dance floor.

I stood on my toes, spotted the best route to the bar and made my move. Soon I found myself squeezed between two women, one who had a similar dress on as me. As we waited for the bartender to turn our way the girl to my right gasped and jumped up a bit. She spun around, glared at someone and stormed off, quickly being replaced by another patron. I hadn’t seen who she had cussed out nor why she had. I had almost forgotten about it when I felt a hand on the bottom of my dress.

I froze instantly. It wasn’t your hand. I gripped the glass tighter, prepared to defend myself when I felt his grip tighten painfully on my hip with his other hand. He tapped the base of my plug twice before leaning in until his liquored breath was on my ear.

“Barry says hello.” was all he said as he yanked at the flared bottom of my plug. I almost shrieked from the sudden pain as he tugged again and pulled the plug out of me. I felt your cum start to leak and I tried to look over my shoulder for you, still terribly frightened of this stranger who held me. Whoever he was didn’t matter though,as he knew our code-phrase. Biting back tears,I had to accept whatever he wanted from me.

Somehow no one remarked at the short backhand I received from him as he growled “Eyes front you slut.” I stared at my hands that were now gripping the counter as he widened my legs with a knee.

The thirsty crowd kept jostling him into my back and I felt his cock jab into my asscheek, falling short of it’s target. He gripped one of my cheeks while the other covered my mouth as he thrusted in again and slammed himself up to the hilt into my ass.

I shrieked into his hand from the pain, the noise being drowned out by the din around us. He held his hand over my mouth until I was reduced to whimpers and small gasps as he made tiny thrusts into me. When he felt like I wouldn’t scream again he brought his hand down and dug into my hips.

His short, hard thrusts kept knocking me into the countertop and the occasional person who knocked into his back made me yelp. He wrapped a hand around my leg and started fingering my slit roughly, forcing me to get wet against my will.

He was pressed so close to me I could feel his grunts in his chest through my back as well as my ear. His other hand kept rising up my stomach, wanting to take more of me, but the counter protected my chest from his probing hand. Eventually he gave up and focused in on fucking me and fingering me.

The stranger pressed his forehead against my shoulder as sakarya escort he hammered me into the wood I so desperately clung to. I was trying not to moan as his fingers had finally switched me on in the right way.

I barely noticed the bartender try to get my attention. My face was showing obvious signs of pain a moment ago was now one of contorted pleasure. They must not have wanted to deal with people being fucked as they moved over to the other side of the bar to who could actually form words.

My face was hot with both passion and shame from such a public affair as well as this not being someone who I had wanted balls deep in me. I winced as his thrusts became more frenzied.

In a matter of moments he pinched my clit just as he came inside me, pulling myself down into the pit of ecstasy right beside him. He pumped rope after rope of cum into my injured canal while I moaned and milked him for more.

He held me for a moment longer before stepping away, pulling his prick out of me with a slick sound. I nearly fell down I hadn’t realized how much he had been supporting me in that position.

I quickly fixed my dress, my bell jingling against the back of my hand as I tugged the grey fabric back into place. I looked down at your ignored glass and knew that I’d take the punishment for not filling it. I had wanted to go back home and be with you again. As I worked my way through the crowd a sob threatened to break through my throat but I managed to swallow it down.

I came back over without your drink and with my plug in hand. I had tears in my eyes and cum dripping down my legs as I crossed the dance floor. I couldn’t hear the music or see anyone, I could only see you. He may have known the code but I had still felt violated and I wanted feel secure again.

The look of smug disdain on your face told me that I would find none with you, not now anyway. No, my night had only begun.

You made a tsk tsk sound as you stood, towering over me and made me shrink back by reflex. As you called me a whore for seeking out a cock when you had brought me here to dance I raised both my head and my voice to protest. Your darkening expression had told me that I had fallen into another one of your traps.

In the guise of a kiss, you stepped closer to me and held my throat just under my chin, raising my face to meet yours. The look you gave me made me weak. It was lustful, animalistic, and had a trace of anger in it because I had raised my voice against you.

“Go home, little mouse. Through the park, alone.” You commanded, each word making my heart beat faster. Your eyes dared me to challenge your will and I found myself walking through the doors once your grip had loosened and you had released me.

I had paused only once to look at the coat check. I couldn’t get my purse because you still had the slip so I continued out into the night alone.

The park was two blocks away so I started for it. It wasn’t a direct path to the hotel like the one we had taken but I wasn’t going to question you. I could feel the heat creep up my neck as the breeze cooled the collective of cum leaking out of me. I could feel it dripping halfway down my thigh as I made it to the park. I was thankful there’d be less people walking around here at this time of night.

I don’t know what told me to do it, but I looked over my shoulder and made eye contact with the man from the dance floor. It was in that millisecond of a connection that my fight or flight response kicked in and I took off down the path.

I ran as fast as I could and knew I’d get caught by staying on the path. I had to take my chances and so after I confirmed he was chasing me I veered off into the brush.

I had hoped that he hadn’t seen exactly where I had gone off trail but the snapping of twigs behind me informed me otherwise. I wanted to scream for help and just when I was about to I was tackled from the side. I fell hard through some bushes with whoever had blindsided me. We came to a halt by a small pond which was surrounded fairly well by a copse of trees.

He had let go of me to stand himself up so I rolled away and tried getting to my own feet again. That was when I was punched in the side. Having the wind knocked out of me, I doubled over on my knees.

The second man grabbed a fisful of my hair and yanked my head back, my mouth still gasping for air. He spit in my face and laughed at me as he undid his pants.

He pulled out his cock and shoved his head into my mouth, still gripping tightly on my hair. He pulled my mouth onto him more and told me that I better get his knob soaked because he’d be taking my cunt no matter if it was wet or dry.

He fucked my throat, making me choke as he used me. My first assailant was kneeling down behind me, pulling at my dress and at one point ripping it from the neck to my navel, making it hang obscenely from my body. With my tits exposed he was finally able to get his grubby fingers on them. He pinched and pulled both of my nipples downward until I shrieked around the cock in my mouth.

His hand went down to my clit again and he rubbed it harshly, saying that he wanted to fuck my pussy too, that my ass wasn’t tight enough because of how much of a whore I was to wear a buttplug to a public event.

I was gasping for air at this point and when the man in front of me finally stepped back a string of drool connected his head to my lips. He held my hair as he slapped me across the face over and over until I was begging for him to stop.

His friend had backed up and took over the hold on my hair, yanking me downwards onto my back. His cock had already stiffened again as he poked his head against my lips. When I refused to open my mouth for him he backhanded me so hard my head spun. I felt a tickle of warmth down my cheek where he had managed to cut me. I relented and opened my mouth.

What I didn’t expect was the second man to be down on his knees between my legs. The two of them thrusted nearly at the same time and I screamed.

For as hot as I would have found this normally, I was completely terrified and you were nowhere to be seen. I was bone dry as he pierced my lips and my scream was only silenced because the other man clogged my throat. He pressed down on the outside of my throat, wrapping his fingers around my pale skin as he slapped my nose with his balls.

The man between my legs had leaned forward and was tugging on my breasts as he raped me. His nails dug into my areolas to the point where I thought he would peel them off of me.

My hands pressed against the assailant that was balls deep in my throat. I hadn’t been escort sakarya able to breathe in over a minute. I pounded on his thighs, I scratched them and tried everything to force him out of me. When he finally withdrew his cock I gasped for air and groaned loudly.

My reprieve wasn’t meant to last as he shoved himself back into my mouth, this time thrusting slower. I started using my tongue to try to finish him off faster and he called me a whore for doing so.

My ass was being plowed into the ground from the second man. My walls gripped his cock painfully tight. He wasn’t as long as the in my mouth, but he was certainly wider.

He kept at me, pulling my nipples and twisting them as he fucked me. His dirty nails threaten to cut my breasts as he bruised them. I was crying, groaning and choking, writhing between these two men.

The one buried in my cunt finally grunted and started painting my cervix white. He slapped my tits as he pulled himself out of me. His knee found my stomach and I nearly puked around the other guy’s shaft. He slid out of me as well, a trail of bile following him. I could taste the drink you had gotten me before and not having you here made this so much worse.

They rolled me over onto my shoulders and knees, spreading my leg again as the first assailant started raping my slit. His friend’s cum mixed with some of my coerced juices made his thrusts smoother and allowed him to go faster.

The second man knelt down on top of my head and kept me pinned painfully into the mud while he sneered at me. He answered the phone as he ground his knee into the side of my face and said a few short words. By that point I was lost in another orgasm and was delirious from the lethal mix of fear, pleasure. and pain.

I had barely registered by this point that a third man had shown up. I heard him making snide comments about me as he unzipped his jeans. As soon as his belt buckle made a soft thud onto the ground and I heard whining in my ear. Then there was a long wet tongue that licked the length of my face. My eyes flew open to meet the dark brown pair of a large dog.

I screamed then; I screamed and I cried and I begged for this to be over while the man ground my head into the dirt and the dog licked at my open mouth.

The man kneeling on me undid his belt and said it was time to give me an actual reason to scream. After he had the leather strap free he made me kiss the buckle and thank him for what he was about to do.

I was so terrified that I nearly pissed myself then but he got off of me and I gasped for a full breath of air for the first time in a while. The guy who was still inside me was taking his time now, as if to give me a chance to catch my breath.

After a few minutes of him slowly fucking me and the dog licking my face I made the mistake of moaning. They all laughed and chided me for liking being raped. They said they’d make me regret finding this pleasurable.

I was hoisted up by all of them, until I was on my knees. The dog lunged at me and I shrieked but it was held off and tied to a nearby tree. The newcomer came over and knelt before me, his head sitting almost a foot higher than mine.

He pulled my hair back so I was forced to look up at him with sheer terror in my eyes. He spat in my face and laughed when I flinched.

“I heard your asshole’s loose, slut. It’d be a shame if the same happened to your cunt.”

He said that while pinching my bruised nipples until I cried out. When his hand moved down between my legs he exclaimed about how much I really did like being raped, that I was wetter than the pond next to us.

I burned with shame and my hole throbbed, eager to be filled again. I had been close to cumming again and his taunts only brought me closer to another orgasm.

He laid down and told me to get atop of him. I didn’t move fast enough for them as my ass was sharply smacked with the belt buckle. I screamed and nearly pounced on him. His shaft was the longest of all, and I knew my cervix would not survive a harsh fuck from him.

What I didn’t know was that they had planned on breaking more than just that.

His hands were on my shoulders and he pulled me down onto both his cock and his chest, exposing my ass for the others to see. I could hear the dog practicality chomping at the bit to have it’s way with me.

The belt came down hard across both of my cheeks and he yelled at me to start fucking the guy I was on. It took a second lash to get me moving but that didn’t stop them. As I moved myself on his cock the leather strap kept coming. It landed on my lower back, my ass, my thighs. I was yelping and moaning at the same time, riding him harder with each sting.

I felt myself nearing my climax as the belt stopped and was replaced by two broad hands. They lifted my bottom up and I knew he was going to fuck my ass. Then I felt his finger shove it’s way into my occupied snatch. I shrieked again.

“Shut her the fuck up.”

From below I received a swift fist to the gut and before I could double over onto the man below me the belt was looped through my gasping mouth and pulled tight.

I was kept in that exposed position, my torso held down and my head skewed backwards as he forced another finger into me. I struggled and whimpered as he stretched me painfully, my entrance was not yielding to him.

After fingering me with the other man’s cock inside for a minute he withdrew. I sighed a shaky breath around the leather only for my breath to catch as he pushed his head just above the other man’s shaft. He pressed into my taint, less than half of his fathead trying to edge is way inside.

That’s when the other man pulled out till only his tip was inside to give the other man some more room. He pressed forward while I gasped and whined into my gag, wriggling to try to free myself. It was the wriggling that helped pop his head into my slit. I screamed and screamed again as the sheer pain of being stretched by two cocks overrode any and all other feelings in my body.

Once they both forced their way in, stretching me deeper their cocks dug into my gspot and I lost it. I bucked and spasmed, moaning and screaming around the belt as I came unbelievably hard. As my walls gripped them they both groaned and pressed deeper. Soon they were fucking me harder and I was nearing another orgasm.

The man who held me in a bear hug had loosened his grip and then used his hands to prop up my stomach with the help of the man behind me holding onto my air.

I was arched backwards with four hands on me and two cocks inside my oyster. I was biting the belt when it was ripped sakarya escort bayan from my mouth and I let out a pained gasp. I was free to groan and moan now until I felt the tail of the belt bite into the side of my tit. I shrieked and pleaded for him not to but he continued to rain down a flurry of strikes, crisscrossing my breasts with angry red marks.

I came again as the leather kissed my inflamed nipple one too many times. I tossed my head back even more and road out my orgasm with a loud wail. By the time it was over I was quaking from sensitivity and still they continued fucking and lashing me. Soon the one behind me started grunting more and I felt his cock bulge just before he came inside me. This spurred the other man into his own climax and soon I was oozing a terrific amount of cum.

The lashes stopped as they both pulled out of me, a puddle of cum pooling below me. The man under me tossed me like a used napkin and I laid on my side where I landed. My ass and tits burned from the lashing and I swore my taint had torn from being double penetrated like that. My body still twitched in the aftershocks of my orgasms. I couldn’t think straight, I could only ooze cum and whimper.

When I heard your voice I tried to look up but I was so tired I could barely do that. Hearing your cold laughter as they complimented you on finding the biggest whore they had ever have the pleasure of raping made me lay my face down into the dirt and sob openly. In that moment I was so utterly used and broken that even a compliment like that stung like another crack of the belt.

The laughter died down and allowed the dog’s whimpering and whining to be heard. You said for them to let it go and it rushed to my backside, knocking me onto my knees.

You knelt down beside my broken form as the dog jabbed at my gaping holes, looking for either to satisfy it. You stroked my hair as you guided his rocket into my ass and whispered that I had one more cock to please before I was done. When you withdrew from my side I felt you take the rest of my energy with you and I cried hard as the dog fucked my ass in a frenzy.

The men resumed lewd comments about how much of a whore that I was for letting an animal fuck me. I moaned into the dirt only to be met with more laughter. The dog’s pointed rocket jabbed into my torn walls. I tried pleading with any of you to stop this but I was met with only more ridicule.

My chest was searing in pain as the dog’s fucking had me rubbing into the gravel. I moaned as his cock lengthened, probing deeper and harder. I was nearing another orgasm and was almost there when my head was yanked up until I was on my hands and knees.

Standing before me were my three rapists, all stroking their semis. Their sadistic and humiliating leering made my knees shake more than the dog did. I whimpered as the first man shoved his cock into my face.

“Thank me for raping you and whipping you, whore.” he said as he forced his cock into my mouth. I licked and sucked on him until he pulled out and struck the side of my face with his cock.

The next man took his place and shoved his hard cock into my throat as he told me to thank him for making me cum all over his cock like a slut. When he was finished raping my throat he pissed in my mouth, making me gag and choke on his liquid while trying to swallow it and air.

The last man reached under me and fingered my clit as he told me to thank him for letting his dog fuck me like the flithly dogslut that I was and for tearing my taint. His fingering didn’t stop until I felt the dog’s knot begin to form. As I started to whine and whimper he shoved his cock into my mouth as I screamed. The knot pressed into my broken rim with little resistance to meet it but it still hurt like hell.

I screamed and cried around the man’s meat as the knot lodged itself into my ass, throbbing deep inside me. The man moaned and I thought he was going to piss in my mouth like the one before but he surprised me with another load of cum just as his dog came inside my ass. Feeling so stuffed on both ends I fell into my own orgasm, quaking between them as I sucked in their cum with my contractions. When he left my mouth he smeared his head across my trembling lips, called me a whore and stepped back. His dog whined as he twisted off of me but was held by his knot. I shrieked every time he moved to try to pull away. I was delirious as you clasped hands with all of the men, thanking them and dismissing them. The owner of the dog reattached his leash as soon as his knot fell loose of my hole. I was still lying there as the men walked off laughing and joking at my misfortune.

Your hands were on my face at once, asking if I was okay. I could barely nod between them before a new wave of sobs erupted through me. You pulled me into your lap and hushed me, stroking my matted hair and cupping my cheek. You held me by the pond in the park, rocking me gently until I had quieted down. You kept me close for a while longer before you gently guided me to my feet.

My dress was torn badly and provided minimal coverage to my bruised and trembling body. You quickly shrugged off your coat and wrapped it around my shoulders, encasing me in your warmth. I held it closer to me as you slowly lead me out of the park, careful to match my limping pace.

You helped me into a car and the only time you weren’t in contact with me was when you went around the back to get in on the other side. You pulled me close again and held my head to your chest as the car took us back to the hotel.

You whisked me into the elevator and down the hall to our room. You brought me inside and into the bathroom. Turning on the hot water in the shower you paused only long enough to take your shoes and pants off, as well as taking your jacket from me. You replaced it with your arms as you stepped into the steam of the shower with me.

I was crying again by this point but they were tears of relief. You rubbed them away lightly, careful of the cut on my cheek as you kissed my forehead and told me that I was safe, that everything was okay now and how proud you were of me.

You held me close as I clung to your waterlogged shirt and finished crying. I had been quieted to sniffles as you gently helped me wash myself.

Holding my palm face up you inspected my purple bell, it had been pressed into the mud and was caked in it. You took your time cleaning it out as the water fell around us.

When you were satisfied that I had been thoroughly cleaned you helped me out of the shower and wrapped me in a towel. Bringing me to the bed you laid me down before climbing in behind me, pulling me closer. When you stroked my cheek tenderly with your fingertips I took your hand and kissed your palm, whispering thank you for everything into it before letting it go.

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